Enjoining Good and Forbidding Evil, Hadith 193-195

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So the headings for today is Harris of EMR and in the recent Allahu Salama call, one Nadine fcba de la Mora Neville maruf. Wollaton, Daniel mooncup. Our UC can allow any avasarala carbon

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carbon Minho, sumatera Elijah Bullock, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam I said, I swear by the one

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in which are in whose hand is my soul? I mean the one who hold the soul of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is Allah so the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is saying that, he swears by Allah subhanho wa Taala that either you engage in Albemarle and all you also command people to stay away from the wrongdoings or else Allah smart Allah will visit you with a punishment from himself. whereby the righteous people are among you will be invoking last Mahabharata asking Allah smarter to remove this difficulty and the calamity, but he will never do so.

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Allah We are almost living in the similar situation, right?

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So peace is taken from many places a person that doesn't enjoy relief from inside, and you have crime is rampant. Get it in many communities. Let's hear Al Hamdulillah enjoy

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a peace but in some communities, it is worse than you can ever imagine.

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So whenever I'm leaving, my roof is not apparent isn't manifested in the community. This is going to happen crimes are going to be a lot as a province that allow it to sell a massive Walmart hakama Coleman at Monza law.

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He says people will never use other than the laws of Allah subhanaw taala to govern their offense, except that Allah subhanaw taala calls that community to be engaged in a huge blood shed

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you get which cannot be controlled by the authorities Get it? The bloodshed is going to be rampant. So this is the result of not using the laws of the last hour which are like crimes are going to be rampant, and the community will not have the ability to to control it. So American narrative is the only way for us to curb this injustice in society and evil doings and is the only way that we can bring comfort to the community.

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So he says either you do that, or Allah smart is going to visit you with this punishment from him through material Runa movilizer jabel aka the righteous people will be asking a lot smarter to remove and change the situation and a lot smarter would never do that. Because he says in the law holiday romantic comment hashtag Roma be unfussy him, Allah will never change the issue or the situation of the people alone will never change the situation of our people, which is bad, until they change within themselves. Because no calamity can happen in society except that that calamity is happening because of that which we earned by our own hand. It is the result of our own action.

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Allah says more masaba come the most liberating for me. Marchesa Bad idea Kumbaya in coffee, any calamity, natural disaster disaster sickness that affects individual or a plague whatever calamity that visit society This is because of that wish they had heard. So what is the point of knowing this? We should know this because this is a wake up call from Allah subhanaw taala to remind you that you're going against the boundaries. Okay, the sooner you can come back right? To wake you up. Allah says we will look away for him for my z Doom in Latvian Kabira he says Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa mama Nana and new syllable at inland koderma via our y tener una Nakata, Mo Sierra 10 favela

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movie ha como nos Elijah with kinetica inner Baka how to be nurse well my job nerubian next era NACA in fishnet Salinas. He was Shakira Khurana on one away for home from ICD 11 kaviraj. So we learned from this ayah that our last module is sending these natural disasters and calamities in the community so that people will reflect and come back to our last monitor. That's the most important lesson to be learned from this. No need to blame anyone because everyone is involved. Allah says we're taco fitting it in LA to see when the Latino de la Mancha casa.

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When the fitna when the calamity comes, it is not going to strike only those people who invited it. Now whoever is found in that place also you're going to be involved.

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So I lost my hotel says, what type of fitness and this is what the new we're doing. You know, the new one DiBiase this is what they do. They destroy me.

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Everything, you know, everything is going to get affected. Not only the living things, also the JAMA that also nonliving things also get affected. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam I said, The Bloodstone the one that we go and kiss during hagoromo You know, he said was sent from Paradise from gender, Allah smarter senate and it is whiter than a milk you know, it is so white, extremely white. But he says so, well that was a noble banana, the sins of human beings made it like that. Hello, now, we call it Blackstone, it was supposed to be wise to but now this is called Blackstone. Why is that because of the sins of human beings you know. So it affects not only this, it affects also the

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the jumada. Alliance. room he says, the huddle facade, if anybody will be Marchesa, but it nurse Lee Vico Bhavana. Dr. Muto La La manager,

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is it facade is rampant. You find it everywhere on the sea, and also on the land in the sea. And also on the land you find the facade. Some scholars said the facade that is intended by a lot smarter in this ayah does not mean corruption. It means deficiency and decrease in the Baraka that Allah subhanaw taala is placing in the risk people are experiencing from a loss of our top

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to get idea, that's why they said the fish that used to exist the sea animals that used to exist nowadays, they will tell you that they extinct, they don't exist anymore. The size, the huge size that they used to talk about nowadays didn't have that much.

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And also if you read the history, you see the size of the grains is not like that used to be bigger than this, but a lot smaller tactic to get off. Why is that? The Marchesa but alienness, so that they can taste some part of their attitude, lambda, homier, zero, maybe they will come back. Some scholars said no, it is bigger than this. It is not about the decrease is about having corruption be in place in every part of the earth. Wherever you go, you see this corruption and facade, and people are suffering a lot to go even if you don't talk about if you go deep and talk about and check and see what society is experiencing in these days, you understand that they are going through

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difficulties. But this is from Allah subhanaw taala they have these difficulties in life, whether it is based on committing a lot of crimes. And since these are all from Allah smarter as a warning, that you guys are going against the law, which means from this ayah also that a person who is a sinner should be very careful, because it might be an less what do I mean by that? you commit a sin, it is going to open another door for a sin to be committed after you commit a sin at all the open for another sin. And there we go. You keep going keep going.

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So a person has to remember that this first sin can cause other sins. The second sin is a punishment from Allah Subhana Horta is our Kubo

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that's why when you commit sin, and another sin comes, you should be very careful, you should understand that you started to go in the wrong direction and Alas, martez punishing you in this way.

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Shouldn't be happy. It is time for you to reflect and come back to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Your last Mozilla grant is good. So we have to participate in this. But when you do something wrong, you're not just affecting one person but it affecting everyone. Allah says we're taqwa fitness and lattissima latinosdelmundo income, casa, so invocation and dua to Allah smart Allah doesn't work. When it comes to these issues. The only thing that works is people have to come go back to our last motel and fix their attitudes and then Allah will remove it even without doing it will be taken by Allah subhanaw taala because of the chain that take place in their life, so when you're suffering,

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just look into your relationship with the last one until I fix it. Allah says Manya tequila hija lo Maharaja, Allah, even light Allah, if you're a man is so strong with the last mile of Allah farraj is going to come. All that you have to do is to be patient. It might be delayed, but Allah knows exactly what he does. Your job is to fix your relationship with him. His job is to fix your life and to fix your affairs. He promised somebody who is standing upright. He says Miami lasallian in their current album, this is one of the greatest news we receive. You know, if you are to believe in a lot, and you put your faith into practice and action, it means you become a righteous person and you

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maintain you. It's the karma. Allah says Allah knew he had on paper. We promise you a pleasant life.

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you're looking for sad, right, success in life, Allah says you

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only need two things. Believe and put your faith into practice and action

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is that we guarantee you success in life. He calls it had by Eva Eamonn and I'm going to select the rest part of your life a lot smarter will take you out of it.

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That's the most excellent views a believer is waiting for right?

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Because there is a way the prophets Allah, Allah said, if you are to make all of your worries in this life only one worry any you make all of you worry in this life, one worry, which is the worry of the Acura, how do you meet Allah subhanaw taala in the in a good way. This is what you worry about all the time.

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The rest of the worries Allah promise to take care of them.

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And we have worries how many worries do we have?

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infinity number of worries some of them even forgot. That is a worry. It comes occasionally. But Allah knows everything about you. He said if you can make your worry is the worry about how do you meet last Martel perfectly. He said he promised you to take care of all of your worries.

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And tell me if a last minute is taking care of your worry.

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How's it possible for you to fail in life? Well, I will never happen you will never fail.

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So what do you have to do? Nothing but two things. Make sure that you tawheed and you believe in your Iman is correct. Yes, that's your relationship with Allah smile to make sure it is perfect. those rights of Allah smarter you give them back to Allah perfectly in the way a lot smarter ones. And make sure also you put that belief and faith into practice and action. That means you become a very good and righteous person. And also you do it in the way Allah subhanaw taala wants, that's the EVA that if you do that, a lot guarantees you that success in life, as successful life a lot smarter, we'll be giving you that.

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So let's listen to this simple reminder from Allah subhanaw taala and fix and fix our attitude.

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So he says man, Amina son had been decorating our own flower home. Oh, no, no Hatton Paiva you know, so in this life, your reward is to be given what

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success in life but how about the hero of

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this is the best time actually you will enjoy that righteousness. You know what a lot more to last as well and NGC And now I'd be a Cinema Camera yamalube

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a lot smarter says we are going to reward them, give them their reward with the best of their deeds, you know what is that means? You have a lot of these right? These these of yours are not equal in terms of excellence. Some of them are greater than the other. And I said the reward is so huge on the Day of Judgment allows me to look at the best of your deeds and will ask the angels to judge you based on these ones.

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You know, in the heat in the dunya you enjoy peace of mind because this is the real success in life. You are in a state of tranquility and peace of mind. That's the real success in life. You have peace of mind and you have tranquility, you are living at ease in the heat of the last part is going to reward you with the best. This is the life here. You're gonna lose

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and in the hereafter you're going to get the best.

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Allah subhanaw taala said about Ibrahim

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Allah He was the one who fulfill all of those things that last monetary required from him. That's Ibrahim Ali he he passed the test.

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Allah smartasses will it now agera houfy dunya we're in now who fill out a little lemon Asana Hey,

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we have granted him his reward in this life. And in the hereafter he is going to be among the righteous.

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So this is our last Montana promise every one of us if we are to qualify that description, that attribute of Ibrahim Ali Salah, which is also that of Hamas, Allahu alayhi wa sallam, the same will be given to you. You will be confirmed here in this life. That means last month is going to be with you and in the hereafter you will be receiving from Allah subhanaw taala the best

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color one of his agent who did Isla de la Juan and in the visa Allahu alayhi wa sallam a part of valor jihadi Kelly mentor, I believe in the Safar ninja in the province of Allahu Allah who cinema said the best form of jihad.

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The best form of jihad is what is Kennemer to

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Dealing, adjust and correct. And the word of the truth in the Sultan ninja is

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in the presence of a tyrant, ruler.

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If you can be able to see the truth, this is one of the greatest form of jihad in the eyes of Allah Hunter. And of course, as we said here

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what do you call somebody who doesn't use HTML when he approach the leaders is also rejected? islamically when he says can you mature I didn't, it means you shouldn't say something which is against the truth in front of a leader. You should tell him the truth. But you know, we have a lot of ways to convey the message. He can go on shout, you can go on, take a weapon, you can go on, advise him in public, you can go and advise him in secret. This is what Islam recognize the last one, when you deal with actually not even the leaders, even the individual. Islam doesn't want you to remind the people openly as long as you can do it in secret.

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See the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he can just tell the man was done with you. Why do you do that? But usually the prophets that Allahu Allah who cinema was kind of on the member and say mob akua mean, what's wrong with the people he knows whom he is talking about? He's taught us that dress in one single person, but the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I will not

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expose his name. Because the idea is not about embarrassing that person idea is about helping him to fix that attitude. This is when I deal with the normal people by fellow friends, brothers and sisters, I talk to them in secret when I advise them. What do you think of somebody who is in the authority?

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Why is that because usually the chair, the position takes you up. It's not easy to find a person being humble, so sometimes in that way. So we shouldn't provoke that attitude of the courtesy and the position. And as such, when you advise, it should do it with wisdom. Because the idea is not to embarrass the leader. But the idea is to work to help him to fix that which you believe is wrong islamically

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so that we that in that that's why you have to use the best way when you approach them. So when he says Kennemer to happy hour kenema to identify in the super ninja if you have a Sultan who is who is Thailand who is the wrongdoer who is an oppressor. But if somebody can tell him the truth, the best of jihad is somebody who can go and tell him the truth, a lot smarter will appreciate that for you

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to get it there, but as I said, if you use the wisdom, when talking, he used all the means that can help you to convey the message because the idea is not to embarrass him, but the idea is to help him to fix that which is wrong, so that the community will enjoy the peace and charm. So that's our agenda. So from this, we learned that a person is not supposed to keep quiet and this is what the rules of Sharia suggest and indicated that a Muslim is not allowed to keep quiet in a place where he can talk about something which is needed. We have to be aware of this. There is no way for you to tell last martella you are shy of talking. It doesn't go when there is a need for you to talk and

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you can talk you have to talk

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but the question is how to talk and we say you should use the wisdom, but talking you must do it. But it should use the wisdom should go in secret. He should advise in the best way he should do. I mean use all the possibility is to make sure that he is convinced and he understand what exactly you're talking about.

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Whether he accept or he doesn't accept, it is not your job. This is the job of Allah subhanaw

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taala limitary Luna comany LAU mmamoloko ma ma ma ma ma shalida Paloma Ratan in Arabic. Those people when they advise the wrongdoers, others told them you're wasting your time because these one will never listen.

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What was the reply? They said no. We just want to have an excuse to Allah smile just so that we will not be blamed in the eyes of Allah. And also secondly, maybe they will listen.

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Good idea. So we must understand this that when we say kenema to happen in the Sultana Jaya, it doesn't mean she go and shout at them. You can say whatever you want to say no. They are wrong. We also wrong everyone is wrong. The best way to correct is to correct in the humble and also using the wisdom when you approach when you call the authorities and last for Tilak is to the truth.

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Why not be Abdullah Tarik

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ministry having allegedly Allah mercy and nergal and sadhana BSL Allahu alayhi wa salam o kabwata Regina whorfin lava z. Al Jihad Avenue, Allah kenema to happen in the Sultan ngi. This one also supported the first narration when this man

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told the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam after he plays his foot on the position where a person or rider put his feet when he rides a camel. That means he is now ready to move to the battlefield. Get his they're going to participate in the jihad. So the Prophet Allah who was with them, so this man stopped for a while, he says, Yasser Allah, I use jihad, which one is the best Jihad? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam I said, Kennemer to happen and the Soltani j to see the truth, although you know, you are speaking in front of a tyrant leader, but you will be able to tell him what is the truth?

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Good idea. So people are divided into three categories here, those who speak the truth, the promises are lots of praise them, if you remember, in the previous Hadith, these are the ones that are last winter will not blame them, they speak the truth. As I said, they use the wisdom. And you have those people who did not speak the truth, but they can operate with those Voluma in the wrongdoing

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is one, they take the portion of that which is going to happen in in that community.

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That's why one of the worst people in this life. They are this call us when they go astray.

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And these entities, they are the keys actually

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get it they cooperate with the leaders and authorities then good is going to take place in the community. But you have some instead of helping, but they support them in their own in their own way. That's why some scholars divided the scholars into three categories. You have the Alamo,

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and you have the id madona. And you have Animal Kingdom.

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The first one is animal, oma. This is the color of the shop,

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the shape of the community. But this one sounds good.

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But according to the definition given to these entities is no good. These are the people who speaks in the way the crowd wants. Because what he wants is to see so many people follow it nowadays, and this is what some Dallas is all about. How many people are following is not about how many people accept and how many people listen, how many people obey how many people practices, no is about how many people are following

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you know, this is contrary to the attitude of the past. They even told us that there are some scholars, there were some scholars when he comes to his What do you call merge lists and he sees like 10 to 15 people sometimes he will cancel the lecture he says too many. But at the same time you have some people who will not accept an invitation except if 1000s of people are going to attend, you know that. Look at the difference. Right? That one when he sees a lot, he says too many people here today, we canceled the lesson. Maybe in the next the true true or will only be in the place, but nowadays is different. You will be disappointed if you have one or two three people are coming.

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But the whole issue is about what you have seen. And how many people you manage to convince, will lie. If Allah smart Allah grant you success in one person is more than enough.

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That's a success. I'm telling you, if one person can listen is better than 1 million people that will come in front of you. But they learned nothing except jobs. And this is all about this. You ask people when you benefit from this, they cannot remember anything. But they remember all the jobs that are taking place in that lecture.

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That's why we don't change that much. And look at the past they are talking about this shake evenly. Josie Paula sometimes some of the things they mentioned about him, and if not, the scholars have mentioned them you will not believe in them. You know, they said he used to speak in his heart about in the presence of not less than 10,000 people listen to this quote.

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And he says sometimes when he speaks he himself also he was talking about himself. He says sometimes he speaks and there is nobody in that place except one of the two people, either somebody who cries or somebody who bent his head in the state of contemplating and thinking of the consequences of this life.

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That's how powerful is a horrible evil Josie one

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scholars said, they mentioned that sometimes there were occasions where some of them died because of the impact of the hotel.

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So make comparison with our own attitude. Those are the real scholars. You know, he gives a hotel and he goes back home, and sit down and cry himself

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and say to himself, Evelyn, Josie, get into golf himself. He says, if these guys succeed in the eyes of Allah and you fail, definitely you are in trouble and you will be the real loser. And then he will cry to Alliance ialah. If in case you decreed that I am going to be punished, please don't punish them, then punish me in front of these ones.

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So that nobody will say that somebody who used to guide people to your way is punished by Allah subhanho wa Taala. These are people who have reflection. The issue is not about how many people come to his lecture, the issues about how many people listen, how did he managed to send the message to the heart of everyone.

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So this is the first group we had last month to protect us from being one of the the scholars who speaks according to what the community wants. And we heard somebody who says, I will not tell the community this because everyone is doing that will lie This is cheating in their mana. Nobody says you should be harsh. Islam says you should use wisdom to convince them use all kinds of methods to make sure that the community understand. But you cannot keep quiet you'll be held accountable this in the hereafter. She used the best way to get them no it Do not collide with the people. But there is always a better way to convey the message. You have the second category, this is the Alamo donor.

00:26:45--> 00:26:49

Those people who don't speak except in the way the leader wants

00:26:50--> 00:26:52

you and this then we will say this

00:26:54--> 00:27:09

good idea. Do we have people like that a lot. You have the last category is the island Linda Oliver Minda, somebody who speaks for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala. So he makes sure that he represent Islam properly.

00:27:11--> 00:27:51

And let me remind you that this is one of the best if not the highest position, a person is placed in himself the position of giving down that's why I will pay him in his book a lot more K or bad on me. This is a book that he wrote, to remind those people who sign a contract with Allah, that they're going to convey the truth in the way Allah once can remember my word, you as a die you as a lecturer you as this this this and that somebody who preaches love, you are signing a contract with the law smarter that you will be conveying the message in the way at last montella once.

00:27:52--> 00:28:36

What does that mean? Heavy accountability is going to take place in the hereafter to see whether you are truthful in the words or not. As well as monitors as well as takafumi A silica D in SMR, one basara one for either cannula aka nanhu Masuda, Allah says do not follow do not say that what you don't have knowledge of, because Allah smart is going to question your hearing, you're seeing your heart about that which you did in this life with the knowledge last quarter granted to you. So that is a heavy accountability on the Day of Judgment. And that's the reason why I will pay him says definitely somebody who pulls himself on this position, he should be prepared for that. Because it's

00:28:36--> 00:29:16

not an easy job. Allah chose it for the best of the best. And these are the prophets and you are inheriting them in that manner. You have to be ready for that. And you have to make sure that you represent Islam in the way should be represented. So it's like you are signing a contract, you're going to convey the message on behalf of a lot is like you're attending a lot, no need to come by yourself and convey the message. We will do it on your behalf and we will convey the message in the way you want. This is how it is. So that's why when you talk about Allah, you should mention that you are saying the right thing. If not, we do keep quiet. That's caller said mancala. After whoever

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says Landry, this is also for to

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Mr. Malik was questioned by one of the scholars. One of the the people who came from Hungary all the way from Hungary to Medina to ask him Malik many questions. And he has only a few of them. The man says but among the people, they're all waiting for the answers from you. They have been waiting for this moment and they gathered a question they supported my trip to come and ask you this question. And now you tell me that you didn't know the vast majority of them. What should I tell them? He said go back to them and tell them you asked Malik and Malik says he doesn't know.

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Very simple. Nowadays we have people didn't know but they still give it to her because he wants to preserve his image what image he talking about.

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Seriously even last winter brings in the hereafter you're gonna be in trouble that image that you're talking about is going to be tarnished in front of who? All the creation of Allah Muhammad Allah Allah says Yama tabula rasa, right?

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That's why this is very important. When the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam I said, Man, can you hear he will humid aka fileopen. Hi Ron, our Leo Smith. If you believe in Allah, always say good, or keep quiet. Given fatwa without knowledge is evil. These are the most important areas that a person should learn how to say no. And you know, my brothers sisters, if you give for 12 without knowledge in the wrong way, you are trying to remove that brother or the sister of yours from that the trouble that is facing them, by putting yourself into trouble, they will go out of that trouble. Because if they use your fatwa between them and allies, okay, because they did what Allah asked them to do,

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which is to ask the scholars if they don't know. But now is it up to you, it is up to you to tell them the truth. So if you do not tell them the truth, they are okay in the eyes of Allah, because Allah told them to ask somebody and they think you're qualified, they asked you, but now you are in trouble with Allah subhanho wa Taala. Allah wants to grant us success in life and honesty in that which we do. So this man as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, what is the best Jihad he says, Kelly mature hacking and disciplining Jaya, to say the word of the truth in front of a tyrant, ruler. But I always repeat that wisdom is supposed to be adopted here, and you don't publicize a

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reminder to an authority. The way of the scholars is to go to him in secret, advise him without informing anyone, and he shouldn't talk about that after you went.

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Get it? Because if you tell the community that I reminded him, and he did not follow, what does that mean?

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The community will say he is bad, the respect of that leader will go down. And if he did, then the community will look at you as somebody who's on top of him. And that's wrong. We need that spirit to remain because we need that power and strength. Because it is one of the best way to curb the injustice that has taken place in society. There are people who have done fear Allah subhanaw taala. But the fear is most stick in the hands of who Erma de la Han.

00:32:25--> 00:32:34

So they don't be a lot smarter, but they hear the leader and you know, there are people who don't feel a lot they don't do things because of Allah but they do it because the authority says no.

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so that you can understand the reason why we need a leader get it we really need a leader and this fuel power and strength is also important in the community to help the leader to stop the injustice that is taking place in the community. So the last one is for today, which I don't think we will be able to read it is a Hadith of the lightning Masood, or the luevano. So this one is quite long. I will keep it in Sharla for the next class. So Hannah calamari hamburger Chateau la England, a sick record to be like medical op