Adnan Rashid – What Makes Muhammad A PROPHET – Vs Christian – Interesting Debate

Adnan Rashid
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the confusion surrounding the definition of prophecy and the importance of understanding what it represents in relation to the culture of the world. They explain that the definition of prophecy is based on the book of Isaiah 23, verse 12, and that the definition of a miracle is based on the book of Genesis the book of Genesis. They also mention that the definition of a miracle cannot be explained in relation to the culture of the world.
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So it is very clear that these people are completely inconsistent when it comes to their standard of prophets. They apply one standard to Jesus, and many comes from Muhammad. They've completely divorced all those standards, they throw them in the sea, they don't want to talk about them. What makes Muhammad the Prophet you haven't answered that. You have you explained what have you explained? Have you explained? Well, let me finish. I listened to you. And you listened to me now? You said you said

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no problem Don't worry.

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We all

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question the question what makes the question

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asked the question.

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Yes. Yes. Using your criteria that that particular prophecy is he's claiming a specific I'm saying it's not and I'm sure he does not understand

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if you want to walk away you can walk away

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if you're

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I showed you I showed you

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you're gonna check.

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Sticking to the this is the topic

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is the topic of prophecy. Prophecy. To go back to what I'm bringing back to you. Let's talk about Muhammad.

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Muhammad I love Muhammad

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the Scripture

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why can you talk about Muhammad? Can you remain

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To the question specific question is,

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I wonder and I am asking, what is the profit? We're still discussing. So what is the profit? What is the profit?

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Did you over and over again?

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Can you initially answer the question? This is this is some very on you're gonna you're gonna repeat it

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over running, I'm running

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okay, you said,

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I've said what makes Muhammad a prophet and I asked, What do you

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use? I know he said, you said to me, okay. What

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you said to me, okay, what makes a perfect okay, you need to clarify the standard.

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Okay, fair enough. All right.

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Perfect call you can proceed.

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Is it okay, now used to be even more specific? Show me.

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You know, my, okay. So then I asked, but I'm not writing. That's enough. I should be more clear, you should be more specific. You should be more specific. We said what the miracles define mental toughness is not you didn't just want me to say it was broken. He said define it. I then defined God into me and I even used x two and also 2018. See, this is what Quinta was prophecies. And I explained how

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and then you said, miracles, I not only explained it to you, but also gave you examples of miracles for example, raising people from the dead. He didn't blind so so forth. Okay. And I've sent you I've given scriptures I've given you explanations, or given you hermeneutics Jesus view then you go over

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to David, okay. And you said, David, post the category of prophecy prophets. I said, Okay, I believe you, okay.

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And I've missed it

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No, okay. So, okay, David, who's got this category, right. You said you said you can prove it will prove prophecies. Yes. Fantastic. David, why can you not prove with Muhammad? Why can you not prove it Muhammad? Ali David primont loses you prove it with Jesus. Muhammad stuff.

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My time out you

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cannot. You cannot

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you have to be tricky.

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Yeah, okay. Now, Godwin said that that prophecy in Isaiah 53 specific. And then he had to explain why it's specific even to explain why specific you have to explain it, right? So we do, we do the same standard. Now we apply the same standard God when applied on Jesus and that prophecy in the book of Isaiah, same book, chapter 29, verse 12, we have a verse, it states when the book is given to the one who is not learned, and it is said to him read, he will say I have not learned and when the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him was in the cave of Hara, he received a man an angel in the shape of man. And he said, he came and he said, extra read. And Muhammad said, ma Bukhari, I am not

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learner. This is what you call specific, okay? Now watch him reject this prophecy and say, No, this is not Muhammad. And amazingly, this incident never happened anywhere else in the entire history of humanity. No other man can be thought of when we discussed this prophecy, so even though Isaiah 53 is vague, he thinks is specific. And even though this one I just quoted from Isaiah 2912 is specific, even say it doesn't apply to Muhammad, it is something else. Okay? So it is very clear that these people are completely inconsistent. When it comes to their standard of profited. They apply one standard to Jesus. And when it comes to Muhammad, that completely divorced all those

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times. They throw them in the seat, they don't want to talk about them. That's why I'm trying to dissect his definitions. I'm trying to understand what does he mean by prophecy? And what is the difference between prediction and prophecy is a very important question. Before we start talking about prophethood. We need to understand what it constitutes and what it constitutes, according to God when it constitutes two things. One is prophecy. The other one is miracle. And we're trying to understand what is a miracle in a prophecy and he simply cannot explain what these two things are. Because he's trying to he's still struggling. Okay.

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