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The speakers emphasize the importance of having a home for one's health and worship, as it is a gift from Islam. They also discuss the benefits of giving gifts and staying in a home, including helping others. The segment also touches on the importance of knowing Jesus Aziza wa jal, a believer's gift, and the importance of gratitude when asking for information.

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in Alhamdulillah nada who want to stay in a home on a stone fiddle want to hold the villa human story unforeseen elements are Molina Maria de la hawla modern de la mejor de Lille furna her de la watershed en la ilaha illallah wa the hula sharika lahu eyeshadow ana Muhammadan Abu rasuluh yo Halina, Armando taco la haka, Ducati, what outer molten lava and to Muslim moon. Yeah, you Halina Armando tala how Apollo Colin said either use locum Amala como Villa come vinoba come amiata ella Rasulullah hoffa. thirza fosun alima am about for inasmuch on had easy GitHub Allah wa sylheti had you Mohammed in Salalah Holly he was alum or Shara Moreno wakulla invada wakulla attend Bala

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culottes and finau brothers and sisters in Islam today. Our hotbar is titled elwha hub, the name of Allah azza wa jal and Wahab which means the Bestower, the Bestower of gifts, and we're going to look at how this name and this attribute of Allah xojo affects our life and affects our worship. Allah hug hula, the Yachty Villa mocha Villa sigh, and Wahab is the one who gives with nothing without you asking for anything in return or anything to begin with. And without any effort on your part towards completely giving a gift. You don't have to ask for it because then it wouldn't be a gift. It was a request and you don't do anything to earn it, you get this gift from a large audience, as opposed to

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a reserved a risk is related to your effort. You go out and work you get your risk, you get your provision.

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And that's why in Arabic, you can say, Allahu Akbar. But you can say sir Allahu wa Hubba. He asked him, so he gifted him that that then with the request, it's not a gift anymore.

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And Allah subhanho wa Taala has given all of us countless blessings that we never had to ask for our eyesight or hearing our mind. Life itself is a gift from Allah that we didn't ask for. Sometimes you hear people, they say, why was I created? I wasn't asked. I wasn't given the option if I want to be created or not. First of all, the question itself is ridiculous because in order to be asked you would have to be created first. The other thing is that this is the nature of the relationship between the creator and the creation the creator creates and he doesn't have to consult the creation on whether or not they need to be created. They don't have a hand in being created or not. But

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they're but what they're the point they're missing is that life itself is a gift as well. It's a gift from an Wahhab

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and children as well. gifts from Allah azza wa jal and that's why Allah will refer to them in using this term in Surah Maryam color in Namah Ana rasuluh Rob Becky, Leah Hubei lucky hola Aman zakia says I'm a messenger from your Lord bringing you this

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Gift of a child because a child is a gift from Allah his origin. The Korea, Ali Salam also said in his daughter for Hubli mendonca Wali for hubballi Give me a gift, an heir, a gift as an heir as a gift from your from you will have waha Bella who is half and Allah gifted him is hot.

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So Allah azza wa jal is our hub one, everything belongs to Allah subhanaw taala. So, and unlike people, when people give gifts, they give gifts with conditions, or they want something in return, or they remind you of the gift that they've given you. But that's not how it is with a lot so legit and beyond we before we even proceed contemplate the fact that Allah subhanaw taala gave himself this name as

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the gift giver or the Bestower of gifts. It tells you that number one, Allah is real is not restricted at all. He is the one who bestows gifts upon people. The second thing, this description, he cannot be a tyrannical God, he cannot be an unimpressive God and call himself the gift giver doesn't go well with that. And imagine if you had a friend, that everyone nicknamed the gift giver, because he's always giving gifts, how would you feel towards this individual? How do people feel about one that always gives gifts? Look at the example of non Muslim children and even let's be honest, even Muslim children and their love for Santa, which is not even a real character. But they

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love this character so much because he's the gift giver he gives gifts and we don't compare Allah to his creation. But that brings us to the first point and the first point is that knowing Allah azza wa jal is a Wahab the Bestower of gifts it naturally include increases your love of Allah subhanaw taala that's the first benefit of knowing this name.

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Because it it shifts your focus from the gift to the giver himself.

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10 sugar eBay heavy Anil, mocha and Eva. So when Allah Subhan you love Allah azza wa jal you go above and beyond in worshipping Him you go above and beyond in remaining away and staying abstaining from the Haram. That's why the scholars mentioned that the love of Allah azza wa jal is better and greater than fear of Allah. Because when you fear Allah, you typically you stay away from the things that he has made prohibited. But when you love Allah, you go above and beyond you fast extra days you give extra charity, you pray in the night. And that's what the scholars say love is greater than the fear love of Allah, Allah is greater than the fear of Allah subhanaw taala. So the first point,

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it increases your love of Allah, the shift moves from the gifts to the gift giver himself. subhanaw taala. The second thing is, it makes you more thankful, realizing all these gifts that you had nothing and no part in gaining. These gifts came from Allah azza wa jal, so naturally, you become more thankful because you didn't earn them, and you didn't put effort to get them but Allah just gave them to you as a gift, and you become more thankful. And the comparison is like when you're given your salary at work, you're thankful for it, but you also know that you put in work in order to get this salary. But if your boss calls you in and this gives you a bonus, you are more thankful

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because that was just a gift that came free from him. And when you thank Allah zildjian he gives you more and more and more. What is to add another boom, let in Chicago to La zedan na ko wala Inca fortum in other VEDA Shadi to your Lord decreed that if you are thankful to him, he says, if you're thankful I will increase you. And if you're ungrateful, my punishment is more severe. The other lesson we get that from the name of Allah yellow hub, is that it increases your confidence when you're asking Allah subhanho wa Taala because the thought is, if Allah subhanaw taala gave you so much without you even asking him then what would happen if you asked him the one who bestows gifts

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without you asking? So what would happen? If you ask Allah azza wa jal from our hub you ask? Well, what what do you think would happen? And that's why you will now have more confidence in asking Allah zodion and uncertainty that you will be responded to, and that's exactly how the Prophet sallallahu Sallam described making dua to Allah to Allah. He said Good luck were unto me moved in. Oh, and I've been a Java said, ask Allah while you're certain that the response will come certain that allows engine will give you what you're asking for.

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And the other thing we learned from the name of Allah azza wa jal Wahab is it will also increase you in patience, because if you lose a blessing that came from him, you know that he will give you others in its place. And you never tire of asking and will have because you know that he is panatela will give you more he will replace whatever you lost. A Coloma seminar was tough. Rola Alavi Lee welcome man Jimmy I know first off euro fire foes almost offering, ask Allah Subhana Allah for his forgiveness Indeed, those who ask for forgiveness shall prosper.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. I mean, we're early he was a Jemaine from about the scholars mentioned that this attribute of Allah subhanaw taala. Being the Bestower of gifts, is an attribute that the believing men and women should aspire to have, that they also should be of those who give gifts. And that's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us in the Hadith to her, do the hub, exchange gifts, give each other gifts, and you will love one another. So it should then increase your quality of giving and wanting to give to others, which in turn will increase the love between people and giving gifts is very powerful and create creating connections

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and love between individuals, not only between if someone dislikes another than that person will give them a gift, they will like him. But it's even stronger. If you convince the person who dislikes the other you go get him a gift. And that is part of what is known as cognitive dissonance where they will start to convince themselves that I actually like this individual and that's why I'm spending time and money getting them a gift. So exchanging gifts increases that and this is from this quality and this attribute of a large oil and from the name and will have likewise the scholars mentioned something they said that it is it is wrong to have pride and boast in something that you

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had no part in gaining whatsoever, and will have the best store of gifts gave you this quality gave you this gift gave you this ability and you had no power in gaining it. So there's nothing to boast and think you're better than people because of or what have you. Because, for example someone he's proud of his height, or proud of his strength or proud of the country that he's from or proud of the tribe that he came from, or proud of the fact that he has good eyesight. It is not an achievement but a gift from Allah azza wa jal through no effort of yours. So they said that it is not a wise person who boasts about having something that he had no part in gaining beyond the the total person

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versus the short person. This tall person did not do any exercises in his mother's womb to ensure he comes out taller than anyone else. It is completely and nothing but a gift from Allah xojo. So how does someone boast his superiority over something that they had nothing no part in gaining? All these are from the lessons we learned just from understanding the name of Allah azza wa jal Wahab that he is the Bestower of good of gifts. Allah hum I don't know what his alternativa were original about Willa Barton was documented in Oba lamattina human head eight what I've seen I've human fate with our learner human to our late about a clone of human FEMA altoid worked in a Shara Mercado in

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akattak the lake in hula is illuminate what I presume an update about Dr. Banner. What light your camera mean? Yeah, a Chroma acromion Yeah, about one about rain. Yama, Yuji Buddha Yama, you have to call Raja Yama, Baba whom have to who outta home? Um, no, we'll follow who you have to do why Oh, Allah Hama. Inanna. Luca Aisha to nakiya wamitab and Serbia one Maradona Ramos in wala father Allahumma Nana loco joma Alfredo forward. Aloha McPhee, Donna Jemaine Allahumma Brimley oma Islami, I'm Ron rasheeda you also wrote an article where you tabuchi Allah Allah ma sciatic for sallallahu mobarak Ana Rosa Rahmatullah alameen wa ala alihi wa sahbihi, Germaine Nakamura, Sakuma Hong Kong

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I'm just going to read the announcements before the akarma

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please donate generously to the masjid your continued support is needed. Join Chahal h amarr on myself, too.

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Night between Margaret Venetia for Friday Night Lights. Tonight's topic will be the splendor of our Asia lessons and reclip and reflections we can learn and apply today from the incident known as an F.

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To C or shorter path will be in Arabic only every Tuesday between macgruber Nasha with Chuck Sala Hawsawi there we have something called the vicar walk. It's for sisters ages 12 and up and adults as well. Every Sunday at 7pm at Texas Avenue Park, they basically walk as they're making the curve Allah Georgia

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tell people to join us for sisters only. And then the last thing after the first geomar Dr. Isa got up and presented or mentioned a few things. And Shahid also was making the announcement about the masks now there's been a 53% increase in cases from last month till now. So the machine is going to insist on the masks within the premises and encourage people not to bring children who cannot wear masks. And like we always say even if you're not convinced about the the mask and its effectiveness, it doesn't matter. Do it for the community, do it to other people feel at ease. And I'm not going to see what Shaolin said he said if you're not convinced about the mass, go to another Masjid. But I

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just did.

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Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar.