We All Have a Role to Play for the Ummah Short Reminder

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The importance of fulfilling our responsibilities in the story of our bed Ibn Vishal and Ammar Ibn Yasser, notice how, although a bad was being attacked by arrows, he was weighing his duties. On the one hand, he didn't want to stop his Salah in between in the middle of a surah. And on the other hand, he was thoughtful of the responsibility given to him by Rasulullah sallallahu ala Yosei. He didn't want the Muslims to be attacked because he failed to guard them. So in the end, why did he break his salah? Was it because of the pain? No, in the end, he broke his Salah because he felt the responsibility of guarding and the profs Olson and put him in charge of that in the end. That was

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why he quickly finished as he said, In the end, when he told the unmarked what had happened. And the word that he used was 1000. He said Rasulullah sallallahu. Danielson has placed me on this server, and I don't want that we are attacked from this 1000 sounds, it means an opening. And there's a hadith although it's week where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says every Muslim he stands at a thud from the floor of Islam, so do not let the enemy to penetrate from your side. And so we need to imagine as if every single one of us is standing by a gate or an opening, every one of us is responsible for guarding that opening, not allowing the enemy to penetrate from our door whether

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that enemy is shaytaan or the Kovach in general our responsibilities go back to our skills and our capabilities that Allah has gifted us with how do you know which cells or which opening you are guarding? By looking at the skills and the capabilities Allah has given to you not everyone will be a scholar. Not everyone will be adapted to Islam. Not everyone will be a Mujahid going and fighting the enemies but each one of us is standing at an opening depending on our skill. So for example, if Allah has given you knowledge, you should use that knowledge to defend Islam. If Allah has given you physical strength, use it to defend the Muslims. If Allah has given you wealth, you need to use that

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wealthy saline Allah, whatever skill Allah has given to you. You have to use it in the service of Islam and you cannot allow the enemies to penetrate through your site. So don't be the one who fails in his responsibility of guarding the will not from his side and opening the door for the enemy to come through.