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Abdullah Oduro
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Sooner or later Heyman hamdulillahi rabbil Alameen wa sallahu wa Salam wa barik ala Nabina Muhammad while he was via drain and rubbish, Rockne solidi we actually know what the terminal is. And if

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you can see,

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you see what it looks like

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Oh, it's in the camera. Okay, flip it flip

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hamdulillah so last week what we spoke about was

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when, if no fan was talking about that which negates an action, or that which can nullify an action and the important aspect of in regards to that which nullifies an action is

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the intensity of sincerity, and also, that which can also

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execute an action or, or actually serve as an expiation and then a mental game spoken about, he spoke about the importance of preservation of the action so when we're doing that action, we're praying it's not the fact of just doing the action but most importantly is that you stay away from the things that could you've seen Oh, you could do that which could spoil it or lessen its reward or that which could nullify it altogether. So an example of that which would spoil the or lessen its reward is if we were to start to zone out and think about something else. And the second record, but then in the third record, we are thinking about Allah subhanaw taala and that which could totally

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negate it is if we were to worship other than the last month data or pray for the for someone else's, you know, to someone else, or to be a form of React which he says a lesser shirk to you do an action of worship in order to be seen or heard by others. Now I'm gonna claim is going to move on to talk about Tober and this is an interesting Miss Ella issue that we're going to cover inshallah Tada and many of us may have asked this question, but the scholars have already talked about and even Okay, him or him Allah Tala definitely is one of those illustrious scholars that talks about it. So he says there will be Larry Tofik he says, Rahim Allah Tala. For Marty for to may you've seen

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our Manaphy Holly will call it her. Will you up to her? Will you be to her about the before? Mean Uh hum. Me Maryam buggy and you fat Tisha la Hill Abdu. Well, yeah. So either I mean other enmity. But yeah, though, he says so, the fact of knowing of what spoils the action or lessons or reward of the action, if you had a book where you have when the person is doing it, well you will have all your spiritual and that which nullifies that action by the will go here after it is done, man 100 million bucket and you finish it is one of the most important factors or issues that the the servant should should investigate should learn about and then he says Well, yeah, so are there any heat well, yeah.

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And he should be consistent basically be be consistent and diligent upon the knowledge of that and to be aware of it. He says What if he acid in my roofing in the under the Yeah, I'm gonna I'm gonna sit it on the law he lay up early, he had an ill Allah to Allah. So you have to have that up for you in Turkey loom in Deewan is shocked Mindy, when is Siri Illa de when Allah Allah Ania T, filmmaker C ru Phaedra radica de one other Huseby Allah Ania he says your images in an author or statement that is well known, verily, the servant will do an action in secret for Allah subhanho wa Taala that no one knows about except ALLAH, but then the person will speak about it. For young Turkish woman

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Deewan is Siri. Then from there it will move from the account, or that which was recorded from the secret actions to the actions that are apparent and shown to people

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filmi acetyl feed Attica de when other hospital Alania then it will be according the reward will be recording according to

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how it was in front of the people. So there's some actually that you may do in front of people, but you're still sincere. But when you do it in secret it's more of a means of it being but sincere for Allah because no one is watching and this is why fasting is such a great action, especially that of involuntary fasting because you know, fasting Ramadan, we're assuming that everyone is fasting, but Monday or Thursday one day out of the month, no one knows. Right so as soon as it becomes Islandia and apparent to the people there's more of an opportunity or more of a challenge for you because shaytaan could come with a play you may want people to see may want people to hear etc. And he said

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your award be based on a Hacienda Atlanta based on how apparent you are intentionally making it there are many factors behind the action being shown to people

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in an immuno fam capitalizes on this and he says Rahim Allah for into Hadith abhi he lists Sama, what tolerable Jaya, will Manzella hand, the very light up Allah who he says that the individual was to speak about it, in order to be heard the action that they did, in order to be heard, or to request some type of position. Or, or, or a recognition amongst the people in the villa in the other than Allah, then it would nullify that action. So if you did the action, there's the motivation behind the action, or you did the action after the action, you want it to be known by people.

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There's a slight distinction. And he's gonna capitalize on here, notice what I say, the motivation behind the action, or speaking about the action after it's done to be praised.

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Okay. Remember that? So he says, for Intel, and if it is said for either tab, I have either healthier or do erase our work.

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Now, this is the issue. He said, If the person wants to seek forgiveness and to make Toba

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does the reward from that act return.

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So somebody prays

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and they prayed and they said, Michelle, I prayed, you know, I pray 200 Come to this is why I was late for slots.

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You know, I pray to God youth and

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just that that's why I was late for so lots of budget, but I'm here hamdulillah but did you pray to it? Well, don't answer the question. How pray to God, you can't do that. Right? He ends up with hamdulillah behind me. So if the person remembers, they go on this and we're like, I know I did that to be praised by people. That was the excuse the righteous excuse now.

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They're asking, Does the reward from that tahajjud come back to him? Do you understand the issue?

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He says it was said and can occur the amela Holy Lady later I will oh god who will be that it can Mija. layin Kalibo solid solid 100 Tober

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now he makes a distinction once if you get you he says a Can I thought that I'm going to if he did it for other than Allah subhana wa Tada. And he did it with that intention. For the action it will never turn to be in a righteous action with the with the Toba so the person prayed to HUD you

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then after that, they bragged about it for other than Allah subhanho wa Taala or excuse me, the person prayed to HUD you for other than Allah

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right? There's no way that it after they made the made the touch of Salah they sought forgiveness and that was rather than the last one. There are some that say no, even after the Toba the reward will not be for him.

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Right okay. And then he says here

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Belle has a toe but he and Tom who and who Ababa. He said the only thing that will happen here is that the punishment will be erased

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right for you see to Allah Allah who were Allah Allah

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so it be that action is not for him nor is it against him. It is neutrality and it's right then it says here what ima in the eye Mila who Lila heater either Holly son, Fullmer

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thumb out or the hula who urge Boon Oh RIA on Oh 230 film metab I'm in Zelicah when Adam for half a year old hula hula with a wearable I'm gonna hear about this is 50 of the religion.

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He says here. If he was to do the action for Allah.

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Sincerely, then

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then something comes apparent to him or something interferes with that intensity of loss, such as being amazed bragging or a job or to show off RIA

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or if he was, then they sought forgiveness after they did that action. And they had regrets. Didn't have the thought, wow, the reward from that action will come back to him. What was the difference here between the two scenarios?

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The first one he prayed

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and he's out of his lane.

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That's the one who will not come back. For this one, he trades with someone who wouldn't

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sell if he bragged about it. Still, he gets back after he regrets it.

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So the most important factor is the motor

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vision behind it, what Hadith that we all know, speaks about this.

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Enamel Amell Binya. Now you see how they made the small distinction. If your motivation was for a law, there's a possibility for the reward to come even if you bragged after as long as you sought Toba. But if your if your initial reason for standing up and praying was for other than Allah

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you understand

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it because you constrictive Allah and

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got it and he says here he says, Oh 200 Sabetha metabolome embedded they're going overhead they're called the Urdu the hotel our family here what are your what what could you call into who lair or do he Belia Stepney filament, and then he said and it could possibly be said that it doesn't come back to the reward rather he should do the action over belly a sniff and

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now comes another masala and then it's fun with his muscles. He says here what must Allah to mob niets voice is not in another masala. He's saying what this issue is, is it's founded from this particular awesome foundational principle and this foundational principle is important. He says what must lead to money attune? Either Arsalan? Waha unraid The to * to beat Amala the majority ha.

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He says what we just talked about,

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goes back to a foundational principle or issue is if someone leaves Islam, are their previous actions null and void or not?

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The majority here just for the fact of them leaving Islam by default, so they leave Islam colors, all their actions before null and void. He says, Oh led to Oh, let your people who are ill note Allah He or is it that when they die if they die upon that? Say they may say they they left Islam in June 2023. And then they died in December 2023. Right. Some would say June 2023, all the way to December 2023. There's a possibility for him to

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to come back. If he makes Toba the previous actions will receive award or is it he has to die upon that. Right if he dies upon that then so he goes on further, he says fee either automatic cola and Maturana will Huma Rewi aterna Imam Ahmed. He says there are two particular positions on this. And these are the two narrations from Imam Ahmed for in Khulna in Kelowna. But will Amel Ramona be enough? See her for meta SlMs step number in Amman. We're about hula Mad Cat or bottle Americana or the Amina COVID

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He says if it was mentioned if we were to say

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that the actions are null and void just for the fact that they left Islam for meta Aslam is setting up an AMA Obatala Americana called the Amina Islam.

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It says here

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as soon as they become Muslim again everything starts over and everything before they left Islam is null and void doesn't count. So, the first problem or the first issue when when he is brave

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the creation then the Allah

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no yeah no Hoonah Yanni Ashoka Vida

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Madame Ashoka

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he had to help you can any food

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and any yet assess cannot divide into

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a terrible or

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No, no, no

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Hey Mr. Kolomna feel like that's the kind of philosophy I needed. For color. We're gonna lay your Bitola lay your katana Emmylou in either match him or Ted then

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he says that the action the action will not be null

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invite and null and void Unless he dies upon that riddle. So June he leaves Islam

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He didn't come back he died upon it. That situation. Carlos Junie leaves Islam.

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He comes back to Islam on August.

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Right he comes back in August are the actions before accepted or not? Some scholars say the fact the left Islam automatically those actions before June June are not accepted. Some scholars say no there's a possibility if they make

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Toba why? Because he we don't know how he died yet.

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He says what how can I do either father has written through my father say he turned to me.

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He said and this is the situation of the service the servant. If they were to do a good deed, then they did an evil deed. It nullifies it. The evil deed will nullify the right and he says Phil metab I'm Intellicus uh, yeah, then they sought forgiveness for that evil deed. hadn't yet we'll do it later. wibu tilcon hasna with the Kadima, same things, does the good deed that they did in the very beginning returned to him or her. After that bad deed does a good deed does a bad deed ask forgiveness from the bad deed does the good deed before the bad deed the reward from it come? Is everyone with me? Yes okay. Then he says here you have Raju Allah handle Arsalan and from this we

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extract from this foundational principle the extract so that last question is the issue and this is important because people that come into Islam, people that have performed bad deeds and they're hoping for us without to forgive them. Well, the manifestation of that forgiveness can be what all that good that I've done yet Allah please can I receive the reward for that?

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He says when I'm yourself enough see che Omen had him masala now even though pay him himself is saying, I still am uneasy about this. He himself is saying that right? And he says hey, Mala Willem so how do you Sana Allah so happy and I'm still looking for the saliva. The correct opinion in this will matter. He hadn't Sheffy here one of the end he said I haven't seen or heard of anyone that is really really given this issue. It's due right it's Duhok Scheffer has like to cure. The verb use is beautiful in Sheffield, one or the other to allow to item well being was done. Well, let's go to it. Lebih and Anil has an ad was the ad to Dafa what is an Apple iPhone? today? I thought what is the

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He said an email to ISIS and Allah knows best and he's the one that we seek help from. There's no strength of mine. He said that the evil deeds and good deeds, they always are indifference with each other. Like sometimes there'll be repel each other and sometimes they'll work accordingly with each other. And he's going to explain how

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he says well, you're calling it a crook mafia little God, he says the ruling for this situation is for that which is more is predominant. Now, well, who are your cadeau al mcglue The one that is predominant will overpower the one that is lesser. More good deeds, less deeds, that one is going to take more more authority, right?

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Is where you couldn't hook without and the ruler will be the high tech and then mcglue Blum you're going to the degree to the one that is the lesser or that is

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the minority the one that is not the majority of actions. It was as though it'll reach a degree to where it was didn't even take place and essentially said what the name I feel comes because I fall in limbo. I feel some scholars say the name of awful He forgives you for the action is though it didn't even take place. No. And he says here a new American

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for either voila but faders Allah but Allah Abdi and has an agile or rough Agile has an ad Robert has an agile and cafiero say it so if the hasenhuttl more than it has an ad

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will relinquish the evil these will meta tab I'm gonna say yeah, Tara tuber Allah Toba to human has an atom Cathy rotten to be what does he do? Allah has an Atleti habit but let's say

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he says here and if the person was to seek forgiveness Tober from the evil de terre Tabata, Toba tea the result of that Tober Minh has an atom cathedra

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right that toboe itself would be something that is there would result from that a lot of good deeds.

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But to be which is either Alan has a naughty and naughty is it got to be it can grow from that hasna can basically grow much more exponentially. And then he says here Rahim Allah to Allah for either as a matter Tober was so hot when Nasha min Samia called a man Murata la Jimenez Ziggy at hashtag lm tekun Allah this is fake. Even Okay, um, is taking you step by step Jaco subhanho

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He says here, but suitcase gets a ton rocky Lee Kotoko

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To us, he says Rahim Allah Tala, he says

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for either Azmuth Nice talking about the individual just to remind you, okay, we're getting into the this. My name is Shay, but he's bringing it back. He said, if the person was had to detect was determined to seek forgiveness, and their Tobert so what we're Nash atman Swami and the, the reasoning or it was founded, and it was nurtured

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from the determination of the heart, like the heart was very determined in the Toba.

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He said he's taking it step by step with the situation of the heart. Subhanallah I'm so mean, it's even hard to translate this. He says, I had up and I uses a verb Subhana he says, I have got my marriage I lay him in a sea yet,

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or what is haram?

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To burn. He said it is a rocket that the good deeds will burn. Whatever has he has encountered from the evil deeds

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that we use the verb he uses is so profound heartache and Harlequin to the degree like it was never there.

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This is solely depending on what echo depending on what

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mourn the intention but more of the

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intensity of the intention. Sometimes it's a sincerity but your intent your sincerity is intense.

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Tabata nasaw

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episodes one to one, and then he says here for either for in the tab a minute them come in.

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He says for in it for the one that makes Toba. It is as though the one that makes Toba from a sin is as though there is no sin for him. That's Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. And then he concludes that he said what God said Allah because Allah Hakeem and MC has his own God say Allah Hakeem in his arm Radi Allahu Anhu and abuse of Allah there was some an eternal cotton was skeleton will be ruined for Allah who fish should. So comparing your name Hakeem even his M, who was the some scholars that he was the nephew of Khadija, now the Allahu Allah.

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And he lived to be 120 years old actually came in he's literally 120 years old.

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He asked the Prophet sallallaahu Salam, about the good basically the good deeds that he did before when he was in shift when he was a non Muslim from Spring slave and bringing the relatives together and all types of righteousness. The Prophet SAW he said, Have you thought about it? Is he Where is he rewarded for it? So he did these good deeds before he was a Muslim and he became a Muslim? Will he receive a reward for the good deeds that he did before?

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Now for calling abuse of Allah I there was a slum to Allah has left me here.

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He said you embraced Islam you've accepted Islam with all the previous virtues from before.

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When would this be good? Will this hadith be good? Or see? He bought the whole mess and then he ends it with Diddy.

00:23:04 --> 00:23:11

At what time would this be good what kind of person situation would this be good to speak

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well, that's even better because it makes it how did they die? That's the best situation

00:23:40 --> 00:23:42

even though you were a Muslim before

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you became Muslim.

00:23:47 --> 00:23:53

Or before that, in what situation would this be? Someone said earlier heard someone say

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reverts right so when that reverts to Islam. So when that becomes a Muslim, because a lot of times you will become a Muslim, how did they feel? They feel great. Maybe the first couple of weeks, but then after that, they start to think about what

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of the things that they did.

00:24:17 --> 00:24:21

Now, he said Islam, Islam relinquishes everything that came before it. That's what the process was until

00:24:23 --> 00:24:30

some amateur wouldn't wanna companions that they tied to the pillars of the Masjid. Right? They start to think about all the things they may Allah is gonna forgive me all that I did.

00:24:31 --> 00:24:42

All that I've done, right, but then you could come to say, the good that you've done. Inshallah, you received the ad when you were a non Muslim, you shall you receive some level of reward from that. Now

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can look for him, you know, he says here he concluded, he says, for how the Yocto the Islam, or ISA token has an Atleti Kenneth about

00:25:00 --> 00:25:17

Let's be Shirky is so this this necessitates or this results in that Islam returns or causes everything to return from the rewards of the good deeds that he did that were null and void because of what should and this shows the importance of what

00:25:18 --> 00:25:19

of what

00:25:20 --> 00:25:21


00:25:23 --> 00:25:27

towhee for example, this Masjid what was it before

00:25:29 --> 00:25:36

a family video who knows what kind of videos were here? Yeah. Now but this building has turned from a family video to a what?

00:25:37 --> 00:25:40

A plate one of the best places on the earth.

00:25:41 --> 00:25:42


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he said the most important factor is how it's how it ends and concludes now there's building there's angels internshala you imagine Cipolla because of Tawheed in the hearts of the people the hearts of the donors the hearts of the people that are put their blood sweat and tears in establishing this place. They lost from total reward

00:26:01 --> 00:26:17

and then he is here he says Rahim Allah Tala. For how can they eat that terrible October tennis Wuhan Saudi Colton polysatin a haka to mechanical a couple of minutes say yet well, that's our eighth house and he repeats it again. He said, This is the situation of the servant that seeks forgiveness from Allah subhanaw taala, sincere, truthful,

00:26:19 --> 00:26:52

honest forgiveness, then it will burn and it will relinquish all of the previous sins that came from before it, and it will cause the good deeds from before they became a Muslim to return to them. So open up am Malay he does a very good job of of extracting, talking about this issue and then ending it with the beautiful Oh and this hadith is in Behati by the way, this hadith is in Buhari bringing it extracting improve and this is very important for all of us. What name of Allah can we think of when talking about this issue? With Name of Allah?

00:26:53 --> 00:26:57

I feel the Pardoner Allah for not forgiving who it is.

00:26:59 --> 00:27:01

All right man, Rahim how ramen Rahim how?

00:27:05 --> 00:27:05

But how?

00:27:10 --> 00:27:22

Yeah. So you remember we talked about the names and attributes of Allah all the names of Allah they have connection to that one? How is Allah merciful that He forgave you for your sins before you were Muslim?

00:27:25 --> 00:27:32

How was the law merciful He just turned the switch the same action. But what oh, this is now it's really to think about it.

00:27:34 --> 00:27:36

Can non Muslims be sincere

00:27:41 --> 00:27:44

so that raw sincerity that you had

00:27:46 --> 00:27:56

that raw sincerity that you had before Islam, there's a possibility last month Allah can be different because this hadith of the Prophet saw some a slumped dilemma has left him in prayer.

00:27:58 --> 00:27:59

Now, so

00:28:01 --> 00:28:39

the instinct ya know, that sincerity that you have, you voluntarily did something good for Allah, you held that door open for someone because you felt bad for the person, you know, maybe and this is this is in the end of the day Subhanallah it is not for us to say yes, if somebody did it for other than Allah, initially, that action is not accepted. But if someone becomes Muslim, that action that they did from before Allahu Allah Allah from from even Okay Miss saying that, you know, that there may be some type of follow up from that, which is the virtue of becoming a muslim and recognizing the Oneness of Allah, which can be a reward for that good deed. And on top of that, the bad deeds

00:28:40 --> 00:28:40

are what

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expected and this goes back to what he was talking about earlier. Remember, the intensity of the action in the heart, number one, and number two, the explanations. You see, I even look him ties it all together.

00:28:54 --> 00:29:01

His mind in his heart kick ties it all together. And what hola Hey, brothers, this is fake, of the religion,

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of the religion, that the way that he the way that he writes, and he goes from one point to the next, but it's all interconnected. This gives you a holistic understanding of Islam, to where Subhanallah dare, you can be Polymathic and I mean, you're you're well disciplined, and all the sciences, but you really get to the core of these issues. And you understand the role Hania the spirit behind the law. And that's why you appreciating the scholars of the motorcar demeanor of the earlier scholars that dedicated their lives to this Subhanallah and this is the type of understanding and that's one to Allah bless us and make us those who understand his beautiful book,

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and make us of those that follow the best of the son of the Prophet saw some that listen to the best of his colon fall to the best of our ability on Ramadan mean, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to forgive any of us for our previous shortcomings. Yarrabah that Amin and to increase this and our good DJ robot Alameen to make his people of the Quran era Bananaman. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to help to help to help you out of anatomy to help our brothers and sisters in Morocco and in Maghrib in Morocco, honorable Alameen into bless

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to their hearts with a man and feeling of safety and security get over that. I mean, all I'll make us Vanguard's of truth and make us of those that continuously ask for your protection and the protection of our brothers and sisters in Morocco all in all around the world Europe and mean and make us with as a continuously prostrates you put our hands up to Europe without I mean, are meant to be murdered in an indica Aziza Jaco year 18 Yeah, yada generally when a crime was over the law was similar back to being 100 wide and he wasn't big

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