Karim Abuzaid – How to get Rid of Bad Thoughts about Allah

Karim Abuzaid
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The importance of these phonemes feast on an Abba would

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a man

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by the name synack Admiral Waleed,

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Abu al.

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He came to Abdullah Heppner, does Ravi Amar one woman.

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And he said yep, now this

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in Neela agedashi and feel sorry.

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There is something wrong in my chest.

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does ask my head woman wanna Who? What is it? He said I can speak of it.

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I can see it

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for ya Gabriella Hebner Best of the live nah best smiled. And he said to him, say Who?

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Well after world war hero, World War Two.

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A lot of Muslims they get attacked with these whispers of shaitan

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and the Rasul Allah wa sallam actually, during his time this happened to his Sahaba

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Jani Illa de Asahi in the Tucson area, Halle Berry hora,

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some of the companions came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And they said, You're rasulillah in energy to shape a field su Rena iava Marlena annata Kayla, maybe

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we have a lot of thoughts in our chest that we can say it, we cannot. We cannot say

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look, the reaction of the professor Salah you know what he said? Our card was to move.

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Did you really encounter that? There kasari holy man.

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This is an indication of faith. But be careful. Not the thoughts

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back you dislike and to have the thoughts and you hating to speak of it.

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But the bad thoughts about a law? No, that is not a man.

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That is not a man that is not what is meant by the statement that ah Salallahu alaihe salam is telling them that if you hate syncro for law this way, and if you hate speaking of work, you're thinking about this is faith. But love the thoughts. Be careful

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what the Muslim

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actually given us some examples of these evil thoughts that attack our chest which do attack our chest sometimes we call it to ourselves and willingly you don't think about it. You just find yourself Your mind is thinking of Allah in a way that is not befitting Allah subhanho wa Taala. He said sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and this is probably what CML could mean well he has encountered because the name of Allah deals with that.

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He said yes to say,

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shaitan will come to all of you. And he will say, Man, Kanaka sama to Allah

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who created the heavens and the earth. Actually, Satan is going to help you to say Allah, Allah. Say Allah shaitan is gonna help you say Allah, it is Allah because he's taking you somewhere with that. Man Kala kuch who created you shaitan is gonna tell you

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because he's taking you away, man Holla Holla who created Allah?

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For it happens Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said whoever

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encounter such whispers What should he do? Family and meaning do not entertain the food. So Pinilla lies above that

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to failure style Billahi min ash shaytaan se

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because these whispers are from shaitan. Number three, say man to Villa de I believe in Allah and His messengers.

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that's the concept imagine Abdullah now there's three the man through these four Names of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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The name of Allah Allah

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