Growth Takes Time

Kamil Ahmad


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remind yourself that the beginning of this path, the beginning of transformation, the beginning of struggling against your bad habits

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is difficult.

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It comes with hardship.

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It comes with many challenges. It comes with many hurdles.

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But you have to persist. You have to continue.

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You have to have your determination high.

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Because you will struggle in the beginning. But later on,

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you will rest later on your life when it changes, these bad habits will become a part of your past.

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And you will be able to live your life without them. Many of us we think that these bad habits have been with me for so long, especially those of us who are older in age.

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For those of us who are elder

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we've had these habits our entire lives. And so we think that we can never give up. We can never give them up.

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But if you work hard now, even if

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even if you are in your 60s or 70s or 80 years, if you work hard now

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in a few years, that will become a part of your past and your life will be accustomed

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will become accustomed without without those habits