Kamal El-Mekki – Teaching Principles of Victory to Young Muslims

Kamal El-Mekki
AI: Summary © The art of Dawa is a complex art, with many figures praised for their contributions to the overall success of the art. The success of Dawa is attributed to a woman who eventually becomes hungry and attempts to eat the same way as before. The importance of victory principles and experiencing hardship is emphasized, as well as the need for immediate success and balancing expectations with reality. The art also includes a story about a slave Islamist being given a choice between getting a cashier's check or a door pass.
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Chica melon McKee. She commended McKee has been dubbed the black belt of Dawa with decades of experience in the Dow scene. Sheikh Kamal combines his groundbreaking teaching style with his own dash and humor certain to leave students feel at ease and entertain but above all, skilled and empowered, Sheikh Kamal is known best for his workshop, how to give shahada and 10 minutes, a six hour workshop designed to empower mshs and Tao organizations in the art of Dawa. His lectures and online videos targeting contemporary challenges have also gained popular fame and positive impact among Muslims and non Muslims alike educated at the hands of numerous prominent Islamic scholars

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from across the world. Sheikh Amman also has a dynamic experience in the secular world the whole documentary what's going on here?

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Bigger plastic Kabbalah monkey everyone

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alright said I'm autographed Hello, what a cartoon.

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How about that boy? No, Mohammed. Ah, amazing. We couldn't get Mr. Reagan but they said boon is available.

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hamdulillah I'd like to call all my students, my children up on stage come on up.

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I said let's go zayde Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah hit. I mean, while he was here, Jemaine, I'm about the title of my lecture is teaching victory principles to young Muslims. So right off the bat, I want to let you know that victory principles are not related to calling 911

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Giving something a low rating on Yelp, or posting it on social media. It might be related to that. But I'm not here to talk about that. I want to mention two points. Okay. That's for the entire lecture two points, things that are related to victory and the nature of victory. And when it happens, and when it comes, you've all heard the expression, expression light at the end of the tunnel, to the question is, why is the light at the end of the tunnel? Why can't we have lights at the beginning of the tunnel, and refreshments at the middle of the tunnel, even the expression, those who made it up, they understand how it works. Because victory comes at the end. And I would

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argue at the very end. If victory comes at the beginning, then there is no test. A victory comes in the middle. It didn't heat up yet. But victory comes at the very end. And look at the example of how Roger went Ibrahim Ali Salam left Hajer in the desert with her infant son this May. When did the ease come from Allah azza wa jal, she ran out of food with the victory of the he's come then? No, because there's still food in her belly. Then she ran out of that food, then she had no more milk, but there's still milk in the belly of the baby. He's still not hungry yet. Then that food ran out. Then the baby started crying from the pain of hunger. And then the angel came and then the tribe of

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Judah home came the angel came and showed her the well of zamzam. The tribe of Judah home came and settled. But it was at the very end, not the minute she ran out of water, the miniature ran out of food or milk, but at the very end, and it always comes at the very end. Even in the story of law today, his setup, the angels came to him. And you know the story of Luke, he was sent to a people who did not rent homes, they were homeowners, right.

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We have to be careful these days.

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so when they came, they came in the form of handsome young men. And now his town people are trying to come into his house. So he the whole day. This is from Maghrib until around budget time he's trying to barricade this door, negotiate with them. Tell them fear Allah, don't embarrass me and he's trying to barricade the back door in the windows and all that stuff. And anyone who was close to budget time, the angel said, By the way, we're angels. Don't worry, they're not going to come in here. Nothing's going to happen. And you and your family you're going to leave. If our loop I just said I'm older said why don't you tell me that from the beginning. You saw me running around trying

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to close doors. You could I could have made you ribs we could have had a nice night. Instead you had me running around panicking. Why didn't look at Islam say that? Because he knows how it works. He knows the ease comes at the very end. And at the very end after an entire night of panic, the ease came and Allah subhanaw taala mentioned this in a verse in Surah Al Baqarah. Allah azza wa jal says

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Hi, I'm Hasib Uttam and third hoorah. Jana. If you rather you think you're going to enter a Jana, meaning without being tested, that's why then Allah says what am i Yet to Come methodology in a Holloman? publikum. And then so you think you're going to enter Jannah without being tested, like the nations before you were tested, Miss settlement but saw what the raw, the scholars said well Betsa is affliction in your wealth and Dora is affliction in your body was due to zero. So there were afflicted in wealth and in health and Zulu, Zulu, meaning they were shaken and moved from one place to another. And to the point that hut, Kula rasuluh and Medina Ahmed Omar, to the point that

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the Prophet not Mohamed Salah Salem, but from the nations before whoever their prophet was, he and his followers will say Mutton Masala, when is the victory of Allah coming? They're not doubtful. They're saying, Let it come. They experienced so much difficulty to the point that they're saying, one is the victor of Allah azza wa jal coming, let it come. And then Allah Subhana Allah says, Allah in nanosphere, Allah He, buddy. So what it's showing is that you have to go through difficulty and it comes the ease and the victory comes at the last moment, to the point that even the Prophet and his followers were like, when is it coming? We experienced so much, we went through so much.

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And as the prophets of Allah Azza Luhmann he was asked a you NASA should do better and which of the people are tested the most coddle Ambia the prophets are the ones who are tested the most than the righteous and then it goes into varying degrees before based on the people's religiosity. But the people who are twisted the most are the prophets of Allah azza wa jal, and we see their examples hubub rodilla on who the companion kababayan a lot, he was one of the companions and he was a method he was an example in how much he suffered than he was tortured. You know, the eyewitnesses says, then we should have keen God stones and they made them red hot. Then they removed his clothing and

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they made him lie down on this stones. And the eyewitnesses said nothing would extinguish the fire except the fat from his back, melting and putting out the flips, hubbub 20 years later takes off his shirt in front of all of them who have been homeless, the Khalifa normal can't believe it. Oh, model de la said model a toucan. Yo myalgia. So what is this? What happened to you? You couldn't believe it. So this is when we're talking about above or below on hold. After he went through all the torture, he says, we came to the Prophet salallahu Salam, when he was reclining under the shade of the cob. And they didn't complain. They didn't say out also Allah, look at my back. Look what they

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just look what they said. They said, to stun till Lana, Allah, Allah, Allah Anna, anything wrong with what they're saying? They said, Will you not ask for victory from us? Will you not make dua for us? That's all they said. And it's kebab of all people and those who are tortured of all people. And the process of them sat up, and he told them that nations before you, they would dig a hole in the ground, they put a man in it, then they bring a soul and they start to cut him in half. And that wouldn't make him leave his religion. And they would bring a man and they would bring like a rake or something like a steel comb, and they would peel the flesh off his bones. And that would not make

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them leave their religion. What can come Coleman to start, you don't mature people who are hasty. Can you imagine process I'm saying this to hubbub to the early Muslims were tortured and Myka, you're hasty. So the lesson is that it's gonna take a while he's still in them. We're in the beginning. This is the Meccan period. We're not we didn't even go through enough. So he's teaching them and he's teaching us after them. That victory comes at the end. The ease doesn't come right when you experience some kind of difficulty. And that translates into all other aspects of our lives. Or right now, when it comes to da we want to make dua, and by the time we finish, there is a

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package next to us faster than Amazon Prime. But everything is instant. We're in a rush. We want things to come quickly victory to come quickly. But look at our profits that Allah has set up. His headache was twice as bad as the average person's headache. He had to walk long distances, he would bleed. You lost your luggage while on a trip. The problem lost his luggage on a trip. You have a bad neighbor. The problem had three bad neighbors and whatever you're gonna go through, he went through it and he went through worse. If I said right now who has a neighbor that's your mortal enemy and you hate each other and you get into fights and call the cops on each other. And a few of you put

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your hands up. Then I said okay, who which of you has two neighbors

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or your enemies and then like three people put their hands up, then it's okay who has three neighbors? Because that's the maximum you can have, right? Who has three neighbors that are as mortal enemies? One guy puts his hands up?

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Let's be honest, what are we all going to think? I bet you he's the jerk. There's no way you have three bad neighbors of bitches something wrong with this guy right?

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Here, what are the odds that you have three bad neighbors process? I've had three bad neighbors. He went through all of this as a lesson for us. And then here we are the minute we've experienced some difficulty. That's it. We think it's gonna be over soon. No, you gotta wait. You got to be patient, you got to struggle through it a little bit. So that's my first point is to recognize that victory comes at the end, ease comes at the end, there is difficulty you pushed to the breaking point perhaps. But then there is the second point. And the second point is that victory and ease comes when there is no one left in your heart, except Allah azza wa jal.

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You know, and there are many situations when you turn to Allah azza wa jal, and your hopes are not linked to any other human being, you know, if, and may Allah give you all good health and your family members as well. But if someone comes and says, you know, we've done everything we can, there is there is no solution. There is no other doctor that has a cure, there is no hospital that's better for and there's just nobody, no human being at that point. What do you do? So your heart now has no attachment to any human being and your heart is attached to Allah azza wa jal alone, and you call the laws of logic alone, and all your hopes are on Allah azza wa jal. Now, this other doctor,

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not this other institution you had done. And that's the second point I want to make. victory comes when there is nobody left in your heart, except Allah subhanaw taala alone. And there is a story I'll use to illustrate this. This happened to one of the early Muslims a righteous man by the name of obod, a slave Rafi al busca. De, he said, I was sleeping fast asleep in my bed. And a man came to me in the dream, and the man says, gloom for Earth, and Maloof get up and assist the one who is distraught. He's in a state of sadness, and distress. So in the dream, I asked the man, where will I find him? He said, Just get on your riding animal. And wherever it stops, you're going to find him.

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So he woke up and got an I love I love the obedience of people. And if this happened to you now in the dream that go and help this person in distress, would you just start your car start driving around Houston. And like as I was the best time with him, because he used to shave off. He just got up he got on his riding animal. All right. And he he wasn't even steering. It was like a Tesla. It just started.

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It just started taking him. So he said that Adam will just get going throughout the streets of Bhagavad alleyways streets, and then suddenly it stopped in front of this masjid. And I went inside and there was a man making dua. So he says, I went to him and there's the man told me I have children and I have this and I have no money. So I came here to make dua to Allah azza wa jal. Now, if that happens to you, I think this is a righteous person, right?

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And this is a friend of Allah azza wa jal, and I'm going to be there for this friend of Allah. And that's exactly what about a slave Rafi Al Baghdadi did. He told him he said, Listen, my name is obod A slave Rafi and Buck daddy, anything you need. You look for me out, I'll be at your service anytime. And this is the point of the story. You know what the man said to him? He said a took a lady a coma come in fear Russia. He says you want me to leave the one who got you out of your bread, your bed? What? Becca feels a little mountain need and brought you to me in the darkness of the night. And then go to someone else. You see the smell. There was nobody but Allah azza wa jal in his

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heart. And that's why the ease came to him. Even when the man came to him and he said, you can come to me and anytime said, Why would I come to you? And leave the one who got you out of your bed and brought you to me? If I give you a choice, okay. You can go to someone will give you any time any cash you want. They'll give it to you any amount or a service, they bring it to your door, which would you take?

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Like, I gotta go get the cash or just the doorbell rings. Go get the door to cash again.

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He is late. I'm gonna give them two stars on Yelp.

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I hate Yelp. The point is, when there's nobody left in your heart. Those are my two points. Number one. Victory and ease comes at the very end, not at the beginning, not at the middle but at the very end when you're fully tested. And number two, victory and ease comes when there's nobody left in your heart and your heart completely turns to Allah subhanaw taala alone with nobody else. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to grant victory to Islam and

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To the Muslims Zakum Allah Hayden for listening attentively sal Allahu wa barakaatuh Mohamed Salah Modic Macula watercop

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