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Kadeen is being followed by a man who is trying to seduce her, but she refuses to give any information and is facing a lot of sexual abuse. The man is lying and trying to convince her to take a lie while she is in a weaker position. The plot is severe and the woman is in a difficult situation, as she needs to be cautious and not let anyone in her family members' knowing of it. The speakers also discuss the danger of false accusations and the need for transparency in the media, as well as the use of language and the danger of negative comments to harm people.

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Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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the wife of the Aziz is now chasing number Yusuf alayhi salatu salam to the door. in Farsi Luna lesson amazonica. She's chasing him to the door with the intention that she still wants him she still wants to seduce him was tubercle Bab the rest of the door abusive trying to get out and she was trying to pursue him. Well got that come in. So who mean do green sheathing to his shirt from behind again, we see the shirt will feature throughout the story. Here the shirt comes in again, obviously a differentiate.

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But she takes his shirt or whatever type of Apple garment he had from the back whilst he was trying to escape.

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And as he's approaching the door as he manages to unlock the door and open up the door, what alpha is a guida?

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Who do they see when they do these as he standing. She's standing with use of shirt don't have usually setosa lamb is got a tone shirt on. She's got a piece of the shirt in the hand.

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And she immediately says call it matches a woman Annika Sue and

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Ella Justina.

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She says to the Aziz, you know, what do you say about such a person who wants to do something evil with your family. In other words with your wife, I can only see two options. Either you imprison him or you punish him severely. So we can actually turns the story around. Because obviously she was now caught out and abusive to s&m he's in a position of weakness. Because he happens to be the slave. he happens to be the, the, the guests so to speak in the house, who's the husband going to blame first. She takes advantage of that. Now in our day and age, the person in the week in the week position when it comes to scenarios such as this way, it's no one saying that it's an act of sexual abuse and

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so forth, is normally the lady, normally the lady. And because the lady is normally in the weak position, these now a train that in other moment is something it's going to be the man's fault, the courts will tend to see it as the man's fault, the jury will tend to see it as the man's fault. You have this whole me to movement happening. We regardless of who says what, if there is an accusation, it's going to be that the man will be taken as the as the the guilty party. And unless you don't get into that I'm just making you a way of how these things work without any evidence without any trial. This is how things can turn around. Allah protect us from such fitna, Paula here here with me and

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I've seen obviously an abuse of Allah Santos Anam is going to respond and say, No, no, it's not me. She's the one who tried to seduce me. Why shahida he don't mean Allah. And as a loaded someone from her household, both testimony, they spoke up. Now the professor gave some explanations for this, they differ again as they differed with regards to what was the sign that the use of so yeah, they differ as to who was this person giving testimony. Now, as you can see, almost 400 Tyler like he didn't say what the sign was. He doesn't tell us who the witness is. So it's obviously not that important with regards to the plot of the story. So it's not necessary for us to get into it. But

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for interesting, some of us who don't explain that it was an elderly gentleman with a beard as they say no, it was a miraculous event with a baby in a cradle actually spoke out. Some people will find this as I actually heard someone sitting in front of me once and saying they heard some mom say that this baby in the cradle spoken out iniquitous, if it is that and all those based it's not ridiculous. nabire salicylate wassalam could speak miraculously as a baby. So if the same unless Mohammed Ali decides to do it, you know, and another baby is

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ridiculous. We don't need to get into it. Allah knows best who the witness was. What did the witness say at this point in time in Cana commies who put them in coolin fossa docket or who Amina KDB very simply, if the shirt is thrown from the front, and she's telling the truth, that means that we Yousuf was trying to seduce her he was coming for her. And she then tried to defend herself and in the process, that repetition. If that's the case, then she's telling the truth. He's lying in kind of pamesa who could have been doing it revision stone from behind, that means he was obviously trying to flee and she was trying to pursue him for kelabit and she's telling a lie while wamena saw

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the pain and he's telling the truth falam Murakami so put them into so the Aziz took this information even so that number use of shirt was in fact don't from behind, or in a woman came in he said, You know, this is a view women folk. This is speaking to his wife now he's obviously angry. So this is a view

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Women for this is your plot in Nikita could now vim your plot is very severe. This plotting and planning of use is very obscene. But still, she's his wife. She's the minister's wife. She's in a position of power and abuse of any status and I'm in a weaker position. He's finding himself in a very difficult situation. This disease, this minister was very kind to him, right? They gave him a good place to live. He grew up in the home. Now he's sitting in a position whereby he's still the, quote unquote, slave, he's the one who was purchased for working in the home, etc. Now he's being accused of this. Who is the minister going to blame? How is he going to handle the situation even

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after he received evidence that it is in fact his wife's fault? He says, To never use of Alexa to Assam use of audio and how the use of these things just, you know, turn a blind eye? Forget about it.

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Why selfie really dumpy communities the his wife when he says you seek forgiveness for yourself betting in murky Continental haltian. You are from among those who have made a mistake. You have made a mistake. Now think for a second, had this truly been abusive, Alison to Sarah, how would he have been responded? At this point? We're not looking at what happens later, just at this point, how would he have responded? We learned a lesson from this. The other verses in the Quran, some of which would appear in the surah. That was just completely tax a lot of money that we all listen for Hannah Medina tells us, oh believers, be just stand up for justice, even if it be against your own family

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members, even if it be against your close family members, your own parents, your own children, even if it's against yourself, we justice must prevail for the second hour allow justice to prevail. And if you must give testimony, when testimony is required, give honest testimony, even though your family might be the brunt of that. We are not as believers allowed to swing things in our favor, just because it's our family members. It's our friends. And this is obviously something that is prevalent in society, whether it be through nepotism, or any other form of corruption. These things happen all the time. But we need to be cautious because we don't have a responsibility just to an

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outsider and as a guy in our fasting, how we deal with other people, how we give testimony with other people, how we trade finance with other people how we buy and sell from other people all of this is governed by a beautiful deaneries. Now, we must always be just well to make as people of justice, then at this point, now fitna has taken place. fitna meaning trouble now. And once travel takes place. Trouble spreads. Bad news spreads very quickly. And immediately the new start spreading throughout the city McCall a nice one to one call a nice welcome Phil Medina. The ladies from the city they started speaking,

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impromptu lies easy to do Fatah and nuptse Have you heard

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people speak? And you know after that, nothing good comes? Nothing good comes. What did you hear? Did you hear that the wife of the minister seduced her own slave boy. Did you hear that? Hold on. I

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can imagine what a thing called a sham of this lady is madly in love. She's She's lustful. She's desperate. You know, because she's lascivious.

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They are saying nice things about them. But again, Allah teaches us a lesson. From this we know the dangers of fitness. Now whilst whilst the Wi Fi Z's wife of the minister she was in fact, she was wrong. Yeah, this guy is not justified because of that crime. Just because she did that wrong. It doesn't mean that it's okay for these ladies now, gossip, because gossip in and of itself is wrong and wrong. Iran does not make a right. And they can't say you know, but it's true.

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But I'm telling the truth doesn't matter. It's still wrong. And now

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what's worse is that they don't understand the situation. Now the use of was no ordinary man. He was half of the beauty of all creation. And they didn't get that. Now just because of that Allah puts them also in a test. So nonetheless, they say in Nanana Rafi dollar movie and we see her she's very much this lady's lost it

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now tomorrow night, we're going to find out what the heat is towards again. And this is just as interesting because now the diseases wife, she comes to hear that Oh, are you saying that about me? He's saying this about me and then she puts them through a trap which they also fail. Some Allah Subhana Allah make us from among those who can avoid wrong and when the wrong is taking place. May Allah make us from among those who can turn away from it and not be from among those who indulge in it because it's Nicodemus.

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Gonna that is something that's sometimes even worse than the bad thing itself. Somebody did something wrong it is between them in between Allah even the fix us directly then we can involve ourselves but if it doesn't mean Hosni Islamic Allah otaku melayani the Prophet says, the sign of a person's good Islam is when a person leaves of that which does not concern that's a sign of your excellent Islam. So hello. But today it's a matter of everybody wants an opinion. This person had an affair with that person that everybody needs to talk about it and decide now who was right who was wrong. How should the set that should not have happened? malice behind it Allah protect us from

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being part of the figure and may protect us from speaking about fitna so that we can just avoid all of that completely. Allah protect is always asking you that ohana and hungry the horrible anime in Santa Monica.