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Sh. Jamal Zarabozo talks about the crisis of the Ummah and particularly the crisis that occurs in our faith at the An-Noor Sacramento annual conference 2014/15

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And leaving someone into a cohort is more dangerous or cause more severe, is much greater than even killing an individual.

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Because in reality, we have two types of lives. We have the spiritual life, and we have the physical life.

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But the physical life really doesn't mean anything. In fact, not only does the physical life not mean anything, but the physical life can truly mean could could really be a source of punishment in the Hereafter, if it is lacking that spiritual life.

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And that spiritual life of course, is our Eman. Our belief in Allah subhanho wa Taala our relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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If that is being tested and tried,

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if that is being put at risk, this is a true crisis.

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This is a true price of one of the very fate of an individual

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the varied Islam of an individual has been put to test.

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So now, the obvious question is, am I exaggerating? Or are we at a time in which we are facing a crisis of this nature?

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When you look at the Muslim oma today,

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and as a result of dolla dolla I've known him for I haven't seen him in many years, but much of that we go way back, he doesn't really remember me, but that's good.

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Because I said he's getting older as close to him.

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By the way, I was a little surprised when you said your daughter has a degree in psychology because I remember a long lecture you had about the dangerous cycle.

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this crisis isn't what I'm studying, or the very faith, the very faith of Muslim individuals is at risk at this time.

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If you look at the Muslim market, people look at the behavior of Muslims. And unfortunately, sometimes even Muslims themselves don't distinguish between the behavior of individual Muslims and what Islam is supposed to be. Because you would expect, and there is maybe some truth to this, you would expect

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that the truth of a sound would be reflected in his people.

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And when we speak about the beauty of the style and the truth of his style, and you don't see it anywhere,

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that can truly shake an individual's faith. First of all, if you make a non Muslim, not even be interested in this stuff, and it can make an individual Muslim

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question or doubt, what he sees as Islam, when you're talking about corruption, when you're talking about for example, one of the lectures that should be answered will be given when you talk about racism within our midst, when you're talking about terrorism or killing one another.

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Someone could look at this and say, if this is Islam, I don't want anything to do with Islam.

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And for an individual, this might be a very strong argument.

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And we have to realize that Islam is not simply about implementing Islam.

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But Islam is also about understanding how to implement this

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with the goal and with understanding that our purpose is to bring people to all this data and not drive people away from all this.

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I can assure you that the process of worshipping all this data, and the process of them was worshipping and during the proper acts, it is worship of a listener.

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And yet, even with respect to the promise of Satan, Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us for being

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a lot lintel

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talking to the processing, that it is by the mercy of Allah that you were gentle and kind with him, for if you are harsh of heart, they would have fled from around

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even the province I said,

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unless God speaks to him this way that even when we implement what is right.

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It's a whole it's an entire picture. We have to make sure that when we implement something we implemented in the proper way and

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In the profession, because we are, as I said, we're trying to bring people back to us and our data, not drive people away from us.

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And unfortunately, much of what is going on today, much of the actions of Muslims

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is doing the opposite.

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So that's one aspect, the picture that we're giving, not just

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not just the non Muslims, actually the picture that we are giving each other,

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whether you're talking about on an international level, or whether you're talking about within a mosque, the kind of fighting for example, and backbiting and arguments that goes on, it puts people in a situation, they don't even like to come to a mosque.

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The mosque should be a place where we go, and we feel our demand is increasing,

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should not be a place where we go, we feel that maybe even we're doing more harm towards our men, we feel like it's better if we bring it home by ourselves, then attending one of the central

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places our faith.

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But even much beyond that,

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even much beyond that there are other things that are going on.

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Besides the picture that were given a good shake of the faith of many, an individual.

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There are many things that are going on as a result of this or other for other reasons

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that fall under

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the category or the qualities of what many of our Lama described as not the north of Islam or the things that negate

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an individual's Islam.

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So for example,

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as I was describing about how we're applying Islam and the picture that we're giving us now.

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And sometimes, in some cases, some attempts to apply some and wait, maybe the kids were not ready, or they were the people doing it, were not that wise and implementing itself. It has led to, for example, people thinking that Islam

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is not appropriate, or cannot function or does not meet the needs of human beings in the 21st century.

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It is something done God and finished.

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So you see, for example, Muslims, individuals and even communities, you see large groups of Muslim turning towards sickness.

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And in fact, if you even add it in some places, now, if you even mentioned, applying the Sharia,

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you may get a worse response from the Muslims themselves, then even with non Muslims.

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So the idea that the Sharia is no longer to be applied, that there must be a better system than what God has given us. What the province has sent him, has brought us

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or even to think that we have the right.

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We have the right basically to live by our own laws, and not judge and rule according to what Allah Subhana Allah data has revealed. All of these kinds of beliefs, all of these kinds of attitudes, as I said, Actually negate some of the very foundations of ima.

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And people are falling into it. Muslims are falling into many times, many times they're perhaps falling into it because they don't, they don't recognize this aspect of the status, or they have not been taught properly this aspect of Islam, or as I said, what they have seen in this nature, over the subject of these aspects, is something that leads them to want to turn away from us.

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But also handle the data. And we can bring, I don't have much time to get into all of the details. But we can bring plenty of proofs, plenty of evidence that we are supposed to live our lives, from the individual to the laws to the community, to the society as a whole was supposed to live our lives according to what Allah subhanho wa Taala has a woman, woman, woman can be as tall as

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a body move, that whoever does not rule by what Allah subhanho wa Taala has revealed, then in reality, those people are disbelievers, they are wrongdoers. They are

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citizens first of all.

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So if anyone believes it, as I said, if anyone believes that Islam is no longer a problem,

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Before today

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that Islam cannot be applied today that it's done. Maybe it was good at one time, and it's no longer the guidance for human beings. Now, as I said, people are falling into this, people are saying it openly. And perhaps they don't even realize what's a parenthesis to their own event. And this is, this is a true crisis. This is a true prices, when people are falling into cover, they're falling into things which are taking them out can take them outside of the fold of the snap.

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And they don't even realize.

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And then, along with that Also, many times, you don't only add that maybe at a rational level, but then that can also continue to the point where they even dislike what this number is.

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One thing is not to say that the snap no longer works, doesn't quite fit. But then sometimes you go beyond that. Even the main things about Islam,

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you get to a point where you don't even like what Islam is brought.

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Whether it is for example, some of that can be related to marriage, or divorce or clothing, a hijab or even alcohol, whatever.

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You don't like these things that are clear from all this metadata or clear from the problem.

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And this is almost run with Allah has

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described this in the Quran.

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This is a way in which all of the persons deeds will be rendered worthless as long as what Allah said that it can be unknown kuriyama is a law.

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That is because they disliked what alive revealed. So a lot of render their

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rendered their deeds works.

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But these things, as I said,

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these realities that we're seeing in different parts of the Muslim world, and which nowadays, and one of the big differences about them nowadays, is people are speaking the open. People are saying these things openly, that they don't want the *tier no to the shinier, that they don't like these things that all this data has revealed or the things that the false says that it was.

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And as I said, this is a threat to the very essence of their event.

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Without a doubt, the very thing is going to be described as a crisis.

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This is as I said, this is going to be a true crisis.

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We don't have the rights, let's handle the data has not given us the right for example, to choose what we want from Islam and to reject what we want from Islam.

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If we understood Islam properly and correctly,

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Abdullah we would not fall into these kind of things, but due to lack of understanding due to lack of education, due to outside influences due to all sorts of maybe years of neglect generation sometimes of neglect.

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We have fallen into this kind of situation.

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And as I said, this is really a true crisis.

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shala and one of the other lectures are going to talk about what is some of the basic

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what is some of the most important aspects that inshallah will raise us from this situation. And I'm sure also that in some of the other lectures, we'll be touching upon these kind of things as well. So, my goal on this the first night of the thing actually is to is to make us understand

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what is meant by prices and and the reality that yes, as home as a whole, we are in a situation of crisis.

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As the chef mentioned, the promises system has as has in his previous lecture, you know, has pointed to the fact has told us about all these things, it will but the fact that these things are occurring, or the fact that these things will occur doesn't justify them, we still have the obligation to understand them and understand what is wrong about them and to do what we can inshallah to correct them and to change them and to put us back inshallah, on the proper course we will work as the shift of mentioned would work inshallah, Allah Sinaloa Allah will bless us when we come back to Eman and doing good deeds and children will bless us and establish this Deen again, but

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we have to recognize one of the first steps is recognizing the extent of the crisis and how far we have gone and all of the things that we have to correct and bring back and he shall instruct people about to bring them back to the path of worshipping Allah subhanho wa Taala properly so until

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No Oh, by the way, I have no idea how long I spoke. But you didn't give me you didn't send me any notes.