Dangers Of Bad Habits

Kamil Ahmad


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The speaker discusses the importance of picking up habits that have stayed with them throughout their life, such as picking up good and bad habits and becoming accustomed to them. They also mention that many people, including teenagers, have chosen to ignore their own habits and become "weird" with their behavior.

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From the very first day in which we came into this world,

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we were placed

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in a situation in a circumstance in an environment

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that was not of our own choosing

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me and you did not choose which family to be born into

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me and you did not choose which environment and which society to grow up here.

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And so as we grew up from childhood

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base based on the circumstance that we were in, based on the environment that we were placed in,

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we picked up habits.

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Each and every single one of us we picked up habits that became a part of our life.

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We picked up good bad good habits, as well as bad habits

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that formed and shaped our lives later on.

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And so now regardless of how old you may be, whether you're still a teenager, whether you're in your 30s 40s Whether you're in your 50s 60s 70s or 80s, you have habits that you picked up when you were young,

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that have stayed with you, that have shaped your life,

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that have become a part of your personality.

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So just like we picked up good habits, we also picked up bad habits. And these bad habits have stayed with us

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whether they are to do with bad o'clock

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or whether they are to do

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with that which is between us and Allah subhanahu wa taharah

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whether it be related to our tongues, lying, swearing, backbiting,

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Allah Riba and and Amina,

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whether it be related to our hearts,

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and what our hearts contain, of envy,

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of looking down on others of arrogance, of hatred for our brothers and sisters, looking down upon them,

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whether it be related to our eyes, and what we look at, of haram, or our ears, and what we have become accustomed to, of hearing and listening to

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whatever it be, they are bad habits

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that we have become accustomed to.

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And so my dear brothers and sisters, there are many out there

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who either

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are ignorant

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of the danger of these bad habits

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they know very well the danger of them, but they have chosen to ignore them. They have chosen to ignore its danger.

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giving in

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to their enough's

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and living a life

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as their life has become shaped