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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah salam aleikum, wa rahmatullah wa barakato. My dear brothers and sisters in Islam, welcome back to another episode of to my daughter from the heart to heart. Today insha, Allah will address that very difficult stage of how to address your teenager.

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Teenagers are a whole new ballgame. And now I know that you're growing and you're blooming like a beautiful vibrant flower.

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I know that I've been there, done that.

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And I have to learn a new lingo every day just to keep up with you.

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But I do remember what I leave now. butala de la Anwar la said, the 21 theory is 777. It's all about the sevens.

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He actually talks about the first seven, remember the first seven years, he says give your children TLC. And I hope I did. No regrets. And I hope there is no remorse, and no animosity. And definitely, there's something for us to remember and look back and smile. The first seven years of the 21 is I give you their tender love and care. The second seven years are now teach you like we said, acquiring knowledge, what is lawful, what is not lawful.

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And the third 21 of the seven stage is befriend them. And that's exactly where we are right now. So you're a teenager, now you have a teen in your category of age. So I'm not going to talk to you like a child anymore.

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I'll respect that. It's time to befriend you.

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But remember, I'm still your father in a different way, I will look at you in a more respectful way. I want us when I was your age, I talked about this before. I've broken that record long time ago.

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I know you're born and raised here. And I was born and raised somewhere else, even though I miss it. But I know this is what you call home. It's a beautiful place to be Alhamdulillah. Home is where my family is home. eternally, I will tell you what to look for, in the end of this episode, understanding what the true homes all about.

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I'm going to understand, but I will also put myself in your shoes, I will ask you to do the same. But you won't understand it just yet. You will understand it a little bit later in sha Allah.

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I'm also not going to take anything personal. I understand now the experts tell us, you know, teenagers don't think that your enemies is not true. So I'm not going to get emotional, even though I'm known to be. So don't worry, you can still ask me questions, I promise to tell you like it is and I won't be judgmental. You know why? Because I'm going to be judgmental with you.

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You're going to seek somebody else's help. And I'm afraid that they're not going to give you the advice from the heart. They may want your follower their own whims and desires, their own ways with no knowledge, they may be led astray and lead others astray. So please, open arms have always taught you that to run to me, not away from me. I remember those days, and I never wanted to change. So if you have any questions,

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I'm human.

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I'm also going to separate between you and your behavior. have always taught you that. Oh, my daughter, I love you. It is your behavior that I do not approve of.

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I know you finish high school now.

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And you're going to university.

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It's difficult to see the beautiful flower bloom and you're on your own. So close.

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I want to make sure that I give you some tools to be able to navigate. Understand that in your high school. You're a big fish in a small pond. But when you went to university

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we were so proud.

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But now you feel like a small fish

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in a big ocean. You had your Muslim friends around you, you're more cocooned is easy for you to wear the hijab because you prayed on time. The school was

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In the masjid, we were lucky by the blessing of Allah Subhana, Allah viola, we moved different places to make sure you have that opportunity. And then hamdulillah Allah honor this with us.

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So, Allah Subhana Allah Buddha is teaching us through the animal kingdom in the Quran. He says we're in nulla convert an amulet.

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You know what that means? We can learn something from the cattle and the animal kingdom. Understanding that, here we go. I'll give you some tools to be able to hold on is going to be tough in University, where you're so famous in high school, and all of a sudden walking the halls. Nobody knows you. You're too busy. There is no in crowd the incline the peer pressure, but are always taught you. Even if you're not famous here, you're famous up there. And that choice is very simple.

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Your name will be mentioned by Allah to the angels in heaven. And I don't care what people think of me here. I've always taught you to raise that manner for the Yoruba and Nina so awful Yes, how to and then I'm out Sri Lanka. If people are pleased with me or displeased with me, it doesn't matter to me as long as you Ulla are pleased with me. So the first thing while Allah has upon Allah, Allah says in the Quran, this rubra Allah Allah Subhana Allah Allah is telling us the wisdom behind the anom is there is milk that comes between when buying the fourth wisdom lebaran Hollis and seven sir evenly sharing Allahu Akbar. He says no speak on May Murphy buitoni he, we will give you a beautiful

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drink from what comes from into science when bind forth. You know, the first is that exactly what the content of the interstate says with them. blood level and Hollis are purified milk to be a beautiful drink for those who drink it. Let me explain what that means. Understand the fourth had a very distinct smell. And the blood has a very distinct color between something that smells like a you know what it is, and something that looks like extremely red. It comes out pure white, with no smell beautiful for us to drink. That means you have to purify yourself. You have to navigate between the filth that's out there and all these vibrant colors to be testing you. You have to

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navigate and be pure to be good when it comes out from those tests that you have to go. You will also have to learn from the CRO that Allah subhanaw taala sent down to earth to bury another to teach us that animosity between siblings and jealousy is not to be

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Alhamdulillah we raised you to be loving towards one another. It's a blessing by allows upon our gender Yola. So understanding that you have to look forward to meeting Allah because death is coming lambda Hana there is no way out

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quotevalet Now hold on woman quotevalet hold on Masha woman can I mean yet with the mood of the audience? What are the steps that were written for us to walk on we will walk it and there is no way we're gonna die in a place that we were not decreed upon. So be prepared to meet Allah Subhana Allah viola, not in a place that he doesn't want to see you in not with a company he doesn't want to be with.

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Understanding also from Napa tsala, the she camel of the prophets Allah when Allah subhanaw taala says even better as

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the one that was intoxicated, the one did not heed to that message of Allah, even though was a miracle it would come and drink water all day and we'll give him milk for the whole tried another day.

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But then you have to heed to the message. We say somewhere now altana we listen, obey, not the other way. Otherwise, we will be resurrected with the Sharpie shatta Unum side, happier said you know what the ship is? shokri is the one that was kicked away from the mercy of Allah. And since we know that we will only enter Paradise by the mercy of Allah, how could you be looking for something to be shokri away from the mercy of Allah. So stay, listen to the Quran and Sunnah follow suit and you will not be among the ashlea.

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I also want to tell you about the story that I talked about the three shirts The Wolf of us have, and remember the shirts wisely. Understanding which shirt you will wear will decree your identity. It doesn't matter what you have on the outside, it matters what you have in the inside. So remember, the betrayal, the lying and the hope we'll understand. We will have the honor and

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decree that we wear the shirt of hope, we will give people hope. We will be nice and beautiful and bright from the outside and the inside and understand that also the hope of Uranus, the will of Uranus, Jonah, when he knew that he made a mistake, unintentionally, Allah sent him to Nineveh to give the dour difficulties This is more than that, and they did it. So Allah Allah did not is not going to make it difficult for me.

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So he now is in our belly of the whale, he realized he made a mistake, but he never give up. He wanted to repent, he says.

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And the first thing he says, though Hitler Illa Illa. And so behind at any moment of volume in first thing monotheism right away the oneness of God, Allah Subhana Allah Allah says the one

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La ilaha illa Allah there's no deity deserving to be worshipped except Allah. So I'm going to repent no matter how far I've been, no matter what a bad I've done. Subhana praise do unto you Allah, that means you're the only one that is perfect. Then he blamed himself in the consuming of all me, I have pressed myself, so I don't care how far you go. But remember, I want you to remember the targets. That Bullseye is what you're aiming because every time you go into outside circle, another Shakedown will take you to a further circle, another shutdown take you another first circle. And that's why it says, well, the terracotta watershed on don't follow the footsteps of shaitan because it's going to

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be very difficult when you go so far to come back. So I want you to recognize like Armand de la Nautica, he recognized the whispers of Saigon. That's why prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told him or Omar when shaitan sees you taking one side of the path, he will take the other side, you know why? Because every time shaitan tells him do something bad, he does something good. So shaytan says it's a bad deal, man. Every time I asked him do something bad either something good, so it's better for me to leave him alone. So I want to be like amarante Allah and remember that and never give up and never despair of Allah's mercy. I also want to take you to the Heffer of Bani

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Where you have to understand that you have to be prepared for that test. how Allah subhanaw taala resurrected the human being resists the whole novel The valley catolica de la moda allows of Hannah terraces to strike it with some of that, that have her

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and also don't make it difficult for yourself. If Allah says something don't keep asking, why how come Why me Why not this because it made it difficult for themselves Allah made it difficult for them. But if only they followed the first command would have been any ever any to any cow would have done, but they kept asking more specific alumna, difficult for them because of that, remember that?

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Remember that the staff of Musa alayhis salaam were determined to be

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the true magic. My dear daughter is in the heart. Not what that goes in the eyes. know for sure that they're going to be a lot of magicians around you. Trying to pull wool over your eyes. Try to sway your opinion. Try to lead you astray. Lots of magicians around but be careful. I want you to have the staff of Moosa. Hold on tight.

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how Allah Allah subhana wa Jalla Viola when it turned into a serpent, and the magician's knew this was no any magic. They prostrated to Allah. They submitted when they know the truth. And that's why el momento Catherine del Hawk, a true believer with stops at the truth. So when you know the truth, you can't be arrogant with a feeler who

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hold your hand.

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When somebody tells you tequila, tequila, even I'm I used to cry when I learned boy would tell him a dirty layer Omar would cry had two black lines right here. Oh my god yellow.

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So understanding that please make sure that you don't write this arrogant wave submit your will to Allah. You know why? Because these musicians in the beginning of the day, war magicians for a title ruler. In the end of that day, at nighttime, they died as martyrs luck, so it's there in them and it be how idemia axes and these will be held accountable according to the actions on the end of the actions and deeds

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will take you to a very small insect but has a grave lessons to learn. Num let's lay man.

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The end of Soloman Ali Salaam, Allah subhanaw taala honored to be in the Quran. Pilate Tamla the Yes, it was a female Are you happy now? pilot number.

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You with Hello my second laughter no counselor manual. You know the look at the etiquettes and math

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of how our even an animal was so polite without a prophet says unintentionally, they will destroy you. They did not accuse him. And guess what? Suleiman smiled Ali Salaam so it is okay to smile. And he listened and he thanked Allah Subhana Allah Viola for the gift is given them so as a leader My dear daughter and I know you are you're a natural leader. Leaders are made of two to 5% of the creation and natural leader that you are you have a responsibility to lead people toward goodness you have to be the keys the closest the gates of evil and open the gates of goodness be like the end of select man.

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there I'm gonna stick to so they might not even Salaam but there's another bird now. I talked to you about the bird and the wings of love and fear. And the hit of taqwa. Remember that the Hood Hood, the hobo taught a prophet and messenger as I told you before, imagine that but he was jealous for the deen of Allah. How good others worship other deities other than Allah Subhana Allah Viola so he's still in private school, a man at his lab was up to our homeboys to do the shamsuddin do Neela How could that be? I saw her and her community to prostrate to the sun, other than to prostrate to Allah. Can you imagine? So I want you to always be jealous for the deen of Allah. Be the one to set

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the record straight, enjoin, good and forbid evil and remember alberca sonica de la when people did not want to give this guy after the death of Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam What did he say?

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Even though Mr. Raja Lohan He is known for the strength What did he do is don't fight them they still are ilaha illa Allah didn't Rasulullah so you cannot find anyone that says like hey Lola is just be happier with its full rights was the government happier and given the arms is from the rights of La ilaha illa Allah by Allah of the hell back one strain of straw I will fight them for it. And you know what? He said? I want you to raise that bar My dear daughter and don't ever forget it. He said a young Casa de noir Anna Hi.

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Is this Deen of Allah will be taken away or lose any part of it. As long as I'm alive on my dead body is telling. So be like a robot Crystal Lake and learn from that.

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And even an elephant of abraha and the story is known to you will ever be and I'm thought I gave a follow up because Harvey law what an elephant was narrated was called Mahmoud.

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Get the command of Allah you Brielle tells him what it is. He comes now to destroy the house of Allah and even the uncle of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he was coming out to meet Abraham and he thought that he was the one to stop him from destroying the house of Allah. He says, No, this house has a Lord to protect. I am Rob bill Abel, I am the Lord of the camels, I want mine back. So he was very disappointed. But how Allah Allah Subhana Allah destroyed him with the very small pebbles with very small birds. Amazing. But I want to make sure that you understand the house of Allah as a protector. So I want you to protect your heart

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and everything that houses it, and protect your belief, from anything that will destroy it.

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I also want to remind you of this, tell you that Ibrahim Ali Salaam used, he says he caught it in devore put it into different mountains and they came flocking to him. I want him to have you not believe just looking at my Nickleby. So no, this is something that just to comfort my heart.

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And the same with Omar was a Allah Allah Subhana Allah, Allah let them die over 100 years, food is still good, and the donkey and his lab was dead bones and He resurrected right in front of him, just to make sure you understand that but you know that little insects that aid the staff of the prophet to make sure that no one knows the unseen, even the jinn were thinking that he's still alive only when not staff when just to make sure that you have the record straight.

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Remember that the bees

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understand when Allah subhanaw taala is a thermocool even cooler thammarat I wanted to eat from all the fruit so I want you my dear daughter to eat from what's good, what is Hana and to take what is good and what is Hana and first look at su rahbek and take the path of Allah. I want you to take the path of Allah, not the path of shaitaan where Prophet Muhammad Salah Salem says have a Serato Mr. Team, he drew a line says this is a straight path of Allah and you do other lines from both sides. This is a Subaru shaitan so he times has different path stick to the path.

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Do you ask Allah for 17 times a day in a certain Muslim, so Allah says Fie, His Holiness in it, there is a cure for people. So I want you to be cure for people.

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You know what that means? When you sit on a branch, you don't harm the branch, what you eat, you eat what is good, and when you give you give what is good. So I'm going to finish with giving you three things, what I want you to be,

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I want you to be like a lobster.

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Not because I love seafood.

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Because a lobster goes through stages. In order for them to grow, they have to shed their protected shell, even though they're vulnerable. But you don't want to stay cocooned.

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Open your horizon. Don't be afraid to make a mistake, shed that shell come out of your shell to acquire more knowledge. So you can expand your horizon and grow and you will grow in sha Allah to be better and bigger and stronger.

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I also want you to be like the geese, you know how they fly, they fly in a V formation.

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That v formation

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is for the leader to take the wind. And since they break the wind, and they have that they drag everybody else behind. So it makes it easy for everybody else to follow.

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And that's exactly what a leader does. But the beauty about the geese is the alternate.

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So make sure you have a good team is you're successful as who you with and the team you pick.

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And only when people drop off, they don't let them go.

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They make sure they bring him back to the flock so one or two geese will drop back to pull that one that is lost or tired up back to the flock. So don't ever let anyone behind and don't ever give up on anyone. We all make mistakes and we all sin. According to Hadith khulumani Adam Hopper, Ohio hopper in a terrible boon, every human being makes sense of mistakes and the best of those who makes the mistake and those who repent and come back to Allah. And finally, my dear daughter, I want to be like a salmon.

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You know why?

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Because the salmon spawns in a certain area

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and goes to live their lives everywhere. In the end of their lives, they want to go back to where they want to spawn again. And after their offsprings have reached the turn to come back where they belong, even though they will swim upstream. It will be difficult, and they know there's a bear waiting for them. And they're not afraid to face it head on. I'm not asking you for love for trouble. But if you are, don't ever be afraid, because Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam says Letterman

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Don't ask me the enemy. But if you do thorough to be steadfast,

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these bears are like your enemies. And these bears are like the fitten of shaitaan of insurgent.

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So I don't want you to be ever be shaken. I always wanted to go back home. Not just to my home. That is always open arms and welcomed.

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But I want us to go home together after a long healthy way. Just life. And home for me is Jenna. That's where we belong. Till then. I'll see you next time. My dear