Exploring The Signs in Creation

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In a video, a speaker discusses the potential for Islam to create large and large planets and the excitement surrounding the development of new technology. The speaker also talks about the potential for technology to be the cornerstone of the future and how it could lead to the development of new technology.

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People are still trying to arrive on the Moon and Mars and wherever else and they're talking about it, right? They're talking about it and they want to go more and more and more Allah knows what will happen. Allah says Yama shulgin you will see in his top bottom photo min Papa is Samadhi will follow found

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fudo Latin una Illa this will be a

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big Kuma Tomcat. vivaan Surah Rahman, Allah says all mankind Oh Jean kind, if you would like to dive in the earth, so go up into the sky is whatever you want to try to do, you may go ahead, but you will not be able to

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get to any place that Allah has not permitted you to get.

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If you see the moon, you don't know how many moons they are, there's only one that's visible to you and I, maybe there might be so many galaxies Allah created that you and I don't know, science is discovering new planets by the minute, by the minute, bigger and huge and massive. And they're telling you there are billions of these huge planets that we've never ever dreamt existed. But because of Allah, Allah is showing you his greatness sonnerie him it

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was he

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how Allah says we will show them the signs in the horizons, we will show them as time passes more and more and more science and in themselves within themselves, look at the DNA, look at the vaccines they are developing that can instruct the cell, what to do and what not to do. It's very interesting. If you look at it, it is revolutionary technology. It is something mind boggling how it works. They have gotten into the DNA all by the permission of Allah and Allah says, You know what, why my booty don't mineral in me in kalila. You have all this knowledge, right? It is very little, very, it's just a drop, you still don't know anything? Subhana Allah, you still don't know anything?

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How long is the earth in existence for millions of years, maybe billions, right? Millions of years. In these millions of years. All the people who existed How far did they go? Do you know that today, we are technologically the most advanced. And in the last few decades, it's become absurd. If I told you when I was young, that a day will come when you can hold a phone without a wire. I would think you're crazy.

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And then if I were to tell you you can look at your phone and see the person you're talking to in New Zealand, you would probably think this man gene he has a gene so Han Allah Allahu Akbar. But my beloved brothers and sisters the power of Allah is absolute mutlak. It is complete. He has every power you can ever dream of. He is the all powerful. That's what it is.