Dont Be a Dream Breaker

Alaa Elsayed


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Don't be a dream breaker. Don't be a dream breaker. You know what I talked about the elephant theory a little bit later. But here's what the elephant theory is all about.

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Remember what the elephant is young, they put a shackle around them very strong and really rooted in the ground that they cannot move. psychologically. They know as soon as they put the shackle what happens I can move.

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So when the elephant grows, they just put the shackle. They don't worry about anything else, because psychologically, he thinks that as soon as they put on, I tried it before. That's it. So how does that pretend to you? Listen some of this and maybe some of us were actually raised that way. You're stupid. You're an idiot. I wish you never had you. You're worthless. I wish you were like this.

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Does that sound familiar to some of us? Raise your hand. Don't tell me. Well, I, some of us were raised like that, man.

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So what happens that's the elephant theory.

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You guys who you think who you are who you're told who you are.

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And if the most important people that are supposed to raise you protect you love you and nourish you are telling you you're stupid. You're worthless. I must be. There must be right. I am worthless. I'm stupid. I'm an idiot. That's the elephant theory. Now the child comes up to you says Dad, I want to go you know, they see that star up there. I want to go that day. Well, what are you crazy? What do you think who you think you are? I'm stronger. You just broke the dream of this young man that wants to go to actually go to the moon that wants to do something. Don't ever ever break a dream of your child? Yes, son. I'm sure you'll be the best of it. I'll do my the best I can to help you to get to

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the moon. And you know what? When you go there, send me an email man. Whatever. Tell them give them hope. Tell them listen on his door. I want to write astronaut Mohammed.

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Write it down. He sees it. It's a visual. It's an aid. Yes, I believe. I mean, I believe you know your he told me that. I believe in you, son. I believe in you data. Yes. You'll be the best doctor there is. Yes, you'll be the best politician we ever had. You'll run this country better than any okay. No politics again.

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You know what it is? So please don't be a dream breaker for your child. Be a supporter be the one that says yes, you can