Surah Yusuf 21 – Nabi Yusufs Legacy

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AI: Summary © The discussion on the death of Islam is highlighted, including the lack of support for the new Islam-leaning movement and the struggles of Islam during the time of hell. The speakers emphasize the importance of finding out who is truly involved in Islam's teachings and the dangerous implications of saying "we won't get into it much" to avoid getting into trouble. The speaker also touches on the legacy of abuse and the use of Islam as a means to achieve success, emphasizing the importance of learning from the experiences of others and finding out who is truly involved in Islam's teachings.
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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in Surah warfare, Allah subhanaw taala mentions Nabil Yusuf again. This is the only other place we are a little bit of information is given. And this is very much long after abuse of Allah salat wa salam is time. This is in fact in the time of Abu Musa Allah Serato Sam. So take aid centuries later.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala addresses the Bernice ra Elan says while Nakata accom used to human carbon will be in any form a zero fee Schottky measure a combi once upon a time Yousuf came to you with clear signs. But you continue to doubt him you continued to disbelieve in what he had to say,

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had to either halakhah until he died.

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Call to labor I thought LogMeIn barra de Rasulullah vinoodh say, Allah will never seen the messenger of the hain

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Cabeza de la men who are merciful More tab, and this is how Allah subhanaw taala sends a stray, all those who are trans cases, and skeptics who lives in doubt. What we learned from this is number one, that during his lifetime, despite how he saved the situation with regards to the feminine route, people still without him. And I said that they would still not believe in him completely. They would still say, Well, you know, should be funding you in this should be funding in that.

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But then he died. And his legacy became solidified to the extent that they felt they wouldn't be a prophet again after him. Now this is a common occurrence throughout the ages. It's no different later on with Nabi Musa, and they are believing that he's the best and he's the last. Even though the Scriptures speak about more to come and they looking for this Promised Messiah. They would rather falsify NaVi Risa they select wasallam, then to consider him the true prophet. And then the Nassau come about and they do exactly the same thing, that even though nerissa la salatu salam came to bring good news of a comforter to come after him. As the Quran calls it is Muhammad, that his

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name will be achromatic, as the Bible calls it, the Comforter, right? Even though these this prophecy, it would still be too difficult for some people to accept honor. But this, this legacy continues, and we have to go with the next prophet after that says Muslims, we are very fortunate Alhamdulillah in that we don't have to make any excuses. We don't have to justify this belief in any of the prophets. We actually accept all of them. It's a very logical argument, to speak to someone and say, Look,

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with all of these followers behind the messenger, speak to the Jew and you say, look, so many people follow the berries, and they believe that he was in fact a man of God, so to speak.

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So you think that is absolutely false? completely false? Isn't there a part of you that feels now maybe perhaps he was, you know, a person sent by God Almighty.

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And they will always be there down to the point because they're obstinate, so therefore they will still continue to reject Him.

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Muslims don't need to do that. We believe in the very sad so that was around and you go to Christians, I've had this conversation many times before, for the educated among them, if you ask them.

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What do you know about metal listeners? And if they know about him, if they've read his biography, and they are Christians who have if they know his legacy that he left behind? You asked him Do you believe? Do you genuinely believe that he is not a prophet of God at all? He was just a complete false prophet. I'm not speaking about you know, just the very religious among them. I'm speaking about the educated among them is the difference. Somebody can be extremely religious and they just very passionate about everything. Right. So they like the duck series. This one is Muslim, this one is caffeine finished. I speaking about the more educated those who actually read those actually have

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insight they willing to understand, you ask them, Do you really think that Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam is nothing? So some of them say no, with 1.6 billion followers around the world. You know, having been categorized as the best leader ever to have lived even above Nabhi Risa risotto. Sam, having such a strong legacy, it is impossible, that he can be nothing. So we tried to come up with an excuse thing. Perhaps he was a prophet, but only for the Arabs. Perhaps he was a prophet, but only for that time. And Jesus's message is you

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Universal. So even they have to make excuses as to why they don't fall in love with Mohammed cellulitis. Mm. But again, for the educated and enlightened mind, there is nothing about the belief of Islam that will make an intelligent person feel uncomfortable. While hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen. No matter how deeply you study it, no matter how intricately you decipher its messages, no matter how much you analyze it, you will never get to a point where you feel, you know, Islam says that I accept it, I can't really explain it, but I accept it. So this was the case of law, the use of vajrasattva Sam.

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in his lifetime, people still doubted him. The moment he passed on, they then accepted Him. And they said, this is going to be known as a prophet beyond often, we find the same phenomenon in our communities, even in contemporary times, if you listen to people speaking, speak about the people of the past. No, the projector of the old means all of us.

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Right? The shake was the best. And that check was the best people speak about you don't get them like that anymore. You don't get them like this anymore. And perhaps there's some truth to that. Hello, super Hannah Montana, Adam. However, it's always like that. If you go into that, that particular shade, who demands life, you will find that he had the very same struggles and people doubting him and people arguing with him and people opposing him during his lifetime that the current ones would have. But then he passes on, and his legacy becomes solidified. So much so that it is as though he was perfect in his time. We can mention many examples. But of course I don't want

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to be specific. That's just the lesson for us. So Allah subhana wa tada is teaching us a lesson.

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He's teaching us that we should never doubt in the message that he sends down to us regardless who it comes from karateka de la la human who are Muslim from Malta, because only those who are going into transgressions and into excesses and those who are doubtful, they will be led astray by the person because of the person as opposed to because of the message. But again at hamdulillah We are very fortunate in that we follow the deen of Islam. It is not a religion. It is the religion it is not a interpretation. It is the way of life. It's not named after a particular prophet like Christ and Christianity. We are not mohammedans we are muslims submitters submit this to the will of the

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one true God and in that we need to find out these Allah venio God reunify Attila, those who argue about our signs and our verses evading Soltani at home, without any authority that had come to them. Kabbalah makuta nine de la This is a very evil deed by Allah minor La Nina Amano in by those who believe karateka you have to borrow la vida que la comida compete in jabber like that all the seals the hearts of all those who are arrogant, arrogant tyrants. This is a very dangerous verse, we won't get into it much but just to say, Do not be from among those who think they can play with Allah's words and allez Diem, when they have no knowledge to do so. Nobody is barred from discussing Dini

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matters. For example, if there's a fifth issue, we often see time and time again, we get into a problem because there's some unclear method or an AMA discussing it. And people start arguing with us the sighting of the moon, you know, calculation, sighting, etc, then all of a sudden, we find these among among the general public, no knowledge whatsoever, and they start coming up with logical arguments. And this is really dangerous. And Allah warns us about this. So this is part of the legacy of abusive Elisa that was and that concludes our discussions with Nam use of solo while he while he was in Nam. And this is one more thing that I wish to have mentioned. And that is, you

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might have heard, and I didn't mention that up until this point, because I was still looking for authenticity. You might have heard that say that I shot a deal. And I was reputed to have seen had the ladies have an abusive story. Had they seen the profits of Allied SNM they wouldn't have kept their hands, they would have kept the Knicks in their heart because of his beauty. Now, it's a beautiful thing. Right? It's a beautiful thing. But there's no evidence of it that we've come across myself or my colleague, as yet. They were some attributions of that anomalous Acharya can run away without the senate saying that it was a boom that said I shot at YOLO Anna composed so what do we

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learn from it? If we say, hypothetically speaking, let's say it is authentic, and she did, in fact, compose that poem. What we really learned from it. What I would learn from it is the type of love that should exist between husband and wife, that the husband must be God, the wife

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literally the most beautiful woman on earth, and the wife should be called the husband as the most handsome man on earth, regardless of what they might see anywhere else. Because even the profitsystem would say that number usif was given half of the physical beauty and the rest of creation is given the other have no say Dasha wouldn't have it. He is way more beautiful. So we'll love what he said no. So that's a decent that we can actually learn. Now how many of our relationships are still in that Limbo, right? We that spark of love. And that spark of romance is is is the military minus that Allah does say about the Knights of force thing. in the locker room later

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cm refers to Isla de psycho. Una de basura kumaun to de Barcelona. Naka translated activity as a homework to do and Camila net inshallah Allah Azza wa Jalla wa ala Sayidina Muhammad Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa