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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss various verses and stories related to Islam, including the loss of face, penalty, and the use of a symbol to describe actions. They also discuss the negative impact of spending too much money on negative emotions and the importance of forgiveness and protection from evil behavior. The speakers emphasize the need for a strong foundation for one's life and explain the "we" behind the Day of Judgment and actions. They also mention the importance of avoiding evil behavior and the need for a strong foundation for one's life.
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And then hamdulillah in a meadow understanding ob you want to stop you don't want to study. When are we light our lemon Cerulean fusina woman sejati are Melina no Maria de la fella mobile era woman you know fella had the Ala Wai Chateau La ilaha illallah wa de la sharika why shadow ana Muhammadan rasul Allah. Allah Allah Allah. Allah Allah Ameen, Coco Chanel momineen Mahajan, this Sadiq in large attended by the edge many in a narrow la will be local or shahabi pseudo Warfighter heavy here in an army and why then on Suman Rocco Lubin one firm below him at z higher on urges eaten IBM no matter what as soon as under our to hear what he said it was a lot homos it robotic it while he was heavy

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wireless Jimmy Minister nebby suniti works frbs 30 he la oma Dean. Another advocacy C'mon FCB Tacoma hi Tyler renomia tequila Allahu Maharajah also common hyphal is

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all praises due to a lot alone. And then we seek aid and assistance and Tim return both in repentance and for forgiveness. Julian Allah subhanaw taala guides them can mislead and human law leaves to go astray there is none who can guide and I bear witness that there's nothing worthy of worship civil law alone. And the Mohammed Sol Allahu alayhi wa sallam is both his servant and His Messenger

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a loss of headnotes Allah says in sort of resume are a couple of verses that inshallah we will discuss today. The loss of Hannah dialysis polyamory by de la Vina as Rottweiler and foresee him later panattoni Rahmatullah in the La Jolla. Nova Jamia in the who who would love for him that he says say oh my servants who have transgressed against themselves, do not despair from the mercy of a lot, indeed a lot forgives all the sins? Indeed he is. Indeed it is he who is Forgiving and Merciful, when he will, you know, become Wesley moolah who mean probably at acuminata, mera Tucson, and returned in repentance to your Lord and submit to Him before the punishment comes upon you. And

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then you will not be helped. We'll discuss these two verses why they were revealed, why they are important for us to think about the first question, why were they revealed? There's two different stories that mentioned the revelation of these verses. The first is that some people who are polytheists must recall when they came to our Prophet Sall, Allahu Allah, you send them and they said to him, how do you think that we will respond to you that we will accept your call, when you are the one who says that the one who commit Zina or the one who kills or the one who has made should be the one who was worshipped and associated in their worship with a loss of penalty will be

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destroyed by the fire?

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And so, they said to the profits of the lower area sentiment, indeed, we have done all of these sins that you have talked about. So how do you think that we will accept your call? And so when they said this a loss of handle data revealed these verses will end badly Allah DNS or for lm faecium, all my servants who have transgressed against themselves, do not despair from the mercy of Allah, Indeed, Allah forgives all the sins. Another story that is mentioned in relation to these verses is the story of IE ash of Nairobi and others who are like him, who is on the long line. I mentioned probably to his story before he wanted to perform the hinge draw. And he was going from Mecca to

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Medina, with our with our modem to hop over the long line. And on his way there is some of Christ caught up to him. And they said, Tim, you're leaving your mother in a terrible state, and she's crying over you. And they basically guilt tripped him. So he felt so badly, he decided to go back home, I said, don't go back, your mother will take care of herself. And they're just saying this to make you stay. But the lower end said, No, I have to go back. I can't leave my mother like this. So he went back, and on his way back to the trick, Tim, and they chained him, and they took him back to Mecca and imprisoned him and tortured him until he gave up. He gave up any desire to go to Medina,

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and he stayed back in Mecca. And so some of the Muslims in Medina, when they thought about people like our Yash they said, What's wrong with these people? They know the truth. They accepted Islam, they know that this is the prophets in the long run, he will send them and yet for whatever reason they've stayed behind in Mecca. And the Muslims in Medina felt like a loss of handled Allah would never forgive people like I yes. And then this

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verse was revealed, all my servants who have transgressed against themselves, do not despair from the mercy of a lot. I'm going to have Bob when he heard this verse, immediately understood that this applies even to people like I actually he wrote it down on a piece of paper, and sent it through a secret messenger to arrive to. And I opened it up and saw the verses written. And when he read those verses, he was overcome with joy. Knowing that Allah subhanaw taala can forgive his sin, and immediately took his camel, the camel that was given to him by Armand, and he went back immediately to Medina, to join the Prophet solo lower you send them and to fulfill his digital. So this verse

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applies to both the Muslim and non Muslim. It applies both to the one who's religious, and the one who is not very religious or just beginning to discover their connection to a loss pedal. Darla, and this is the eloquence of the court and not a single verse can speak to so many different people, and so many various situations. And yet one verse could apply equally to so many different people. The verse begins with putting, pulling in say, and this is a lot telling our prophet to say to us, and then the verse almost transitions, that no longer is a lot telling the prophet to say to us, but that he is speaking to us directly. So called Oh prophet say to them, yeah, anybody Oh, my servants.

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Allah speaks to us directly. Why does he speak to us directly? Because the last panel dad is demonstrating his love for us. He's demonstrated that he is speaking to us directly, but he is directly conversing with us. Yeah, are you buddy? Oh, my servants. now realize Are you bad servants can refer to Muslim people and can refer to non Muslims, because either you are a servant of Allah subhanaw taala, ie, you are a Muslim Abdullah that you are willingly serving Allah subhanaw taala or you are a servant of Allah because you were created and ultimately are under the control of Allah subhana wa Tada. And so it applies to either, but it's more intimate when it's referring to the

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Muslim when it refers to the one who was willingly submitted to a LaserJet when the arriba de la Vina as sort of who I am for CMS Allah for those who have transgressed is Seraph is to go beyond beyond what is reasonable. beyond what is good. We use is rough. When we talk about money often. Allah says 1234 and Delilah your head bull moose riffin. Don't be excessive. Allah does not like those who are excessive. Somebody who spends extravagant, extravagantly, he doesn't need something, but he spends all of his money on something he doesn't need. We would say this is a Seraph, you're going beyond what is reasonable spending beyond what is needed.

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But and so Likewise, when we talk about sin, the person is going beyond the limits, beyond what is reasonable. They are transgressing every sin is a slough not with your money, but with your body and with your soul. And so we are spending

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our energy, our life, our breath,

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our time, our strength on something that is destructive. Imagine somebody took a bunch of money, and they walked out and they started throwing it out, just giving it away like that. See what's wrong with you, especially if the person needs it. I would say that's a sign off. You're going beyond what is reasonable logic and spending on things you don't need. You're just giving away your money like that for no reason, no purpose.

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And so it's throw off in our sins, you're giving away not money, but your strength. You're giving away your time, your energy, your soul, giving it away for sins that are going to destroy you.

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And so it's rough is going beyond the pale. And it's rough implies here that it's not just a slip. It's not just a mistake, but that the person has done it over and over often and often. So Allah says alladhina asafo when he talks about our sins, He says we've gone beyond what is reasonable, what is proper, and we've done it a lot. Right? We've fallen to evil, and we've fallen into this evil a lot. And so a loss of Paradise is Yeah, the bad the Oh my servants. You belong to me. I Lavina as falafel you've done these terrible sins, and you've gone beyond the pill a lot. And yet you are still pretty bad at my servants, the ones whom belong to me who I love. Now when we do this

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are off when we go beyond the pale

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When we harm Who are we harming? Allah says yeah, I read the Latina s Rasul, Allah unfussy him, those who have transgressed, who have gone beyond against themselves. And Allah subhanho wa Taala is teaching us when we sin, the one we are harming primarily, is ourselves. You might think that when you lie, you're harming other people you are, but you're actually harming yourself the most. And you find this, somebody lies to other people. Now he thinks everybody else is lying to him. Somebody cheats other people, he's paranoid that people are cheating him. Somebody disrespects their parents, all of a sudden they have children who disrespect them. We find that when we harm other people, what

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ends up happening is the consequences are we harm ourselves, probably first and foremost. When we break the limit set by Allah subhanaw taala, we harm ourselves the most. So Allah says, You have transgressed against yourself, you've harmed yourself, and the greatest harm that will come to us from the consequences of our sins is on the Day of Judgment. And when we enter into the Hellfire, or are placed in genda is reduced because of our sins? Yeah, we've had the LED and so forth, enforce him, all my servants who have transgressed against themselves what is a lot tell us what does he want from us to know? That not only Rahmatullah don't transgress, don't despair, from the mercy of a

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loss pedal to either never give up hope, who knows is to this to be cut off of hope, to despair, there's no more hope. And this happens to a lot of people. They fall into some sense, and they start speaking to themselves, their shavon is whispering to themselves. And they say to them, what's the point of even trying to be a good Muslim? What's the point of even coming to the masjid? What's the point of even praying or fasting? You did this sin, you're so bad, Allah is never going to accept from you. Allah is never going to be there for you. give up hope. This is shavonne trying to cause you to do the worst possible thing. The worst possible thing realize is not the Seraph the sins that

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we were doing. The worst possible thing was not all the evil deeds we were doing and doing so much of No, the worst possible thing was not only Rahmatullah. Don't despair from the mercy of Allah. Don't despair and hope from Allah subhanaw taala forgiving us and a loss of Paradise says in another verse in the Quran, in nolet, es una rohilla lol como caffeine, lol coma caffeine on that only those who despair from the relief of a law are those who disbelieve despair is not the attribute of the believer. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said no yeah animal character, manga Lyman Rama if the disbeliever knew what a loss of paradata has, in terms of His mercy, he said map pinata Min

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rahmati I had nobody would have ever disappeared from the mercy of Allah subhana wa Tada. The profits a little lower. I do send them a man came to him said then what are the worst of all the sins? The Prophet said first, Alicia Kabila you worship other than Allah seconds, well yet sooner rohilla to despair from the relief of a law and third wailuku Tamil Rahmatullah and to despair from the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala. All these meanings are tied, and the profit couples that was should have, why? Because you are conceptualizing a very negative, low stingy image of Allah subhanaw taala. When you say to yourself, he's never gonna forgive me. You are in your mind,

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thinking that Allah is stingy. And Allah is mean, and Allah subhanaw taala will never forgive that he is a low and negative in your conception of a lost parent either when you say he's never gonna forgive me.

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And that meaning is problematic. Right? That meaning shows that our belief in Allah is improper. And our proper belief in Allah subhanaw taala should always remind us that we're never beyond the pale of the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala by the woman Yep. midroc meant to be in a balloon. Allah says another verse who disappears from the mercy of a law except those who are misguided, those who are a stray.

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And then Allah Subhana Allah says in the field of Luba Jamia, Indeed Allah forgives all of the sins without condition here. Allah forgives every sin. What about schilke? Yes, a lot forgives every sin as long as the person repents. And the person turns to Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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now realize what a lot talks about sins here. What is

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He called them in a lie a little lube. He calls sins lube. What is this mean? realize other places in the Quran when Allah talks about sin, He calls it wisdom. Wisdom means like a burden that you're carrying on your back, hopefully, yeah, hopefully as a mistake that we make here Allah says lube. What is lube, lube comes from the word venom, which is the tail of an animal, right at the tail of whatever sheep or lamb or something like that.

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The the tail of the animal is what they would use to grab the animal to slaughter it.

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Right? especially some of these animals, especially if it has like horns. If you try to grab the animal from its head, and it's got horns, you might get two horns, right? It might stab you with it might really hurt you. Or it might bite you using its teeth. So it can be kind of dangerous trying to grab the animal from its head.

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So what did they do, they would grab it from the tail. And the animals horns and its teeth, have no way to stop you from grabbing it from the tail. So it's a pretty big weakness for the animal to have. So they grab it by the tail, and then they would be able to overcome it and slaughter it.

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So it's interesting, there's symbolism here, that a lot of panel data is telling you. Or he is relating the concept of sins, to the concept of the tail of the animal.

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The symbolism is that our sins are kind of like the tail of that animal. In that the tail of the animal was the cause of its destruction. right because of the tail, you're able to grab it and destroy it and kill and slaughter it. Your sins are like your tail, and that they are the weakness they are the cause of what will cause us to be punished in the hereafter and cause our destruction in this world. And in the next. So Allah subhanaw taala he talks about sins, He wants you to understand that sins have consequences. He wants you to understand that sins could lead us to some very terrible places. So he tells you in a lie a Filipino gets a lot forgives all the sins, but he

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wants you to understand sins can be a significant weakness for us and can cause her destruction and ally el Faro Lumumba, Jamia in order for him. Now he tells you that he will forgive ya feel the sense and in no whole food He is Allah for a Rahim. What is mascara. Mouth Fira comes from the word marathon which was like the helmet, a soldier would wear and war for going to war, you'd wear a helmet on your head made of steel. So if an arrow hits you, you know protects your head sword hits, you protect your head you'd wear on your head a helmet.

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Now, realize, who is the one attacking you in this concept and this symbolism here. Your sins are the ones attacking you. You need masirah to protect you from your own actions from your own sins, because your sins are like the arrows and the swords attacking you. You need forgiveness from it, you need mcphatter you need protection from those attacks that your own sins are producing. Number one, number two, the helmet does what it protects your head. So it's protecting you from the consequences of the sins. It's also covering your head. How many of us have done a lot of sins. And nobody even knows the sins that we've done. We know maybe even you don't know maybe even you forgot

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your sins. So you did a sin. You forgot about it. Nobody else knows about it. Right? We want to last panel to Eilat to hide our sins. We don't want people to know the evil things that we've done, right? We don't want other people to be aware of it. And we want it to be forgiven. We don't want to be we don't want to face the consequences of our sins. And we don't want that sent to become exposed to other people. So we ask a lot for maclear for forgiveness, rather than a lot to protect us from the consequences of the sin. We asked Allah subhanaw taala as well to hide the sin so that it doesn't become exposed in the whole photo Rahim. He is the one who provides this monk thira this

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forgiveness and he has Rahim, the one who is the most forgiving vocal inequality. There was somebody that comes through in order for him

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to smile at him Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah who is he he was the woman who Allah.

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Allah subhanaw taala continues in these verses and he says why and he will in Arabic

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was the motor that turned back to your Lord

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and submit to Him and He will means to turn back literally to be walking in one direction, then you turn back back in the other direction that you are going. So Allah Subhana Allah is saying to us, turn back to Allah, the direction that you're going the way that you're going to turn back around and go back to Allah subhana wa tada well as nimble as anymore literally Islam. What does it mean why is anymore so humble yourself, surrender yourself, because when we are being sinful, there is arrogance there. As simple means Be humble to a loss of handle data turn back to a loss penalty. And again, this applies to the Muslim and the non Muslim as slim means become Muslim. And to the Muslim.

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Like to the non Muslim Estonians become Muslim and to the Muslim as the means. Surrender more, have more humility, turned back to Allah subhanaw taala even more min korbinian yet to comunidad from Allah from Sedona lessons before the punishment comes to you. And then you will not be helped. I realize the way this phrase is versed in the idea to come before the punishment comes to you. So Allah is telling us the punishment is coming. And no one will help you against that punishment. now realize the punishment is coming. From whom? Allah subhanaw taala created Doubtfire. So the punishment is coming from Allah but Allah does not ascribe the punishment to himself. Why? Because

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these are verses of mercy. And so Allah is emphasizing the mercy of Allah, the punishment is coming, and nobody will help you against it. So go to the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala first, manager Amina La la la, there is no sanctuary away from Allah, except to Allah subhana wa tada there's nothing that will protect you, except going back to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. In our best comments about these verses, he says when the punishment comes, there will be three major excuses that people have that come in the next verses after this. What are the three common excuses that people will have when the punishment comes to them? Number one, and so who enough soon? Yeah, has salata Island

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forgot to mean Jamila, when come to the Minister hearing. The person will say how great is my regrets that I neglected?

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Allah subhanaw taala and I was of those who mock the believers. So yeah, how salata What is wrong with me? So great regrets, what's wrong with me? I learned that for rocks over what I wasted. And I mocked the righteous people. And so those who mock the righteous people in this world will be mocked in the next world. So the first is they blame themselves. I wasted my time. I wasted my life. I wasted being someone who was mocking and not someone who was turning to a law number one next, what's next excuse? outta Julio and ally, Danny lecanto Minal matcha. Tea, or some people will make another excuse on the Day of Judgment, they will say, oh, life only you guided me. I will be amongst

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the righteous. So it's as if they're blaming Allah subhanaw taala for the things they did in this world. And this is a type of arrogance, right? So the person, you know, a Muslim, sometimes this happens, you know, you see a Muslim who's doing something hot on the Muslim is drinking, the Muslim is doing this, that and you go to them and say, why aren't you turning back to a law? Aren't you abandoning these sins? He says what Allah wants me to stop drinking or stop drinking, when Allah wants me to stop smoking or stop smoking, right? He doesn't want to take responsibility for his own deeds. He wants to just blame someone else. And this is what shavon does, as well. This is a panic

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trait, right? And so this is the excuse that really comes out of arrogance. They blame a lot for the sins that they've done. And the third excuse outta Filipina toda, la de la and Nellie Carter attempt when I'm in my scene, or when they see the punishment. They say, Oh, if only I had another chance, fully I can go back to the world. live my life again. I will be of those who do good. A loss of handle to Allah rejects all of these three excuses. He says Bella

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ajah. caja SK it for contempt to be our stock vote. Welcome to Minute caffeine. Allah says, Bella here is yes, but really it means no. Like it's rejecting what they have said. Rather, my verses came to my science came to you and you denied them. And we're arrogant. And we're amongst the disbelievers a lot of saying to the one who said you didn't guide me Allah saying no my verses, my science came to you. My guidance came to you a jazz guy yet my signs came to you. And you denied them and we're arrogant. And Allah says to the one who regrets and says I neglected. Allah says no rather you rejected

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Did the person who says follow up I, I lost doubt I neglected turning to a law that says you didn't neglect you actually rejected. And they were of those who are ungrateful to a lesser penalty. The third excuse If only I can get another chance. A law doesn't specifically respond to in this verse. But what would those people say if only I get another chance? A law already says in the Quran in another verse. Willow doula is the man who were they to return back to this world, they would go back to the same things that was held on for them to do. Allah says this, if if Allah gave them if the person dies, stands up in front of a lot, so a lot only gave me another chance. So Allah says,

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okay, all of a sudden they're born again, they're living this world again, that person would do the same thing they did the first time. If they were given infinity number of chances, they would do the same thing over and over and over again. And that means that the only thing you have in control is what you do right now, in your life today, what you decide, in the time Allah has given you on this earth, whether you have one more day to live, whether you have 60 more years to live, whatever that time is, all you have is this time, what you do now is what you would have always done. And if Allah gave you a million lives, you would have done the same thing over and over and over again. And so

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how do we attain this Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala and his forgiveness so that when we stand in front of Allah subhanaw taala, we're not throwing out the excuses, it's your fault. I'm not guided, or you're saying, Oh, I just I was too neglectful. Or you're saying, I wish, I wish I wish I had another chance. What do we do so we're not the people standing with excuses on the Day of Judgment, when he will, you know, it'll become worse than him would turn back to your Lord and surrender yourself to Him. subhanho wa Taala. Let's turn back to a Laszlo gel. Let's seek the forgiveness of our sins, ask the last panel to add it to forgive us. So that we are the ones on the Day of

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Judgment, who are happy whose faces are shining and on our way to enter Jenna mean in the lahoma because it was so now in the via your Latina masala Holly username aseema Allahumma salli wa sallam Allah says you know when to be no Have you been on Mohammed alongside the Allah Mohammed the medical vacuum abroad also the Allah European ama to the army School of slowly Urbana salatu wa sallam and you mean la oma Jean, while he was happy for you we know for a while I mean, well, I didn't know anybody. In aluminet female Pamina hadn't been in LA for a while I haven't been in LA for a while adding local data. When I'm only done Alicia feta. When I moved to LA feta will determine how I do

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neola rahila didn't wanna feel solid. Allah data was such a magical hammer. I mean, as long as in Islam and Muslim men were early before they came into help they were Deen alone. Alone. Have you been in any man was in with your colombina located in a Nicole for supervision with Adam no rush, Dean, and ally. I'm glad to be with us anyway. Corey. Wayne has

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come to the Caribbean with coral life WooCommerce guru. He has it come. What did they call it equitable, long reanimates thrown under locking soda.