Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 20 – L199B

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the theory that Allah creates the drilling game "off the sky," and the "off the sky water" and "off the sky water" to happen. The "off the sky water" and "off the sky water" are union, and people try to avoid confusion. The importance of worship and the "off the sky water" concept is emphasized, along with the potential for personality and emotional synergies. The "off the sky water" and "off the sky water" concept is also discussed, as well as the importance of remembering the time when the person is taking their child to the birth of their child.
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eligibility Miss shivling rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman Rahim

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lesson number 199 similar to number I in number 6266.

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Among color personality well

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who is it that has created the heavens and the earth? Well under a local Minnesota EMA and has sent down from the sky water for an betina b he had a call that Jatin causing to grow thereby gardens of joyful beauty. Mark and Ella come and Toby to shadow her, you could not otherwise have grown its trees Illa Homer Allah, then is there a God with Allah? By whom only yard alone rather there are people who ascribe equals

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this ayah a man It begins with a man and this is directly connected with the previous ayah What do we learn at the end of the previous ayah?

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what has been said?

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Allahu hyaluron A may usually call in who is better? Is it Allah? Or is it those whom they associate with Allah? Who is better in mind in power and knowledge in ability? And what's the answer to that? Allah soprano.

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And over here, this is a continuation of the same note that a man holla Kasama watty will offer we can understand this in two ways that um, or who is better? Man holla sumati? Will Allah or the one who does not do that? Who is better, the one who has created the heavens and the earth or the one who was not created the heavens and the earth?

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Obviously, the one who has created the heavens and the earth is far better.

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And we can also understand a man as a man meaning or Who is it? Who is the one who does this? Who is the one who has had a customer what he will other Who has created the heavens and the earth, their existence, their characteristics, their functions, what ends at a local minister, my EMA and any ascent down from the sky water for you for your sake, for your benefit in the form of rain, in the form of snow in various forms. And then for embedding a V, and then we cause to grow with it with what with the rainwater that falls from the sky.

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What do we cause to grow as a result of it had a headache is the plural of headache. And it's from newsletters had that off. Heidecker is used for a garden, but what kind of a garden is it such a garden that is enclosed, that is fenced what kind of a garden would be enclosed, would be fenced in? Think about it. One that is a private property.

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So Heidecker is used for a park. It's used for a private property, a place a garden that is surrounded by a boundary wall.

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And why is there a boundary wall to prevent others from coming

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to prevent animals from coming. So it is basically to prevent it from the dangers of people or animals. And if you look at it such gardens, they're extremely beloved to their owners. Even if you have a very tiny backyard, a very small backyard. But the fact that it is fenced and the fact that you have grown in it what you like the fact that it belongs to you, isn't it more beloved to you, you have a special feeling towards it. You have a special attachment with it, which you don't have with any other piece of land. The way you take care of it the way you look at it. It's very, very different. So Allah is the one who causes these gardens to grow by what by the rain that he sends

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down from the sky.

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And these gardens, how does he describe them that are budgeting that are beautiful, that are of Joy's beauty. The word that is a feminine off the and the word badger is from the root letter is where her gene and badger is used for something that is a very beautiful site

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that you look at it and it's extremely beautiful, extremely lovely.

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So these gardens it's not just that they have random plants growing here and there. No, there is a special beauty in them. That when you look at them, you admire that beauty. It brings joy to you. It puts a smile on your face. Why? Because of the lovely color

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And the lovely sizes of the plants and the different variety, that the budgeting.

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And if you look at it, who causes it to grow Allah subhanaw taala

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he causes these beautiful gardens to grow, because you do not even have the power to make one tree girl,

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man mercan and acoem it is not possible for you, you do not have the ability and don't be to shadow her that you cause to grow. It's trees, shadow is actually singular. And over here, the meaning that it gives us that you do not even have the ability to grow one tree, one plant. So who is it that causes all of these lovely gardens to grow? Allah? Then Isla humara Allah, then is it possible? Could there be a God with Allah who is doing all of this with him? who deserves worship, just as he deserves worship? Isla? Houma Allah, it's impossible. But still, these people what do they do? They associate partners with him. So who are they Balham como de Lune. Rather, there are people who were

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scribe equals they are the units from the roof letters I in the love and the word yard the loan can be derived from the word or dual and odorless to deviate. So there are people who deviate who deviate from hock from right.

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So from toe hate, what do they go towards Shin? This is injustice. And Yara de Lune can also be understood to be from the rift veterus obviously either land but from the word as an idol is what equality to make equal. So they equate they make others as equal to Allah.

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Now in these ayah, this ayah and the following is, the concept of the hate is being ingrained in the minds of people. How, in a questioning style, that many questions are being asked a man who is the one who does this? Who is better the one who does it, or the one who does not do it, people are being questioned, so that they use their minds. And they come to the realization that it is only Allah subhanaw taala who deserves worship? Why? Because it is only he who does all of these things by himself alone, without the assistance of anyone or any big.

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So people are being made to think that Think about it. Who is he that has created the heavens and the earth? In all of their magnitude and all of their intricacy? Could anyone other than Allah possibly do it? Any idle, any person, any power, any force? Could anyone do it? It's impossible.

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And if you look in this ayah at first what is mentioned the creation of the heavens and the earth, at first the sky is mentioned and the sky is what is above us. And after the sky, what is mentioned the earth and the earth is what is below us. And then after that the rain that falls from the sky is mentioned. And then after that what grows from the earth is mentioned.

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So we were being made to see above ourselves and below ourselves around ourselves, to see to realize that behind everything that happens is the power of who a loss.

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If you think of it, if Allah did not create the sky and the earth of a specific nature, that the atmosphere was not of a specific nature, the earth the soil was not of a specific nature with all of their properties, and would it be possible for the rain to fall down?

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Would it be possible for the earth to absorb the rain? Would it be possible for these lovely gardens to grow fourth, impossible.

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So who has created all of these individual creatures, and then put them perfectly in a system that benefits human beings? It is Allah soprano data.

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So he is the one who causes all of this to happen. So when he sends the rain, and he causes the plants to grow, then how is it possible that others could deserve worship along with him? How is it possible? And if anyone associates others with a lot than that is what pure injustice that is extremely unfair? Because he is the only one who sends the rain he is the only one who causes the plants to grow. When he is the only one who does it, then how is it possible that there could be another being who deserves worship? We learn in sort of the natural eye number 17 FM a local common layer Look, if Allah tala karoon then is He who creates

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Like the one who does not create? Is it possible that the creator can be similar to the creation? Impossible? The one who is doing all of this? How can he be like the one who cannot do all of this? So will you not take a lesson? Will you not be reminded? Will you not understand?

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And we see that the mushrikeen of Makkah, also, they understood this, that Allah alone does all of this. We learn for example, instead of the Zohar of I never 87

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that when I insert Alta home, man halaqa home lay akula nama for an au for Kuhn.

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And if you were to ask them, who created them, who created the sky and the earth and everything in it, they will surely say it is Allah, then how are they diluted?

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Instead of their uncouth I 63. We learn when I insert ultra humanism in a summer, even for a heavy album embody multi layer kulana law.

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And if you were to ask them, who sends rain from the sky, and gives life thereby to the earth, after its lifelessness, surely they would say, a law.

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So they understood it, their hearts confessed. But yet when it came to worship, what would they do? They would associate partners with him. When it came to loving a loss of penalty, they would love others, along with him, or more than him, when it came to obeying Allah subhanaw taala they would obey others in disobedience to him.

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So yes, the machine of Makkah did this, but we must analyze ourselves as well. That when Allah alone provides us all of these things, when Allah alone has created us, then is he not the only one who deserves worship? Is he not the only one who deserves obedience? Then why is it that we understand the commands of Allah yet, yet we oppose them.

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We understand what Allah wants from us. We read the commands, we understand them in detail, yet when it comes to action. It's as though we have never heard. It says though we have never listened. It says though we have never understood

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this is unfair, This is injustice.

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That one ally is giving so much what are we doing in return?

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Amanda are the other Corrado? Or who is it that has made the earth a cut off a stable ground

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with Gianna Helena, her unhealed Ah, and has made within it in its midst, and Helen rivers, who has made the earth boron, far off from the real veterus of raw raw.

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And Aurora is that which is stable, that which is steady, that which is stationary in the sense that it's not constantly moving, that you can feel its movement, it's stable. So who has made the earth such that it is a

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it is an abode of stability, that when you live upon the earth, it is not constantly shaking? It is not constantly moving? It's livable.

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And not just that he has made the earth such but what Jonah Hill Allah and Hara he has made in its midst plan from the roof letters ha land, land, and what is it the midst of something. So he has placed within the earth throughout the land and held on rivers, a network of rivers and streams Why? So that people can have access to water? People can drink fresh water, they can irrigate their lands, they can also feed their animals. What Jara Helena and Hara

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what jalila her and he has made for it for what for the earth, Alessia firmly anchored mountains, pro se florala rasiya. And lastly, as you know, is used for such mountains that are deeply rooted, and at the same time, they're extremely tall, towering mountains.

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And what do these mountains do? They stabilize the earth. And they also serve as landmarks.

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With Gianna Beynon, Bellini hedges a, and he has placed between the two seas of barrier hedges had Jean Zay from Hades and Hades is to prevent two things from merging together.

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Do things from mixing together? And how would you do that? By putting a barrier in between. So like for example, you have two different types of food. And you don't want to mix them but you have to put them in the same place. So what kind of a plate Do you get a plate that has sections in it? And the sections what do they do? The barrier in between it prevents the two from mixing together.

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So this is what hedges is

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So he is the one who has placed between the two C's, the sweet and the salty, a barrier

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illa homearama then is there a God with Allah? How is it possible, but aquadome layer on the moon, but most of them do not know.

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Here more evidences are given that point to the oneness of Allah soprano.

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That it is he alone who does all of this, and therefore it is he alone who deserves worship. Firstly, in this ayah, what is mentioned,

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the stability of the earth, the fact that the earth is stable. And this is the reason why people are able to reside upon it peacefully.

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Because just imagine we were to step on the earth and the Earth would move beneath our feet.

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You know, sometimes as you're walking on the beach, on sand, or, for example, you're walking over a bridge that is not that stable. How do you feel,

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you could slip any moment, you could fall any moment, your foot could get hurt any moment. Just imagine if the entire Earth was like that, that you step on it and it moves, or that you cannot stand stable, you cannot stand still. Because the earth is constantly shaking, it's constantly moving.

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Many people when they're in a car, and the car is being driven on the highway, what do they get motion sickness. They cannot travel in a plane. Why? Because they get motion sickness. They cannot go on fast rides. Why? Because they get motion sickness. Now imagine if the earth was such that constantly we could feel the movement of the earth as it goes about the sun as it rotates throughout the night and the day. Just imagine if we were to feel that movement.

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Would it be possible for us to do anything at all, anything at all, sometimes you're sitting in the car and you want to write, but because the constant movement, you're unable to write properly, you want to eat you want to drink, but what happens because of the movement, the drink, it spills, the food, it doesn't reach your mouth. So this is a great blessing of a great mercy of Allah, that the earth isn't at all.

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It's a place of stability, it's a home of stability. If it constantly shook, it would be impossible for us to live upon the air.

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And it's not just that Allah has made the earth such that it's livable for us. But he has made it livable for us in another way as well. And what is that by creating a network of streams and rivers and different sources of water and how on this perfect irrigation system, so that no matter where people are, they can survive. And then on top of that Allah has also placed mountains upon the earth again, to make the earth livable for us.

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So this is what this is a huge blessing of Allah.

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This is a great sign a great evidence of the oneness of Allah.

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The fact that he has placed a barrier between the two seas, so that even if a person is in the middle of the ocean, or he is at the junction where the river it meets the sea and he wishes to have fresh water to drink, he has access to that. This is a great blessing of Allah, a huge Mercy of Allah. So when Allah has provided all of this for us, when Allah has provided everything for man's sustenance on the earth, physical sustenance, not just so that the human being can survive, but also for his well being.

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So when Allah has done this, he has also provided for man's spiritual as well as emotional nourishment, spiritual and emotional sustenance.

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And where do we learn that from from the next day? That amazed you Dibble? matava? Either there are who are who is it that responds to the desperate one, when he calls upon him?

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Who is it? Is it not Allah? Is he better? Or is it the idols that are better?

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When Allah is the one who responds to the desperate one, that definitely he is better? Amazing you Dibble motala, either there or who the word moto is from the roof letters, but blah, blah, blah. What does that mean? harm. And Mouton is one who has been compelled to suffer harm.

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He does not want to suffer from it. He is forced into that situation and he cannot help himself.

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Most of

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the one who is compelled to suffer harm to suffer from bottom up.

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So my thought is who the one who is afflicted, the one who is desperate. The one who is suffering

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In particular, the word mythos is used for such a distressed person who has given a pope of everyone and everything,

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meaning he does not expect help from any person. He does not expect relief from any, you know, means that he could adopt, he knows that no one can help him, no one can take him out of his problems. So what does he do? He calls upon Allah alone.

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He calls upon Allah alone, this is whom I love is

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that he is compelled, he is obliged to call upon a law only.

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He knows that nothing can help, nothing can work. Like for example, imagine a person is extremely ill. He is at the hospital, on the bed. All the doctors and nurses are around him. But still, he's in pain, who can help him? Who can assist him? Does he think that any pain relief medication can help him at all? No.

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The doctors and nurses they're trying but what can they do? Can they speed up the process? No.

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Who can help that person at that moment? Only Allah and this is when a person realizes that only a law can help me.

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So he does not expect relief from any person, he does not expect help from any means any object any medication. So who does it turn to?

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Allah alone? This is who is.

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So when a person calls upon Allah, amazing, huge evil Matata Eva da who so when the matar calls upon Allah, who responds to Him, who aids Him, who takes him out of his problem, Allah,

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we actually pursue, and he removes the evil Yak Shifu, gaff sheen fat gush, which literally means to unveil something, to expose something.

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And then it is used for lifting something taking it away, removing it.

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So who is it that responds to the call of the distressed one, and then removes the evil that he's suffering from?

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It is Allah, is he not better? Of course, wager lucam whole affair.

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And he makes you the successors on the earth? What does it mean by this, that he makes you successors on the earth?

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Many times when a person is suffering from a huge problem,

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whether it is some physical illness, some physical pain, what does he feel that that's it, I'm gonna die unfinished?

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Or if a person is suffering from a great loss, what does he think there's no hope left? Let me just put an end to my life. He begins to have suicidal thoughts. But what happens, a loss penalty takes the problem away from the person. And then he gives him more time to live upon the

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when the person was in so much pain, and he thought that said, I'm going to die. That said, I'm finished. No more hope left for me. I don't think I can survive.

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I don't think I can make through this.

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But what happens he calls upon Allah.

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And amazingly, a lot removes that difficulty. And a person does not just live on for a few moments after that, but he lives on for years. And he actually forgets the pain. And he overcomes that

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wager a new component fell out. Who does that? In a homearama? Is it possible? Could there be a God with Allah kalila matter the Quran? How little is it that you understand? How little is it that you remember,

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in this is specifically what has been mentioned? That Allah is the one who responds to them.

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Allah is the one who responds to the distressed person, the one who knows that no one can help him but Allah. And when a person calls upon Allah with this EFT, with the certainty that only Allah can help me, nothing else can help me, nothing else can take me out of this problem of mine.

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Then what happens? A lot responds to the call of that person.

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We see that the machine of muck also, whenever they would be in such a problem, like for example, they'd be traveling by sea. And all of a sudden, they'd be overcome by a severe storm. And they would know that that's it, we cannot survive. Just imagine you're in the middle of the sea, and your ship is drowning. And you see one person falling into the water dying. You see the ship burning. One after the other people are dying, they're finishing. What do you think of that moment? Put yourself in that situation. What would you think I'm next I'm finished. If I scream, no one can live.

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If I ask that somebody should pass me a rope who will pass it to me, if I ask that helicopter should come and take me out, we'll do that. No one can do that. There's no way. So the machine of Mako also many times they would be in these situations. Initially, they would call upon who their idols. But when they would realize that this is getting nowhere, they would call upon Allah alone, they will only call upon Allah.

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We learn in sort of Islam and number 67, or either must Sakamoto refill battery, lamented una Illa. Yeah, and when adversity touches you at sea, last are all those that you invoke, except for him. All those beings you call upon besides Allah, you forget about them. And at that time, you only call upon Allah. And Allah would respond to their their us, Allah would help them, He will take them out of that difficulty. So it is as though people are being told that when you experience this in life, many, many times that you are in situations where you know, no one can help you. You're all alone, and you're extremely desperate. And you know that if you're not helped at that moment, that said,

00:26:10 --> 00:26:15

you'll be finished. And you call upon Allah, and Allah helps you.

00:26:16 --> 00:26:27

At that moment, you call upon him. But as soon as you're taken out of the difficulty, what happens? You forget him, it says, Oh, nothing happened. It's as though you were never in that situation.

00:26:29 --> 00:26:35

Now, since many of you are mothers, I just want you to remember the time when you were giving birth to your child,

00:26:36 --> 00:26:44

the doctor is there, the nurses are there who can experience the pain with you? Can any other person experience the pain with you know, one.

00:26:45 --> 00:27:16

And if the whole world gathers up over there to speed up the process, can they do that? They cannot do that. They try to comfort you, people begin to cry. Many women say that while they were in labor, their husbands began crying, because they couldn't bear to see the pain that their wives were going through. And at that time, you know that no one can help you Who do you call upon the doctor, the nurse, your mother, your husband can do anything at that moment to call upon only Allah

00:27:19 --> 00:27:27

and your mate to realize only of luck and help you only he can aid you only he can take you out of this problem.

00:27:29 --> 00:27:45

And make you dribble mattala either corresponds to him, we actually pursue and eventually the problem is over. And at that moment, you feel as if that's it, you're finished, you're going to die, you won't be able to see the next morning. Many women die in labor.

00:27:46 --> 00:27:58

And many women they make through it, who gives them the ability, Allah subhanaw taala, who makes it easier for them of law, we actually pursue. And then he lets people live where they are, look unqualified.

00:28:00 --> 00:28:07

So we see that many people they're made to experience situations in which they know that only Allah can aid.

00:28:09 --> 00:28:20

And these situations are, in fact, a blessing from a blessing in disguise, that you're made to realize that those whom you're relying upon, after all, they're only human beings.

00:28:21 --> 00:28:45

After all, they're only imperfect creatures. After all, their help is limited, their assistance is limited, they cannot do everything for you. They cannot even share the pain with you, let alone reduce the pain for you. So at these moments were made to realize it is only Allah who can aid us. So when you turn to Him alone at these situations, why not turn to him at other situations.

00:28:47 --> 00:28:52

When you know that help comes from Him alone, then why not turn to Him in every situation.

00:28:54 --> 00:29:07

Many times it happens that when we're going through some difficulty, when we're going through some problem, we become very sad, we become very distressed. And as a result, we tend to say things we tend to do things that are inappropriate.

00:29:09 --> 00:29:18

Like for example, everything is fine. All of a sudden somebody says something very harsh to you. And there you become very sad, very upset. And what do you want to do? You don't want to do anything.

00:29:20 --> 00:29:38

somebody tells you go clean your room, you don't want to do it. You're supposed to cook, you don't want to cook, you're supposed to clean. You don't want to do it. You're supposed to go to school. I don't want to do it. I'm too upset. I'm too sad. I need some time off. And what does a person do? They go sit in front of television, flipping channels one after the other. Why?

00:29:39 --> 00:29:43

I'm trying to comfort myself. I'm trying to take it easy. I'm trying to take a break.

00:29:44 --> 00:29:47

Or what do we do we call up a friend and then we start venting.

00:29:49 --> 00:29:57

So many times in situations of distress. We consider that situation to be a license for what doing whatever you want

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and many times we try to

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find comfort in doing what? And doing those actions which are in disobedience to homeless.

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watching the television liba this is what this obedience to Allah. But what happens? We try to gain comfort through these ways. But what do we learn? What's the solution?

00:30:20 --> 00:30:41

When you are in that difficulty, what's the only way out? journeying to Allah alone, because we actually for Su, he is the only one who removes the problem from you. Nothing can remove the problem from you. Whether you talk to someone or you watch television for hours, or you try to comfort yourself by going to the mall.

00:30:43 --> 00:30:50

It's not going to solve the problem. What's going to solve the problem when you turn to Allah and he will remove the difficulty from you from your life we actually pursue.

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This is why we seek the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he taught us this girl, that Allahumma Metallica, Urdu falletta kidney 11 FC, don't further aim that Alma is your mercy that I desire. So do not even leave me to my nerves for even the blink of an eye. Why? Because if at these times we're left to our enough's and what's going to happen

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our enough's is going to attack us. Because in enough sir Amala to be sued.

00:31:21 --> 00:31:41

It constantly commands you to do evil. And instead of turning to Allah, it takes us to what disobedience to Allah. But at these situations, it is only Allah who can help us because nlb de la he turtleman in Nakuru, it's by the vicar of a lot the hearts find peace.

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It's not by other things. It's not by talking to others. It's not by watching television, it's not by going to the mall. It's not by shopping. It's by the vicar of a lot of the hearts find peace. Because it is a law who responds to them as

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a mayor decom or who is it that guides you? Is he not best who guides you feel a little metal but he will battery in the darkness is of the land and sea.

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When you're traveling by land or by sea, and you're overcome by the darkness of the night, who guides you in that darkness? When you lose track of where you're headed to when you don't know whether you're going north or south or east or west because it's completely dark? How do you figure out which way to go? who guides you? Who shows you the way in the darknesses of last?

00:32:35 --> 00:32:43

How then in the darkness of the night, Allah subhanaw taala has placed brilliant stars in the sky. And these stars, what do they do?

00:32:44 --> 00:32:49

their means of showing the way to the travelers will be naturally homey at the dawn

An-Naml 60-93 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 60-62

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