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You know the reality of listening to the Quran being recited is another topic altogether. And in fact you know anytime you feel down anytime you feel spiritually empty anytime you feel dunya has overcome you, Allah one of the most easy therapies that we should do is to just listen to the Quran

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from an Egyptian that had the most shots Egyptian is good, but any other card is good as well from the dilla he wants me to make sure on the Egyptian no no. Out of Allah he was yeah what must Allah He Oh sad listen hamdulillah and Mr. Masha Allah in Doha, mashallah find Mashallah. Mashallah, there is no doubt that the top karate of the 70s and 80s There's no doubt they were Egyptians. I mean, let's be honest here, right, but Alhamdulillah I mean, the whole world has good corrupt. So point is that reading the Quran and reciting the Quran is actually an act of worship and they do two separate acts of worship. They're not the same act of worship. And in fact, in this month of Ramadan, before

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I get to throw together, the process, I would do both. He would listen to the Quran being recited and he would recite the Quran himself. A lot of times we come to tarawih and we think we've done our job that's half the job to listen to the Quran. The other half is to recite their two separate acts of worship and each one has a different impact on the country. Each one has a different impact on the psyche and the soul. So listen to the Quran being recited and recited yourself very briefly soon as other Allah subhanho wa Taala revealed an entire Surah for one night think about that. And this is a blessing that no other OMA has been given we have to understand Allah legislators Salah for all

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mamas Allah legislated CRM for multiple OMOs yada then I'm going to put him at a como si mo comma cortiva Adelaide mo publikum. So Yam is not unique to us. Salah is not unique to us. Zakka is not unique to us exactly that what he did is not unique to us. But one thing that is unique to us, no other OMA has been blessed with is later to other Laylatul Qadr is some of the special blessings Allah has given to the OMA of our Prophet sallallahu either he was seldom it is a unique blessing to me and you know, previous OMA had this blessing and in the Surah that Allah subhanaw taala revealed every single hire gives you one or two special things about Leila, to uncover. I are number one in

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Anza now feel a little further, Allah chose Leila to other to reveal the Quran, the greatest book The final book, the book that Allah azza wa jal co prophets with the book that was the most chosen of all of his books, Allah waited until later to cover I shouldn't say wait, it is not the right turn but Allah chose later to cuddle. Allah azza wa jal chose on this night to begin the revelation of the Quran, the incident of ikura it took place on the morning of Leila Takata. Think about that. The incident of aircraft once your bill came and how the Profit System it took place on the same day or a little others 27 night 27 date is when this incident took place in Anza. Now houfy little

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cuddle. Allah intentionally caused the Quran to be revealed on Leila to cuddle. So Allah is telling us this is a special day I reveal the Quran on this day I intended to reveal the Quran in this day. Leila Cody High Lumen official the word artificial is an expression in Arabic it means more than a lifetime. And Allah says how you don't mean it is better than so later to Qatar is better than 1000 isomatch documentary recording of course, I went over that quickly. That is what Allah says Rama Dada cup, it is an expression that how will you ever understand? How will you understand what is the little color, then to give you one estimation later, later with this one night later to other is

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better than your entire life? This one night is more blessing than your entire life. Because 1000 months is 83 years of continuous worship. And as we're all heard, and we've said this so many times 83 years of living is not 83 years of worship. 83 years of living is frankly less than five years of worship. Even if you're a righteous, ultra righteous, you know, Motorhead Janee Tahajjud prayer card reading, even if we were to do the math and you live at three years, that's less than five years of actual pure Ibadah and Allah is saying this one night will give you not 83 Better than 83 months better than this Kiram at three years, 1000 months and of course, Allah azza wa jal mentions later

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to cover in another verse in the Quran, not only in this one in Anza now who feel ala T Mobile raka Allah calls latest will cover Leila Mubaraka there is no other timeframe. There is no other night in the Quran that Allah calls Mubarak and Mubarak we know what it means. It means you're gonna stretch whatever you've done until it becomes a lot more you will be rewarded much more for a small amount on this night. So this night is better than an entire lifetime later to cognitive element fish out not only is it better than a lifetime, it is on this night that Allah azza wa jal chooses this globe to be a destination for all

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All of the angels in existence we have to understand our existence that we see around us. It's much more than our world. And on this night, the angels whose quantity is beyond our imagination warmer Yeah, they're more Judah Rebecca Illa who none can count the army of Allah meanie the angels except ALLAH, the number of angels is beyond what the human mind can imagine. Why am I there? mudra Becca Illa who none can count this number except ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. And on this one night, all of them make this earth a target. Why? Because wherever angels come Allah Sakina follows. Wherever angels come Allah's Rama comes with it. Wherever there are angels, there is peace. And so on this night,

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you have the highest concentration of angels ever. And that's why one of the interpretations of later to color what this little color actually mean. One interpretation huddart means magnificent majesty. So later to other the night of majesty the greatest night, another interpretation, the Laila where you have the potential to become majestic Lucado, you will become covered. A third interpretation other means to be tight to be constricted from uncoded are they hidden school, so your color is restricted, meaning the night is tight because there is no space because the angels have packed the heavens. So one of the interpretations of an industrial cover the night where the

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earth is packed with angels, that's why it's called later to cover. And of course, the final meaning of cuddle is that predestination cover because Allah's other is announced on that day. So xs Zulu, Mala Iike to the angels, all of them they come down to these heavens and not only the angels were ruled to fee and the angel Jibreel rule, Allah calls Gemini rule because he is the quintessential reality of what the angels are supposed to do. This entity Gibreel has witnessed the creation of Adam it has salaam he was there when Adam the roof has blown into Adam he has communicated with every single prophet without exception. He was the one who was with Musa he was the one who was with

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with with use of in the world. He was the one who was with ISA and he visited Miriam, that same angel whom the prophets of salaam saw up in the heavens and when he saw him Allah subhana wa Tada praised the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Nakamura I mean to be Hill Cobra, the prophet system saw the one of the majestic miracles of Allah Djiboutian is it Robby Hill Cobra Juba deal is an Ayah from Allah and the process and saw him in his in his original form that angel who never comes to this world after the death of the Prophet system Halas he doesn't come anymore, but he does come only one night of the year. That same being who has been since the beginning of time when Allah

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created him up until the end, and he has communicated with every single prophet, that being will now come down to this earth and it is authentically narrated a number of Sahaba and tagged their own. They used this ayah to incentivize themselves to pray to her God throughout the night a little color. They use this ayah to wear their best garments. One of them. I believe it is Qatada but don't quote me. He would actually have a special garment his best garment he would put it in a special cloak you're in a special cupboard on the nights of Ramadan he would tell his servant bring that cloak over there his servant would say why there's no party going on. There's no event there's no

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you know dovoljno started going on he goes Subhanallah Jibreel is coming. Shouldn't I look my best for his presence? Juanita is coming shouldn't I look my best is coming What if he comes on this night I want to dress not in my shabby pajamas and what I want to rest my best clothes and it is authentically narrated a number of Tabby rudabeh Tabby rune they will dress up they will put on their perfume just in case Jabril is coming they want to look at their best so that Gibreel can make dua for them seeing them into hygiene they use this idea to incentivize themselves to stand up on this night a little further 10 Zero lamella equitable row fee be in Europe be him they're gonna come

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down with Allah's commands. And of course this is why it is correlated with other because on this night, other is announced for the upcoming here God is announced what's going to happen who's going to die who's going to be given a child who's going to give an extras whatever is going to happen this night it is announced and we know from the Hadith Laolu dual cada Illa dua The only thing that can change other is dua The only thing that can change other is dua that's the only thing so when you know that on this night Qatar is being announced when you know your Akadama are going to be announced How can you be asleep in bed and not making dua to Allah to get the best color that you

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want? How can you give up this opportunity? When this is the time where you know the bonus points, you know the changes that can happen? You

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These are your extra points right now how can you waste this night away when you have the potential to change your father with DUA and that's why Allah subhana wa Tada finished this disorder by saying Saddam Saddam literally Nikita That's it. Nothing but peace this whole night is Salam. There is no other timeframe and the whole Quran that Allah has called Salam think about that no other time that Allah has called salaam This is the quintessential peace this night is peace everything about it is peace, the angels presence dividends presence, Allah's mercy coming down it's all peace and then Allah says but hey, it's only a few hours he had them UCLA al Fajr and if you do the math here if

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some people are actually they're doing a calculation every minute there's like too much I need because they're going bit too far here because you do the 80 years 83 years so no no reason to get mathematical here. But the point is, if you really think about it, every minute is like two three months. Why would you want to waste this time whatever you can do whatever now I understand some people have to go to work no problem that is the reality of life. But this night, you should do more than any other night that is the bar it's not necessary to spend the whole night if you really have to go to work or kids have to go to school I understand life is life and Allah wants you to live

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your life but if you're able to sacrifice the next day and sleep in a little bit they excellent if you're not able to no other night of the year should be given this much exertion than this night. This should be the highest bar of the whole year so if you can spend the whole night awake very good, if not then as much as you can do which is reasonable for you according to your schedule. There should be no other night where you spend more time and effort and final point what you do on this night so many things but most importantly I'll just mention two for time sake number one is your Pm which include Yanni to the Quran and to an audit number one is the court the pm will lay and

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number two specific do hours that you make these are the two main acts of worship your tarawih and pm and after you finish over here in our Masjid go back home and pray your Korean over there no problem prayed privately over there. And special dua lots of dua dua for your deen and duniya dua for yourself and your spouse dua for your children to offer those that have gone on lots of dua, this is the night of dua there is no night that is more powerful in dua than this night of later to Qatar So may Allah subhana wa Tada bless us all to be of those who are able to pray on level to others who are able to make dua to Allah we ask Allah that are the eyes and plumbers are accepted on

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this night which is akmola, who Clara was set on Polycom rahmatullah wa barakato.

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In Mussolini, now almost Lima Do you want meaning I will not mean it will quantity now look on it? He was slaughtered in pain. I was born in Poland. He was Sami Irina was Slavia before she you know, she

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was four Shireen I want to call her she is the one downside BP now one downside the party was on me now was all in

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one heavy Lena photo gentlemen one Hatfield law D was that good enough. Guess

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what's going on? I don't know hula.

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giovane Eileen.