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A reminder about the virtues and blessings of Laylat Al-Qadr

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hamdulillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Nabeel Karim Allah Allah He was happy in

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Ravi Shastri surgery with a series of documentaries on Jaco only

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hamdulillah we are about to enter the final one third of the month of Ramadan.

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And therefore it's appropriate that we take some time to remind ourselves of one of the greatest blessing of Allah subhana wa tada one of the most beautiful gifts that Allah subhanho wa Taala has given this oma

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it's a gift that only comes once a year. And he comes during these last 10 nights of Ramadan. And that is the gift of Laila to Okada.

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And, you know, when we when we take a look at the way we live our lives, and especially some of us the way we live our lives in the last 10 days.

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It kind of gives you an idea that we haven't really understood how important later Kokoda is. Now, I know, almost every single year, on this day, the mom stands and it gives a lecture about Lake Okada, right. And you may be thinking, it was the same thing I hear every year. But number one, understand that a reminder is beneficial to the believer, if we are reminding you about something is because this is beneficial for you. Number two, is that perhaps you know if you're yearning lecture year after year about Lego cuddle, but you still are not motivated to spend the entire night in worship, then maybe the lecture haven't had effect yet. And maybe the next one will be the one after that

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work. So we need to hear this every single year, because we needed to have that effect in our hearts. So what I want to do today is very briefly, we will do the Tafseer of Surah Al Qaeda, right at the scene of the surah. And this surah. I'm sure most of you have memorized the surah because it's a very short surah that comes towards the end of the Quran is something most of us memorize in our madrasa days. Right? Very short, very simple surah. But if you understand it, you understand why this night is so important. After that, we'll go into a bit more details. We'll look at a few pieces, and then I'll give some practical tips on what needs to be done in these last 10 nights. So

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to begin, why is Layla Kokoda important?

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Oh yoga can see the lyrical content is important because Allah subhana wa tada mentions it by name in the Quran

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and has revealed an entire surah about it. And in this surah he has mentioned the name Lila lucado. Three times.

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I want you to think about this. Can you think of any other night that Allah mentioned by name in the Quran or any other night? No, in our community, we tend to have a lot of big nights identity a lot of dispute on which ones are authentic and which ones are not. But nobody disputes a layer gokada is authentic. Why? Because it's the only one mentioned by name in the Quran.

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Allah is mentioning it by naming the Quran it must be important on a whole nother level. Right for Allah to mention it in the Quran. Not only that Allah have an entire surah about other but he mentioned in another surah as well. Surah de Haan also begins with a verse about Lee Iacocca. And they will ask you by hand Oh Dada gives it a different title. He calls it little mubaraka. Mubarak night it lesson.

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So this teaches us our first lesson already Laila to color is Mubarak, it is blessed. They are great blessings in this match. And as we go through the surah and we go through the Hadees as you begin to understand what some of these blessings are. So right at the very beginning of the surah, Allah subhana wa Taala tells us that he revealed the Quran in Laila, Kolkata, and in the other surah he says we revealed the Quran on a blessed night. Right and of course, one verse explains the other the blessing night is they are together. Now what does this mean? What does it mean that Allah revealed the Quran?

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Because you know, the Quran thing down in pieces, over 22 years, it didn't come down in one night. So what does this mean? Well, the MRC means two things. Number one, Allah revealed the Quran to the angel gibraltarian on layer two, right, because we know the Quran when two angels replied and from angels in pieces to Prophet Muhammad Ali revealed it to the to the angels by the vatable Mahmoud on Lake Okada. Number two, that the first Revelation the revelation of the first five verses to Raul Allah, this took place on the other and both interpretations are correct. They don't contradict each other in any way we can understand them both. So Allah immediately tells us why this night is

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important. Immediately.

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It's important because this is when the Quran was revealed Allah chose it to be the night when he reveals the Quran.

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Now the next verse is a verse that many of us gloss over. And many of us don't think about. But today I want us to think about it unless you have to that is,

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well my unique Amalia Coco, what what will help you understand what it is that Coco, what will help you comprehend little cuddle? What will give you a full picture of

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Allah subhanaw taala is asking us a question whenever unless you have a handle or ask a question like this in the Quran, the deeper answer is, you cannot fully comprehend it. In the verse after this, Allah gives us some idea of how powerful and beautiful and virtuous the night of God is. But even then, our minds cannot comprehend even what's mentioned in this durable ekata our minds can't comprehend it. Right, it's on it's on a whole nother level.

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It's something beyond our understanding.

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And so last one that says it is Hey, Roman Alfie Shahar. It is better than 1000 months. Now again, here's the mistake many of us make many of us a little cuddle is equal to 1000 months, right? How many of us have heard this before little color is equal to 1000 months, you get the reward of 1000 months of worship? What is Allah saying the Quran, Pharaoh mean better than 1000 months, meaning 1000 months is like the minimum reward you get for worship on a toccata depending on the quality of the worship, it can be much more than that, it can be much higher than that, this is just the minimum This is just the base level of your reward that you can get.

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So it is better than 1000 months. Right? Why what happened in Kolkata? Right? Then this is the Luma aka the angels come down. The angels come down in the Hadees the prophets like some explain this versus that the angels that come down on label cuddle are so many number they are more than the number of pebbles on the earth

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more than the number of pebbles on the earth. I want you to think about it. Just take a walk down this road and see how many people say can you count the number of of stones on the road just on this one road alone?

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We can't. Now imagine the number of angels that come down on the other one row and the angels zebra himself comes up. Allah subhanaw taala mentioned all these angels come down. And then he mentioned one Angel by name he brought you a row.

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Why does he mention zebra by name? There's something interesting about the angel. The angel juggler his purpose was to bring revelation to the prophets. After prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam passed away. There is no reason for angels Ibrahim to come to her. But he still comes on Lila Kokoda as a honor to the believers, as the honor to the visitors. He doesn't have any particular work on Earth. His job is done. He brought the revelation to the prophets. He brought the Quran to Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he still comes a little closer as the honor to the believers.

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On that night, every matcher is decided. And this is mentioned twice in the Quran right in Surah, dukane and calacatta. Allah mentions that every match is decided we'll come to this in more details. As I go deeper as we look at the meaning of the word codon. And finally, the verse ends with a sign of NATO cuddle and the duration of NATO cuddle. Salam here hotline peace until the rising of the dawn peace until Virgil time. So there's two things in this verse number one is one of the signs that you are experiencing like Nila. fukada What is that sign, Salam

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peace, the Earth is in a state of peace. It's something amazing you know, if you're someone who's experiencing doubts about Islam, if you're one of those youngsters who are like wondering with Islam is really the true religion or not. You know, I really would advise you to seek out legal counsel. Because once you experience the peace of God once you experience the angels descending or label God once you experience that yaqeen enters your heart. There's no way you can doubt Islam after that after you have the experience of a Kolkata, it's on a whole nother level of spiritual experiences. There is peace on that night. And then the duration is given when until 5g when 5g will set sail

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layer Kokoda is over it's now morning.

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Now, the surah tells us that layer group order is important that good deeds on that day of more than 1000 year 1000 months worth of reward that the angels come down and that the destiny is decided and that this piece until Virgil time, but there's still a lot of questions about it and you

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hovered over the remainder of today's talk. So the first question, what does it actually mean? Lila to puddle.

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And now let's look at the linguistic miracle of the Quran. You know, there are certain words in Arabic they have many meanings. And the beauty of the Quran is Allah subhanho wa Taala chooses words for the Quran, which have multiple meanings and all the meanings are correct. They are cookie cutter is one of these type of words, because the word laser cutter can mean many different things. It can mean many different things. And all of these meanings are correct. So instead, Allah subhanaw taala, using 10 different words to explain what legal color is used as one word color. And this one word has so many different meanings that he explains to us everything about this night. So what's the

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meaning of either one of the meanings of color is power? Right? So most of us know it as the night of power. Right? What do you mean by power, but one explanation of power is that your good deeds are powered up. Meaning instead of getting the reward for one good deed, you getting the reward for 1000 months worth of good deeds, that's more than 83 years worth of good deeds. That's one meaning of it being a night of power, right. Another meaning of pattern is constriction, where this is too much happening in one place at one time. Because on the other, they are angels everywhere. The earth is constricted with angels, right? They are angels everywhere. This is the other meaning of further

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that they are angels everywhere to the level that the Prophet slam city or more than the pebbles, right? We know two of the signs that we learned about Neko Potter, one should be Hades and the other two experiences of the llama is that on layer two corridor there is you know that the moon looks different. And when the sun rises, the sunrise looks different. And the explanation given by the AMA is because there are so many angels that their light is blocking out the sunlight. So that's why it has a different look on that night. Right? So it's a little colder, it's the night of constriction where there are so many angels, they are blocking the light. They are like everywhere. Angels are

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everywhere near the third meaning of God and they see the meaning most of us know when we learned the six pillars of Eman what is the sixth one the last pillar of Eman right imagine God the God we hire, He will surely mean Allah, that God or the good and bad of it is all from Allah, what is the meaning of color, we will talk about the six pillars of human destiny. Right? And this takes us back to the verse, right layer two color is the night of destiny. What does this mean? It means that only a little further, Allah reveals to the angels the destiny for the next one year. Now you must understand this is a very complex topic, the compact the topic of destiny, I'm not going to go into

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details about it. But just understanding the basic level that in the books of Akita they say that color is of two types, allows knowledge and what Allah has given to the ancients. Right? So a lot of knowledge, a lot of knows everything that's going to happen until the very end. Allah knowledge is infinite and perfect. Right? That is one meaning of the other meaning of culture is watch with the angels. You know, the Angel of debt, he got his sheet, who's going to go this year? When does he get that sheet? Every Lila? fukada. Right, who's going to be born this year, the angels in charge of that they get the list of the year fukada. Who's gonna get rich this year, they get their list,

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Andrea Coker, who's gonna get poor this year, they get the list of a vocoder who's gonna get sick this year. So the angels, their knowledge is on an annual basis. Their knowledge is only for what's happening the next year. Allah knows everything. And when do they get the list for the next year on Laila, Kolkata. Now I know there is some difference of opinion in our community. Some people believe that the destinies revealed on the 15th of Shabbat. But if you look at this verse of the Quran, in Surah, token and the verse in Surah, in both of these verses, Allah is saying that the matter is decided on this night. And what are these verses referring to which night? They are Kokoda? Right?

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So the Quran is saying that this happens a little further. And that's why, you know, I hold to the opinion that those who say that it happened in the 15 of shavonda is the weak opinion and Allah knows best, right? But the reason why I believe that opinion is weaker is because the Quran specifies this as being a virtue of late Okada. Now, why is it important that our destinies reveal on the echo cutter, this should inspire us to make dua because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Nothing can change your destiny besides. Meaning, doesn't mean it's going to change what it allows Monte Carlo Did you knew you're going to make the dua and he's going to change it

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according to your dua. But what do the angels changes perhaps, the angels might receive on their list or Laila Kokoda that you are going to go next year. Either your time on this earth is up

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You going upstairs? Right? It's over. And you sit on the edge of God and you make your order, drag me along life with good health.

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And your name gets taken off that list, you call them for that year is change. Right? Maybe it's written for you in the upcoming year that your company is going to go bankrupt or you're going to lose your job or something like that. And a legal guardian, you spend the night crying and asking Allah for Baraka and your wealth and stability in your income, as well as strike set off your list. It's not going to happen. He changes it a lot, and he knew you're going to make the dua and he already knew he's going to change it doesn't mean we must do what we supposed to do. So

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it means the night of destiny, the night when destiny is revealed.

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We can mention former virtues of a crocodile. It is the night when the Quran was revealed. That's one virtue, it is a gift from Allah. So why is it a gift from Allah, there's a hadith behind this. Right? The Hadees behind this is that the people of the earlier generations, they used to live much longer lives, like we know prophet alayhi salam, he preached for 950 years, prefer other money, salaam Luftwaffe, around 1000 years as well. Right? The early generations they live for very long. So when the Sahaba heard about people from those generations, who for example, spent 1000 months in jihad, or 1000 months, doing chiamo live and you know, they also we are going to get the kind of

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opportunity right now, how are we going to earn what the earning somebody loved in the time of New Orleans Salaam, and they spent 1000 months doing ibadah entry. Now most of us we're not going to look past 60 or 70. The prophet SAW himself said the average lifespan of Izumo will be between 60 to 70. Right, so for those brothers and sisters we've reached at age May Allah grant you the long life but you know, we need to prepare for the next life as well. Right? All of us who are below that don't think you can go, any of us can go at any time, are we talking about average lifespan? The point is the average lifespan of 60, or 70 is very short compared to the history of this world. And

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if you want to do 1000 months worth of ibadah, it's not humanly possible. It's not humanly possible for us. So Allah gave us a gift, he gave us a chance to earn this 1000 months worth of worship every single year. So every single year, you get a chance to do like 83 years worth of worship. Now imagine if you do this every single year for the rest of your life.

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Just say you're a youngster and you start when you're like 15 or 16 and you spent laser cutter in Nevada, and you do it every single year, right when you are 70 8095 whatever it is, imagine the amount of good deeds you have nothing of judgment.

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Imagine how many centuries of ibadah you have on the Day of Judgment. Allah is giving us a gift and an opportunity that he has never given to anyone before. This is something that if you understand it, there is no way you're going to be sleeping the night of a toccata because this is your chance to to earn beyond your imagination rewards. Another virtue of network other is that it's a night of forgiveness. How do we know each night of forgiveness

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to honey says the first Hadees the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said when cosmoledo Qadri Manawatu Saba Kumar Taka Minami whoever spends the night of legal Catarina, Nevada

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out of Eman out of belief in Allah and hoping for the words from Allah for who fear Allah who maka Domine zombie he all of his past sins are forgiven.

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Right? This is what Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said by the way, he said the same thing about fasting the month of Ramadan and praying the rosary every night of Ramadan. So this should inspire us to do all of these things.

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The other hand is is the time when I shall rajala asked the prophets lawyers tell them what do I should I make on the Kokoda?

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What is the dua he taught?

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He taught to the dua which translates as, Oh Allah, you are most forgiving.

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You love to forgive, so forgive me.

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Why did he choose this Dubois specifically for later Kokoda? Allah in the carpool to Hebrew akufo me, Oh Allah, you are most forgiving and doesn't just mean forgiveness. It means forgiving and erasing, wiping it out of your book of deeds as if it never happened. That's what it means. Right? The older you love to forgive and erase our deeds, so forgive me erase my deed my bad deeds for my book of deeds. Why did he tell us to make this do on the older man's day because that is the night when Allah forgives us. So that's why the one where we are told to make on that night is to do offer forgiveness. Now which of us is without sin? Which of us can say no, I don't need

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Other good.

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Which of us can say my book of deeds is fine, you know, I don't need to so they make mistakes. But notice here, all of us have got a mountain of sins just from last little quadrangle, this yellow, each and every one of us are sitting on a pile of sins. And we need these things to be wiped away. Later Oh God, there is an opportunity to completely completely wipe it out of our pockets.

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So these are some of the virtues of the Eco kata. There's two more things I want to mention are the three more things before we conclude number one, number one is what are the signs of nickel? copper, we mentioned one already. Number two, what date exactly is layer two copper and a clear up some misconceptions about that and explain some differences of opinion about that. And finally, an answer questions a lot of young people's head. And that is, why not just tell us the date.

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And this is a question that people ask, you know what I just mentioned in the sutra laid vocabularies on the 27th of Ramadan or something like that. They made life so much easier. Right? We'll come to that last answer that one last because that's a really important question. I think that's the right point to end on. But this goes back to what are the signs of little cuddle? Well, the signs of lyrical core that we have we derive it from four sources. Number one, the Quran number two, the Hadees number three, the statements of the Sahaba and number four, the experience of the odr experience of the righteous Muslims throughout history, right. So when we look at the signs and

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the dangers of nickel codon is based on these four sources. Number one, the Quran. In the Quran, Allah says Salam is a night of peace. And explain this in the Hadith, the Prophet Muhammad SAW some status, then later on, there is peace there is no noise. There is there is no disturbances. This tranquility, right? It's neither hot or cold. It just feels different. We just feel different. Right? So we can take from here some of the signs of layer two color number one, it is a night of peace. And we know you're this busy part of Durban we always never get nights of peace, right? There's always someone who thinks someone driving extra fast. dogs barking people chasing each

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other. But Suhana you must pay attention the last night of Ramadan, you will find one night which is nothing, not even crickets. No Sunday, you see there's nothing there's crickets, when it'll cuddle. You can't even hear the cricket. It's like just complete complete silence. When you experience that, especially in a busy area like this, you know, you're gonna play a vocoder, that salame is dead, that piece is dead, it's all around you. The second thing we take from this idea is is that label color, the weather is going to be just right, it won't be a hot night, it won't be a cold night, the weather is going to be just fine. You're not gonna need to turn on the AC, you are going to need to

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turn on the heater, right? It's going to be just fine.

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In another Hadith, the prophet SAW some status that on way to the moon looks different. Now there's different translations for the Hadees I actually found this word was difficult to translate to English.

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But let's just say it looks different. I think that's probably the best way to explain it. Right? That the moon doesn't look like how it looks every other night. It just looks the fact most of the translations say it looks like a plate. I don't really know if that's the correct translation. There's maybe we don't have a word in English for what's mentioned in Arabic. But that's how it's often translated. It looks like a plate, right? So basically is going to look different, the moon will look different. So when you see a night in the last night of Ramadan, with the moon looks different. That's probably Laila Kokoda. Right. Another of the signs mentioned is that the sunrise

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will be different. Right at the sunrise, the, the rays of the sun will be different, it won't be like, like the blinding light, it will be more of a cooler sunrise as a common sunrise.

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And the last two signs is really taken from the experience of righteous people throughout history. And that is, throughout history. And even our generation I've been many people who have experienced this is that on a certain night, in the last few nights of Ramadan, you feel the presence of the angels, and you just feel in your heart that tonight is the night.

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Right. And this is our gift that Allah gives to the righteous. So these are some of the signs of the Eco cutter. Now we don't have much time left. So let's get into the big topic that everyone asks about. When is Laila Kolkata and in our community everyone says 27 of Ramadan, right? So some of us who unfortunately only go to the masjid the 27th of Ramadan, and just in that alone, we can see the wisdom why Allah didn't tell us which is

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good if Allah had mentioned is Surah Al Qadir, Khadija 27 nights of Ramadan, again to 90% of the Ummah would only worship Allah on the 27th.

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And because most of us want shortcuts, most of us are just looking for the shortest cut to paradise. So there is a wisdom that Allah subhanho wa Taala has kept many things secret from us. Had he revealed these things to us, we will have become lazy. Right. And Laila to call them is one of them.

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Stage. So when is laser cutter? There are actually many different opinions.

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One opinion and this is opinion Abdulla, Masuda, Rollo and who is the 27th night of Ramadan? But other Sahaba said no the 21st night. Other Sahaba said no the 23rd night. So right here you can see that is the harbor themselves had a difference of opinion. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said we should seek it in the last 10 nights of Ramadan, so we can at least see it in the last 10 nights of Ramadan on one of the odd nights. But now here's a question for you, if we can one of the odd nights, why should we seek it on all of the last night of Ramadan? Why do we seek it even on even nights?

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We seek it even on the eve of nights, just in case we got the moon sighting wrong. I think about it, half the world surpassing a day before us. So if they got the calendar, right, if we got the calendar wrong, then the ordinates and even lights are switched. Right. So just to be safe. According to both calendars. It's either on ideas or night in Saudi Arabia. So on every night you see King Lear gokada in Alaska nights, because you're not sure, right? Because again, our calculation of the calendar is not exact science, it's a matter of difference of opinion. Right? So we seek in all of the last few nights. So you can see that there's seven main opinions about Lake

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lucado. Seven, there's actually much more than this, but seven main opinions. Number one, it could be any night of the year. And this is more of a weak opinion because they are Hades is that mentioned it being in Ramadan? Right. Number two, that is the 27th of Ramadan. And this is the opinion of one of the Sahaba and many of the pious people throughout history. The third opinion is the 21st. Night, the fourth opinion the 23rd night, the first opinion, one of the ordinates in the last 10 nights of Ramadan, the sixth opinion, one of the last 10 nights of Ramadan, it doesn't even have to be an odd night. Right. And the last opinion this is the opinion I hold to, which I believe

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is strongest. That is in the last 10 nights of Ramadan. But it changes every year.

00:27:08--> 00:27:48

It's not a specific date. Allah subhanaw taala changes every year now why do I hope his opinion because there have been years where you felt like it was late recorded on the 23rd. And other years you feel like it's the 21st and other years you feel like it on the 27th. So what's going on you may be a lot is changing it every year. So as you continue to worship Him, instead of just, you know, taking it okay, I found the data rest of the rest of my life. I'm just sticking to this one date. Right? So Allah maybe this is why he changed it every year. So this is the seventh opinion that is in the last 10 nights but it changes every year. And that's the opinion I hold true. And Allah knows

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best which opinion is most correct. So to end off on the end of what a very important discussion but before I do that,

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again someone asked what do we do on a vocoder? Any goodies, any goodies we mentioned earlier do automake Allah you are most forgiving you love to forgive so forgive me right? So we should make the Torah and the prophets law your son would spend the night in salah and reciting Quran so we should spend the night in Salam reciting Quran really you can do any cooking. You can give charity on that night you can spend the night making a sequel, spend the night into ad spend the night in Kiev only spend the night reciting Quran or do all of it, split up your night.

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Do all of it split up a night and do as much of whatever you can throughout the night? Whatever good deeds you Excellent. So now the big question a lot of young people ask us, why did Allah just tell us the date? Why did he leave it ambiguous and unclear? Why does he allow these things to be differences of opinion? Right? And the answer, which I hinted at earlier, is that there are many, many things. If Allah had told them to us, we would become lazy. So Allah keeps them a secret. So we keep working hard for the rest of our life. Right? So for example,

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we don't know whether Allah has accepted our good deeds or not right? So we continue doing good deeds for the rest of our life. We don't know whether Allah has forgiven our sins or not. So we continue making is still fine for the rest of our life. We don't know what our risk is what our sustenance is, Allah knows, we don't know. So we continue working hard for the rest of our life. Now imagine alone, if you imagine Allah told you, you know what, when you are 29 years old, you're going to become a millionaire. Right? But when you testify, you're going to become bankrupt. You know most of us are going to do will never work a day in our lives. Right? Because we already know what we're

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getting or not getting. But Allah keeping this a secret from us, even though he knows we work hard for the rest of our lives. I none of us know when we are going to die. Allah knows but we don't. So we continue worshipping Allah.

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Everyday as if it is on us. And none of us know when he's late to call them. Why? Because if we knew we'd only be in the machine on that night, we come to the machine that night and we ask Allah, Allah forgive me for not coming to the machine for the rest of the year, right? We make our

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money and the rest of the year, we go about doing our own things, our understanding our weakness, knowing that most of us are like this, most of us, we want the shortcuts, right. This is human nature, we want shortcuts. So to keep us working hard, he did not tell us exactly when it is. Right, he saw that now he said one night, you have 10 nights of doing your best. So as we end, I would advise each and every one of you, these 10 nights, up your game, take your ibadah to the next level, worship Allah in such a way that you've never worshiping before. After that you can go back to your normal lives. But for these 10 nights, live up to your full potential as one of the

00:30:59--> 00:31:00

worshipers of

00:31:01--> 00:31:36

either the people of the past in the last few nights of Ramadan, if they were to stop teaching, if they're working, they closed their shops, whatever it is, they give it up, they go into a coffee cup, right? And they would just spend this time with the worship of Allah. I myself, I just sent an email yesterday to all my clients in the next 10 days about doing any work only after work. Now. I think if you have that freedom to do that, do that. If you can take leave from work, take leave from work, if you can go for a cup, go for a cup, or if you have your own business concluded for 10 days closing for 10 days, do what you can, if you can't do any of that they at least spend a portion of

00:31:36--> 00:32:16

the night in worship, at least wake up two hours before to work before surgery and start worshiping Allah. Right. But make sure that you catch the blessing of this night. For someone who doesn't catch the blessing of this night has not understood how important this night is. Which of us can say we don't need the reward of 83 years worth of worship. Which of us can say we don't need our sins forgiven. Which of us let's say now I'm fine. I don't need that. None of us so do whatever you can to catch later. And make this the 10 nights in which you worship Allah more than you've ever watched around your life in these 10 nights transform into the best version of you. And if you do that and

00:32:16--> 00:32:33

inshallah we will get the night of April God will get the forgiveness of Allah subhanho wa Taala will get our glass answered we'll get the reward of 83 years of worship or more and you will ensure this may be a means of us entering into gender terracotta Halo Africa 111 Robin alameen wa Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh