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*Why me? Short jumuah talk


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The segment discusses Allah's supposed "bringing forth" messages, which involve people complaining about lack of children and wealth and trying to figure out what is in the middle of the picture. The situation is a situation where individuals try to determine what is in the middle of the picture and protect their health and talent. The segment also touches on the idea of happiness and the importance of being content with one's life, with a mention of a contest for happiness. The segment ends with a mention of a contest for happiness.

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He will come to the

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end magazine, along with

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Jonathan Wilson

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has many that she tests Allah, Allah, Allah to us there was

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a study. We thank

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you, Angela for having us here today. And we ask Allah subhana wa tada to surround us with the military and to cause his mercy and His Sakina to descend upon us, and to raise us with the MBR Allah uma salatu salam and those whom he has mentioned with them, I mean,

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the brothers and sisters in Islam, if we take a look at the reality of life, a clock across the globe, people are asking the question Why?

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They are asking, why me, Oh Allah, why is it that you have chosen for me this life that I am in? I am suffering with lack of children and you have not given me children, I am suffering with no wealth, you have not given me wealth or you have given me less of it. I am suffering with my risk and my sustenance in a certain way. So people are complaining about what is happening to them and questioning the main cloud. Why is it not that you are the most powerful? Is it not that you are the one who can get rid of all this in a split moment? And if we take a look at the old tone region, Syria, Iraq,

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the people are asking questions, why are we dying like flies every day?

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The reality of life dear brothers and sisters in Islam, I'm bringing this up today because many people have asked this question of late. As the trials and tribulations get more people are asking and questioning Allah Buddhists that you Angela.

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This question was asked by the Meraki cast before we ever asked me before we even existed, what is called Allah.

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When Allah

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said to him, Allah, he can rely on making a successor for you to the melodica that I am making a successor on Earth.

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They said, Oh Allah, are you making on the earth those will cause corruption and spill blood.

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The response from multiple races that you are jealous is our key man.

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He says I know that which you do not know. I know that you do not know the melodica question yeah. Why? Why are you putting these human beings on earth in a very respectable manner?

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Are you placing on earth those who will cause corruption? Well, yes, we could demand they will chop each other's heads off. They will chop each other's heads.

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What was the response?

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I know that which you do not know. The reality of the man and faith of a believer lies in this response from a lot of Buddhists that you in general, our minds are too small to understand the entire picture. If I were to tell you

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that you are living in a small pixel of a picture, you will not be

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able to tell what that picture is in reality, is it a horse? Is it a human being? Is it a house? Is it a man? Is it a woman? Is it a Is it the mountains, you would not know. But the man who is standing behind that picture or in front of that picture, put it how you May, he will understand. This is the reality of the situation, there is a man there is a waspy there is a woman there Why? Because he sees all of it. They are brothers and sisters, he stand among Buddhists, that you Angela has the highest of examples. But in order to bring it closer to our minds, we are that little soul on earth on Earth. We don't even see beyond this room that is here, let alone the room. If you are

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looking down, you don't even know what you're

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to Jalla

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Shahada, he is the Knower of the unseen and that which is here witnessed right now, he knows everything that which is in water is no different to that which is in Harare, to that which is in New York for good reason. He knows everything. So a believer submits that his mind and his intellect is too small to understand he was doomed the entire knowledge of horrible is that

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people try to tackle this by saying all sorts of things. I've tried, I've heard people giving different explanations like this and like that, and you have a list of this type of people and that type of people and YouTube, all of that is unnecessary.

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A lot of bullies that is not to be questioned for that which he does, yet we will be questioned on the death dm. As long as

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he is not to be asked about that which he does, alone. And then human beings and Jim kindly will be asked by Oculus.

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Why because he is the maker that is his. That is his right. And our faith and our belief lies in submitting to that be. And if you don't want to submit that is your choice.

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That is your choice in this dunya that Allah subhana wa Taala has afforded and afforded you, but be prepared to deal with the consequences when you fall six feet down and you have to meet that liquor, whether you like it or not, you're going to meet.

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So, submit to Allah subhana wa Tada. that's point number one.

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Point number two,

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a lump sum kind of words.

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He says, we'll call

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for an immediate

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call. He said why is it or the butchery team they said that why is it that the urn did not come to a human being from amongst these two great cities, the great city of Mecca and the great city of LA.

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They asked this question a lot so kind of what to ask taala response a woman Simona metalla big are very the ones who will distribute the amount of yoga. They choose that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam will be a nappy did they choose that? Musa salatu salam would be an ad that Adam will be a fee of Allah subhana wa tada ketalar most definitely not. They did not choose because it was not their right to choose alumium una matar na

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domina we Allah we meaning Allah are the ones who distribute the livelihood amongst themselves.

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And we raised some of them above others in levels in that livelihood. We are talking about whom back down to Korea, so some of them may employ the others in this complete and total planning of Allah subhanho wa Taala if we look at it, we will come to realize that he has brought about unity amongst the people. Imagine every one coolness savatya everyone was equal. I had one like you You had one like me, he had beauty like him. Everyone had the same exact what would happen? How would we have differences? Where would the difference lies so Allah subhanho wa Taala took away and I'm not going to point to anyone right now because someone will blame it.

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So you

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know, someone, Allah Subhana, WA tada took away the good looks from someone and he gave him he gave that same person, a lot of wealth. And he took away a lot of wealth from someone and he gave him very good news. And talent gave someone so many children yet he took away his health.

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So we need to understand that Allah subhanho wa Taala has decided what we will receive, we will have more, and what we will have this, you find a poor man, poor man has nothing, yet he's nothing until he's 100 strong as fat as a horse.

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decided to give that to him, it was not my choice, it was not your choice, all we have is to submit to this degree.

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Also the loss of a loved one

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a man

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and mamma, Mia.

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Whatever was meant to come to you, whatever was not meant to come to you will never come to oma, also, but can London.

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And what ever came to you was never going to miss you What ever happened. This one could have plotted against you planned and said you know what? I am in authority here. So I'm gonna block that meme of FIFA Allah subhanho wa Taala, open your doors, nobody can block.

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And voila, you the entire dounia and everyone in this world can come together and plot and plan and decide that this man we want to benefit him. You can even eat that food and a lot of bullies.

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decides that you are going to spew it out before it benefits you you will

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no matter who comes together to help you if Allah subhana wa tada has closed that door for you it is closed and harassed is not. So we need to remind ourselves from time to time who we are in relationship to our what is our place in relationship to our maker? Why do we put our heads on the ground five times a day for that maker in order to submit to Him and His decree and his world, I am totally happy with what you have decided for me to listen to

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what the bema has a lot

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of minutes and be happy, be content be satisfied. With that which Allah has decreed for you, you will be the most rich of people. And we ever seen a man who has a lot, it is still salivating over more.

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He has a lot. But he's still salivating over more. That is why the head of poet says that if you are content in your heart, then you and the one who are married could do near

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you and the one who

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controls has control of possession of the entire jumia you are equal. Because that man is happy I have the entire dunion it with me. Right, he is happy that he has the entire demeanor. He doesn't need to ask for anything. And you and your heart without having the entire Lumia you want to have. So you want to say

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in fact, the one who has the dounia and everything that it contains sometimes is not. So let us ask ourselves that if we don't have happens today, and if we continue to wait for it, how long have we been waiting for for that happiness? Maybe 10 years, maybe 15 years? Maybe since we were, you know very young, we weren't happy in our hearts. We weren't content. And we've we've been waiting for the day one day I'll be happy one day, the big picture is in your mind. Hey, one day everything will be rosy and cozy and lovely and amazing. That day hasn't come to today. When will the data the day you tell yourself? Yeah, I have

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my hands up in the air. Or you don't need to put your hands up in the head but I surrender to your decree. I surrender to whatever you want to give me and then you will only be truly happy. May Allah subhanho wa Taala Kansas happiness and there was some kind of mortality contest contentment. I mean

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he was happy