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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah while he was off, be here on our bad, said mo aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Markarian Juma mu Baraka is behind Allah, the last Friday of the month of Ramadan, and it is the last jumar. So, of course, we know that we are under lockdown, and the situation in our country, especially in the Western Cape is still quite severe. The covid 19 pandemic is still hitting us hard. Unfortunately, this meant that we had a bit of a Ramadan in a strange circumstances. And it also means that our IID will be in within strange circumstances. Now, right now, it's important to contextualize. The fact that, even

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though we are going to feel a bit sad, and we're going to feel a bit despondent, about the processes of eat, especially in the morning, in the masjid, and so forth, we have to remember that we miss this particular ritual. And we miss the sentiments that go around it. But in terms of importance, understand that the Juma that we've been missing, and the Salah in the MSG that we've been missing, actually holds a greater importance for the masjid than the celestial aid. So this is simply because stiletto Dubois is far behind, it's followed upon every Micallef male, and the Salah in the masjid for the congregation who prays five times a day is a form of fire. So you know, it means that it

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must be taking place in the community, whereas the celestial aid is completely sooner. So because we are going to be under these circumstances, we need to understand that even though it's very sad, it's even worse that we actually are missing Joomla.

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Just to get into the idea of how to perform an installer i think is important today, because many people are going to be sitting with apprehension with some fear, you know, what are we going to do? How are we going to do this? Yes, we do know that we've been given a fatwa from the Muslim Judicial Council as well as a hookah, but allow me today to just take you through the of the solid iodine or the play of the to read in the light Allah. So, meaning, when we speak about the tour is we speaking about a new filter, as well as you have higher which takes less than a 10th of the ledger. And for different sake, this is coming from the reliance of the traveler, which is a translation of the

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Arabic work on this side. On the to salic it is a primer it is a it is a fixed text studied around the world for those who study the chef here a school of thought and it is a comprehensive text that basically tries to summarize the pungent views of the Shafi madhhab. So we are looking at the preponderant views of the Shafi school of thought in Charlotte Allah. So firstly, the prayer on the two days of aid is a confirmed son, right? Yes, una cara Tony isn't emphasized. So now we're using double l Jana, and it is recommended for this play to be taking to be taking place in a in a group. Now group means more than one in this instance, it's not like a specific group number. As with

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Joomla, if it's recommended to be performed in a group that means it's valid to be done alone as well. So if you are going to be in a household, we should only stick in a few stick to the rules and just all the people in that household, the males and the females, they should all be performing the Salah together in Charlotte Allah if you live alone, perhaps and then it's obviously still recommended for you to do it. And you should do it alone. That said, if someone for some reason or the other has an excuse not to do it at all, in other words, they leave it out they are not sinful they're just simply missing out in a major reward because it's a sooner more accurate and emphasized

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sooner handed in lap while up to him into law shamcey v period of this sada begins now when can we make the Salah from it worked. It actually begins at sunrise, why you never mean he has other aroma and it's recommended for the Salah to be performed when the sun is above the horizon for the for the length of a spear. Now obviously what this means is that if you look at the horizon, it looks as though you can fit a spear between the Sun and the horizon, but it's not meant to literally to be that of course. So, if you can see that is a little bit of a distance between the disk of the Sun and the horizon. Then that is the period in which it is recommended to perform satellite inshallah,

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why is the mirror work to either you have elisava and the time period for the Salah extends all the way until the walk the word otherwise the watchdog zoa what we call the zenith when the sun is at its highest point in the sky, and it moves away from that point. That's when God starts and that's when the insula is no longer at there and it's no

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longer on time, if I don't have him as GD affable enough for him, DARPA is a hero of God. Now of course we are speaking about the fix that's that's discussing normal circumstances, and not necessarily a COVID-19 situation. So we'll go through it and then we'll explain our current circumstances. To do it fill Masjid in the mosque is better after all, in it. So if the masjid is big enough to accommodate everyone in that particular location, fehrenbacher a Sahara of God, but if it's constructed such that no, you know, not everybody can fit into the mosque, then it's better to do it outdoors. And this is of course, your idea of ego comes into into being the Prophet alayhi

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salaatu wa sallam used to perform solitude away from as you'd never be, because all the people from the outside of Medina's city, they would come in so they will all be able to fit into measure. Remember, we said then they performed it outside. But the football have did use that if it was big enough, then they would have performed it inside the machine. So the machine is still the best place to do it. So when we speak about upper left, which is based that obviously means that it's still permissible anywhere else. So like outside with the Prophet Allah sent us an image to do it in your homes, in our case now under the covid 19 pandemic, it's all fine. It's all permissible. And again,

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remember, it is a tsunami of data, not a fault.

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Soon, we're addabbo satellite. What are the recommended measures for their EAD play? Right? What are the recommended in other words, what are the things we should do around the celebration of aid specifically around the solder

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we're using the Boo Elia cooler fill out.

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So when it comes to hair, it's recommended that one does not eat hotter your salmiya until the person performs the breaks in other words, don't eat from fidget until you you play solid to eat. Where cool Phil fitri cobbler sala de de marotti withdrawn but when it comes to Eagle fitter, which is the guarantee that we are facing V is actually recommended to eat after fudger sometime but before the actual Insider, because remember now we breaking the 13th of Ramadan in Ramadan, you would stop eating at hydrate before fudger and you would continue for that for that fasting state until Monday. Whereas now Allah wants us to not because it's haram to fast in the days or eat and

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now we do not fast we break the process of Ramadan, we don't actually eat deliberately. And it's of course recommended to eat a few odd numbered dates. So whether that be 123457 whatever you feel comfortable with inshallah, to Allah and the odd number is from the, the sooner

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then furthermore, while the tesira bad and fidgety, and the person should perform a whistle after so that will fetch it. So anytime after the fighter sada the entire family, Angela should take turns, they should perform their hustle. This means that we should still celebrate even though we're not going to be in the masjid even though we're not necessarily going to be the brand new clothes that we would normally weigh, you know, which is still permissible, but we should still perform all the rituals of eat including the clothing which we'll get to so you performer who so anytime after fudger we're in lamb you suddenly even if the person is not going to be making Salah. So for

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example, a lady with a hijab on the fast etc. That person should also perform it herself because it's not whosoever Salah it is sooner who serves as soon now washing for the celebration of the day of aid, where Jews from innisfil it's also permissible if after fudger is too difficult for some reason. And it's permissible to make this whoa so anytime from after the half of the night. The half of the night isn't necessarily midnight you calculate windows Mary begin and Windows when the Venus Mercury Venus fudger and then halfway through that would determine what half of the night is one way or the other. The person should also wear perfume, nice smelling perfumes. That said of course. In

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our current circumstances, both men and women can be the perfume because only the husband is going to be smelling the wife and the wife smelling the husband. So they can but all of them can adorn themselves to an extent that maybe wouldn't have been permissible if they're to be outdoors. So a lady outdoors would be feeling the to perfume or any personal perfume. But now she can she can really go and wear makeup and perfume and everything because she's adonia saw specifically for her husband or for those family members who are close knit family members and she she has very little as far as measures of our is concerned. So now is behind Hello this is actually a blessing and our

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celebrations are more for ourselves and for the sake of Allah as opposed to wanting to show off for others out there. And we can really see the difference between the two way so as NFIB, why you know Boo. Boo CBN is in at the end. He also says

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The author of analog data, even Shahab might even look at mystery. He says you should also be the base of your clothing while you do CBN and it's also recommended for the children to be present busy enough to him wearing the beautiful clothes. So you should wear good clothing now your good clothing doesn't necessarily mean you need to buy a brand new set of clothes, go to cabin Mashallah find the best comments that you have that which is closest to the sun nice based, do you want to know which is the best color then White is the best color because that's the recommendation of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam. These are all just recommendations. At the end of the day. Any permissible

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clothing is fine. And men have the rules for permissible clothing and women have the rules and then of course when you consider where you're going to be seen in fact of the matter of our and then you consider is it appropriate for the Salah you wear that clothing Bismillah look beautiful because Allah is beautiful and he loves beauty. So we actually do need to dress up and look our best for the sake of Allah subhana wa tada and you know of course we do understand that some people are less privileged and less fortunate. It does not say way expensive clothing it's his way What is your best clothing? Charla

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so then the autogate is unenthused while men lamb woman Natasha, he Ola to stir Mina Nisa. Now if it is a public gathering, then this would apply. So I'm not going to go into detail with this right now. But it is extremely beautiful and attractive women and they should, they should tone down the the clothing and the attractions when they go to the public gatherings for it. And then it also has belatedly been well, whereas you know, they should also not use any perfume and not use any obviously when you say perfume Yeah, we don't mean and go on the lightning perfu metaphor if a woman walks past and you can smell it, that type of perfume, if it's a public gathering that should be

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discarded and you should also dress to attractively when going to a public gathering back again now we are in the homes. So those those rules that I just mentioned won't apply when you cry a little much to her and if there's a woman that's you know, specifically attractive somebody after infusion rather, you know, she knows that these people after she should rather avoid those type of public gatherings. Then

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when you come back to battle for God,

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then the person should say, well, you be Kira, paddlefish Will you be Kira means person should go early.

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paddle federally after certain fetchit Mattia and walking yrg afio at 30 up and in return on a different pathway. And again, this is for the public gathering of aid if you go into the masjid or an open field, then you would leave your home early you know as early as possible after fudger and you would go walking that's a recommendation of course if it's safe, and when you will return from a different path. Now we know homes so this wouldn't apply inshallah to Allah so we can keep it in mind from next EAD meloetta Allah grant us life to see the next Armenia

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we move on from me and then he says, with a hodel, Eman Illa. Walk this Salah where you know the

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one in Cusco fee well if this Koi Asada to Jamia so this is specifically for the Imam if it was in a Masjid or in a public gathering then the Imam would wait and not enter into the gathering until the time of sada and then it would be called what we you know what we normally say our Salah to Jeremy Salah to Jamia the pray is is gathered now please gathered now is now ikoma you know there's no law a little law work but there's no event for this particular type of Salah. So those are all the matters around the celebration itself and what we should do in sha Allah and of course when we speak when we spoke about the hustle the same things would apply as you would normally do for oh so

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trimming of the hair and the nails and you know making oneself neat etc. sci fi to solid. So how exactly does one perform installer Now again,

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being mind that this is a session so if you miss something and you feel that you please invalid or so forth, then you have the option to redo it. And if you still feel you know what i'm just lost that I just can't in or hungry now you did not do anything wrong, it is a sin. However, it's easy enough to have a handle on it, anyone can do it. Well here Okay, then, the inside has essentially only two units of the two rockets. Or you can be refilled where you can beautiful oola badly stiff there he will calculate that with the sub attack pirot so the man will is going to leave the site out or the person performing on their own would start the cider. You don't have to worry about an

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Arabic media. You never have to worry about an Arabic Nia in your heart you intend you can even say that I intend to perform the two rakats chin of eight. That's it for the sake of Allah behind

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with Anna. So the amount would start as per normal you would say Allahu Akbar, it says Allahu Akbar, that P is his normal taxpayer. We will leave that aside for now. You will just make the tech bit and then start with ease do our own stuff there. And then do that we normally say when we start the signer

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a lot in New Delhi lady Fatima White will have the hanifa Muslim oma and Amina we should keep that exact to ask the man would read with the person would read. Often they do and now the Imam would read

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the first appeal. So that would be a law worker. And then again, a law and then again, Allahu Akbar seven times, so seven times consecutively. And in between each time the Imam would say so behind Allah will hungry now Allah Allah, Allah Allahu Akbar, because through this again slowly

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and so after the seven times, then the Imam would say our dilemma sheet on the regime softly and continue Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen Rahmani Raheem, the Fatiha in amin and then a surah and then complete the rocker as per normal.

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The second rocker is what we found here in the second rocker calculator with the before you start reciting. So you come up from sujood law.

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Now you start your five that gives this time it's five, not seven. A law. Everyone Allahu Akbar, that's number two. Allahu Akbar. That's number three. Allahu Akbar. That's number four. But that's number five. Again, in between each one. So behind the law and hamdulillah you know, hating Allahu Allahu Akbar. If you forget to say it or you you don't know what to say, etc, you get lost. It's fine. Nothing is wrong. After your five Now again, I'll be lamina shaytani rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Surah Fatiha Ameen Na Na another surah

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by So, after looking at that

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the Imam continues and completes that that cycle of pray until he says assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah and that's the end of it. So let me go through it again. Now that we've sort of laid it out.

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So Well here it is two units of pay. You can beautiful una banda stiff there. So the Imam of the saying Allahu Akbar and off the saying, in your job to wedgie here will make seven Papyrus right? Hello Akbar Allah but Allah but Hello, Allah, Allah, Allah but with a short pause in between each one insha Allah. Then

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he would say our ob lamina shaytani regime

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and then he would say Bismillah R Rahman Rahim, recite the Fatiha recite the surah complete the rock as per normal. Then when is when is coming up with a second Raka so he comes up although Allah writes in I was in the second record, before we begin the recitation, Allahu Akbar one. Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar three, Allahu Akbar four, Allahu Akbar five.

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Now that five right is not obviously including the one we came up on we came up is not counted in just like in the first rack and the one when you start the salon is a lot but that's not counted in. So it's seven in the first tracker, besides the starting one, five in the second rack and besides the one for coming up, hope that's clear enough in Jalan Ghana each time your referral fee has led in each time raising the hands right so like you would normally Raise your hands to the shoulders. We it's your palms are facing towards the table like this a lot. That's how you would raise the hands each time. We have cool la de la pena Hoon and make some videos in between each tapir it's not

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compulsory, it's recommended. So you can say so behind the law Alhamdulillah without you know hating the law Allahu Akbar, would you be to allow perfect is Allah or pleases due to Allah is no no deity worthy of worship besides Allah? Allah is the Greatest while Bart, will you man, I love your shrine each time of the Sinhala video, put your right hand over your left hand, on your on your chest in Sharla, either on your chest or anywhere between your navel and your chest is perfectly fine.

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excuse me, so obviously,

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it's very possible even happened to me and leading the insider. Because this is an unusual format. It's very possible to forget, especially in the second Raka. So you say you're seven when you start because you're really conscious of what you're doing. And then when you come up for your second rocker, you may be starting the dissertation in a similar manner. And then you realize, oh my word I forgot my five that piece. It's fine. It's no problem.

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If you make it appear short or you forget it appears completely or you you forget to first make it a Cleves and then start your dissertation. It's absolutely fine. This is low taraka Kabira if he leaves the tak p. o 's add a fee he only makes an extra one so you and your answered in remmick for the Atlantic five to add another one.

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If that happens, then let me ask you to be Sally you don't make sudo to Sally you know the frustration of forgetfulness that you would make if you if you forgot your colludes for example, you don't do that while nesea whoa and if you forget it, you know you forget to make it appear why shadow Africa and then you start making out to be laminations on the regime Bismillah R Rahman Rahim you start a sighting you don't get your dissertation and go back to the duck meters right you just continue reciting so it is really not a problem. If you make a mistake, and hamdulillah lays merciful The deenis is easy Mashallah. And it is really something that anyone can do. So

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Alhamdulillah for that. Now for those who are half of the Quran, or if you want to stand and recite from almost half if you are fluent, then it is recommended why accuro Phil oola you can recite in the first Raka to a cough what he said yeah and in the second record, obviously after Fatiha and in the second record after the fact he had a potato but right potato but he said to unshackled common with a Kishore Surah Al comma. So if you're happy you can recite from almost half fluently you may even read those songs and it's not why it's not compulsory, it's recommended is an alternative one inshallah, if you want you could also read or a sub base murghab because Allah perhaps more people

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know this surah subdue his Moravec Allah Allah Allah, Allah azza wa jal so that's the first record after the Fatiha and then in the second record after the Fatiha Surah Al Khawaja attack Heidi, attack Heidi soon Harsha would you yo maybe Harsha. So if you know those who are in read that in sha Allah Bismillah Alhamdulillah excellent. If you don't know the surah, the SWAT it's not a train smash whatsoever. You may read any surah and perhaps the best recommendation and I see this even in English is is one may recite Surah Al caffee rule in the first rocker and so I'll allow Saku Allah had in the second record. I think for most people, they would know the SWOT and they can recite that

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if you don't know any sources of the poor and no problems you can add to the page no problem. If you want to leave it out completely and only recite the fact you have your sila is still 100% valid Alhamdulillah

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they have so now

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we are of course not in a situation where they are

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qualified him homes in your homes etc. So the MDC sent out 200 pairs to very short notice that the amount of the household Can you know practice and read on the day so he can read it to the household if he's if he's willing to do it if he's if he's up for it, etc. He can just simply read through the Arabic that would attain the Sunnah of the hood as well.

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However, if you choose not to In other words, you you're not confident you unsure about yourself etc. You are absolutely at liberty to omit the hookah your silence itself is completely valid so if you choose to maybe listen to a hoodie online or something like that, that's fine it's not it's not like you you connected to that Imam it's not like you can follow them in Salau anything but you can listen to goodbye that's fine it's preferable or ever to take up the challenge in Sharla and read the two goodbyes any two Hooper's have have read I'm gonna read through the fifth but that's my preamble it Don't stress yourself out like oh my god oh my god how am I going to read this

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it's not it's not necessary and your Ramadan is still valid in your eating still valid are handled in some way after we're back there who may have heard about Dany kalamar. After the the two sides to record you perform your hood back and notice that in Jumeirah the hood back ends before the sila back for he in the hood back ends. After the silence you first perform the sila and then you perform your hood bear in charlo Dinah they so I'm not going to go through all of the arcane in the root of the hookah and I'm not also going to stress about Amita Pearson has been the first one and now it appears in the second one other than just saying you know nine in the first one and seven in the

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second one and I'm not going to go into like you know all the details of that if you haven't read it from the inshallah if you're capable of giving it back. Hey, it's all good 111 If not, in don't stress inshallah. Now we move on to the the duck beads right the duck beads.

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So when it comes to

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To read, then there are two types of appeals.

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For this. He says what the Bureau of motor saloon mamuka do that you can either be more self unrestricted or restricted unrestricted mean means any time any way in any format. restricted means a specific ritual that's that structured.

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So for the motorcycle Who am I at appear to be highly ballfield massage at all man as any what therapy you're sending to Phil IE Danny, you know, Ruby Shams in a letter La, la yarraman man beside it right. So the motorcycle type, the unrestricted that is what we are referring to when they cite the moon for aid or when you know, okay, it's the night before eat now in the mother's acid, depending on circumstances, soon as they cite the moon or as soon as we know, okay, tomorrow is eat. And from that Mercury, it's not to make the Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar. And you can add all your logos and anything that you want with that, to celebrate the guidance at all like it had given us

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early to kabiru Maha Namah Hadouken. So that you magnify the name of Allah for the guidance that he had given you, Allah, Allah, Quran and so they can show gratitude to Allah subhana wa tada for all of the flavors of Ramadan. So we must must must encourage the families ourselves to listen to the tapir make the tag be to play the tapir in the homes you know even if you have neighbors in Sharla like they say you can stand in your strips. I don't know if it's gonna work below Adam but you can say that that belongs to one another. But please do maintain the lows and don't put yourself at risk inshallah.

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So, that type of that bead lasts all the way until the Imam starts the silo out of he says Laila, either native aid in a normal email or your email email until the Imam sees Allahu Akbar makes the military haram be solid aid for the insula that's when it stops. So for Eagle for Eagle fitter, which is this aid, that's when the official tapir stops

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that beer is not going to be from after Maverick solid in the mix that we have the actual solid in the mix that beer and in the morning for 5g Lima makes that bead and then after each Salah for the whole day the mimics that can be that's not April 5, that's evil a path that's the restricted type of literary well, MOCA do Who am I you Tabby Akiva solo at the restricted type is that which is done immediately after the five solders and hums are very ham in a salad in Nashville and other solids you send nothing now it is the sooner in the evil that you do not on the other hand as we call it lebaron Haji right forgot only this word for Katya it means only so you only make that clear after

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the silence for her not for evil. This thought means oil it means that you are in a hurry illa seletti superheat Africa sherek it starts from solid to vote

00:28:11--> 00:28:11

on the day of

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and the day of slaughter and Isla seletti Super athlete actually told the fragile three of the last day of the shindig or of your late and that would be the first day of eat well more than I do. Nice is yeah the the

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relied upon view in the Shafi school is and the who man Saba haha lol acid mean akademie tashlich mean superfeet arafa lol awesome in Africa mitashi the mahtomedi relied upon view is that the tequila starts on Super meaning fragile time on the day of out of the ninth of the ledger. So acid on the last few days especially so this is for you. This does not apply to this eight to eight fit

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and in that it will apply that when the man says you know make salad and he says I said I'm gonna go with law so I'm like well law is a law I got a law. That's it.

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For Edo fitting this is not the case. Not from off the memory not from after I share not from off the ledger, not though not acid not mehriban they have a it does not apply to the aid of fitted this eat this in we make that be from the night from rip solder or actually from when we know that tomorrow's aid that could be on the it could be on Saturday night or it could be on Sunday night. We know Okay, the next day is eight. Then from that maharrey all the way until the mom starts to eat Sila vindicators can be made anyway. Now of course here we are at home. We can make it online with our friends and family. We can do it over the loudspeakers or the masajid we can record our voices

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Send it to your friends and family. We can be creative and make as much beer as we want. But in the official tap beads for the day of aid ends when you now start your your EAD, sila be in the night Allah. I hope that's clear. And then of course you need to eat. Now we have that restricted form of that beer.

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Fine. So now how does it appeal sound analysis? That is, what are the words? Yeah, you have them in Arabic. Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar, Allah Allah. Allahu Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar while in his hand.

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Okay, so that's the only

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those are the only forms that we really need to know. But you can increase as well for that matter. I don't know if you increase on what people are used to saying. I said it's good. Or who Allahu Akbar Allah Akbar. indigos Allahu Akbar Kabira Al Hamdulillah hero subhana wa curato. Well, Sita, you can do all of that. Right? Well hungry. I can handle a burrito LC de la isla in the lower

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level in that yo meclizine Allahu Dino, okay, the healthcare field. Allah illallah wa De Soto power. una sala de la, as you know, who has double azova weida illa in Allahu Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, when in his hand,

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okay, so that ends that particular section of the tapete. While he actually will hit JT, Shay and Mina, in fact, you can be in a demon niharika. So that's in the last in his opinion. So those are the only,

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you know, fick understandings of fake lessons that we need to know for a defeater. And

00:31:43--> 00:32:10

in shadow life, you have an understanding of that, if you clear on that, by all means, it's easy. It's simple, it's straightforward. In sha Allah, I guess the only complicated thing would be the hood path. And you can, you can just simply read it off the page, if you're uncomfortable with that you don't feel confident enough, you can omit that you still won't be sinful, your Salah is still completely valid, don't congregate with other people, other neighbors, other family members together, because that would be

00:32:11--> 00:32:27

had to be you know, completely contradictory to the idea of disclosing the massage, you know, for for Joomla. If you're going to congregate for eat, then you should be congregating for Joomla right. So we need to remember this, you need to remember this balance in our minds in Charlotte data

00:32:28--> 00:32:35

type. So, before I conclude, there are some other factors that I wish to mention.

00:32:37--> 00:33:11

With regards to read, and that is before we get to their feed, make sure you pay your fitrah Make sure your feed is paid if it is paid, especially in the fitrah because you are actually going to be sinful if the processions of the devil eat start and you still haven't paid your fitrah and this is especially risky because those conveniences of just dropping the fifth item as GTIN on globe and so forth. That was kind of taken away. Of course if you cannot afford to pay all the fidra that you owe, then no Hungary law maybe you can accept it.

00:33:12--> 00:33:53

But if you can afford to sustain yourself and your family for the day and night of aid, then you have extra then that means you can pay fitrah so it's really you know most of us can pay fitrah inshallah to Allah, those of you who will be getting this message be the light Allah and Allah to Allah keep us all safe and grant us Baraka Nordisk. Remember also, that he is a day of celebration profits to some would say today of eating and drinking, remembering Allah subhanaw taala So, you know, kulu shabu Allah to say for eat and drink, but don't be wasteful, don't go into excesses, eat nice food, Mashallah. And then people say don't do eat shopping, say no to eat shopping, or they

00:33:53--> 00:34:33

give the money to those who need it's a nice sentiment, but it is a legitimate celebration, and what am I be nominated for heartbeat and as for the favors of your Lord, you know, promote that and spread that. So you can also be charitable by spending money for aid and supporting local businesses etc. And by that you're empowering them economically and also boosting our own economy. So it's you know, it's not something that we should look down upon or frown upon that you know, somebody is doing a shopping Alhamdulillah Allah Allah bless them and increase them, but just don't be wasteful. And do think of the least fortunate in sha Allah Allah, that is the true spirit of aid inshallah.

00:34:34--> 00:34:59

also know that the night before eat is a good night for us to to keep alive with it better. And to remember Allah subhanho wa Taala for this is the letter J is that it's the night of the prize giving the prophets are some say that on the last night of on the night before either Agha that Allah Subhana Allah forgives all the servants and in the Sahaba answer's no is that later for COVID? And he said no, but you know, isn't it appropriate that after a job is done

00:35:00--> 00:35:28

That the wages be paid in full. So do do know that it's a worthy time to spend in remembrance and Vicar of Allah subhanho wa Taala and Indra and of course, I ask that you keep myself and my family and the whole Jana, the viewer usually with in your drawer as amenable and I mean, furthermore, you know, when it comes to the saying slamet, and so on and so forth, we're gonna have to become creative This year, we're going to have to

00:35:30--> 00:36:13

think of ways to keep our family members safe and to not break the law and not ruin someone's IID you know by by causing trouble. So, obviously, we know that the government has set out rules, and the alumni have complied to those rules. Even before the lockdown. The decision was taken no drama, no solid, soda and drama in the message. This was all done because of Shara considerations of heaven knifes preservation of life. So that means that it's actually a Sherry ruling that we should maintain social distancing as the province Islam would recommend for the Sahaba. And there's a heartbeat among themselves in times of plague, to maintain social distancing for the sake of

00:36:13--> 00:36:49

preservation of life. So we as families are now going to have to consult one another and come to an understanding before they have either listen, you know what the situation is like, we do understand that we miss each other, we want to have lunch together, we want to meet we want to come and say Islam. And now what is this with this disease, and don't you have tawakkol people are saying all of these things. Dr. workqueue means to tie your camel and then place your trust in Allah Subhana Allah. So families need to consult with one another and say, This is the stance we're going to take, we are not going to be visiting each other for the risk that we can put our elderly and our, in our

00:36:50--> 00:37:02

more vulnerable people at those who have diabetes, those who are, you know, have all sorts of underlying illnesses, we're not going to put their lives at risk. Just because we want to celebrate customs,

00:37:03--> 00:37:18

that are not even compulsory, on this day of eat, that are recommended. We're going to abstain from those things this time around, so that we can all be together and still alive inshallah, next time around. And I hope that this is taken in the light that it is meant to be taken.

00:37:19--> 00:37:49

And I hope in sha Allah that Allah Allah make it easy for us. We know that there might be certain circumstances that are unavoidable. But just know that everything that we do, we are going to be answerable not only to the country and to the law, but to our Creator of legislative agenda. And the last thing we want to do is that we visited someone who would ever aid visit cinema to them, and we even maybe shook their hands or give them a hug. And without knowing we were getting the virus, so they were getting the virus and 99.98.

00:37:50--> 00:38:27

So, let us try to be of good cheer, because this aid and this Ramadan, all of us over and above our normal Ramadan activities, which in this case are abnormal Ramadan activities, we had one additional virtue one additional gift that no other Ramadan gave us before. And that is in the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that whosoever is struck by a plague struck by a contagious disease in the country in the land. And then they remain in their homes, they remain in the land and they remain in their homes. So are we run

00:38:28--> 00:39:12

out of you know, having patience with the situation and hoping for the water Allah Subhana Allah, that person will be rewarded with the reward of a monitor, even if that disease that plague that virus, etc, did not afflict that person. And of course, then they didn't die, they still get the reward of a monitor. So in this month of Ramadan, if we did what is recommended of us, by the law commanded of us by the law, as well as of Islam, the Sharia, then became the law we also celebrate this day of eat, with the reward of being a martyr, even though we are still breathing and on the face of this planet, how merciful is Allah And on that note, we conclude this this Juma message, I

00:39:12--> 00:39:53

hope it was of benefit and it was clearly understood in sha Allah, Allah, Allah and to be heard, you know, Allah Subhana, Allah, Allah bless each and every one of you. And we look forward to a day of, of blessing on the day of eat. And most importantly, we look forward to a beautiful ending to our Ramadan. And remember, the actions are judged by the intentions and they're also judged by the way they solicit the input about Ramadan, the last few hours about Ramadan, be the best few hours of our month of Ramadan, mettalic six from all of us from asking from you. And may we have a means through this and I'll move on to in the agenda. So Lola who is at the Mohammed well hungry Nairobi, I mean,

00:39:54--> 00:39:56

I said Mr Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh