Wisam Sharieff – Supercharging A Dua For Yourself

Wisam Sharieff
AI: Summary © The concept of " pest ap credits" in the Sona series is discussed, which involves identifying moments where one or more people feel joy or love and practicing happiness. The speaker emphasizes the importance of learning to identify these moments and creating a whole video. The speakers also discuss how people in the world can experience a positive feeling when they hear a song or a song by a person named Luca hubback, and how to acknowledge a feeling of pleasure when someone is willing to do something. They stress the importance of taking smallDA and starting with smallDA.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah brothers and sisters. Welcome to Suna supplements. Today we're going to be discussing in the supercharged do our section. So today's a little bit different, you have to kind of shake it out. If you're watching this video, maybe on the move, then just bear with me here. I want you to create happiness. Like I want you to feel happy. So what your days cruddy, someone else days is worse than yours. Okay, so let's just get over it for a second. Because in order to supercharge a doula, you have to be able to take control of your emotion for a second, you've got to be able to, like an actor can can kind of catch the emotion, you're not acting, you're being you're

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just in charge. So today, as we will throughout the Sona supplement series, under supercharged laws, we're going to try to gather peak moments. The idea is, you're never going to feel eternal bliss, excuse me, you may not feel eternal bliss all at once. And then just feel that way. Always, like that's it feel wonderful. If you see that, that there's that gap. And so what I'm asking for us today is number one, identify joy, identify a moment where you can say that is happiness. And if you're learning to do that, it doesn't even have to be yours. Just say Oh look, joy, baby smiling. Cat, something that you puppy that you could look at and say that is joy that is love. And by doing

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this, you're starting to identify peak moments. My definition of peak moment is a moment where you feel content, you feel loved, you feel everything's going your way. And the universe is good for you. So if we can begin to identify these peak moments, whether they be external, like you see someone else a someone's winning something, my coworker is doing great, then that's, that is a way to identify that is joy. Number two, though, in identifying the joy, can you start finding peak moments for yourself? You made a douar you felt tingly? You ate, you ate a brownie, and you're like, oh, huh, that feeling boom, just call it out peak moment. You saw a friend peak moment, you can call

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these moments, whatever you want. But by identifying them, you don't even have to stop and go, Oh, this is so great. Just call it out. Peak moment. So the first idea is to identify joy, identify moments where you could, you could practice happiness, practice a supercharged moment. Once you've done this, now I want you it once that's done that that could in itself be a whole video, meaning you now have to go do this exercise. But right now, could you say I'm beautiful?

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I'm wonderful.

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And I cause happiness to one or more people in the world. I'm beautiful. I'm happy. And because of me one or more people is happy. One or more people benefits. Not so easy. If it is right it is it's not that bad. Ramadan. Come on. Love you a little bit more. Can you now from this artificial even though you had to say it to yourself, but you believe it? From this moment? Can you say okay, little may it be as it may be, but here's a peak moment. I feel good. I feel accepted. I'm with other like minded people. Everyone watching this. No one's screaming at the screen right now, buddy. Everyone's like, yeah, I'm pretty swell. Now, if you've identified it, can you experience it? Can you say? So?

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This is what it feels like. This is what in joy feels like, not enjoy. And this is it. This is like this is the this is the moment. If you can learn to identify moments of I'm in joy. I don't need external movie music something to make me enjoy. I don't need someone to say something. I'm in the joy. If you've gotten here, this is where any door I mean, you could sing a song now and it would get supercharged. So the idea is for you to understand what supercharging is. It's when you get to the peak of the moment you're like wow, this is awesome. And that's why Coca Cola doesn't make commercials of people going coke. Yummy. They won the game world cup music and all the concert no

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put your cokes up there capturing the peak moment the bliss point and look cheers to them. Good for them for doing that. This is not some conspiracy theory. Don't drink Coke. The idea now is at the top

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At this moment, the the time when you're acknowledging a peak moment, if you sang a song, you yelled out er, it would become a supercharged phrase, a trigger. And it would become, you will be utilizing the Power of Habit of a trigger. So let's assume you feel I'm happy and beautiful. And because of me one or one or more people receive benefit in a pleasure. I feel great when I hear that, cultivating that today's da is an example. I get so aggressive, I need to relax, we'll be together for a while. So it's relaxed. Today's example is a doula Allahumma in me, as a Luca hubback

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Oh my Lord, I asked you for your love.

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Love, romantic, warm. You're thinking about me unconditional love. Now, where would you be this throughout the rest of the day, as well? Help. Maybe you have book? Well, hope. I'm Lee, you Qadri? booney illa habeck. We'll find that why don't worry about that right now.

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But why am I saying Oh Allah, I asked you for your love to get it now. At the peak moment when I'm already elated. I'm associating this feeling and saying God loved me. But what do you already feel in the moment that God loves you? So you're supercharging the DA, so that when you're Let's do it one more time. You're beautiful. You are absolutely the source of happiness. And because of you, one or more people receives benefit and I hope that doesn't make you feel arrogant. But come on, you're beautiful deal with it. And in that beauty, that beautiful cultivated feeling, can you say Allahumma inni Luca hubback Oh, Allah love me. And if you're not an emotional person, and you're not feeling

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this, just stop and save a lot of money. Luca,

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oh, Allah, I acknowledge your love. And that you're, you're getting, you're making dua for what you already have to get it. So we're going to pick what do you mean, you just had a peak moment that's God love things are going your way. That's God's love. So now to acknowledge not to ask him love me to say Allahumma inni as Luca hubback. Oh, Allah, I asked for your love. You're saying, I feel it. It's in me.

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Hope that works for you. Now, that's a lot to do for today. But if anyone's trying to recap, in our third installment, which was supercharging, a DA, we first learned what supercharging is. Number two, we learned to take a DA Allahumma inni as a Luca hubback. And this is my personal dwad that I found from the sauna. And I do use it when I feel like things are going great when I made my first supplement that video from the beach. I was all day. I love my nice alcohol but because it's something I wanted to do a routine a ritual that I wanted to get to you guys. And I was having difficulties but when it happened, you get it. I didn't ask for the thing. I started being thankful

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for the stuff I had. And then I started getting more, I think you're starting to get the point. You're starting to get the point where stop asking for more and start doing do our present moment like Hey, thanks for this stuff that I have. Using the doors, you'll find yourself moving more forward per being propelled forward, forward momentum being propelled to forward momentum. You will find that tremendously and you'll start seeing the doers and your you get what you want really quickly. Now I'm going to revisit one last time and it's Ramadan associate Don's tied up, you all know how a music a DJ works. So how like a techno trance, or even the pop music that is on the radio

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not that you listen to what they do is they build you up then Dan, Dan Dan, a good DJ will lay track after track when I say good, someone talented in their art will not just go doo doo doo doo doo doo, right? Why don't they just play music that goes

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like that just goes straight to zero and then boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, because they have to build a person up to be able to receive the big drop the big bass drop the like the the intro of whatever's coming. I'm using a crude example here. But because your brain does not react, I can prove this to you on an MRI does not react to anything greater than the buildup of music. 100% of your brain is involved when listening to music. What am I saying? Like a song builds you up and you get into the zone. I want you to get into the zone and then find the doula that fits that situation. And that's where I come in. So right now, next time you

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You're elated and happy be like, Huh, Allah love me. You did you are. It's like you're there in the moment. And that's the supercharge. So friends, we've done it we've supercharged Allahumma inni. Luca hubback, you want it in English? Oh my Lord, I asked you for your love, say it in English. But then you have to now when you're happy and like when you know you're going to be happy, start charging this up like Goku, like start charging this up. And you know, you're gonna eat chocolate along with me. So Luca hubback, you know, you're gonna get a hug from your mom a lot of money. So, you know, you're gonna see your favorite movie after he Allahumma inni. Luca hubback, please stop

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cutting a lot out of the other things in your life, that you're like, Oh, this is wrong. You can't do that. Because then it loses its power. So if you're indulging in a song, and you know that it's not good for your eemaan but then at least stop and be like, oh, look what you're doing, my Lord, like Thank you, thank you for this temporary enjoyment and, and then if you want to say save me from the effects of the ill effects, but I'm here with you right now, this is our first touch the supercharging of a draw, build yourself up. If you have to, like do push ups. I'm serious. Like sometimes you want to just get in the zone, and then just read a really powerful blog. We'll be

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doing that soon. But now you get an idea of what supercharging and do is find the moment and know what's the right draw for the right time and then just have all the right emotions behind it. sounds simple, but you're like, yeah, I think I need a coach. That's where I come in. I'll see you all soon. A sense of peace upon you around you. And throughout you make peace emanate. Well said I'm already locked into law.

Sunnah Supplements – We go through the process of supercharging any of your supplications by understanding your peak moments and using dua at those times.


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