Allah is The Owner Of Sovereignty II

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In a year, in whose hand is in Savannah,

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we own right.

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Your own

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right. What is the difference between

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the sovereignty the ownership of Allah and our ownership? Multiple actually

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number one.

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Look at this. Allah created what he owns.

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So what Allah owns what

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you and me are what inherited it.

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cheated somebody out of it.

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This is somebody to get it or work for it.

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So your work, it wasn't news.

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It was not us before it came to you. But allies always work to delay he will Kusama to Allah to Allah belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth. Yeah, loco Masha

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Subhana because he created it,

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he made it but what do you have?

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A long time.

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What do you own is what you have but Allah owns everyone.

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you own your clothes but you don't own my coat. I'm sorry this is mine.

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you own your watch, but you don't own mine. But Allah owns

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He Mulkey

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no one can compete with Allah with his what he owns, but you you end up with competition

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you end up with people trying to take it away from you. And you know what if they don't manage to do this they're gonna end view ah man look at this guy. He has all this money is called MVP the MVP is destructive.

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But Allah can somebody who could I mean, there was some guy who thought about it he said loudly. Melissa Yeah, man is built for me some steel so I can go to

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Polo Canada who le Hatton Kamiya pu Luna Aiden.

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Isla de la serie. If there are other idols with a lot Why didn't they go to him? We have the Lord of the Throne.

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Actually this year, what

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can you imagine Subhanallah some people own the oxygen that we believe. Can you imagine the people owning the oxygen, the sun and the moon?

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And Allah subhanaw taala given some ownership to people in certain elements, and they give you they charge you electricity now how much

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water How much? Look at your water bill. The water is removed

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he still owns the air he still owns the LACMA?

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A lot Allah subhana wa Taala does whatever you want to do for iron only marine belay Alec for us to do something in this building, even though we own it as a community, what do we have to do?

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We have to get a permit and the neighbors are still giving us a hard time.

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But Allah subhanaw taala does what whatever he wants

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He's not even asked why you did and why I did. So pan Allah, whatever Allah owns, doesn't go away.

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mukalla hilarya Anson MA in the

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warmer in de la he.

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Allah doesn't Imagine

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if the first of you and the last of you would stand in one place. And each of you would ask Allah for his wish. Of course you're going to be wanting Alexis. I want the vema you want a Chevy, he wants a fold.

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Everybody has

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a low we'll give each one of us what we asked for. And this will only take away from what Allah owns as much as what you did.

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And by the way, this parable is set just for you to get an idea but

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is not really enough, he's not gonna take nothing.

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But it was actually actually in the head that lead is akuna nallah. Who said, this is our revision, it doesn't run out. You go and take a fruit from the tree, another one, what?

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Look at what we own, you and me.

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one of two things are gonna happen, whether you're going to be taken away from it

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or whether you wake up in the morning, you check the stock market and

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it's taken away from you.

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And he ended up with a heart attack. He loves the stock market and he passed away over

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one of the tools

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whether it's taken away from you, or whether

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or whatever Allah subhanaw taala has it

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is is the volatility the ideal muku Allah cliche in Cadiz and he's able to do everything