Kamal El-Mekki – Battle of Uhud #1

Kamal El-Mekki
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For me, not really.

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I can't start all over. It's too embarrassing. Today I'm going to talk about the Battle of art. Okay. Did you know that?

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the first thing, they want to get revenge for what happened to them at butter, so they want to second bottle and they want to get revenge for all their losses suffered but the second thing they want to affirm their position amongst the Arabs, their power, their control, they suffered a defeat you leave it at that it's embarrassing. So they want to put their get regained their position of power amongst the Arabs. And they also wanted to end the threat to their caravans. How did brothers start? Remember, it was the Muslims trying to intercept the caravan of the Kurdish. So they want because as you know, from the Quran, the Quraysh they used to have the two trips, or Khaled a shitai

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was slave their their caravan trips for business and trade to Yemen and to Syria. I saw one estimate, I don't know how accurate it is. But I saw one estimate that these caravans would make 250,000 dinars from these trips. That's like a quarter of a million gold coins, dinars or gold. Imagine that amount of money for a relatively by comparison and a relatively small city. That's a lot of wealth. And if this is under threat, then this is going to be a huge problem for them. But wait a minute, we just had one attempt, didn't we? At the Catalan the caravan. That's better, that resulted in the Battle of Budda. But no, there was actually another one. So what happened is the

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Quraysh they decided on a different route, okay, because the old one passes near Medina, the Muslims can intercept it today want they don't want to repeat that same issue. So they came up with another way. And it was top secret, and just a few people know about it. But from amongst the people who knew about it was a nine a man by the name of No, I am Eben Mossad, name of the Mossad. He was from the Quraysh he knew the secret passage of the caravans. And he was a non Muslim. He had a Muslim friend, this Muslim friend was so late, and the two of them were drinking together. And of course, you guessed it, this is before drinking was completely forbidden. This is back when you could drink

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but don't pray when you're drunk those days. Right? So the started drinking and nine the guy who knows the secret route, started drinking and he got drunk, you know, and started telling everything. He told him the amount of wealth that's going to be on the caravan, he said this it will be carrying 100,000 Silver Durham's it is it will have this many camels, it has this kind of merchandise on it. And so late or the lion is just listening carefully as Aha, okay, great. The minute they were done, he immediately went, and he got the news to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam who immediately set up a group of warriors and they went out and they captured this caravan. So now yes, there is a threat to

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their trade routes. And so they this is one of the reasons why the Battle of boyhood took place.

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The Mushrikeen after a hut, they used all the money from the caravan that was saved to invest it into the battle of God. I mean, and Abu Sufyan, you know, he was in charge of it and he knew this person is getting this much this person is getting that much. So they made sure that everybody put all that money towards equipping the army of a hut. And Allah's patata actually mentioned this incident in SoCal and fat. Allah azza wa jal says in Nila Dena Cafaro Yun Phil corner I'm wired Uh huh. Near soap do I say between those who disbelieve the spin their wealth to they can take people away from the path of Allah azza wa jal, then Allah subhanaw taala says that this money, this wealth

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is going to come back and cause them grief, and they will be defeated. But what's interesting, this verse was revealed way before, this is sort of inferred. And it was revealed after like the Battle of better but Allah subhanaw taala is telling us what is going to happen and it exactly happened. So they put a lot of money into preparing these armies. What do they have? What's the result? They've got 3000 soldiers, 3200 horsemen and horsemen back then in warfare was a big deal. It's like having a tank on the battlefield next to a foot soldier. So the horse was like a tank back then. So they had 200 horsemen 3000 In total, they got help from the tribes of banana and Tehama. And even the

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hubby ish there

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I wish this was a huge tribe and a powerful tribe. But it was composed of freed slaves over the years they would go and they would settle in this area until they grew and grew and grew and they become part became powerful now the powerful army even hubby's contributed to the army.

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They had 3000 camels and camels are not just writing, if you have an army, this big DAF to eat every day, they slaughter a number of these. So they had 3000 with them 2000 camels and 700 male soldiers, you know, meaning male armor. And this is one of the things you know, you watch the movie, the message, and they're just going out in films into battle nowadays to wear armor. And sometimes you couldn't recognize each other because they're covered sometimes head to toe, and armor. So 700 of these 3000 soldiers were wearing armor. And

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the right flank of the army was under the leadership of Qatar, they had been worried with his horsemen. He wasn't Muslim back then. And the left flank was under the leadership of Nkrumah in Abuja. And some women came as well. So under the leadership of hende been taught, but who is the wife of our Sophia, there any generations go anywhere from eight to as high as 15 women came out, to cheer on and encourage the men to fight bravely. So they and hence, you know, she has a vested interest because in budder, her father, her brother, and her, her son, all three were killed. So she wants to make sure that they avenge their death. And they would get poets to go out and to visit

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tribes and to recite verses of poetry encouraging people to come and join the army.

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So at this point, because it better the majority of the leaders died of the kurush. So what do we have now we have a crew of Debbie Jah is one of the leaders, we have our Sofian suffered an herb, we have

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apostrophe, and we have soft, one of Nikhil Mejia. And we have Abdullah ibn Abi Robbia. These are like the four leaders of the coresh. Now we all know about this narration where the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he saw a dream, where there there's going to be basically interpreted as there will be killing amongst his companions. So 70 cows killed, and his sword broke. So he interpreted that the 70 cows that will be 70 of his companions will be killed, and then the sword breaking will be a family member of his dying. And so hey Buhari, this narration, it says that the Prophet Salam saw this dream after,

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after the Battle of art, even though you may have read in Cedar books that the porcelain saw this dream before. Allah, Allah knows best, but he consulted his companions, he wanted to meet the Quraysh in the city of Medina. They know it better. They know their streets, pathways, the women in even children can assist, they can throw rocks and things at the other army from the rooftops. But there were a number and it was primarily the young companions, they wanted to go out, they first of all, a group of them, they missed out on but because like I said, but it wasn't supposed to be a battle. It was just a group of men. Were going to intercept a caravan that was only guarded by 60

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people. So didn't really prepare heavy like warfare, like weapons, and they didn't prepare heavy armor. It's just simple. Throughout it, men are gonna intercept 60 and take the caravan. Then it became about so many people didn't go out. And those people were just upset that this is the first battle in the life of the prophet Allah. And I missed it. And you know, but that is a big deal. Many times you're reading about a companion and it will say he was a battery. Yeah. And he he was one of the people who attended. But not only that, it's a big deal in the heavens. You know that narration when Gibreel came to the prophets of Allah Salam? And he said, How do you regard those of from the

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Companions from the Muslims who witnessed better, or Salam said there, we regard them as of the best amongst us. He said the angels witnessed by the same thing. And even in the heavens, angels who attended brother were a big deal. So, so they were upset, we missed out on this opportunity. And now we're going to meet them in the city behind the doors and roads, and so they were anxious and they kept saying, we'll meet them outside. And it was braver also to meet them outside. We don't want to meet them in the city. The older companions, more experienced companions. They agreed with the prophets of Allah sunnah to meet them in the city. And that's what happens later on. Right?

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The battle will hunt duck, battle hunt duck we met they met them in the city. So the older companions agreed the young ones, the people who missed out on better we're pushing hard to go out and meet them in battle. And even the leader of the hypocrites, our beloved no badness saloon agreed with the prophets of Allah Salam partially because he doesn't want to go fight anyways. Second, though, despite being a hypocrite and everything, he was a very experienced and he was a seasoned war veteran. He was an experienced

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soldier so he knew it's best to meet them in the city. Anyways, so what happened now?

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You have examples like someone like another Bill Harris, or below and he was so upset that he missed the first battle with the prophets of Allah Salah. So he said, If I get another opportunity to fight with the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he said Allah will see what I will do. They are I am the law. My father, my ISNA, Allah will see what I will do. So now the city is in a state of high alert. And what some narration said the even prayed in their armor in the masjid, they were wearing the armor, and the next day, so the problem just gets the news. And this is by the way, happened on Friday person gets the news is happens to be the day of Friday. So people gathered already in the masjid,

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and the prostate limb tells them and this is when they decided we'll go and meet them, we'll go outside of the city and meet them. Then the President goes home. And he puts on two coats of armor, not one. And, and he put it on as a lesson as a lesson for his companions to understand and also for us to understand, because realistically, Allah subhanaw taala promised the Prophet SAW Selim that he's going to protect him from people by See and that's how it was him is different from us, Allah if Yanni if I got a promise like that from Allah, I'll go to battle in in shorts. Only.

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No succeed busca da, da, down, shoot, shoot, shoot, because Carlos Allah said you're never gonna get hurt. But the prophet Selim is teaching us about the means and taking precaution. And so he wore two coats of armor.

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Then the Companions regretted the older companions, like reprimanded those who said let's go out and kept pushing the new the porcelain didn't want to go out and they kept pushing. So then everyone felt regret. So when they went to the prophets, Allah wa salam, and they told him that you know, we'll meet them in the city after he already got dressed for war. He says, It is not appropriate for a prophet of Allah that once he puts on his armor, he takes it off done. Hollis. So it is not flip flopping wishy washy, accused of being you know, cowardice, whatever follows on so I put it on that said now coming off again. So they had out now remember, this was Joomla, the consultation and in no

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time there it but because I heard is not really far from from Medina. So they say How far is it, it's about the hood itself is about three kilometers outside of Medina may use kilometers. Just because they're smarter. That's the only reason. There's about three kilometers outside of

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the city of Medina, they say the human being walks about the speed of 67 kilometers per hour. So in a half an hour, you can be there. And an overhead itself is 23 kilometers long. And it is three kilometers wide. Now, realistically, I know we always call it the mountain of a hut. But it's it's really a mountain range. So people think the mountain range has to be something huge, like the Appalachian or the Rocky Mountains. It doesn't have to be. So what's the definition of a mountain range, it's basically a group of mountain peaks that are connected at the base will at above ground level, well above ground level, so meaning you will have a bunch of these next to each other.

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They're not connected at a ground level. But they have a base that's really high up and then you see a peak over here, a peak over there. And over there. That's a mountain range. So it's really a mountain range. But one one lump called the mountain and I don't know that in Arabic at that time, they had a distinction between mountain range and mountain just like an Arabic and Bihar is a sea or an ocean or any large body of water. They didn't have this. It was not specific. Anyways, so the problem leaves very same day. And he puts up the Lebanon Mattoon the companions of Delano. As you know, the blind Companion of the Soweto Abdullah famous, he puts him in charge and this is not the

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first time or the last time that he puts him into

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idea of a city one he lives in charge of. He's in charge of the Salah. He's also the one who used to make the second event of Fudger.

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So now the problem is broken up his army into three regiments you have most if not all, Mayor, and then when he gets killed, I live in the toilet takes over after him. He's in charge of the regimen of the Maha jurien. You have to say the father he's in charge of an overdose. And then um, suds Raj is under the leadership of, of hubbub Adnan Munzer. So these are the three what is what is the size of the Muslim army army operation 3000 Would 700 mailed and 200 the horseman and lots of food here, maximum were 1000 1000 soldiers, and 100 of them are male, Danny, only 100 of the 1000 have armor.

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And there's a small number of horses, a small number of camels, no comparison between the preparedness and the equipment of the Muslim army versus that of the Quraysh.

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Not only that, so we're 1000 Now, but then the army proceeds a little bit, and the hypocrites break off about 300 of them. Abdullah have no business alone. He says and suddenly and you know when someone just wants to excuse right? And type my you left the city with 300 of your people, then suddenly they get to this point he's like, what we're going back? What's going on? Well, first of all, I'm offended that the Prophet SAW Selim took the opinion of the young companions and left my opinion and that of the others of staying in Medina. But my you knew that when you got to this point, why did you come all the way here to realize he didn't take my opinion? You didn't know that?

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It's just an excuse. All right. Then the other excuse that Allah mentions in the Quran he says they're not going to fight Anyways, if if there really was going to be fighting we would come but we know there's not going to be any fight. And of course, these are just the excuses right? And that's why in Surah Noor Allah subhanaw taala gives such a powerful response for the day hypocrites when they come and give their excuses. Allah subhanaw taala says this prophet to tell them bah tomorrow for Anita tomorrow via means we you know the type of obedience that's required of you that you don't need to come and talk because they would come with

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some will be law, he just had a money him in a monotone life or June, they would come to the prophets all sudden, and you told me all your hypocrite would believe behave like this. The hypocrite would come ya rasool Allah, this is before Jihad and all that. If you ever ask us to go out for jihad, when the no hope you will find me in the front lines who might swear a big oath, the strongest oath that if you command this, you will we will find the steroids. Bye. Bye. Now is there any narration where a worker came to the process VR rasool Allah, if there's ever a battle, Allah, you will find me in the front because we know you're honest, you, you're truthful, you're sincere,

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so we don't need your explanation. And you no need to swear by Allah. So a lot of times, you know, the guy starts to swear to you, this guy's a liar. I will lie rather, not lying will lie but other than barbaric. I never accuse you of lying, but you keep swearing by Allah. Now I think you're a liar. should have stayed quiet. So

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guna tocsin didn't say Allah says they're answered Don't Don't swear an oath. Pa tomorrow for which the facility is said one it means you know that obedience is required of us or you coming to swear an oath to me that you will have a promise you know what's required. And then the other tafsir says, we know the type of obedience you have PowToon Moreover, we know you're beating stone square. We got you we understand Helaas is known. So so just that's what it is. So the break off 300 People break off from the army, it was already a third smaller than the army of the Quraysh. And when they broke off, the Muslim army broke into two groups. One group said, Let's fight them right now forget the

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McKinsey's are the problem, let's fight them. And the other group said let's forget them. Let's just move on to to the battlefield. And the last part that I refer to refers to this also in the Quran from Allah can fill Munez Athena fy 18. You are you in two different positions or two groups concerning the hypocrites, Allah subhanaw taala just got rid of them and sent them back.

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But they when they decided to turn back, they even shook the morale and affected the hearts of other people. So Benny selama and Benny Bernal Salama and benahavis are both almost destroyed a wavering and they start, consider

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During going back by Allah subhanaw taala kept them firm, a beloved and haram to go along with go out and tell them to speak to the hypocrites. It's 300. And he was telling them to fear Allah to not do this. And they insisted. So they left. So now our army is 700, composed of 700 soldiers.

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And now the problem also inspects the army. And he takes the youth out of the army, the ones that are too young, from the famous ones of the Lebanon, up, he's taken out, he's about 11, and others who are like 1112, to small, it took them out of the army. But I always say there's, there's something to think about here. Why would an 11 year old be in the army? Like, why would he think I'm so capable, I can join all these huge grown men and TIG welders and join them. And I really do believe this, that that was a society that didn't treat them as little kids. And that's why they felt capable. And today, something like that, you'd never find the 11 year old thinking he can do

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what the adults can do because you know, he's just a little boy you know, this is dangerous and all that stuff where we we put a fluff them up with pillows, and ice cream and cotton candy.

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The concept of raising like lions doesn't exist. You say that people, lions.

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Even my wife doesn't get it. She here. She's busy. She doesn't get it. He doesn't get it. Like yeah, Lions Nafi off it. So. So basically, they felt they were in a society that made them feel capable. On that note, let me say this quickly. Like in Islam, there isn't the concept of or the word kid, you know, you will call an 11 year old Hey, kid, come here. So in this time, we'll have children then we have young men and young women.

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So always you see an 11 year old nine year old Tom Young man, Todd. Hey, kid, you know, and forgive me if I've said this before, okay. But originally, the word kid in English is a was a derogatory term was okay, but don't be one of those people that

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keep going back to the history, I refuse to use the word, it changed. That's how language works. And sidenote, one time, we had this shift, just come visit our Center in Virginia. So one of the brothers said, We are fortunate to have with us chef so and so shucks is not

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fortunate comes from the word for tuna, which was the goddess of luck. Baby brother didn't mean that. That's the origin of the word. He didn't mean. Thank you for tuna for sending us chef Abdel Halim. He didn't mean that. But sometimes people get into that. So the word kid is not derogatory anymore. But what is the kid in English?

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What's the kid in English? baby goat? Right? And that's why when someone was a troublemaker in America, and in the old days, they call them blank. The kid can you think of one?

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Billy the Kid why they call him the kid because he's a troublemaker. Because kids baby goats are running around and, and eating and destroying and head butting people and stuff. So initially, it was a derogatory term doesn't mean that anymore. But the point is that we have young men who have we have children. And these young men were treated like men by the society so they felt they were capable. So they joined the army. So the President took all the little ones out. Then he took out Rafa haven't had each and, and of course, he wants to be in the army. He wants to be in go to battle. He knows it's dangerous. So he wants to go to buck. So he argues. He says, I'm an excellent

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marksman. I never missed. So why should I not join? I'm very good with this probably better than some of these adults. So the process allows him to join the army, but then

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somewhat of an agenda. Who's his buddy? Another young man? That didn't make sense to him either. He was not a good marksman. But he argued he says, I was he about allowed to stay and I'm stronger than him. I always beat him in wrestling. So I was the guy weaker than me staying and I go home. One narration says the process of them let them wrestle. And then he allowed the two of them to stay behind. Okay. Now again, this is I guess I have to say this in case somebody's like, oh my god, they're little children. And we shouldn't be home coloring watermelons in and using their coloring book and the process of them sent them out to battle. Yeah, this is what they call presentism is

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when you use the values of present day and then go back 1000 years in time and say, How come they didn't have the same values?

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Yeah, okay. And for him, the point is

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this now we're, the Prasanna gets to the battlefield. And now this is where it gets very stretchy strategic. So he just came from, let's say, Medina is that way, he just came from Medina. And this wall is hot. All right. So he comes now and turns his back to the Mount of a HUD facing Medina where he just came from. Because he's picking the most strategic position, you don't want your back to be uncovered. So a group or regimen can circle behind you or encircle you. So you want your box to be protected. So the way and then when in sha Allah, those of you when we go in November, but hidden into you will see the spot where the porcelain camped, so the mountain of returns a little bit. So

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there is mountain on this side, and then mountain behind and the open areas in front so the army has to meet us in front. But there's more genius here. There is a mountain a small little mountain or hillock now called Jebel. Now today we call it Jabril. aroma. And back then it was called Jevon. A name, right? I believe the name? Yeah, yep. Yep, give it a name. So some of you who have visited you saw it as a small hillock, killer, people get up and they just look at it and stuff. The historian scholars believed that it was three times bigger back then. But it's 1400 years of people climbing up and climbing down. And maybe some guy takes something in his pocket for later for when they get

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sick or some nonsense, right. So so now the only open area from the left is between the mountain of hood here, and this little hill that's separated by itself here, which is known as Jebel aroma today. The only area where someone could encircling come behind them is this opening right here. So the prophets, Allah wa sallam took 50 of the best archers, and he put them on top of that mouth. And he gives them very explicit and specific instructions. And he will tell them, that if you if you see us, we have defeated the enemy, and we start Jonnie steps, trampling them stepping over them. Don't join us. If we see if you see that we've been defeated, and the birds are coming in and eating our

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flesh and we're dead. Don't join Do not leave this position of yours. Just stay here do not leave no matter what the 50 archers and this will prevent any any contingency or regiment or any group trying to come and make a circle around pass between this juggler helmet and a hurry and come and attack the Muslims from behind. So these 50 Stay there.

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It says if they come and try to come from this gap, you shower them with arrows. All right. So that that's taken care of clear explicit instructions there. Now

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then, we've got the encouragement of the Prophet sallallahu sunnah. And he's encouraging his men and of course believers like this, you encourage them with an agenda, right? And the process that I'm told them about and Jana, and then he did something different. He took his sword his sword and he said men yet hold the hair the safe be happy, who will take the sword and with its rights Yanni give it its dual rights. Now look at these narrations, hundreds of knobbed and multiple the line of Allah, the nourish it says, Everyone started saying I will I will. I will. Everybody wants to sort of the prophets. Allah said, Hamza eggnog. McCollum said I will take promiseland didn't give it to

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him. You know, the Quran they were asked, they said Who gave you the hardest time it better? They said it was Hamza. Now de Matos monster couldn't handle it. Possibly wouldn't give it to him. I didn't have your toilet. They used to say laughter in the alley. There's no young man except for aliannah It's like he's the map. And Apostle him said no. As debatable one person him said no. And McDowell didn't know gladness what he was him Minnesota they used to equal 1000 warriors. Later on in battle, they consider them to equal 1000 by themselves, and he and they didn't get it. So who is going to get this sort of these warriors don't get it. So then I'm just mixing narrations together.

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One narration a man says Yara fool Allah wa Hapa who couple and what is the right of this sword?

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And some scholars said it's as if porcelain wanted that question first. Like who will take this sword and give it its rights? Yes, I will leave you didn't let me tell you what the rights were. Okay, we'll go with that nourish and the process hilum Tez and toggery Barbie hill I do have in honey that you

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Strike the enemy with it until it bends. That's the right of this sword. Yeah, and you fight like crazy. You fight till the death. And so a man by the name of Abu Jana, some MK Ibn Harsha. He said, I will take the sword. And the process Jim gave it to him. This was like a big, big honor. But he was no joke. He was he was a fierce fierce warrior. And he used to have a red hand headband kit that he would put it on. And the coded Osama to demote the the red band of death of people to die. That means he's either gonna fight to the death or become victorious and no, so in modern reference, kind of like one Rambo put the red thing on.

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Now, some of you all Rob Okay, Rob, now I get at the rumble or I'm bored. So yeah, he put it on like this. And then he started to walk around in front of the like, the army can see him they couldn't. They're all you know, can within seeing distance. So he starts to walk in a very arrogant way kid a pompous, showing his chest and stomping his feet. And the prostate limb said this walk in Halamish yatton abogado holla Allah that Allah hates, except in this situation. You're showing your strength and your power. Allah would hate for anyone to walk like that. Except in a situation like this. You're trying to show your power in front of the enemy, maybe break their spirits a little bit.

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Today people walk like that kid of us without

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they put a suit on. Jeff about Allah. Hi, nobody gave you a sword. Well, your pocket has Chiclet gum in it to Annie. What are you trying to do here? You're embarrassing all of us.

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So so this is a Buddha Jana so he took it and he saw and he starts to recite lines of poetry. He said under the hedonic finale, when nofas self hate leather now Healy I am the one that might close my dear beloved Mike Killeen, made a covenant and a deal with me while we were at the ACEF Hayes the plateau with date palms in a subpoena the leaden Healy and law of whom at Da Phil Cluley that I will not spend all eternity in Al Qaeda will occur you will are the last rows of battle these are al Qaeda. I don't find the heroes in the in the last rows of battle. All right.

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So he said that I will not spend all eternity and a long time in the back rows up due to what's going on here. This is not the battery.

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A good good good. But he said that I will not spend all eternity. We're a long time in the back rows, upgrade. Please be safe in law. He were also really but I strike with the sword of Allah and His Messenger of Allah holidays.

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So, okay, here we go. Now, the American army is in rose, I will suffer Yan is in charge and have certain regiments on the right we said harder than Walid on the left Icron NaVi John. We've got some one of them called Knowmia. He is in charge of the infantry. And Abdullah and Abby are br He's in charge of the archers for the army of the Quraysh. And the standard. Now what is the standard? So as you know, the standard is a flag basically, it's a long flagpole. And you have to hold it in about diversity. Why do I need to hold the flag in the middle of battle? And if people swords are swinging and I'm holding a flag? I said I can get up have careful Yes, I am. I'm I'm all right. What do you

00:33:44 --> 00:34:26

do? Why are you holding a flag in the middle of battle? So it's called the standard right Araya and the standards are very important. And but first of all, these battles were fierce and they were chaotic. And you get turned around so many times. And if you're fighting in flat desert, like which one is my arm, you turn around four or five times. Which where did we where are we? And where's Where are my people? How do I reconvene and or regroup with my folks, my army? How do I find them? You look up and you see your flag your standard. So the standard bearer then was sought after the other army is trying to knock the standard down. Because when the standard doesn't come up again,

00:34:27 --> 00:34:59

the battle is over. So the standard bearer also had to be a hero, because everybody wants them, and then hold it with one hand and fight like a hero with the other hand. So this is a big deal. So the standard of the Quraysh was always with bunny up to Dar this tribe of bunny up the DAR they inherited from their ancestor will save no kid up. And from then on every battle, they're the ones who hold the standard. And at budder they did a bad job.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:25

They dropped it, they lost the battle. And you're gonna, you're gonna blame the standard bearers and the group in charge of protecting the standard, you dropped it, we lost the battle or army separated and dispersed. So it was Sophia, and now he wants, he's going to use reverse psychology on them, meaning he's going to tell them do a good job, but it's not in that nice way. He came to them. He said, yep. And you have to duck.

00:35:26 --> 00:35:47

He says, you know, the importance and the position of the standard. And you know, what happened at Bethel? So if you guys can't handle it, let us know. And we will take care of it. Very insulting, right? Like we're stronger than you. You feel you're not up to the challenge. It's okay. You can fail. That's the stuff they tell you at school now. Right? So okay to fail, and

00:35:48 --> 00:35:53

it is okay to fail. It's not okay to talk to somebody like that. All right. So

00:35:57 --> 00:36:37

so what happened? They got so mad. They got so mad at him that they threatened to him. And he said, You're gonna see what kind of job we're gonna do. But even in some marriages, they threaten him, they will hurt him and fear and doubts them. So now he did, he got what he wanted. He riled them up, and they're gonna hold on to that standard hard, they're not not not gonna let it drop. Now they start to pray, start to play mind games, they want to get the InSAR to leave, because they don't care about the unsought. They care about Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, they care about those Muslims from Mecca, the Maha jurien, who left their their kinsmen, basically, who left and went and settled

00:36:37 --> 00:37:24

in Medina. So they came and they said to the unsought, to the Oceano, Hazzard, they said, Listen, we don't have any problem with you just stand aside. And let us deal with our cousins. When, of course, the unsought they're not the kind of people that no way, no way this is going to be appealing to them. So they completely refused. So then this man, by the name of Abu Omer, and this man had a hammer. His name was Abdullah ibn safey. And his they call him Abu Muhammad. And he was they were about to make him the king of Medina. And when the prophets of salaam came, they scrapped that plan because everyone started becoming Muslim. So he is very angry at Islam because he lost his potential

00:37:24 --> 00:37:33

kingdom, he was going to be the king. So but they used to love him a lot. This guy, they used to love him a lot. Know when Islam came, he went, he moved to Syria.

00:37:35 --> 00:38:05

And when the news of godhood in the battle came, he came back just to join the battle. And he, of course, still living off the old memories of how his people revered him and listen to him and everything. So he says, listen to me, these are my people, and they love me very much watch. I'm gonna talk to them, and they're gonna give us the people that we want. They're gonna step step aside. So he comes out to them. And he says, oh, people, I am Abu Amir. They thought oh, Bahama

00:38:07 --> 00:38:12

No, no, no, they're like, Fela anomala who Becca I in any facet clear?

00:38:14 --> 00:38:48

They said, No, I is pleased by ever seeing you you first up you just you dissolute because the prophets Allah. They used to call him Abu Ahmed al Rahim, the monk and the bustle and renamed into al Fassa, someone who's always disobeying Allah. So he thought they're gonna be like, Oh, my goodness, it's him. They said their fellow one no is pleased by seeing you you dissolute. So he said, Look at the Assad will call me by the shadow. My people have been afflicted by an evil after me. And what happened to them is to love me and everything. And now this is how they respond to me.

00:38:49 --> 00:38:51

So then,

00:38:52 --> 00:39:42

the battle starts, how does it start? We've got from Benioff the dark, dark tall has been a beautiful hub. He is the standard bearer now. A for the McCain's, he challenges for a duel to duel. And the man who steps out to him is believed to be a polyp. And so Paul here then takes the sword, and he strikes at our little Bilad. So a little girl does something amazing. He blocks him with his shield, but he doesn't block with a shield and then the guy pulls his sword out and he swings again. So the minute he blocked, he struck him also, and he's he's wearing heavy armor, but this lower parts kit uncovered. So he, as he blocked struck him immediately cut his leg off. The guy falls on

00:39:42 --> 00:39:49

the ground, and it's an embarrassing situation for everybody. He falls on the ground, combined, falls backwards, and he's now uncovered.

00:39:51 --> 00:39:59

Stuff nobody wants to see. Okay, he's uncovered in his naked Kedah and he's crying and he starts begging for his life.

00:40:00 --> 00:40:39

So have you ever thought it and he's like you're a warrior, and you're like, trash talking two seconds ago, and now you're on the ground side of maybe Taalib letter. He let him live. He dies, of course, from his wounds. He couldn't join the battle, but he let in. They said, Why did you leave him? He said, I want it to me. It wasn't a dignified position. He's crying like this. And he's begging and he's uncovered and naked, all that. So Holly, this is not a dignified way to die. So he left Apple stuff for the other inshallah. So what do we have now, one bull had never told her. You remember we said he was a standard bearer. And I live in Utah that when he struck him, so now the

00:40:39 --> 00:41:12

standard is down. So who picks it up his brother, or if man had never told her, he picks up the standard, and then how has it not been more polyp or Avila and strikes this man in such a way, he strikes him at his shoulder, and the eyewitnesses said, the sword the blade kept going until it got to His navel. So he opened him Qaeda in two parts, not half, but in two parts. And the minister says, so we could see his lungs, and also the graphic and maybe there should have been a

00:41:13 --> 00:41:14

rating for the shin.

00:41:16 --> 00:41:18

I'm going to rate this right now. PG eight.

00:41:21 --> 00:42:06

So we're gonna have some lions. So he hit him like this. And they saw his lung jump, like, in the cavity of his just like that. So second die falls, the battle just started. And already that standard fell twice. So now they launch a very powerful attack against Hamza Nagumo. But they push him back. And while they're focusing on pushing him back, I live never toilet goes around. They're not. They're not seeing focusing on him. They're attacking one direction. He goes around, boom, hits the standard bearer down for the third time so quickly. But things are happening all over the battlefield. So let's move on, move over to how to determine what he he's going to make his first

00:42:06 --> 00:42:53

attempt with his horsemen to come between hood and Jebel aroma. So 200 of them they're coming. And they're going to try to come in this space so they can encircle the army from behind, but the archers are there, and the arrows are strong, and they're just showering them with arrow after arrow. And so they pull back first attempt failure. We've got hunt Bala. He is known as humbler Ella the scene, also known as the serial murderer, aka humbler, the one that was washed by the angels. And his name is actually hunger Allah ibn Abu armour. He is a bomber son, the guy who everybody was loved. That's his son. And you just see how on the other side is the Father on this side is the son

00:42:53 --> 00:43:32

and you see the the truthfulness and the sincerity and the dedication where people are fighting family members and it's for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala. So hyung Bala is known as * of a seal because he just got married. He just got married. And he was told that he heard the cry to join the army. So he goes immediately he didn't even have time to make was. And that's why when he was killed the problems that I saw the angels washing him that's why he's not as humble. I love the seat. But also look at that, like someone who's married just merit dismiss it and then they say, you could lose your life come join us

00:43:35 --> 00:43:42

that Allah there must be some kind of footwear one I just got married this poor girl that I need. If I die, who's gonna come on Yanni

00:43:43 --> 00:43:45

just went out didn't even watch.

00:43:46 --> 00:44:32

These people were great for the long haul. So he's killed by shuddered. Even less what? Who killed him? And then later on is when the Prophet saw him being watched by the angels. There was one man who was heavily armored. And he was on top of a camel, not a horse. He's heavily armored. He's on top of a camel, but with the camel, how do you strike someone with the sword? He had a long sword. And he was an expert at fighting with the long sword. So from the top of his camera, he's reaching people, and he's killing them and they can't reach him. Camels tall, and it's high up there. And the sword is not enough. They can't get him. They said he killed about nine people in the battlefield by

00:44:32 --> 00:44:59

himself. Now you have to remember, nine is a huge number because so sometimes people say okay, look, man, look at whether it's 300 against 1070 of the Mushrikeen died. Just 70 you're considering the type of warfare? Yes, 70 was a reasonable number. Because first of all, not every blow resulted in death. And now you you know, you see these movies just strike him kidder. And then you kick

00:45:00 --> 00:45:42

I'm in slow motion then he flows but that strike the next one kick him as long as he flies back that law heavy sound blows they're they're blocked by the shield by your sword you miss skid Aon. So it's not just then just meet everywhere I when you're done, bodies all over the place. So for one man to kill nine in a battlefield, that's a big deal. And he's getting people and they're not able to get to him. So the process of them said, Who will go out to this map? And nobody answered. Then the President asked again, who will go out to meet this man? And nobody answered? That other person asked again, who will go out to meet this man and as a bit of an r1 Probably Allah annum said Dr.

00:45:42 --> 00:46:27

Salah, I'll go out to meet him and the prostate alum, just so you know, what kind of man and how courageous the prostate lung was? He said, Well, Allah He if you Yeah, if you didn't volunteer, I would have gone out to him myself. For like, if nobody goes okay, philosophers pretend he is not there. I'll go. So, as well, but I want he starts to study this man. And study him carefully. Like what is the weakness here? How do I get him down with this long sword is way on top of a camel. So basically, he just prepped himself with brace himself. And he just ran topspeed jumped up in the air, grabbed him off the camel and brought him down to the ground and killed him there. Now, if you

00:46:27 --> 00:46:45

know what a cam what it looks like when you're sitting on top of a camel, and for you to jump high enough to grab someone and bring him off, and he's a big guy, and he's wearing armor and everything and to drop him off a camel. Now you understand what kind of man we were dealing with here when we talk about his availability.

00:46:46 --> 00:47:28

So, so we've got heroics all over the indifferent sides of the battlefield. Let's go to Abu Jana who was given the sort of the prophets of Allah Salah as a verb not answered, I got I was angered and I was discouraged. And he when the prophets Allah mime is relative, and he wouldn't give me the sword and you give it Telugu to Jana. So I started to watch him to see what how he behaved in the battlefield. He said he never came across someone except he destroyed that individual. Kabak nomadic, he says, he says, there was this this kafir, and he was going around, he had one job in the battlefield, you'll just find the wounded from the Muslims who would finish them off. He said, So I

00:47:28 --> 00:48:10

was hoping that some Muslim would fight him. So then I saw this Muslim approach him and this is in the battlefield. Now they start to size each other up. Yeah. And you know, in the battlefield, there is understood that, okay, it's me and you is going to happen. Okay? So they're sizing each other up. He says, I'm looking at both of them. And I'm seeing that this cover he he's better equipped, he's got better armor, he's got better weaponry. Now look at the Muslim. And then he says, then the Muslim hit him. Again, just like Hamza dilla at his shoulder. And it went all the way down to his hip. And he split the man into not an equal house, but he came down into pieces. So then, and

00:48:10 --> 00:48:19

remember, this was again to prove how they're so well covered. You can't tell who's home. So he says, Then the man remove the his helmet. He looked at me said, What do you think?

00:48:21 --> 00:48:35

Oh my god, I love these moments. He just moved his helmet. And he goes, What do you think? I'm up with the John. And of course, what do you think on a car? I was amazed blown away by him, right? So he says then

00:48:36 --> 00:49:08

I saw this is not charismatic. This is a Zubair if I'm not mistaken. He said, I saw now actually, someone else said, I saw a Buddha John and he's fighting people left and right. He says Then there was just one person who was making a lot of noise and encouraging the Quraysh so much, so I saw up with the journal about to chop that person in half. And then he stopped the sword in mid blow above that person's head, he said when when he came to strike that person, that person went to one minute to be whirlwind.

00:49:10 --> 00:49:10

Hulu, and

00:49:11 --> 00:49:54

Albania, the ladies that's that sound, you know, can imitate it. But you know, in my head, husbands love that sound. Right? So she made that she got scared though. She's in Bible she's made this sound. He stopped. The other narrative says I saw a booty Jana raise his sword and stop it over the parting of a hint. What is the parting where you parked your hair? So if you got two braids, you've got this. The Parting where the hair splits. And he stopped a sword right over that area. And he says I will not soil. The sort of the props that lump with the blood of a woman. Yeah, Annie Baba. Now some sisters like what's wrong with the role of a woman? No, it's an honor. Yeah, no, you don't

00:49:54 --> 00:49:56

attack a woman. It's a respect.

00:49:58 --> 00:50:00

We want to be equal in everything. Okay.

00:50:00 --> 00:50:27

So he's saying I'm not going to dishonor the sword by attacking a woman who was helpless because she in another narration he said she called out for assistance and she didn't get any and I'm not gonna kill a woman who was who was doesn't have assistance she's helpless. So he held back but I'm talking about look at this level of restraint and Caribbean you're in mid swing and you pause most people just go with the momentum suspect for Allah later

00:50:31 --> 00:50:35

you guys are too serious this is too exciting. So

00:50:37 --> 00:51:23

bad there's a variable arm is the one who witnessed that. And he said he switched to like he would start to when he would see so much I hope it would Janet comes in fights to Scott like he became you know, one of the fans of Ubuntu Jana, Toby Alon seven minutes. Okay, now we go to another part of the battlefield we've got Abu Talhah noctel Hubner ignore obey the law. This is a companion by venom of Abu Taha, he had a shield made with leather, so not every shield was metal, just thick, hardened leather. That was his shield. And he was a great marksman, and they described that he would shoot the arrow so violently, you know, like he stretched beyond what a normal person stretches it shoots

00:51:23 --> 00:52:06

it fast comes up with momentum. And, and he would stretch it out so much shiny that he broke three bows Can you imagine to break a bow? So he broke three bow bows that day. And so he would take an arrow and he would shoot it and the person was with him making God for him. And then he would shoot the arrow and the porcelain would put his head up to see if it hit or not. Then he would put his hand on the chest of the Prophet Solomon he told him that may my mother and father be sacrificed for you I don't put your head up so that a straight arrow doesn't hit you and he would tell him no hurry doing an Africa and in my death and not yours. And now if I die, it's okay but your little soon we

00:52:06 --> 00:52:19

were the Prophet of ALLAH. So he is shooting like this and so the problem whenever he saw someone with arrows like bring it bring it for a while ha and don't waste it this guy's got his great wasted somewhere else bring it

00:52:20 --> 00:53:07

let's go to how it had been Willie, he's doing that is trying a second time to come between the mountain and so he comes with his horsemen, but the the archers are still there. They start showering them with so many arrows. They have no option but to retreat. In the meantime, we have Mustafa had been Abby Tala. He is there, Lolita, Bhutan. Alright, I will tell how is the first guy or if might have never told her then we've got his sons. So now, this is Mustafa. I've never told her. The fourth one to hold up the standard for going out the dark, the army of the Quraysh and ask them I've been a bit struck him killed him. The standard false. So then his brother Caleb and Paul

00:53:07 --> 00:53:55

who picks it up. And as the bourbon I want strikes him, it falls and this is happening quickly. So then his brother agilists, he picks it up and asked him hits him again. Now, Way Back at the camp of the forage, there is a woman by the name of saliva, she is the mother of agilists. Caleb, the ones that just got will not kill up musasa the ones that just got killed. And she's, of course, her sons, her husband, they're all by Abda data, they hold the standard. So every time she sees a standard falling, she knows someone from her family's being killed. So she asked one man and they told her that awesome killed this person. So every time she saw the standard fall, she thought it was

00:53:55 --> 00:54:41

awesome. Also had been fed with throw below on. So she announced out loud she said who will bring me the head of arson. So I can drink wine on his in his skull and the behind it. And so she wants his head and she said Oh give 100 camels. That's incredible amount of wolf. So suddenly there is a severe attack. They're trying to get out similar trying to get that reward. And then they launch another counter attack because there's so that battle now is intensified around the standard of the Quraysh. So they launch a counter attack now they start to attack hard. The standard of the Muslims, so kind of to offset that.

00:54:43 --> 00:54:59

So we have but it's not working because then I'll thought Aventura Hubie seventh guy picks up the standard. I didn't have your toilet knocks him down. They said they're out. He said other hams have now Dimopoulos where I live nobody knocks him down. Then the ninth one I'm gonna have nabbed him enough picks it up

00:55:00 --> 00:55:08

And the narrator says, I don't know who hit him. He drops the that was the eighth one, the ninth one.

00:55:09 --> 00:55:36

Yeah, so the eighth one was surely a new car. And that's the one that narrative doesn't know who who knocked him down. The ninth one is I'm gonna be out and if not dumb enough, and he picks it up and then a man by the name of cars, man knocks him, it drops the 10th person, one of the sons of Shura, Habib Nashim, picks it up. And Guzman again, knocks him down. So for the 10th time, it goes down.

00:55:38 --> 00:55:39


00:55:42 --> 00:55:43


00:55:44 --> 00:55:54

then a slavers end, at least, will end the will continue next time, but at least we'll end with the standard what happens here. So the 10th time It fell down.

00:55:55 --> 00:56:41

Then a slave of Benny after dark, his name was so up. So up comes and he picks up the standard. So they strike and they said that it was either only, but most narration say was probably because man, they struck, he's struck his right hand. So you're holding the standard struck his hand, he grabbed it with his left, they struck his hand, he grabbed it with his two forearms. And he pushed it against his chest, held it like this, and goes down on his knees and it so you can get a firm grip line and more control. So it's down on his knees. He's holding it like this. And of course, he's not going to last long. And look at the strength and the bravery is just one of the slaves have been out

00:56:41 --> 00:56:46

the door like, what do you have to do with this? The minute they start fighting, you should have just taken your water and left.

00:56:47 --> 00:57:32

What are you waiting around for? Anyways? So so he drops to his knees like this and he yells out, yeah, Bunny up did dog hunting or the route? Yeah. And he, he basically he's saying, How have I been pardoned? Danny, did I do a good enough job? Did I do my part? Did I show enough bravery? You know, will you pardon me? Do I get the you know, the Okay. And then he drops. And now nobody wants to touch that stand. It fell 11 times and it fell 11 times quickly. So now it falls for the last time and it never goes up. And what happens when it never goes up?

00:57:33 --> 00:58:13

The battle is over. So the McCain starts scattering and running in every direction trying to run back get out of that Battlefield. They are done. They lost. So if they lost and they're already running and leaving the battlefield, what happens? That changes everything so much. So much so that the Muslims end up losing the bucks. To find out. You will have to come next Friday, same time in sha Allah, Zack McFadden for coming and listening attentively. So Allahumma barik ala Muhammad Ali he was the main was set up Malik McDowell low Watarrka

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