Kamil Ahmad – Ten Important Guidelines for every Student of Knowledge

Kamil Ahmad
AI: Summary © The importance of learning the fruit of one's knowledge is emphasized, particularly in Islam where good manners are important. cultivating one's knowledge, planting one's knowledge, and preserving one's time with knowledge are emphasized. Visiting one's knowledge through prayer and practicing manners is key to achieving success in achieving knowledge and avoiding wasting time.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah.

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In the next few minutes, I want to go over 10 very, very important guidelines and pieces of advice for every student of knowledge. In shadow life a person takes these guidelines with importance in sha Allah hota Allah, He will be successful in his path of seeking knowledge.

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The very first guideline that I wanted to mention, is reviewing this knowledge and value.

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And that is because a person cannot be successful in anything that he wants to study, unless he reveres and respects that knowledge that He is studying, unless he values it, and understands its importance. For example, if a person wanted to

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become a computer programmer, and he studied computer science, if he doesn't have a love for it, if he doesn't have respect for it, if he does not review it, if he does not understand its value, its importance, he will not be successful in his studies. Similarly, with regards to this Islamic knowledge, a person has to review it, he has to respect it. And that is because there is no better knowledge for a person to study than this knowledge, the knowledge of the deen of Allah subhana wa Tada. They say that

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a particular field of knowledge is important and value is known by looking at that which is being studied. And so what is being studied, it is none other than the loss of Hana which

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a person is studying about a lot about what Allah has commanded us with, and about what loss of heroin without it has prepared for us if we follow His commandments.

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And so there is no doubt that a person if he wants to be successful in seeking this knowledge, he must revere it, and he must have great respect for it.

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The second guideline that I wanted to share is cleansing the vessel of knowledge.

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And so every single thing has a vessel, and the vessel of knowledge is none other than the heart. And so if the heart is clean, if it is pure, then it will be able to receive and intake and absorb the knowledge that it gets. However, if the heart is unclean, if it is dirty, if it is filthy, then it will not be able to receive any of the knowledge.

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And an example of this is a letter

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a lantern is covered by glass.

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And if one wants the light to be bright and radiant, then the glass must be clean, it must not be dirty, because if it is dirty, it will not give any light. And so knowledge

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is similar to this. If the heart is not clean,

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then the light will not penetrate the light of knowledge will not benefit the person.

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And so if you truly want to gain knowledge of this theme, you have to first start by cleaning your heart.

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What is it that we clean our hearts of two things, shampoo and shower shampoo, what are the various

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don'ts that show tries to put in our hearts. And so we must free ourselves of these doubts. We must clean our hearts of these triple hats and ask for the shallot. Then they are the designers the lusts of the dunya then a person must clean his heart of what a person does that his heart becomes clean and he is ready to receive an intake this knowledge. This is why our webinars are over your logline. He said if our hearts were clean, they would never become tired of the words of a loss of hair the whole time.

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The third guideline that I want to mention is sincerity of intention.

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Last are sincerity of intention is one of the most important things that a student of knowledge must focus on.

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And that is the question of why he is seeking knowledge.

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One must always ask himself, why have I set on this path of seeking knowledge? Is it so that I can become famous? Is it to achieve some worldly gain, so that I can achieve some kind of status? Is it to show off? What is the reason behind my speaking this knowledge.

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And so, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned regarding the importance of having the correct intention

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behind seeking knowledge, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Whoever learns and seeks knowledge, which is supposed to be sought solely for the sake of a loss of health, without it, he does not learn it, he does not seek this knowledge except to fulfill some worldly gain, he will not find the state of gender, he will not find the smell the scent of gender, on the day of judgment.

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And so, this is a very serious matter, that a person must have the correct intention and not have the wrong intention when setting on the path of seeking knowledge.

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And so the question is, what should my intention be, there are four things that our intention should revolve around. The first is to lift the ignorance off of ourselves. So we bring attention should be that you want to raise the ignorance of yourself regarding what the loss of Hannah what data requires of you in terms of your worship of a loss of data, what data in terms of what you must stay away from in terms of what Allah has forbidden from the second thing that your attention should revolve around is having the intention to raise the the ignorance to lift the ignorance off of others, and that is by teaching and guiding others to what is best for them in this dunya and after.

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And the third thing that your attention should revolve around is having the intention to revive this knowledge of Islam, so that it does not disappear. So that it does not disappear. And the fourth

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thing that your intention should revolve around is wanting to act upon this knowledge, having the intention to act upon what you learn of this knowledge. And this is why you can imagine this knowledge as being a tree, what is the benefit of the tree, the fruit that it gives. So, here we have an apple tree,

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the tree itself is not as much benefit, but the fruit the apple that you get from this tree, that is where the benefit lies. And so, the tree is knowledge and the fruit of the tree is the action that one implements, after he has studied what he has studied of this thing.

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The fourth guideline is adorning oneself with the manners of a student of knowledge. And so, the student of knowledge must have the best of Islamic manners.

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And that is because

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He is studying this deal and he needs to implement what he studies of this being. And so, having the adapter and the HELOC of a student of knowledge, such as being humble, putting air against assign

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abstaining from being attached to the worldly

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and showing humility in the face of truth and other noble assignment manners. A student of knowledge should focus on having these manners and he should be aware of those manners that tarnish his honor, that tarnish this very knowledge that he is seeking, such as arrogance, having envy, having evil suspicion,

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looking down upon others being boastful and so on and so forth. These are manners and characteristics that he must put aside

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And this is why the center used to give a lot of importance to having the proper etiquette and this is why you can see me in one of the setup, he said that they the setup, used to learn manners as they used to learn this knowledge and he shoves it, he said, We are more in need of good manners than a lot of

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the cysts, guys, I thought I wanted to mention is choosing the right teacher. And so if a student of knowledge wants to excel and reach somewhere, in terms of his seeking knowledge, he must do so at the feet of a pious scholar and an opera teacher, a pious scholar and a teacher is recognized by his knowledge of the deen and by his perseverance, his taqwa his fear of loss of Hannah without His anana His trustworthiness, as a person finds these characteristics in a scholar, and in a teacher, that he should take his knowledge from him.

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And that is because a person cannot gain knowledge of this theme on his own, by simply reading from the books, this is not the way a person will benefit and gain knowledge of this theme.

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Because it is said that a person who makes his books his teacher, his mistakes, and his his slips are more than his correctness.

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And another benefit that a person gains from taking knowledge from the scholars is that he gains from their manners and their characters. They're often their add up. This is why he didn't send that email accurate. In his gatherings, there used to be 5000 students, of only which 500 would be recording and writing, while the rest would be taking from his good manners, his characters and from his normal behavior.

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And so, emammal rosai, he used to say that, this knowledge of Islam used to be passed down generation to generation from men to men. However, when it entered the books, the wrong people became involved.

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And that is because like I mentioned, a person cannot gain knowledge from books alone, he must have a teacher, a scholar, who he takes his knowledge from.

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The sixth guideline is prioritizing and moving up the ladder of knowledge gradually, in a gradual stage. And so, this is achieved by building a strong foundation, by building a strong foundation, with the most essential,

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the most essential aspects of knowledge that a student of knowledge requires, such as those things that a person requires in order to worship a loss of habitat. So, he has to build his knowledge on these things first, then, he moves on to the other aspects of knowledge, that are more advanced, it is said that whoever does not perfect the foundation, he is prevented from reaching, there is a built in knowledge. And that is because if you want to build a house, you have to have a strong foundation. If you start by building the walls and the roof and the windows, that house will fall apart. So in the same manner, a student of knowledge must perfect his foundation, he must build a

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strong foundation, then he must build upon that.

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And it is also said that whoever tries to attain knowledge in one go, he will lose it in one go. And that is why if we were to analyze and reflect over how the Qur'an was revealed to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, we find that it was not revealed in one go. It was not given to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in one sitting and one revelation. Rather than the revelation came to the Prophet so long it would send them over a span

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of 23 years. And this is why the kuffaar they actually objected to this. And so Allah subhanho wa Taala revealed, we'll call it the vena cava, low levels de la liga, and Joomla and wahida, the disbelievers they said,

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Why was this not revealed in one goal? Why was it not revealed at once at one time, a loss of Hannibal without a says, Can daddy can even set beterbiev who want to know who

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Allah subhanho wa Taala responds, thus it does, it is the revelation came at over a period of time not in not in one goal does so that we may strengthen your heart thereby and we have revealed it to gradually in stages. So a student of knowledge, if he wants to really benefit, he must first build his foundation strong, and then build upon that not try to get this knowledge all at one time, for he will fail. If he attempts to do that. The scholars of Islam did not become scholars in one night, in one month, in one year, not even in 10 years, they became scholars over decades of studying this religion and giving it 100% of their time.

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The seventh guideline is spending one's energy in memorizing, revising and inquiry. And that is because a strip of knowledge is not sufficient for him to simply take the knowledge from the scholar or his teacher without memorizing without revising what he has memorized, and without inquiring, asking his teacher about that which he did not understand.

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At the same time, this does not mean that a person should memorize without understanding, this is why this cause have said that

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memorization without comprehension without understanding is ignorance and self conceit. On the other hand,

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on the other hand comprehension, and understanding without memorization, is a drawback and deficiency, so the to go hand in hand.

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And she even

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mentioned that they would memorize very little, they had to memorize very little, and they had read a lot.

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They had memorized very little and read much. He said, however, later on in their in their lives, they had benefited more from that which they memorize, then from that, which they read, why, because that what you memorize, it remains with you forever, whereas that what you read, and try to understand without memorizing, it will go away. As time goes by.

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The very first thing that a student of knowledge must memorize without any doubt is the book of a loss of Hana what to hide. And there are many reports from the setup and the scholars of the past, in which it is mentioned that they would never accept a student to study under them, unless they had first finished memorizing the Quran. After a student of knowledge has memorized the Quran, he can move on to memorizing the Sunnah. And so he should take a small concise book on the heaviness of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and memorize it such as an Obi Wan and never we're before the heavy of a neverwet. And then he could go on to memorize other books of Hadith. And so in this

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manner, he takes a small concise book in all of the subjects that he studies and memorizes it so that he could build for himself a strong foundation.

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However, it is not simply enough to memorize and that's why we mentioned that it is important that a person spends time revising that which he has memorized. This is why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us, though the one who memorizes the end by heart, he said, the parable the example of the one who memorize the Quran by His heart is like the owner of the camel who ties his cattle.

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If he remains vigilant in making sure that it is tied, that he will be able to retain it and he will be able to control it. However, if you neglect it, and does not tie it, it will run away. And so that is exactly the same. And so if this is the operand and how about all the other things that we memorize. And so it is very, very important that we pay attention to revising.

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That which we have memorized. Not only that, but we must inquire and ask our teachers and scholars about that, which we do not understand from what we have memorized. And so these three points memorization, revision and inquiring are like a tree that are personal plants, that he waters and that he cultivates. memorization is planting the tree. revision is watering, giving the tree water. And inquiring is cultivating the tree, developing it, so on and so forth.

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The design is allowing the knowledge to penetrate deep into the heart. And so if one wants to be successful in seeking knowledge of this theme, he must allow his heart to become attached to this knowledge which he is seeking.

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And allow that knowledge to penetrate deep into his heart so that it becomes the most beloved team to him more than anything else. In this trivia, it nakaya Rahim Allah says, Whoever does not make the desire for knowledge to become triumphant, over the desire of his body and his knifes, he will never attain the status of scholarship in this deal.

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And so, this is done by implementing the guidelines, which we have mentioned,

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by having to correct intention, by putting one's energy into memorizing into revising, and all of the things that we have mentioned and that we will mention, in sha Allah. So if a person implements these guidelines into his life, then he will be able to allow this knowledge to penetrate deep into his heart, until it becomes the most beloved thing to him.

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And one of the scholars of the past, he said, that one will never find the pleasure for this knowledge, until he becomes hungry, and forgettable his hunger.

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And so, if a person has reached such a status, that he becomes hungry, and he forgets about his hunger, it proves that his heart is not attached to this dunya rather, it is attached to that knowledge.

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The ninth guideline is preserving one's time with knowledge.

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And so, if we have understood that knowledge of this D is the most important goal that what should make and one of the most noble things that one can gain.

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And we find that our life spans are short, and that time goes by quickly especially in the times that we live in today. It is only logical for a person to preserve this time

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in making sure that he preserves it in speaking knowledge and not allowing a single hour rather even a single minute to go by, without benefiting in seeking knowledge. And this is why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he told us to take advantage of five things before another five and one of the things that he had mentioned is our free time before our busy time. So, we must take advantage of our free time,

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we must take advantage of this free time that we have in spending it in seeking knowledge not allowing a single hour to go by, in which we are simply enjoying ourselves or you know wasting our time. This is why it is said that time is like a sword. If you do not cut it, it will cut you and it is also said if you do not busy. If you do not busy your time with that which is right. It means time will busy you with that which is wrong

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and it will kill you. He says that if part of my time is wasted without beneficial guidance or knowledge that it is lost time. And so the scores of the past they used to pay a lot of importance to making sure that their time is used wisely in beneficial knowledge. And there are many many examples of this from the lives of the scholars of their

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of the past.

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If it was not for time, I would have mentioned some of those examples. But the point is that if we want to truly benefit from seeking knowledge, we must use our time wisely. And take an example from the scholars of the past by reading their biographies and seeing how they benefited from the title.

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The 10th and final guideline is acting upon knowledge.

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And this final point, is of utmost importance. It is, in fact, the most important thing that a student of knowledge should focus on after the point that we mentioned regarding sincerity of intention. And that is because this knowledge is intended for the implementation that it requires. And as we mentioned earlier, imagine this knowledge to be like a tree. The tree in and of itself, is not of much benefit, however, the fruit that it bears, that is where the benefit lies. And so the fruit is the action of the knowledge, even Mr. Ruggiero the a lot when he said that, when one of us would learn 10 acts of the foreign, he will not go beyond them, but to he has learned their

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meanings, and acted upon them.

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And so the Sahaba and the son of used to pay a lot of attention to implementing the knowledge that they have.

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By implementing one's knowledge, he makes that knowledge through me rooted within himself. This is why the scholars in the past, they said that they used to,

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they used to retain this knowledge and make it firmly rooted within themselves by acting and implementing upon it. That way, they were able to retain it and not forget it. And by implementing one's knowledge, he is giving this a cat of his knowledge, he is getting this a cat of his knowledge. And so a person, a student of knowledge, should be very, very careful of committing sins. Because since committing things goes against this principle of acting upon the knowledge that you have, this is why I'm a chef. He said in famous lines of poetry, shackled to eat our key. So if we've shed any light on geomancy, I complained to akia Rokia was the teacher of the Roman Catholic,

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I complained to a Kia about my poor memory. So he advised me to abandon signals, while burning the manure. When rural law he asked me, and he informed me that knowledge is a virtue, and the virtue of a law is not given to a sinner. And so this was Amanda Shelton, the Greek scholar of Islam. So how about us, who commit sins daily, without even caring about that. And so we must be very careful. And we must be very, very careful to stay away from sins and implement the knowledge that we have. I asked Allah subhanho wa Taala to make us to benefit from the knowledge that we gain and I asked the loss of Hannah who with data to make our intentions purely for his sake, and I asked the loss of

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Hannah who was added to help us to implement this knowledge that we have. So panicle lovers will be handed

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us the few words

Ten important guidelines that every student of knowledge must always keep in mind when seeking knowledge of Islam.

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