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Here's another one which is really fasting is an act of worship which teaches you sincerity

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whether you like it or not

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well if last year for the salon

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we ask a lot that we are

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the only subject that

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is is is really

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should worry all of you including me

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imagine in the Day of Judgment if you don't have a floss if you don't have sincerity in what you do what kajin Isla Honolulu minimally

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the things which you did, look, Manny Lu Yani already did you did the app, but Allah will turn it into scattered us. How about another

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rapala mean in the Day of Judgment, he will say go and get your reward from the associate and avendus Shoraka Yeah, honey.

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I am all sufficient. I do not need Portland's

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winter if we're if you really think about it

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in our worldly material life Why do you normally seek a partner why

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in your business let's take business for example. Why? Why do you need an associate? Why? Sometimes because you don't have money and you want the guy with the money to come in.

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Sometimes you don't have the strength, the power to execute

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and you want the guy to come somehow you don't know how to play the system.

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Now, does any of this apply to Allah?

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Who will win he will come in he's also fish to fry the whole year to law hemella the handle for more his full

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layer he

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what he has never decreases because of what has been Saha. He's still smells.

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He can

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look and see how much did he spend since he created the heavens and the earth.

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The others in need because he's all

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you need. Some buddy buddy to help.

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He's the strong shoe

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wahoo yujiro what are you darling?

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Well, who are you? What are usually when you want to escape?

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He will protect you.

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Well, it feels rude to not flee not when you're supposed to say flee from no

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flee to Allah. You're supposed to flee from Allah. Min Allah, Allah.

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is the one who associate others whether it is major, like you take another idol beside Allah. He's really a lot doesn't need. A lot of us indeed that Allah does. It'd be beside it's not befitting Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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In the Day of Judgment, Allah Subhana Allah says,

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Allah, Allah and Allah Shaka Anisha

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This is someone who doesn't need associates doesn't need the elbows doesn't need anyone is me.

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If you associate with me going with him,

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loss is in that area.

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That you do,

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what you do

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whenever you would narrate it

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the number one in the list of narrating Hadith who Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and we know how much he sacrifice. He accepted Islam only five years before the death of Rasulullah and he is the one

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who narrated the most of Rasulullah

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To stay with him he used to tie his belly is probably from hunger just to go on here the head the floor, the mechanism when he would

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in the Day of Judgment, three individuals

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Roger, enjoy.

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God Allah Fie Sadie Lehi for

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someone who recited the Quran with a beautiful

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Allah will call upon him

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as a Muslim has different wordings

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What did you do I taught you the revelation model memorize the Quran because Have you come up with a wasabi

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key that you should know about? The belief system of evolution now Jana and La Jolla Lucas Lu as a lot creates what we do

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you see me doing the color created that to me

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a lot creates that that speech Allah wa hoodoo Illa

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Allah makes me that Yeah, you trigger it with your intention.

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I read the Quran

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from Nikita, alladhina

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spafinder mean?

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What do you do with it?

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I did not leave one chance. But I decided it

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for you get

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your life.

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You did this in order for the people to sell

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off a coffee mug.

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And other people said it.

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You have no idea what did he even know this person will be dragged on his face to heal the first one.

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But now the question is whether he's gonna stay permanently or not. That's another issue. If he's the head we know that he can come out you need to put this in context. But he's gonna have to pay for showing off. llama. Look, Roger, enjoy.

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Java, Java, meaning generous. What did you do with the world I given to you?

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I did not leave a chance for the for the name. People know you.

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Shaggy, so

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scary. That's why, by the way, no matter how many, one of the breed assessors pnrs that I came all the way from Kenya.

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And I arrived Medina

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and I saw a huge gathering

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and all chief sitting

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on a chief. And he's teaching them something.

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After that, he will disperse. For either who

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it was, this is after the death of Rasulullah saw so

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he said to him, I came all the way from him. I didn't catch he

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had this he had Ethan had desert Kirby here Rasulullah artista wa miltary

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Neri to me one.

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But with one condition the Prophet narrated it to you, you

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you understood it, and you acted upon it.

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He said he had different hobbies.

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I shall marry to you one Have you had destiny be here?

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Marietta to in this place

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boom Shaka Pasha

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sprinkle water come back.

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The third time he went to the Hadith that I just quoted the three

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mo is wasa

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class is a subject.

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for you to grasp

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the meaning of a class

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you have to understand the difference between those two terms and Nia

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will floss.

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Sometimes we use

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These in the same I don't know what's the word here mutual terms, but there is another word that

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I know in English but I will note

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Nia, which is intention and floss, what is the difference between the two should show columella what is the intention

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as Muay

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Thai Fijian turkey if you don't even know

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that you resolve

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in your heart

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to act upon the commands of Allah or stay away from the Russians and Muhammad.

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That is often the heart and that is why the people who articulate the intention

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that's it

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at the end.

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Now, anybody can do that.

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When you resolve to do something, does it to a hypocrite some people are here.

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They resolve to come to Juma.

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But what is the floss?

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What does the law say about the hypocrites in aluna Sakina you heard your own a law hahahahaha do

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indeed the hypocrites think that they can receive a loan

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for the hardware inside the chest and allow will deceive them also in that bridge, they will have light and the light will be dimmed and they will fall into him.

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What either POM Isla Sala como que cela yo.

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So he resolves to stand to pray, but what is the intention here? What kind of intention for the table to see them?

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you need to purify it from all these How do you unify with a class? So here's the definition that you resolve to do something before I come here. It is all in my heart that I'm going to give this seeking pleasure.

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Not the table.

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Not my status.

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Not that that's what the Laplace is, what do they feel if lost, you will not be near kameena shower Evie camera you will not know whose

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sincerity purifies your intention from the

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wicked motives. Exactly like the fire, your your fire is the bolt from the impurities. Exactly.

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Lift loss, ridiculous loss must come with any

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that you resolve

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out of this world,

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I tell you something, someone who may not be praying five times a day

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he may actually be involved

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in Hara

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when Ramadan comes, he is firstly

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his first we should

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look at sin certina which is another meaning of sincerity you call it the consciousness that Allah watches you. He may be so thirsty,

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dying from thirst or dying from hunger. And he is home alone, not the movie he's home alone

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and there is food

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and there is food.

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He will not drink he will not be actually he will not and no one is around him.

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He will not somehow festival

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that is what law says.

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Allah. So in a hoodie

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that came up all the deeds of the son of Adam or his

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the origin of Lima Muslim explained it. What does it mean? The angels know if you do something can Hassan can be multiplied maximum angels maximum unless they receive further command from Allah. Maximum 700

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except first,

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you know what they do they right this person is fasting

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because based on your sincerity you

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receive them

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play Allah, Allah, Allah subhana wa