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In two weeks time, I am launching my new book Homeschooling 101: What To Expect In Your First Year.


AI: Summary © A speaker discusses a book called 101 What to expectation in the first week of November 2016, which will be available on their website soon. The book will be sold in PDF format and will be available in printed format in the first week of November. The speaker explains why people keep asking about homeschooling and provides information on why homeschooling is important.
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh hamdulillah I have completed writing my new book, homeschooling 101 what to expect in your first year, and this short video is to just let you all know that this book will be available soon inshallah, hopefully within the next two weeks, I'm hoping to launch it in the first week of November 2016.

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The book will be sold via my website for about $7 in PDF format initially, inshallah next year, we hope to launch it in printed format as well. Now this book comes to the 101 came about because many people keep asking me about how do we get started with homeschooling? What do we do in what do we need to purchase? A lot of things people are asking. So I put together this book and this five exciting things about this book number one, the foreword of the book is written by Doris Irwin. Now those of you who are familiar with homeschooling know that she's really the one that inspired most of us to start homeschooling. So it's really an honor that she read through my book and wrote the

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foreword as well. Number two, I mentioned why I started homeschooling given my personal story for the details. Thirdly,

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I go to a nine step process on what to do in your first year. How do you settle into homeschooling the nine step process, of course, everyone's going to be a bit different, but this helps to smooth things in and cover lovely gray areas. And just to make your first year a bit easier than it was for many of us. I also discuss 10 reasons why you should consider homeschooling your child has a very interesting chapter that really enjoyed writing, and I hope that it gets a lot of you thinking. And finally, the end of the book has a FAQ section 20 frequently asked questions about homeschooling with my answer. So I hope that you enjoyed the book and I hope you will all benefit from it. And

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remember that homeschooling, it's really a different lifestyle altogether. It's something which comes with a lot more responsibility, but it's also something that's really what the memories, the quality of education, the kind of people that children grow into being is already worth the time that you invest into it. So if you're considering homeschooling if you just started, if you're not sure about it, if you're just curious about it, this book will benefit you inshallah, so, subscribe to my website and inshallah, within the next few weeks I've channeled an email as soon as the book is launched, and you can all be amongst the first people to buy it for your support of Salaam

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