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Irshaad Sedick
AI: Summary © The importance of preparing for the upcoming month of Guinea is discussed, including plans for one's health and eating habits, praying for one's health, and staying safe. The need for acceptance and passion for the month is emphasized, along with the importance of creating a pleasant environment for children to grow up with. Visitors should spend their money in a good way and avoid silly behavior and giving things at the beginning of the day. The importance of planning and behavior is also emphasized, along with reciting the holy month and not just reciting everything.
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Bismillah Al Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam or either Ashrafi Lambie you will mursaleen say et now and LBNL Mola learner Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, why the early or Sufi Zoomarine Allah azza wa jal FEMA committed xili by the an Akula older bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim, Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem yeah Yo La Vina Manu katiba IRA Kumu CMO, Kim equity Bala leadin Amin Kamala Kamala Allah calm that cone, soda cola humo Linnell Alvim respected all these brothers, sisters in Islam as Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

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The month of Ramadan is about to dawn upon us. And it would only be wise of us to be prepared in every way possible. Allah Subhana Allah Allah had given us fasting as a pillar of Islam, one of the most fundamental integrals of our deen and as such, not only does Allah to Allah say you must first he says it has been prescribed for you, it has been written for you. A prescription is generally something that is given for your own good. When we go to the doctor, we don't look at the prescription as something burdensome or something difficult. We appreciate it because it's going to be for our

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insha Allah for our better health.

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So when Allah introduces the concept of fasting to us, he also attributes it to those who came before us, explaining

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as he does in other places in the Quran that

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worshiping Allah hasn't changed over millennia.

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It's taken slightly different forms, but inevitably, they will. They were praised. There was fasting.

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There was devotion, there was places of worship, etc. And fasting just adds to that list.

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Now Ramadan

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needs a proper battle plan. Last week we spoke about the battle plan against enough's. And we spoke about the three the three different ways that we can actually train the nafs, especially in Ramadan, we spoke about McAuliffe to knifes Mujahideen to nefs and Maha Sabha to neffs.

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So that was in relation to what we can expect for our spiritual development in the month of Ramadan. And I started off with that, as opposed to a practical, everyday approach, because the most important development in Ramadan is our spiritual development. That is the objective of Ramadan. And if we fail in that regard, than any other sort of preparation that we do, basically becomes useless. The person who prepares themself in a practical sense by making sure that they have the proper food and that they have groceries in the cupboard and so forth for the month of Ramadan. It's all good and well, but if you miss the objective, then you've missed a great deal. So the following are some

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ways in which we can actually prepare ourselves for the month of Ramadan in a very practical sense, and I've listed five. The first is to deliberately and especially make dua to Allah subhanho wa Taala for a successful Ramadan. Now, this sounds so simple, but I know that many of us neglect to do this, like right now if you ask, Have I ever made if I conversed with Allah, up until this point, and ask Allah, Oh Allah, grant me a successful Ramadan, grant me good health, so that I can fulfill my obligations in Ramadan, and more than that, the superior rogatory Praise like the tarawih and more than that, that I'm able to give charity and then I'm able to attain the masjid, etc, etc, for

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the month of Ramadan.

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Because not asking Allah is practically insane. Right? We need to ask Allah subhanho wa Taala by asking Allah, we have stated our our own objectives, we gain assistance from the Divine and we made it clear to Allah subhanho wa Taala that we are serious about our self development in the month of Ramadan. So pray to Allah rasool Allah azza wa jal, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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is reported to have prayed, albeit not the most authentic of narrations. Allahumma Burdick Lana few Raja Shaban Obaldia Ramadan

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The narration is weak, but for the purposes of recitation of the DUA it's perfectly fine and just to acknowledge that the the is in fact this narration and many people I mean, all over we read this to our we hear this to our O Allah bless us in the month of Rajab, bless us in the month of Shaban and allow us to reach the month of Ramadan. So in that

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there is no specific mention of what is asking Allah Tala about Ramadan is Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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but he's teaching us to pray for Ramadan ahead of Ramadan. And then there's another there's another prophetic application Allahumma Selim Nalley Ramadan was Salim Ramadan Lana was Salim who Lana Muto Kabbalah right. Sometimes they recite this in a in a jika and then the words change a bit, but what does it mean? Allah whom Allah Salim Nalli Ramadan keep us safe for the month of Ramadan was Salim Ramadan Lana keep Ramadan safe and special for us are Salim Hulan and Buddha Kabbalah and allow us to reach it in a way that it will be accepted from us.

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So without looking at exactly what the prophets of Allah Allah was asked, or the details and how it's different to what we perhaps want to ask for. We know that it would be recommended to pray to Allah and ask Allah for what we want to achieve in this Ramadan

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when the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam when to go and see the moon we integrant site the moon which is why it's sooner right to site the moon not just for the man cake is like our honorable Imam Yeah, but it's actually soon enough for everyone. If you've never done this, it would be a good time to go in Shall I think the last two years it was a bit tricky to do so but now it should be much better. So sighting of the moon and then the point here is the application the DUA that is soon to recite upon the sighting of the moon Allah whom a healer who Elena Oh Allah, allow the moon to shine upon us. Bill m&e, well, a man with safety and in faith was salamati Well, Islam and with peace and

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tranquility and in submission to you

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What towfighi Lima to hate Bora Bora Robina watashi. Wa Tada. I think I might be getting one or two words the incorrect but and grant us the ability to do that which is pleasing to Allah without Allah and that's, yeah, that's pleasing to Allah subhanho wa taala. So again, in this

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we see that Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is not just connecting us to the physical act, okay site the moon tomorrow we must fast it's not just that it's not just an indicator. It's a connection to the spiritual activity that's taking place

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on a deeper level. So he's actually asking Allah subhanho wa Taala Oh Allah allow this moon to bring with it. A healer who Elena Bill amneal Eman was salah. All of these applications. Oh Allah allow us to reach the month of Ramadan Oh Allah keep us safe Ramadan keep Ramadan safe for us. Oh Allah Amani, while EMA and safety, faith, Salama peace while Islam. It's all related to this one theme, and that is preservation and security for the successful Ramadan. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is asking Allah for this. How many how many Ramadan's have gone by way in, you know, a few days in and then all of a sudden we sick, maybe we can't fast maybe we can't attain taraweeh and

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then that's usually an impediment for many people to not attend at all for the rest of the month. Because our second the second nights are gone. Go on the 25th night. I'll go again on the 27th night. But legitimate reasons also the some people genuinely become sick. And that's not the bad thing. It's a taste from Allah Subhana Allah but ideally, we want to have good health so that we can fulfill our Ramadan in a good way. I mean, arable enemy may Allah grant that to us. Number two,

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sugar to show thanks to Allah subhanho wa Taala and one shows thanks not just by saying thank you, you know, we've we've mentioned this before sugar has different levels. The first one is just to express our thanks and gratitude ALLAH SubhanA wa Alhamdulillah know All Praise and thanks is due to Allah Who has allowed us to live another year and assuming that Allah Allah will allow us to live through Ramadan. thank Allah for that. Thank Allah for the blessing of Ramadan. thank Allah for the blessing of the Quran. Why is this so important?

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specifically for when the month comes, because Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam made a big deal of the arrival of the month of Ramadan. And again they are there are several narrations, not all of which are authentic. But this one, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam sees to the Sahaba, the month of Ramadan has come to you, it is a blessing month, Allah has made it obligatory upon you to fast during this month, the gates of heaven are opened in this month, the gates of * are closed in this month, the devils are chained in this month is a night better than 1000 months, whosoever is deprived of its blessings is indeed deprived of goodness. This is in the Sunon of an

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essay, then is another one that's this differences of opinion about its authenticity. But the prophets awesome, speaks to the Sahaba on the last day of SHA burn, and gives a similar address, and that's the one in which he is reportedly he is reported to have said that the first of it is Rama, the second of it is mouthfeel. The third of it is salvation from the fire. Scholars have differed about this some regard it is very weak at this regard, it is weak, others have claimed that it is it is acceptable. Allah knows based, I believe that, you know, it's fine. But the message shouldn't be that we you know, the first thing is we only focus on Rama and so on and so forth. I believe Rama is

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throughout Ramadan, multifidus throughout Ramadan, and salvation of the fire. You know, all of his blessings exists throughout Ramadan. But the point here is not the Hadith or its specifications. By the way, those are regarded as acceptable. They say that well it just means that these more possibilities of Rama more possibilities of mouth Pharaoh and more of it koombana Allah Allah, the point that I'm trying to make is

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the prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam announced, becoming of Ramadan. Now this is somewhat built into our culture, we see we hear the radio station, they change the themes, the sounds change, our daily habits change. So in a way, we do announce the coming of Ramadan, everybody is listening to the radio waiting for Imam or waiting for the Hakim it should have made Hendricks to make the announcement you know that the moon has been cited or that it hasn't been cited, or that we are about to fight with one another again about whether it was cited or not you know that this is this is something that we all tune in to because we want to know do we attain tarawih Hana. But more

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important than an announcement more important than then a communal embracing of Ramadan is our own personal approach to how to welcome this month of Ramadan in with sugar with sugar, because this entire point is about gratitude and being happy about it's coming.

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It's a very simple reason like in shaker room as he then come. If we are from among those who welcome Ramadan with open arms and we are happy and elated for its arrival, then Allah subhanho wa Taala will increase as in those blessings and will become more and more happy with the blessings of Ramadan. But on the other hand, if you are from among those who, you know, they said the moon is being cited and you think, Oh man, I really wanted to have lunch tomorrow. You know, I'm gonna have to cancel that meeting. They know me to severe Tara week to Han Elka and SHA. So Amen. Now, that type of attitude is not going to give us access to the blessings of Ramadan. Right we may get

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placings of Ramadan, but it's going to be a very different experience to the one who welcomes Ramadan and makes it the happy occasion. Now it's it's more problematic than we imagine, in our context, right.

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And I'm speaking from personally I've seen this with my own daughter that growing up, that we live in a society where occasions of suffering shirk are highlighted and celebrated. Whether we like it or not in our faces, right?

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Easter comes up, the shops are full Christmas comes up Christmas decorations, like a three year old. Regardless of how Muslim that household must be. We'll know a few Christmas carols and we'll know what Christmas is and a Christmas tree in Santa Claus and MLD dinner.

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But what is the four aid right? Now we can claim okay, this radio station in this lesson is that is that enough? Right? We need to create environments of Ramadan. It needs to be clear. I would go as far as saying if you want to decorate your home by painting it putting up some flowers having some you know signposts Ramadan Kareem Ramadan Mubarak, somebody is gonna say this will be there. Yes, it is. It's a very good one. You know, welcome the month of Ramadan and make it a big deal so that our children and our family can

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I understand that this is an important time of the year for us. Is this the objective of Ramadan? No, not at all. Not at all. But it adds, it adds to the way we feel about Ramadan. It needs to be a very pleasant experience. You need to create an environment in which your children ask about when is it Ramadan again, right. And don't only do that to the unhealthy cookies advocate time, do that in other ways. Also, right? Let them look forward to the month of Ramadan. Like, for example, growing up, many of us receive money for fasting you know, when we fasted off day we receive, okay, back when maybe two and 50 for the day, if you fasted all day, maybe a five or 10 for the day, some of

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the kids listening to this right now are going to be laughing. But you know, is that sufficient at the time, then on E day, your money comes in? Oh, you're so proud, because now you already planned out and what you're going to be purchasing. This was a very creative way to celebrate the month of Ramadan, you're in the Cape of Good Hope. There's a beautiful tradition of family sending the kids to the neighbor's home with a plate of treats for Iftar time and seeing this, you know, before Margarita, it's a beautiful sight. Children are dressed in a thobes and in the abayas and so forth, taking the cookies around and they look forward to that as well. Let us not allow these traditions

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to die down. There's no reason for it. Okay, whatever safety issues and so forth need to be done in order to ensure the safety of our children Bismillah. But don't let them die out because it adds to the celebration of Ramadan.

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Number three, planning and determination. The other day I in fact spoke to my wife. I said, Look, we need to sit down. Because

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when the announcement is made that the moon has been cited when we cite the moon, let's say it in that way. There must be no wondering. Okay, now we were going to go to taraweeh tonight, what are we going to have to Soho tomorrow morning? Oh, what time is Fajr? So we know what time to wake up what time is Maghreb. So we know what time to start getting ready. Now, those things need to be know now odd, right? And it's very easy. We just look at the calendar, I'm sure the calendar is available and we plan now really, as simple as it may be. This will will cause that sense of panic, that sense of turbulence right at the beginning where everything starts off and it's so hurried, that will abate

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those feelings in sha Allah and that's important so that we can redirect our focus on that which is more important. And that's again our spiritual development right? The moment they say the moon has been cited, we must be ready with our Quran in front of us to start reciting we must be ready to be sitting in dua crying to Allah subhana wa Tada we need to be ready with our plan of how much I've got am I going to be making per day how many edges of the Quran Oh rather, how much time am I going to be spending with the Quran per day? What exactly am I going to do? I'm only going to be reciting am I going to be attending hfcl series am I going to be sitting with some literature to improve my

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knowledge on the Quran? Which means masjid or masajid am I going to be attending you know we can have we can i This is how we choose we can I get a good spiritual experience for Salah tutor are we not way they make the quickest?

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That's not the point. Remember, this is as soon as sada right, it's as soon as you don't have to do it, but you want to do it because you want to get the maximum from the month of Ramadan. So it doesn't make sense. I want the maximum but I want the minimum maximum you know, be that as it may rather go there with me quicker than not go at all. I just want to say that also okay. But more important than the speed would be the quality. The quality right go with the Quran is recited beautifully, with is recited beautifully. And when we get some advice, some Naseeha that is going to add value to your day. That is going to enrich your experience of the month of Ramadan. But the

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point here, number three is planning and determination knowing exactly how we're going to be spending the month of Ramadan for the males. Are we going to be making a decaf this year? It's it's now very much a possibility I think across the world even in the Haram of Makkah and Medina Attica has been reopened now in Ramadan for the first time in two years right. I know at least two three people have gone in Amara hamdulillah uncle U Series also going on camera with his mother make dua for them inshallah they leaving on Sunday.

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This is because people have been thinking about you know, how are we going to make the most of this month of Ramadan have a proper plan for the gentleman again, don't have the first night of Buka coming and then we wondering what I must do when I leave for the masjid some masajid like this Masjid generally has a delay in the in the time of Asia because takes time for people to travel here. Generally people live outside, know that whichever measured you're going to go and find out what exactly that time is

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What time do you need to leave? After Iftar time? How can you fit in maybe salatu wa bien, between Mercury and you're coming to the masjid. Maybe you can fit in the recitation of ACOTA Jews of the Quran that time. That way you have less to recite when you come home and you have less to recite during the day. If you are working at, you know, at an office to the like workplace, then how are you going to change you're commuting to and from work way by it's no longer just commuting? It's commuting in Ramadan. So you have earphones, maybe maybe you need to buy some earphones, you're listening to lectures, you're listening to Kara on your way on your way back. This is what planning

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and determination is like a real plan that you've written down who seriously sat down and thought about that would maximize how you spend the days and nights of Ramadan? What time are you going to bed at night? What time are you going to wake up in the morning? What time do you plan on Waking up foot? tahajjud? Can you not make the 100 Every night okay, which nights can you make the head dude, let's say two alarms, I'm sure you know that your smartphones, you can see he repeated alarms for the entire month, you can set alarms to go off at specific times for the entire month. Use that an alarm that goes off when it's time to recite Quran an alarm that goes off when it's time to wake up

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an alarm that goes off when it's time to go to the masjid, etc. But the point is, don't just let the month come and then carnosine that type of attitude, you will see what happens. Rather plan because the planning will assist us. I mean, they are Bellami number four, very important. And I think

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many people neglect this, but that is learning the rules of fasting, the ACA museum. And if you've already learned the rules of fasting, then revise the rules of fasting, right Kitab Siyam in our fifth is not a very long chapter to learn and to study. And I'm sure that in our lives, we would have gone through some of it or all of it at one stage or the other. But remember, Ramadan comes around once a year, right? And that once a year we learn these things. Again, we hear these things, we revise these things again. But chances are we would have forgotten some of those things since last year. So you do revision, right? 100 Even you know, scholars and students of Dean, I'm a

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student of Dean, right, I've studied Kitab OCM, from various books at various levels. Every Ramadan, I open up my books again, and I quickly go through the massage with it. That's for the purposes of teaching or answering questions, but that's important, right? And of course, people ask questions, but other than just asking a question about something that you need. For example, somebody may come in they ask the question, well then taking the the vaccine the booster doesn't break my fast doesn't break the faster no brother doesn't make the fastest intravenous it doesn't go through an open orifice in the body. Okay, fine. Now knows that answer, he goes away. So he knows that one thing,

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because he was worried about that one thing. But what about the things that he's not worried about? If he doesn't even know? You know, there's something to know about that? Right? Small example, small example. With Risala. It is recommended to make with Risala in JAMA in the month of Ramadan of the tarawih if you are not going to be making the Hajj that night, but it's more recommended to delay with the risotto after the hygiene if you know you're going to be waking up with it. Now if you don't know that this even exists, it's never going to cross your mind to ask the question unless you're never going to know. So open up a book of

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beta store. Don't open up a book of fit, sign up for a class there are many pre Ramadan seminars, online courses, etc. By revise the rules of fasting. And then number five, and this is the last one.

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Plan your charity, generosity and kindness in the month of Ramadan. Right. Now this comes from the Hadith about how the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to spend his nights in Ramadan with his teacher who's his teacher Sydnor Gibreel and he said oh Salaam. So the Hadith reads that the Prophet Allah is it actually begins like this Kana Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam enjoyed an S. The Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam was the most generous of all people.

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We don't have time to get into this stuff. But that statement is profound in and of itself. Because the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam was not considered to be wealthy.

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He was not considered to be wealthy. Today, we think when we think about generous people, we think straight, wealthy people, but generosity is not about how much you give. It's also in relation to your attitude of giving and how much you give in proportion to what you have. Right? A person was sitting with a billion and he gives say, for example, he gives a masjid offer million. That's nothing for him. Right? It's pocket change.

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But the person who's sitting with a million and he gives the Magid off a million. Now that is 50% of his money, right? You understand? But that's just one dimension. It's also related to the person's sincerity and the person's.

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The person's intention behind why they are giving and the manner Allah subhanho wa Taala Anna so this hadith reads, The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to be the most generous of people. What a joy to Maya Qunu fie Ramadan, but the most generous that you would ever find. Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was in the month of Ramadan. When Hina Alka who? Gibreel when Satan he buried Allah said it was Salamis to meet with him in the nights of Ramadan Fergana Gibreel Elka who frequently late in Ramadan, yet da da su yet Adara So Al Quran oh come upon God La La Setosa I'm used to meet with the prophets of Allah, Allah wa sallam every night of the Ramadan and

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what would they be doing? They would be studying the Quran, they would be studying the Quran. So basically what was happening is, whatever was revealed of the Quran, up until that particular Ramadan, they would spend the night in Ramadan, revising that, the entire revelation from beginning till where they were. And then in the last year of his life, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, they did this process twice. They did this process twice. And during those meetings or other as a result of those meetings, the prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam increased in generosity. When he was described for Cana ajwa Belhaj remain a wreath in more Salah he became more generous than the rain bringing

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frickin dating winds. Now for an agrarian society that means that the rain the wind, after which rain comes here in the Mediterranean Cape it is what the northwesterly wind when the northwesterly wind blows, then technically that means likely after that we're going to experience the rain. We don't really know this or follow this or, you know, regard this as important because we don't we're not living in agricultural based societies. But people who do that rain study that wind that wind is like a good news announcement, push raw comb, this wind is coming rain is coming right? Of course it still is. We're just not aware of it.

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Now imagine they describe the prophets of Allah Allah wa salam as the rain Breen wins during that time of his generosity in the month of Ramadan, can we imagine just how generous he was. So Allahu alayhi wa sallam, because generosity in the month of Ramadan, as with everything else, is multiplied in rewards. It's multiplied in rewards, we have to think about it as times of investment, you know, like in the stock markets, when the prices of a particular stock that's in demand goes down people buy, because it's the time to buy, right? Or in the, in the in the

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the housing market forget was a property right? When the price is like now people are saying it's a buyers market, you know, buy because it's the season to buy. And then you get the season to sell again, you know, when you're going to reap the fruits of your investment. That's how we must think of Ramadan. How can I invest in the best way in this month of Ramadan? We need to we need to be looking for ways to spend our money and thinking of ways how we can wisely spend in Ramadan, not waiting for ways to come to us. We need to be searching for ways, right? There are many fundraisers and things going on. But the believer who takes the time to actually think about okay, look, I would

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like to spend money in South Dakota and Jerry, I would like to spend money in the education of kids. I'd like to spend money in the development of infrastructure for the masjid, I'd like to spend that there are various ways we can spend. Try to be creative in the way you spend money, right in the month of Ramadan. For example, very few people think of, oh, I'm going to sponsor a student of deen and this is a person studying Deen full time. I'm going to find the person underprivileged, a deserving recipient and sponsor he studies. Do you know what type of investment that is? Allahu Akbar. That's an amazing investment. Because that person is going to have a career of learning and

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teaching and preaching the deen of Islam in sha Allah, all of that reward is going to be coming to you and that person, nobody gets decreased. And not just that person, but that person students and the students, students and the students, students all the way tokuyama What an investment that is, right? That's just one example. I know these bolding, the masjid and all of these things, but we've heard of those things. Think creatively about how to spend your money during the month of Ramadan. Now what do you need to know what percentage of our of our wealth is going to be allotted to sadaqa and not just that guy to fit that Zakah at

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obligatory sadhaka extra we need to be looking for extra in the month of Ramadan you can spend you can spend your money in a good way now ready for Ramadan a great sign is when the sign in is just dates for sale that you know buying dates at the masjid as an example is his spending in Ramadan because all the money is going to be for the Ramadan activities of the Masjid. We need to be thinking about ways to maximize what we can gain out of Ramadan. Lastly, let us not forget where we came from. Every Ramadan I become very, very emotional at the beginning when I think of I'm very fortunate to have my mother's still alive 100 Nina Alexander long life and good health and all of

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our parents who are still alive, but I think about my father who I lost about 10 years ago almost 11 years ago and think about how he trained me Rahima hula for the month of Ramadan right preparing us with are we taking a stutter are we scanning us out if we don't go to the runway Hello those type of things. They planted the seeds that we are reaping the fruits of today, our parents and our grandparents and our great grandparents all the way up. They are people who contributed to your Islam today and they are no longer with us. They are in the cupboard perhaps one Ramadan perhaps within Ramadan's, they can still benefit from our supplications in our dryers. So before the month

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of Ramadan comes, if you have the time, go and visit the cover of your of your parents. Go in recite for your parents, right? Give when you give sadaqa in Ramadan, don't just give sadaqa give sadaqa with amazing intentions. give sadaqa for the sake of your father for the sake of your grandfather, Allah Allah, who mean all the believers who had passed on when you recite your Quran, make dua for your parents make dua for those who contributed to the beauty of Islam that you practice today. Don't forget where you where you came from. Right? And it brings about inside of you a sense of wanting to make them proud, even though they left this world before. You really want to make them

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proud in the way you practice, fasting and in the way you observe the month of Ramadan. It's very important that we understand this, right? People often think of sadaqa jariya only in terms of money, right? But do you know that you are a southern Nigeria of your parents, that any good that they installed within you, other than the money they spent on you with food and so forth, but the time, the effort, the love, the devotion, the attention that they poured into your life, to make sure that you make Salah to make sure that you fast to make sure that you recite Quran to give you the education to be able to recite Quran, they are rewarded with every single moment of that. So for

00:32:48 --> 00:33:29

the I mean, for the very least can't we just raise our hands and pray for them? I would go as far as saying we should be praying for our parents in every single salah. But especially before the month of Ramadan dawns upon us, everybody runs to the graveyard on labyrinth they find good and well. But before you even enter the month of Ramadan, go pay your dues right but you respect make dua for them if you go and visit them Akbar I'm fine no problem but sit and make CS applications Allah Subhana Allah may Allah grant all of our parents Jenna to feed those Allah make us have a blessed month of Ramadan. May Allah grant that those who had passed on and contributed to our Ramadan and our

00:33:29 --> 00:34:13

practice of Islam Allah grant him all the rewards of anything good that we that we do in our lives. May Allah Subhana Allah preserve us for Ramadan, preserve Ramadan for us and make it an accepted Ramadan. I mean, may Allah make this Ramadan that's coming. May Allah first and foremost grant us life to let Ramadan and may this round Ramadan that's coming be enough for each and every one of us to enter Jannah without any reckoning. May we achieve every blessing of Ramadan, every half of the Quran reward every Sajida every ruku every Advan every comma, every pm every taraweeh every tahajjud every article May we receive all that reward and made this ummah be uplifted during this month of

00:34:13 --> 00:34:51

Ramadan coming. May the doors of Allah's blessings open up upon our hearts. May the doors of Jana be opened up for us May the doors and the gates of Jana be forever locked upon us. May we succeed in our spiritual development and importantly in our love and proximity to him Jalla Jalla Allah subhanho wa Taala Giacomo Allah located on Osama Long Island City named Mohammed Al hamdu lillahi rabbil aalameen Brother Junaid, Jamie's will say his his wife just give birth. No going to give birth in sha Allah Allah granted an easy birth, a successful birth and you have all the success please keep him in your eyes as well. So that's why they come Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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