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AI: Summary © The Infographics Show discusses the importance of being patient and not giving up on one's past and future work. The speakers emphasize the need for people to have knowledge of timing and timing of events, as well as patientism and not giving up on others. They also touch on the importance of being patient and not compromising in one's past and future work, and mention a recent interview with a man who said he was following Jesus and not interested in pursuing Islam. The episode ends with a recap of the previous episode and a discussion of issues facing the Muslim world.
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Assalamu alaikum dear viewers from around the world Welcome to the final episode of this groundbreaking series by Eman crema was a titled nation of goodness you guys see them on guidance TV, of course 100 TV on many many programs building a better future stories of hygiene evitable journey. As always, he's given us very useful and beneficial information in this series. If you guys haven't seen the first 12 episodes, please do so catch yourself up YouTube Islam way 71 that's his channel or Abu one Abdullah that's my channel get online check him out at www dot Kareem Abu j.com to check out his latest thoughts reflections in Friday sermons now read the final episodes, the

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final episode, and we're gonna recap the entire series now. You don't want to miss this one. So let us welcome our shake back to the to the program salaam aleikum Shri Karim Why don't you come Salaam wa barakato brother Malik. Dear viewers, I enjoy it so much work in this series.

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And I believe there is one missing piece here that I must complete. Sure. Because we spoke about the types of Muslims once it comes to the command of enjoining good and forbidding evil. We mentioned there is a very small portion of the oma who are doing it not sufficient. We need to mobilize more Muslims to do this. The overwhelming majority of the Muslims abandon this and in their homes. You You see a lot of evil in the Muslim homes a lot of evil. And where are the parents? Where are the the fathers?

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Who Am fusa como de coonara protect your your family and yourselves against the Hellfire? emammal. You see, can you see problems in your congregations and you still don't speak about it in jamas?

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community leaders, you see a lot from doo doo doo doing and in your schools in your communities, you have to do something a lot. So we want to mobilize more people to enjoin good and forbid evil, because of the fact that it is so much needed. There is very unfortunate, a portion of the oma who do it, but they do it wrong. But he mentioned Well, I think

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the motive is not there.

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You see when you do this, you must do it for Allah, I tell you an ideal example. And I probably shared this with you before I don't know if in the show or not. But there was somebody who wanted to mobilize the whole community against a brother who sells cigarettes in his historic gas station. Okay.

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And I said, Why would you do this? Why in the world would you do this? I mean, it's a good thing. He called you on your program? Yes. And then quite frankly, I asked him this question, but in Bing, they have an issue with this man. He said yes, I wanted to marry his daughter and he turned me down. Okay, that is not the reason you want to enjoy and God forbid, okay, okay. You see, it's, you only want to use it when it serves a personal agenda here. I see. That is not gonna work. Okay. Yeah. You see, it's a personal attack. No, with camouflage. No, you see, you see Malik enjoining good and forbidding evil is an act that he needs 100% sincerity otherwise it will never gonna work. You know,

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we read that sometimes said normal used to always walk around with a dog with a with a stick in his hand. Sometimes he used to go on you know, and the fuel used to look at him and smile, because they know that he's not doing this out of fun. He's joke. No, no, he's serious about it. He's sincere about it. You know, sincerity normally would actually even if you're tough in the way that you deliver in the way that you sincerity can balance this if you're sincere if you're doing this for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala. So, they end up doing it by Wrong, wrong, they end up basically number two, they do not have the knowledge Okay, you see, because for you to enjoin good and forbid

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evil properly and we kind of covered this before in these four episodes and how you go about it. Listen, you must be sincere, you must do this for Allah. Because a lot of Muslims also they do it because they want to see oh Bashar look at this brother. He cannot handle seeing evil right. He wants to be known by that. But when he sees something wrong, Masha Allah He speaks that is not the motive either. This is wrong. Listen, if you do not do it to please Allah subhana wa tada for Allah subhanaw taala it will not work it will never work. So you must have sincerity. You must have knowledge. Knowledge of the subject, okay. Okay. A lot of the brothers they come and say, shave he

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cannot do this and this and then right away, ask them a question in the depth of the subject. This dollar

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No, I'm sorry, you know, goes, go study the subject and come and tell me what to do. Right. So the knowledge of the subject, the knowledge of the condition of the person, this is also a key. Yeah. And the knowledge of when can you do it? timing, timing? I mean, for example, you find these brothers standing in public and making noise and communities. Yeah, happy to take them the method inside. Take the brother inside. Hmm. Take him to the side. Chef, he made that statement, whether it is Jani, quite worthy, worded quietly, the way that I'm saying it, and you'll see a half a minute for that we want you when you want to give somebody in a car, don't say it in public, your

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disgracing Hi, of course, maybe a few people are aware of that shortcoming that he has take it inside. And normally people become more offended when they are fixed or when they are told what to do in public. So the knowledge of the timing, the knowledge of the condition, the knowledge of the subject, when you do it, you must do it with

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meaning, meaning, softness, kindness, you must be kind when you do it, right. You cannot be tough, you cannot be you have to use kind words, low tone can avoid all of this Malik is part of the back edge of how to do it. Listen, because at the end of the day, what is your objective?

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is to get them to do it. Or you want to punish them for the for not doing it right. That's the objective. That's the objective. Then listen, if you want people to follow you, why did the profits or loss levels fallen? Because of what is soft, is kind of even against people who are disobedient, so we must use softness. Okay. And I think it comes in line with this. The fact that you want people to be guided,

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I cannot dismiss from my mind. The fact that at one stage the Prophet salallahu alaihe, Salam was given the opportunity to destroy all his enemies. You probably know what I'm referring to when the angel of the mountain came and he said to him, command me, I will make those two mountains crumble crumble on them. Hi, this is Jeff Phillips.

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He said, No, I just want the offspring. Look at the wisdom. Look. If this is the spirit that you have, I think the person with whom you're trying to enjoin good and forbid evil, if they sense this in you, that you really care that you really you really want them to do this because you care about them. You want them to do what is right, I think it will make a big difference in your core. Of course, the problem with with us, we go on with that group with that category of Muslims, they they appoint themselves as judges, they actually go ahead and punish people, they never make sure that whether the people are educated about the subject or not, they never use wisdom, when they convey

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the message to the people, so we need to do this. After this comes in you have to be patient, right? What happens a lot of cases that you go and you try to enjoin good and forbid evil, the person reacts in an ignorant, negative, negative way and then you do like what right and you end up with a fight right? Listen, if you go a Solomonic magic you know that thing that you're doing is wrong. Fear Allah Allah says the messenger says you should do this and then you react in a very bad way. Hello sir I'm sorry sorry I approached you. Yeah, within a year. Okay. masala, what mobile mouth 100 iluka was was for Allah mas Mesaba look man tells his son My son established the salah, pray

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enjoying what is good for a bit what is evil then what Be patient Mashallah beautiful. They will put it together? Oh, yeah. Because if you're in that Listen, if you are in the business of enjoying and good and forbidding evil, a lot of the people are not gonna like you. A lot of the people are not gonna like you will

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the scholars are the heirs of the prophets. They did not inherit wealth dollars or cents, dinar or Durham's, they inherited their knowledge and their job is to convey that knowledge to the people. And like Mira from Nevada the inheritance of prophethood prophets had enemies. Certainly not everyone accepted what they are calling the people to, actually the greatest portion of their communities rejected them. They actually fought them the same exact thing with you, based in the magnitude of your work of angels.

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And God forbid evil, you're gonna end up with enemies. That is why you need to be patient. And one thing that can help you to be patient that you do it sincerely for Allah, okay? If you're doing it to show off if you're doing it to for other reasons, then this, I'm telling you, you're not going to have patient, you're going to try to end up eating, you're going to try to end up to vengeance and it's going to get ugly, certainly you will fail, certainly you will fail. So we say to that group of Muslims who are enjoining, good without good, forbidding evil without evil, please sincerity, one, to two knowledge, knowledge, acquire the knowledge and educate the people about the subject matter

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before you go and judge them. Number three, when you convey that knowledge conveyed with kindness, be soft. Number four, be patient at the end of the day, because you're doing it for the sake of Allah. And if the people do not get guided, if the people are not to fulfill what you're asking them to fulfill, Allah will reward you for conveying because you have fulfilled the command of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So this is once it comes to this group with this lovely lady, Allah, I believe we have concluded all the points that I wanted to bring regarding the series, maybe in the next segment, inshallah, we will recap some of the things in Sharla that we mentioned. I really enjoyed

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that series and I you know, even it's not over yet, we still have one more segment, I want to say Jackalope head on for work in that series with me again in a second. Also for all the brothers who helped out and the director and everybody thank you so much actually it's my honor my pleasure to be with you once again. And you guys at home you've heard it from

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Don't miss the final segment of this series your series nation of goodness wait for his final thoughts so stay tuned.

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violets have spilled over onto the escalated into violent clashes between police and protesters.

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And we're also hearing of injuries on paternalist Charlie McGrath says the cuts will hate further suffering on ordinary people for decades. But the fence needs some

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a serious

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Join me as I explore issues pressing issues facing the Muslim world today from the one sided civil war in Syria to the genocide in Burma from the Arab Spring to the elections in the US and yes, even the Euro debt crisis in Greece. Honest reporting on a channel you can trust and I won't leave an issue untouched. Don't miss the oma tonight with me Malik on your favorite channel.

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All three that

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carry with me.

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Salam Alaikum Welcome back to the final episode. The final segment of the final episode of Eman crema was a series nation of goodness she creamed me to start by saying truly it's been a wonderful 12 and a half episodes thus far. I don't want to overpraise you but I really enjoyed working with you. I hope to see you again soon on another program. But in this final segment, inshallah, can you briefly recap and just give some final advices to our viewers. You know, the first thing Malik that really I want to say even so I mentioned it over and over again. You are the best of

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the viewers, you belong to the desktop.

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hypnotic, that verse brothers and sisters in Islam makes me proud. The real bright, not the fake, proud bride, you know the fake bride that you become bride of your wealth of your children. That is a fake, wrong bride, because Allah can take this from you anytime. But the fact that I'm a Muslim, I'm proud to be a Muslim. I'm proud to belong to the best oma ever portrayed. This is enough. This is so much and I'm telling you brothers and sisters in Islam and and this is amazing. Don't look at the condition of the old man. Now. It may be grieving even to look at the condition of the old man now, but look at the end result. The final outcome. I use that analogy and I use it again.

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The story of use of all of you know, it started with a painful experience in the middle a painful experience. But at the end of the day use of became empowered. And if you see if you look at that portion of the story that clip where he is in the bottom of the of the bet, or if he is in the bottom of the dungeon, being innocent, you're going to be sad, you're going to be upset. But if you know that at the end of the day, he will be empowered and earth you will be happy. The same exact thing with the old man. You are the dish oma ever brought through mankind. Don't look at the condition of the oma now. Look at the end of the day. Allah says Subhana Allah Allah who will lead

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the auto Salah Rasulullah who build Buddha Deen and how can you overhear who Allah de nikoli Allah subhana wa tada is the one who sent His messenger with the Trudy will make it over come any other religion in the face of this earth. I was reading it the other day. The most growing religion in the face of this earth is Islam. And guess who made that statement? brothers and sisters in Islam, the Catholic Church,

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Catholic church. And you know what, we don't even have a budget for our we don't even have a budget and we will complain to you all the time about how the budget have heard about Jacob gaida Stevie is not sufficient.

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We were walking around the city here and Malik showed me one of these other TV channels, which broadcasts belly dancing and all these type of soap operas which get people into fitness and stuff, look at their studios, compare their studios with our humble studio here and hold a TV. It's not bad. handleless still good. But at the end of the day, I want to tell you that this is the religion of Allah. This is the deen of Allah and Allah Subhana Allah will make it successful. But again, Malik, we need to remember the goodness of the oma is tied to strings. Like we mentioned in our show and previously enjoying the good, forbidding evil, okay, we need to revive this task in the oma we

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need to start in a personal level, enjoin good and forbid evil with your own self. And your family should change your own self first. Change your family, your surrounding, change the community around you, but go about it with wisdom. And I want to say to those who do this work, of enjoying and good and forbidding evil, don't compromise. A lot of Muslims have compromised

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of compromise. The man has the teachings, right? They they are in the business of a lot of imams out there. It's very unfortunate, especially in America, they have compromised the teachings of Islam to satisfy yes, some of their community members do not do this year he do not do this. By law. He Malik there is a hadith. This Hadith is out of this world.

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huduma best for say hi in

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the Hadith is filled with benefits i'd love just to explain this hadith in a whole series. But there is one statement that I want out of this hadith Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says that Allah yellowman the nations in their way to Agenda were presented to me.

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Of course every nation will enter agenda behind their profit behind the messenger. Now, he said that I saw the prophets leading their nations into Gen. Fees suddenly tirmidhi Hadith and Sunnah Malik, that presentation of the nations happened at the night of ascension. He saw this at the night of the ascension. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, For navia wa hora, I saw a prophet who was followed by nine and less people. A prophet had nine followers. Yeah, that's not the amazing piece. You're laughing already. What are you?

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What what you lead? And I saw a prophet, only one man or two men followed him. You're still amazed that look at this. Now, where are you? Now Viola sama Who?

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And I saw prophets who had no followers.

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Don't tell me that these prophets did not deliver. They delivered. But the people never listened to them. Right? They never accepted them. I want to tell you something that Allah has revealed to these prophets. Why don't you compromise the message a little bit, tweak it a little bit? get more followers? more followers? Of course. Never. Never. If you are in the business of enjoying good and forbidding evil, stand your ground. Don't change. Don't compromise. We're all here. No hidden and no lie. No

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minimill Tamika in La Mancha and it was revealed to know that no one anymore will believe you and

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that's it, no one will accept you anymore. Did Allah say to him compromise, compromise,

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make the message a little bit more appealing to the people. So if you are in that business of enjoining, good and forbidding evil, never compromise the message, stand your ground, but again, use wisdom. You as good preaching, fair preaching, this has to be done, but don't compromise the message. I tell them as well because those are the people who bring the oma back, the people who enjoy and good and forbid evil, I tell them as well. Never stop. Never stop because again, I made that statement before and I'm willing to make it again. I'm just concerned that the time you decide to stop calling people to Allah, enjoying the good and forbidding evil, this is the time when Allah

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opens our heart to listen to you and they're waiting for the message and you're waiting and you're stopped. You're not there anymore. You keep doing it. keep reminding, keep doing it. keep reminding, never stop. Use wisdom. Use wisdom when you speak use wisdom will speak when we do this in sha Allah I think we are looking good and this oma will regain its status in the light and inshallah shake. Thank you so much for completing this series 13 episodes of nation of goodness I believe in sha Allah that it was very beneficial, like your previous programs really quick. Can you give the viewer some insight into what your thoughts are going into the future? What can they expect to see from you

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in the near future on the TV screen?

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I'm really thinking now about

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an experiment that happened to me, Malick

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in Denver and Colorado where I am imagining right now Mr. Walker

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I have a lot of interaction with Christian and Jews okay. This is what they call interfaith even so I don't feel very comfortable with the name

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because we live in Philadelphia

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lack of dinoco Maria de vida

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I still go and convey the message.

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I received the seminary group

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and they really well versed with the religion and I started presenting Islam to them and the pillars and so forth. And then at the end of the day, the leader there had made a statement and he said, it sounds to me like your salvation

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in Islam depends upon what you do for Allah sake they always say this they say your salvation your work righteous religion. They've been their words, their vocabulary, your Dingo headshake I'm sorry, but my salvation is already done for me. Jesus Christ died on the cross. He says so that kind of got to me. And actually I'm doing a whole series okay. Salvation I don't know what the name we have not decided on the name yet but we're gonna talk about salvation Islam versus the concept in Christianity you know, in Christianity, its symbol Jesus Christ died on the cross for your sins and you have your free and clear you're free and clear and they actually have Subhanallah like a one way

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ticket to generally you have it in your hand as long as you believe that which is you know, Subhanallah this person when we spoke about this, you know, he said that I'm going to paradise and I said, Are you sure?

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You should go to the island or you should be locked away like this

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interesting topic for your next year's inshallah is the concept of salvation in Islam. Christianity, I'm going to focus on Islam and Islam. So yeah, blue Tamia playable, ah, mentioned tin means for us to get our sins expediate I'm going to actually focus and mention one by one. I'm going to do the show by myself because it's gonna straight straight forward and and inshallah we're going forward to recording this video later on and the strip. I'm also looking forward to doing something about hedging or on abandoning the Quran.

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It's very Subhana Allah said that a lot of Muslims they pay very much attention to the Quran and Ramadan, they decided and then they abandon it the rest of the year. And also I want to shed more light on the rest of the types of amendments of the Quran. So maybe I'm looking into doing something like that in sha Allah Okay, while I'm here in Cairo will be Salah thank you so much once again for letting me participate with you in this lovely program. I look forward to seeing you again in the near future inshallah Jacques de la vida Shaikh de sac hello hello America when I say just Hello Hello. I'm gonna say just echo head on for the brothers and who are behind the camera. All the

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brothers right here in the studio with us we have three of them Mashallah be allowed

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everybody Mashallah we have sold our director. I love working with him always and I have another obeah

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in the van bother say it from production melody would all of you for contributing to all the people out of TV and all the people that have contributed in our telethon to keep this program these programs running keep it up on the air you guys at home thank you so much for watching all 13 episodes of this series your series nation of goodness, we certainly hope that you've benefited from the insights and wisdom provided here by shakey ma'am cream, I'm Jose Don't forget to follow him online at www dot crema with a.com and don't forget to stay tuned to Hooda TV to see more of his programs and other beneficial programs. So until next time, I leave you in the care of a law

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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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