Hussain Yee – Ramadhan Reminders 2020 #8

Hussain Yee
AI: Summary © The importance of remembering oneself and others to live in a healthy and productive life is emphasized, along with the need to show intentions to charity and pray. The speaker emphasizes the importance of managing one's anger to avoid negative consequences and practice their own actions to avoid negative consequences. The segment also touches on the use of the word "well" in relation to negative behavior and the importance of accepting and letting one's limitations be managed.
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim in Alhamdulillah mother who want to start a new one is stuck Pharaoh

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when only lemon surely and fusina amin say, Marina, Mayor de la de la mattina

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aloha de la, a shadow La la la la la la la la sharika. What a shadow under Mohammed Abdullah who wore a suit. OC come one year old and beta LA. Mata.

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Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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The evidence is that handler and the handler or praise due to Allah Almighty, who have make things so easy for all of us, we have many so far it's almost one week and we are moving forward to the next week. And the next and the next.

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I personally believe brothers and sisters, that Allah subhanho wa Taala have forgive us for the past that we have performed for so long.

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That means for one week we have been fasting and one week we have been praying caremore Ramadan, because the Prophet sallallahu Sallam mentioned man sama Ramadan he man and this urban warfare Allahu

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ofera, Roma, Taka Domine zombie whoever fast with the right Eman the right intention for the sake of Allah and hope for allows blessing and mercy. Then the Prophet said, He will be forgiven by Allah, Allah Allah made that part I believe that we who have committed a lot of sins and I have been forgiving us every day,

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every day, the day then we've passed at night VTM and the Prophet also said man karma Ramadan Ivana watty Saba ofera, llama Taka, Taka, taka taka demon zombie ALLAH forgive the past see.

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So the past is the past brothers and sisters.

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What we have to look into now

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is the present and our future so that we can move forward and become a better person.

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Now I always try my best to remind myself and to own the group brothers and sisters who have been pulling us and I believe your patient and it's their karma consistent in following our program show will benefit you

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and also your children.

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when we do something it's very important to look into our intention.

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A lot of will Allah Minh remind us

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to His Prophet Mohammed some Lawson in nama Anna Basha Rumi Slocum, you ha la a nama ilaha illa Wahid

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say Omaha to the people you are just a human

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that was sent by Allah to guide mankind to teach people

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you are just a human as he he, he sleep he has a family he pray, he work he do a lot of things like any one of us and doing a nonprofit or doing more than

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that mean he is no angel.

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But he can be better than Angel we are no angel but we can be better than Angel.

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the prophets and Muslims was reminded by Allah

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to tell us

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From an arrow to the CO p for the Milan saleha Wallah you should

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whoever have the intention to meet a law to return back to Allah in a way that Allah is so pleased with us

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then he or she must make sure that he had the right Eman and righteously

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you must be an active productive and practicing Muslim not just Muslim by name. But yeah man, you must act upon your deen

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your belief because a man and Amal cannot be separated

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and Amal that allow one Amal solly every time when Allah talk about beats, he makes it very clear, ama Saul.

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While Are you Shrek, ba bada Tierra, be amasi

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while you are doing on the ibadah, your act of worship, fasting, praying, giving charity, sadaqa, Zakat and so on. Don't

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have a hidden agenda make sure that you do not commit any form of shearing

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pregnancies The last

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thing for

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can a person who are praying committing is worshiping

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he is not worshipping idols, or cross or stone or any man or human, he is worshiping a lot like you and me.

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And we commit sharing while worshiping Allah.

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Of course to us it know

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what we mean by committing Shiri while worshiping Allah, how can we commit surely when we are worshiping Allah

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and we commit cheating when we are fasting?

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A few days, it doesn't make any sense.

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Can we commit where we are giving sadaqa

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by what is sharing,

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sharing while you are doing a by that means our intention in doing all this act of worship is not for Allah.

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But to show others to show people to please people.

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When you do something, not to please Allah, that can bring you to shearing

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very dangerous. That's why the Prophet did mention the thing that I fear most

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is a Shiri Azhar

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the minus shipping

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but this is the ship that I feel most for my own money.

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And what is that there is a real showing off anything you do you have the intention to show off to others.

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You're not doing really to please Allah.

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Everything we do, if you don't please Allah, all the good deeds cannot be righteous

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is Amal but not solid.

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So it's very important for us to take care of our intention.

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And I believe that all of us who have been fasting and pray

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they do have the right intention. But

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when you give charity sadaqa Be careful.

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Even at night that we are praying, we don't have to show up and tell people how long my prayer is. That's why when the people asked Ayesha about the prayer of the Prophet each time after she explained you suddenly urba he will perform for for lattice and Hosni, he never told him. Don't ask how beautiful the prayer the proper, how long he stand up for praying.

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And now you just do what you can.

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The same goes to us if you can recite long surah please say no problem.

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But don't go and ask others

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whenever they get 100

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right people used to say it lately, even if we can say every record cool Hola Hola. On last summer

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while I'm Nicola Hakuna

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Don't worry

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Allow daily, every single thing that we are doing to place in

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a more equal than people who reside long so they intend to show us

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see how good is my re citation.

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See how many Ayat of the Quran I have memorized? All this can come to any one of you.

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You see, remember the Hadith of the Prophet? The Prophet said to us, in a day of judgment, there are three people that Allah was just the first in any one of us and the tree guy and not the bad guy to us.

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The so called Muslim

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one is a person who can recite the Quran beautifully and has been teaching people how to read the Quran and allows them

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for who do you do all this? When you recite the Quran?

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You want people to hear your citation is okay. But you do it for

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they say, I do it for you.

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In this the professor Amar respond

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because you are a liar. And you still want to lie to me?

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How can you lie to Allah? Allah was in my way thinking now is in a knowledge of the law.

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You do it to show to people that you are a beautiful curry

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curry who have a beautiful voice.

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You can recite the Quran so beautifully. Sometimes you make people cry when they hear you're excited, but you are doing that to show

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and then the next group is group Allah sent him to hellfire.

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These are not talking about the people who are not Muslim, or people who don't recycle paper who recite the Quran also be thrown into Hellfire because of the intention.

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Number two, a person who have money well, Allah so what do we do with the well they I have given you

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everything that we have. Allah is the owner. We are just a keeper.

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We are the trustee.

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Can he say one more? I donate here I donate there I build Masjid I build masala I build madrasa.

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Allah knows me, as he knows, but he just one has to admit but still there are people who think that they can

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cheat Allah

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does I do for you? Allah is a concept. You are alive.

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You do it to show off to other that you are a rich person, a very generous person.

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You have your name here and named their palace.

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And the dead guy is a guy who is a fighter, a warrior

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who have engaged in many battle and you're asking what do you do with a stranger I've given you

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I used to go and go against the enemy of our I kill so many bad people

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who is against the Muslim? No, I went for this Jihad I went for that jihad.

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I know for Who are you doing that? For you Allah Allah say

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it's not easy brother and sister.

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Now tonight, after sharing me with all of you, please look into your heart and touch.

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Lately I've been hearing that there's a lot of people

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who is very impatient when Ramadan come especially when we are in this situation of MCU we cannot move like how we used to move before always stay in though. In Your House where there is a safe, the safest place for everybody.

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They just cannot control their anger now.

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They're getting very upset, very angry, very frustrated because of the changes in their life.

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is good brother. But because we are not used to it.

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Now I share with you these tools

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one is from Abdullah bin Amir. In an ash

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he narrated

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he asked the Prophet

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What can I do

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to save myself from the anger of Allah.

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Not only we can get angry or lost, who have the right to be angry with us, but his mercy always overrule his anger is telling us in her diskusi he has the right to be angry to anybody.

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Because we have been committing sin very disobedience to him, but he still

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show His mercy to all of

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us to provide for us.

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He still prolong or like he can just take our life any time when we disobey Him, He can just punish. But no, he still gives you what you want.

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Then the Prophet said

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don't get angry.

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There's how you can save yourself from the anger of Allah.

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Very important brother says

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it's up to us now to control to manage our anger, we know that they have this feeling.

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Especially when we're young.

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And we get so upset. And then we just, they're not even

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express our anger outside.

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We know that we have the elders in front of us. You show your anger do show your double anger.

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They have double anger not only one anger.

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And then Abu huraira also see

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the second hand is a man came to the prophet and asked the Prophet for advice.

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He asked the prophet to teach him something that is easy, simple, very light for him to practice

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for him to

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act upon it, and for him to memorize.

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You see the competitors and then they don't ask

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for long advice. Very simple, straightforward. So that it's easy for them to act upon the knowledge

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and is easy for them to remember.

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What did the profits say?

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That doctor

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I hope all the brothers is following me closely. What did the Prophet said?

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That's all he asked him any more.

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Any more than three times?

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What is that?

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Don't get angry? Don't be angry. The anger is that control?

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Stick for us

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to let the shaitan walk you

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Brothers and sisters, is that easy?

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Can you memorize this saying are the problem

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and that's how does the companion become a better person.

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Whatever the Prophet stated that immediately, they try their level best to follow

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they hear the Prophet say something they will try their best ob we always want to please our feeling our desire more than to follow the profit. So

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remember, I did mention maybe earlier

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normally in my class, I always remind my students

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take the profits and our who love us so much. Allah who loves us so much.

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Then the prophets Allah stampset kuuluu Amati at

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all my alma will go to Paradise. This is what we are aiming for. We are fasting we are praying we get charity only because we love Allah. We want to have good ending. We enter please Allah

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So they in return a lot more you want all of us with paradise.

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And then the profit continue. Hello, my dear co owner Jana. All my followers will go to Gen Illa man

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except those who refuse not to go to Japan not to enter

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Ramadan, you know, footie had

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the Ramadan come in the gate of Paradise is open

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for everyone who wants to go in.

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the prophecy elimin Abba, except there's one group

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among my oma who refuse to go to Paradise.

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The companion was surprised.

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Kayla, my by rasulillah. Who are those who refuse to go who don't want to go the agenda?

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I asked a lot of my friend who are not yet a believer.

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Do you want to go to Paradise or *? everybody want to go to Paradise? Even the bad guy?

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Because they know paradise the best place to go.

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Then, the prophecy

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because when they asked the prophet who, who do not want to go to Paradise?

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The Prophet just answered, man upon me the whole agenda. Whoever obey my teaching my students

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they take it seriously.

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He go to Paradise.

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One month, our sore knee for Roma sleep whoever

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refuse to follow my student reject my son, belittle my student

00:22:10 --> 00:22:13

abuse, my swindler. The people with what

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little bit sooner sooner what is sin?

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They don't even understand the literal meaning of sadhana. How can we

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get or how can we receive the shofar our intercession of the Prophet even don't even understand the meaning of sadhana. Literally loevy

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brothers and sisters, please they will come with you. I'm going to read my RV one of the night

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to understand

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because by understand sooner, we become a very good Muslim.

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Now before

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I end my peschiera my short reminder tonight

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for those who have memorized the Hadees I have shared with you

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last few night Alhamdulillah.

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And also don't forget to remind your children that after would do don't after as

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I have to remind all of you

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why because even a simple

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been human. We have a lot of witness. We do not want to entertain this witness. We do not want to end on one that we doubt memorize few hadiza the proper and important to

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you can also see our media team soon is

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