Nullifying One’s Islam

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A woman named Breeze Tula from Sharla is speaking with someone named brother Mohammed about their religion and what causes them to be nervous. She talks about the negative consequences of not following certain guidelines and being a Muslim, and advises brother Mohammed to be careful with their business.

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Hello Zicree

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Solomonic Rama Baraka

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How are you this is your name stated question please

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Hello this is

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Masha Allah our local here in Sharla

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Can you can I ask you Brother Mohammed kindly to turn down the television and talk to me from the telephone only? Because there is an echo there.

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Okay. Okay, now we have a question Mohammed.

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I have a question about

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about what caused this belief. Go ahead. Go ahead, please. Yes, sure. Go ahead. Okay. So we know that in Islam we have cough, eczema and asthma now right now. And and I read in a book that

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both the cofactor

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using classified into five different classifications right.

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Take a deep lie

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and sex and I'd love to

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turn away Yes. What is your what's your question on this subject? Okay, I want to know there are some there's some things that before and mentioned and the Pops are seldom mentioned. Things like

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things like that. They've been like making fun of their religion. Okay, I'm insulting the puppet sauce and I'm

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he's saying that you know, okay, again, what is your question on this subject? Your question I'm aware of, which, which of these these things are they

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Okay, got you. Got you. I'll answer a question Brother Mohammed de la parabolica Luffy. brother Muhammad, from New Jersey, may Allah reward him.

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There are a lot of nullifiers for Islam. When you enter into Islam into a state of Islam.

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There are a lot of things that can nullify your Islam and it actually makes you are non Muslim.

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inshallah with me later Allah, I did have a whole series called nullifiers of Islam it's available online. I invite you to watch I listed 10 of them and I spoke about each one of these Brother Mohammed which you quoted mocking the, the, the religion including the Messenger of Allah the Quran and Sunnah.

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Claiming that you you know, the unseen, not considering the polytheists to be polytheist.

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shirk Of course, sorcery. Of course. Turning away from learning the deen I actually spent 10 lectures

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talking about the nullifiers of Islam.

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But really, I want to take the, the, I want to take the message here and, and stress

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the fact that

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it is a very dangerous thing to be interested in labeling people.

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A statement that I made in one of these lectures that the fastest way to leave Islam is to accuse someone who's a Muslim to be a Catholic to be a non Muslim.

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I'm taking this from normal for Buhari.

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If you kill some Muslim that he's a cafe, if he is not a cafe, then you are a calf.

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Watch it, watch it Be careful. The scholars have mentioned certain

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certain rules.

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Even so, you could

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see or hear somebody

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acting an act of disbelief, but yet he is not a disbeliever unless or until these rules or these guidelines are followed.

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Something that the school or school will generally

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one that we will approve will occur.

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immediately if you see a Muslim

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doing an act of disbelief. Certainly the act is disbelief.

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Ideally, here is an example somebody who's stepping on normal

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With his feet

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this act is an act of disbelief, no question about it. And we can actually use what is called tech fuel mukluk that he labeled somebody to be a disbeliever. But unless strictly how whoever steps on the most half is a catfish.

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But now to identify someone who is stepping in almost half and you tell him, you're not careful,

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you must follow the guidelines How? Number one, you must make sure that this person is not ignorant.

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You have to remove ignorance, you have to educate, don't rush.

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Number two, make sure that he is not moving outward. Somehow he read maybe someplace that stepping on the masaf is an act of worship, possible crazy things happening in this world. Through all he sat in front of a wicked chief who taught him that

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that it's actually to show respect for the most half that established almost half. So make sure that you a you remove the faulty interpretation.

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faulty interpretation, maybe he concluded by reading a certain text someplace and the text is weak or fabricated or forced or he he concluded mistakenly that this is the right thing. So you must remove that. You must make sure also that he is not forced. Maybe there are some buddies will snipe him out there. If he doesn't do this. somebody standing in the window has a

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gun. You know, if you don't step on, almost half I'm gonna shoot you and he's still gonna have to save his life. So don't rush, Brother Mohammed, be careful with this business. This is a serious business and we have to be very careful about it. The second law Hello