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The transcript covers the concept of Islam and its importance in society, including its use in achieving profit and loss, warning of fulfillment, and the use of negative language to deter behavior. The speakers also discuss the importance of showing initiative and sharing experiences to avoid future negative consequences and the need for cooperation in addressing problems. They suggest allowing people to make small decisions, but also to make small decisions.

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session of the

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Indeed Allah has bestowed his lessons upon people, why they sin amongst

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the prophets,

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that recite to them, the verses of the revelation of Allah, and to purify them and using the third that come from the sin O's in the same room

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and teach them the book and wisdom. So, that person is the guide.

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Allah also says the agency should be successful is he or she who purifies his soul, derived from the

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Prophet Jesus is cold, and also a few times from the caffeine

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profits he actually is,

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in English was

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furious, actually, exactly from

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this is, as far as the specific technical meaning of understanding terminology, it is to die of a loss of data from what he bestowed upon us in the first place of with both meanings the gentleman and the specific, are interpreted.

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Because if you look at this is when Allah Subhana, Allah commands His prophets

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and say speak from their words, Celica charity, by which you purify them, is a key word to purify and cleanse them.

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And that's kind of interesting, because the cat in the first place, is self purification, from miserliness. from us, and from the sense of empathy toward those who are in need, and those who are suffering, for a purifies

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by what is you as

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it is purification for the recipient of this second, have the feeling of jealousy and anger towards those who are willing to do who don't care what they need, is also a purification of society for destructive and bloody revolutions, that sometimes can be enhanced by

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social and economic injustice, in which the rich gets richer, and the poor get poorer.

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The order goes again, in the pillars of our family, the testimony of faith and prayers, and before fasting unhatched and that actually emphasize or underline its importance.

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Because the mentioned in the Quran is connected,

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both together in more than 80 area

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in the beginning of Islam in Mecca, was gender was unspecified, intense, anonymous, or various Rooney which took place actually in the second year of Asia according to the majority opinion of the scholars.

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And the purpose of this software is not actually to go through this or

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this or that.

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The purpose is to remind myself an overview

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motivation to pay the cash, and also the hardening of most

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of us.

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We find that there are numerous verses and hobbies that deal with the subject. One of which is when others kind of add phrases those who are believers, he says those, if we get power to them on Earth, they display it and they phase again, and they will tell the good and the evil and unto Allah, all at first shall be

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of that also.

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When Allah subhanaw taala

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mentioned that upon Salah getting power on earth, it's about a collective level.

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And that shows the people have importance again, which

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Besides being an act of worship in its own right,

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it is one of the crucial means and pillars of achieving Social and Economic Justice Society trying to reduce the difference of words between members of society but without totally removing those differences.

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This has been emphasized or collaborative or cooperative, if you will, in the

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same spot with Kalia

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must be me circulated among the rich amongst you. This is interesting, because it is well known that the separation of wealth instead of hoarding is has many positive effects on economic growth and development as well known to disorders of economics and finance.

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also made various comments of do's and don'ts.

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The ultimate objective the ultimate motive should be actually to seek the pleasure of Thailand get into this paradise,

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as read again in the position of being such as

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those who are mindful of Allah will be or our meaning a lot is determined is the key. So if use the past tense,

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they are in gardens and strings, taking what Allah has provided them, for indeed, before that, they were doers of good. They slept at night.

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And in the late

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hours of the night,

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they sought forgiveness of a lot. And notice this impaired property in the worth is derived from the person who asked in those who are deprived.

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The payment is described in the paper and also as one of the senior characteristics of the believers as related association of meaning. The videos, men and women are helpers and supporters and collaborators are one with one another.

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They establish regular prayers, they think that God

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is good for bid with Steven and they believe in Allah

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and obey Allah and His Messenger, Such are the ones that would be shown with the mercy of Allah.

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Similarly, there are also acts that have effectively the same topic.

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As the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, according to the nation,

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there are three things

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that I swear on them, and they're not used as frequently, I swear to them the profits of the largest.

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And I'm going to tell you something, somebody hits you

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know, property

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will be used or diminished because of the pain in the church.

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And no person

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is wrong

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or oppressed

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and showed perseverance and patience except that Allah will increase his or her indignity

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and no person base without necessity, except that Allah will open a door for him to progress.

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that is related to the pushing or the motivation.

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But also like other teaching stem, there is the issue of warning of not fulfilling or use disorders or less.

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It seems obvious then there is the issue of warning of not fulfilling our duties towards

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many different objectives because the workwave on terrorism, terrorism, no turkey actually needs to go to the church. And when Allah says

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it to the Hebrew

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repair for that every dollar that you can muster to those enemies aggressing against you.

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And also of the horses, whatever power the horse is giving is the example and then says to him, Do you find that some folks are going around and saying the same thing

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It's gonna have civilization separate, but actually needs to declare them and

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destroy life. Because when you assume you're defending attacking you, so you're saving your life. And

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this is just the cyber mark, when we use the term

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deterrence or not being our duty

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to warn us is those who hoards,

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gold and silver, and both of them, give them the tightening of severe punishment, meaning they have done the air goes on to describe how because methods, of course, demands. But of course, the difference is once mentioned, so just see the vivid picture, that goes gold and silver coins or whatever would be heated. And then they would be, it would be put on their foreheads the bags, and the

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service from this.

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That's very moving.

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As again, in the fourth session, we

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let those who are miserly

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and unsteady was getting them, let them not think

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that this is good for them is really bad for them. So Hakuna, actually, this kind of thing that hopefully will be something that will be like a reign over their heads, or whatever the next in the day.

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I have thus edge myself.

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And as your old today your soccer. And Ramadan is the reward for to bed anytime

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to pay in full without any remuneration. And it's legitimate

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ways of sending or dispensation among which are the care for the poor and needy. And there are some material outside that you can find on the table for various media funds, which you can do directly even online.

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And also for building, according to investigation of several scholars learn so that it could be also spent in the building of

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mosques, and other institutions like schools, especially in a city where there's no governmental agency that does that it will not be needed in countries where the government

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but other ways like in our case, it is fine. According to them descended on the building outcomes.

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I like to end the football. So with 200 suggestions. One.

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As you know, the cause of really having a shell, just a shell out the message that is already handed up is going on very well

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is not available so far. In fact, there is not enough, even with the amount that has no incentive because the event has duplicate constantly.

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Is this like chocolate, over a million dollar actually, you won't be short, it might be hard to get you exactly

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on Friday.

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And as indicated in the previous offer. This is your responsibility and money.

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Some of us have made pledges before. And I understand there is a half million dollars already lists that has not been paid. Now that is upcoming, it cannot be delayed.

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And I'd like to say that I seek forgiveness if I didn't make a pledge of a certain amount.

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But now I'm declaring that I multiply that by three.

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And I'm not going to wait until next Friday for none of us knows for sure if we'd be alive next Friday.

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Those who can do that today find those who can do that. Don't wait until the 19th. But

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also, you will.

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And I'm not saying that by way of showing up show off. But there are two grounds I find

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this one

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if you reveal your child's pain

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and it's more particularly if you try to purify your heart from show off and your intent is to encourage others to do the same so that you might get also similar to theirs without the mutation of their own your work.

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As the

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one who guides people,

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he has similar to this without any deviation of their own rule.

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The second

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is that

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second suggestion is that whatever you do,

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and will never allow you to do and whatever amount you feel is the fair share in this very important socialist institution.

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We let us try to follow the guidance

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of doing that in all humility,

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as read

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and those meaning

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those with a sense of charity, with hearts full of apprehension.

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We do it with hearts full of apprehension.

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It could be innocent, but they have not done their fair share, even though they do it could be apprehension that there is some problem with their media with their attention.

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But in any case, it could also mean as I continue, full of apprehension that they will return ultimately to the

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