Irshaad Sedick – Surah Yusuf 22 – Dreams A

Irshaad Sedick
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Before we get into the new topic of discussion, which is founded within the story of novel use of nighties, dreams and dream interpretation is just a few methods that I wanted to address it, I thought it would be a good time since we completed the Tafseer of surah. Yusuf and related

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to the order, and there's a few things that I wish to highlight since last year Ramadan. The first in no particular order, is the fact that the masjid has completed its renovation of the flat, that's just down the road, it's on the corner. And this is going to be officially open tomorrow evening in an IRA, it will be a source of income for the machine itself. So it's what this is what we call an endowment, something is institutionalized the benefits of which is not for one particular person, but for a cause. So that would be for the cause of the magic, if you will, you would be invited tomorrow evening to get Have a look at that in the night either. And I believe that the first

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occupants will be taking the place the I think, Saturday in shall live data. So this is, of course, a great achievement because many Islamic institutions these days, in fact, I would say most of Islamic institutions really struggle to make ends meet. And, you know, our donors are very limited and hungry like they gave, but it's very difficult to keep giving, you know, when one has to see two other needs as well. So this will be a very important means for the magic to progress forward, and we request you to our eyes in that regard, inshallah, then

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there are some future plans as well that I'd like everybody to be aware of that the West Wing of the masjid, currently, as part of the budget will be converted into a multipurpose wall, which is a great facility to have in the machine as well. So any events and so forth will be taking place. We can do with a with this, you know, tiles and they can just throw the carpets open if needs be.

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All of this, of course costs money. But I would like to point out something that we started appealing last year Ramadan and 100 others here we're up and running, and it deserves some mentioning. So last year, I made a an appeal that our sound system needs, you know, an upgrade, and are hungry that immediately some brothers responded. And that's why we have such beautiful sound here this year. So, you know, those brothers that are mentioning this tonight, because actually they're not here tonight. So that's a good time to mention it.

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So handle, I would like everybody to make a special offer with him. Because if you think about it every half of the Qur'an that has been recited through the system, since it's installment, every clause every bit of knowledge that will go into the book of deeds on the day of the AMA and everything that will ever take place from this moment forward. Will it be on the night of Nana toccata on the nights of Ramadan, on Juma etc. It's all in the account. So they didn't actually spend anything they invested in the effort of some Allah Subhana Allah reward him in abundance, then of course, we add a bit of a surplus. So then we went into other installations as well, including

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the screen. Now I specifically didn't use this screen for the talks at night this year. Because if everybody and the NFC is at look at the screen, I would have been in a lot of trouble because not everybody can have a clear view of it. So obviously then we need a few more, we need at least three or so more so that we can have it spread out in the machine. And so that everybody can have a clear view so that next year Ramadan instead of me just explaining with half of the story of Nabil musala salat wa salam, which is the Nia Villa, we can also see the ayat and the lessons thrown from that. So it's already a done deal, inshallah, it's just a matter of who wants that benefit in their hero,

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and who's willing to to donate those funds in shower. Then another thing that I thought was very much worth mentioning is that I know of three brothers who are fasting and having the first week in this Ramadan for the very first time in their lives, because they just reverted to Islam in this year, or soon before that sign up for the new routine is having his first thought Oh, we haven't sure which is first fast as well, as fast as well. Now he's faster before and then this brother, Kyle, and rather even Kyle was here the other evening and he was telling me I was Ramadan is going and even as well who comes here for Juma and sometimes other occasions as well both of them

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Mashallah. All three of them and others that I know of, if you can imagine there being a fully grown adult, having lived your entire life and now having to get into fasting and having to get into the tarawih at night, state force brothers mitorah for them and for all of those who embrace these nominees and is experiencing Ramadan for the first time. May this be enough to take your two gentlemen, ministry enough to fill your life with her and Baraka, your families. May Allah guide all of them to Islam as well and may you be a source of guidance in light for the oma going forward.

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I mean Europe Allah Allah me. Then I also want to make mention of our own Imam Imam Yusuf Pandey Masha Allah. It is a pleasure to serve under him as as an assistant here at the masjid because this year Imam is actually an email of the magic for 50 years. That's how office injury.

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That's a lot to handle. And I think I speak into correction, but I'm pretty sure the mom is the longest serving Imam alive today at one machine, and that's quite an accomplishment. I haven't held a job for more than five years. I've moved around quite a bit in pharmacy for 15 years. I have a lot to learn from his wisdom and guidance. May Allah Subhana Allah preserve him for many more years. But I think all the health and all these things to fulfill all of his duties and strength. Luckily, mom's got quite a bit of that. If you've been on hydromorphone, Eman, you will put you to shave. I kid you not, I mean 47 or 48, Hajj journeys consecutively and the outshines many of the other

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youngsters like you and I will be struggling. And you see a man comes running past you. That's that's the wisdom and then the state that Allah subhanaw taala has granted him Allah grant in many, many more years, I mean, your anatomy. And I also want to give a special word of thanks to the committee of the management as well trust me I'm not getting paid for this and they do not ask me to do this. But I specifically wish that the gemera keep them in your doors simply because there are many masajid with many committees, and I've worked with many of them. And usually the committee's are the guys who want to make all the decisions and make all the power plays. But they're not able

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to actually be part and parcel of the programs when it's happening. Not this committee Mashallah they are the front row guys, they are always working, they're always serving, always looking to improve, always looking to add, you know, add substance to the programs that are held at the masjid, malice behind them and the families in America in the lives in this world and in the world you're after it is what makes the match sheet function. And then lastly,

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I'm not going to mention the profiles because they're going to keep the whole affair etc with me. So inshallah data loss haven't actually mentioned the Gema yourselves, Mashallah, to see the mesh, it's still practically full without counting that section and that side, the practically full on the 24th night of Ramadan.

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for emergencies such as this, we're not in a residential area, right? We're not doing the two minute taraka type of thing. But yet the masjid is still predominantly for, you know, a handler that shows that there's a hunger there's a thirst for less behind the dial in our lives. May Allah quench our thirst. May we achieve closeness to him? And may we constantly throw close to him until we meet him so that we can be the closest that we are to him on the day that we meet him. I mean Aeroplan, I mean, so Masha Allah, Allah Subhana Allah, please hiren Baraka in all of your lives, and families as well. I'm in Europe. So the topic that I want to speak about, and I'm not going to get into that,

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just wanting to reduce it, and then leave you hanging his his dreams. So one of the brothers or few brothers actually asked me, I mentioned the significance of dreams, and how we should treat dreams in Islam. So obviously, in Surah, Yusuf we came across the dreams and the significance they have of number Yusuf, and then the king and so on. So what what significance do dreams actually hold for us? Was your dream. Even though sometimes people claim they don't dream? They do dream, they just forget about it the moment they wake up, but they've been. So what's the significance of that? Number one, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that through dreams, through Assad, Assad, there are

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146 pots of profited. There are one in 46 pots of prophethood. Scholars have looked at this and said that if you look at the 23 years of Revelation, six months before that he started receiving through dreams, and if you were to divide the time, you will see six months is 146 of that 23 year period. So these dreams were the introduction of ye to the Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam. So they mark the onset of Revelation. the truthfulness of a dream, however, is related to the piety of the one receiving the dream before we get into the categories of dreams, so if a non compliant Muslim, for Muslim with doesn't make Salah doesn't fulfill any obligations, that's all things are wrong. And all

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of a sudden that person that receives the dream they engine, are they standing in the harem and is poor and in their hand, and so on. Maybe it's a means of a list of 100 either to inspire them and to guide them, but they cannot take that as a truth.

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cream because they wouldn't be fulfilling the recommendations on the recommendation the requirements of one receives it through

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them. And then also you find that the Righteous Among Us, when they have through dreams, they know how to how to take it. They don't make it. They don't over emphasize it to the extent that now everything is based on dreams, they become fanatical about dreams. I saw this in a dream and I saw that in Italy, they understand Mashallah received the good dream from Allah, it's good news. They only speak about to those who are righteous, who they love, who they know will understand where they're coming from. And further, furthermore, they don't, they don't become fanatical about it. The profits are the lightest and it also taught us that towards the end of time, they will hardly be any

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untrue dreams. So as we approach kiama, more and more of the dreams that we receive will actually be through dreams. And he said, The reason for this is that people will be so far away from Prophethood that Dean would have become so distant for people that the dreams that they received would be the only source of connection to Prophethood service, perhaps Allah will give them that as compensation. Then,

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when it comes to the types of dreams, we've mentioned this before, now repeated now with some definitions, there are three types of dreams. These are Russian money that comes from the Rasul Allah subhanho wa Taala. Those are the true dreams we spoke about righteous dreams, then there's enough cerney comes from the knifes right? It's the subconscious mind at play things. You've seen things you thought about things it's been playing in your mind. So you see them in the dream, sometimes it's all mixed up and so forth. Then the last one is shaytani, which comes from Shay thought, we generally call these nightmares. So

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how do we deal with these dreams? We have a set of principles taught to us by the prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam as to how to deal with all three categories of dreams. So we will start explaining that tomorrow night inshallah Tyler

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and then hungry, not me.

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