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process that that Keane has for orthodoxy check when did it come into place?

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Late 2020. Is is probably when it when it came into as it exists today. Okay, so before that, because, you know, keen has received a lot of criticism for some of the stuff published before that date. Were there things that Yaqeen Institute published that did not adhere to Islamic orthodoxy?

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Based on our review, yes, and that is why some of those pieces have since been removed and notes have gone out to say, this does not, though it was published by the Institute at one point, this does not adhere to our current standards of orthodoxy. So those standards have changed over time. And you're saying basically, or the implication what you're saying is that from maybe late 2020 on this is something where you can identify that the current process is in place and it works and you can basically be sure, within you know, and everybody makes mistakes, but that there is a process that is going to give credibility to the things that emptiness that's who publishes that they adhere

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to Islamic orthodoxy. So