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Al-Fatihah Explained – Ammar AlShukry [Spoken Word]

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wha wha wha? Wha

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Okay, so this is what we're gonna do. My poll that I have is,

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okay. So you're gonna recite one verse, and then I'm going to pull the microphone away from you. And then I'm going to explain sort of the first half, and then you're going to recite the next verse. Okay?

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Why should you stop when I pull the microphone away from you?

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Cool. So you're gonna start with

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administrate ontology? Do you want to make it like really? Beautiful? Are you gonna like, you're gonna make it long?

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Do you need some

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other parties do you need like some ginger?

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Jesus and Mark said, this science shall follow the believers. A sign that will separate the truth from the deceivers, they'll cast out devils in the Lord's name. So when reciting God's words, that's what we proclaim every single time that we seek refuge in Him from Satan, the curse and outcast. And so we begin

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with confidence.

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In the name of Allah, Rama or him, Allah pronounced a double l exhale with love, Allah, the creator of the earth, and the heavens, the one deserving of our love, obedience and reverence whose man, he's the one who in his mercy is extreme. And so his mercy extends to all places things that being sick, the most wicked individual you can imagine in the land, and he's still drowning in the mercy of God. He is the One whose mercy goes on and on and on and on and on and on.

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And how is beautiful praise, with all of its values and levels, all of its ways, not because of any favours bestowed, or anything that's owed, but because he is who he is, and so he is the one deserving of that praise. Rob means the master and sustainer, nourisher, creator, developer maintainer, and Allah is as such for his divine construction. So praise is the most appropriate introduction to the conversation that will not take place between the master and the slave face to face.

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Now those two names were already explained, and that should suffice but just take note that his attributes of mercy were already mentioned twice how the people think the Lord worship is oppressive, I don't know, when every day He bestows on us grace, and we don't deserve it though.

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The Master of the Day of Judgment, and he's the Master of the Day of Judgment in particular, because on that day, no challenges no competitors, none shall speak not even the whisper the tears of that day will be enough of an inhibitor for that is the day where the Kings fall silent, and the powerful are humbled and every violent tyrant will be exposed to me by a flesh and bones and along with our pretenders, be humbled to watch the throne.

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guidance, the straight path meaning guidance to it, and guidance while we're on it. So you never lose it the straight path is one and crooked paths are many light is one and darkness plenty. righteousness is to recognize that this is your most oft repeated requests for the scholar and his page, the ignorant and it's best for the scholar and his page, the ignorant and the sage and everyone in between is constantly in need of guidance till their dying breath. They know the dangers of self delusion, so they fear it so self righteousness is to think yourself guided from years ago

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The path of those who blush from before the profits in the truth Furthermore, the martyrs and those who bore witness the righteous and those who for whom

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witness to the truth by giving their lives in an instant.

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Not the path of those who earned your anger, or those who went astray earned your anger by knowing the truth and rejecting it, or going into Australia by never knowing the truth at all never detecting it. Well you've just heard recited are the most oft repeated words in human history. No passage, no hip, no prayer is spoken more frequently on more lips, nor memorized in more hearts than this 17 times a day. Every time that we pray. This is what we say. This is what we say.

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