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Klerksdorp, North West Province
South Africa


AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the upcoming month ofams and the importance of shavon, which is tied to the season. They emphasize the need for a solid meal, avoiding poverty, and not giving up on one's responsibility. They also encourage people to value their work and use it for their benefit, reciting the book of Islam, and practicing forgiveness. The importance of community build and self-acceptance is emphasized.
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah. He was happy Ah, my name.

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My beloved brothers and sisters in this beautiful, beautiful city of Clark's dope.

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In the northwestern province of South Africa,

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this beautiful first eve of the month of Ramadan in the year 1440 hijiri 2019.

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It is indeed a virtue and the father of Allah.

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It is by far the grace of Allah to allow us to witness this month of Ramadan. We don't realize the value of things that have real value

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shavon happens to dangle the carrot throughout the year regarding material items. So for us things of value are things that are flashy, but when it comes to the month of Ramadan, shavon is tied. So it is only the shayateen within ourselves that happen to make us at times forget the reality.

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But because of the blessedness of this month,

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we immediately feel the spirituality.

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I spent an entire month of Ramadan in this beautiful city in the year 2005.

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The same Masjid. I led taraweeh for the entire month, and I delivered lectures entitled reasons of revelation from verses of the Quran.

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This year I chose to visit you for one night It happens to coincide with the first night of Ramadan. What an honor for me.

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Brothers from this community since the year 2005. Every year, no matter where I was, for as long as it was within South Africa, they made an effort which was not far off. It was not even as sooner but it was out of the love that we had for one another. They made an effort to visit for a night or two no matter where I was. I decided it's about time for me to make that effort to visit you as a community male accepted.

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I have absolutely fallen in love with all the places I have visited because I've made family in every society and community from my beloved brethren who happened to be within these communities. I think it is because it was within the month of Ramadan. It is the month of love. It is the month of love, the love of Allah. My brothers and sisters, you want to taste the sweetness of Ramadan. Take out the hate from your heart and replace it with love. It is the month of the love of Allah the mercy of Allah, the month of introspection, which means to look within you your own faults, your weaknesses, the sinful from amongst us and we are all sinful. Should be weeping in the month of

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Ramadan trying to earn the pleasure of Allah couldn't be

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met he Fabien

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Rocco, Who

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should we tell you something that is better than what you are gathering your money and all of that that you are gathering? Do you want to know something that is better than all of that? the virtue of Allah and His mercy better than everything Subhana Allah, that is what should make you happy. When Allah says there is a day of mercy get excited. When Allah says there is a month of mercy get excited, prove to Allah that you are different. This is Ramadan, I'm going to work hard. How many of us are excited about our football teams, when they are playing with for 90 minutes, we want them to run the whole 90 minutes and we want them to score goals. And if they haven't, we give them extra

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time and we are hoping that they will score in that extra time. Allah has given you 30 days, maybe 29 days, keep running during these days and score as many goals as you can. You will break your own record and keep breaking the record every year.

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This is the month of Ramadan. It is the month of love. It is the month of resolving your family disputes. Do you know that? Why did Allah keep a brother and the sister for you? In order that you helped them you reach out to them, you solve your problems with them. SubhanAllah it's not easy, but you have to it's the month of solving problems. You forgive alone forgive you. You let go allow and let go of you. You open your heart

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Allah will open the doors of Jenna for you. May Allah grant that to us. My brothers and sisters, I am only here for tonight. And I have only led four units or a cat of prayer. And rightly so. Now that I'm a little bit older, my recitation is much slower. For some of us who don't know the Arabic language, it becomes a little bit tough to stand behind an old man who's reading slow Subhan Allah. So although they asked me to leave much more, I know my weakness, I cannot make haste with the word of Allah. Because I know its meaning I need to read.

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In the same way I want to read on the Day of Judgment.

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Because the Hadith says you Carlota Sahib will qurani a man who or person who's memorized the Quran, will be told on the Day of Judgment

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Kama contadora, chilufya dunya, read, recite and keep elevating keep going up higher and higher. And you will only be able to read the way you used to read in this world

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cannot come to read how you used to read on Earth. So for me, that is the most important part of the Hadith, how you use to read on Earth, I need to take my time, I need to try my best to read as correctly as possible. And I love it. If I were to make a mistake that someone from the back no matter where they are, yell that correction because it's not my word. It's the word of Allah. It is an honor to be corrected when it comes to a mistake you are making with the word of Allah brothers and sisters don't ever feel hurt when someone corrects you. It is indeed an honor, it will go down in your book of good records. And it will take you to genda to those work on the Quran this month,

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set aside a time of the day to recite the Quran to look into its meaning soften your nature, work on your character and your conduct become a better person, a better person, then you know what Ramadan is all about?

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We were all created by Allah for what is it in order to amass wealth, that wealth you are going to live in the world. The winner is the one who spends as much as he can, in that he can in the right cause while he's alive.

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That is the winner. And the loser is the one who are masters and a masters and hasn't spent so hannula they don't spend and they only spend in that which is sinful.

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Ask yourself where do I spend do I give and the Hadith says the best amount you could ever give is that amount you're giving when you are fearing poverty. What's going to happen and then you trust a lie you say no Allah told me to give I will give Allah says you give I will give unfit to

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spend all son of Adam and it shall be spent upon you. Maha Akbar Allah Subhana Allah give and you shall be given, don't give and what will happen? You lose Allahu Akbar. May Allah help us to give the reason why I mentioned in giving. This is the month also of compassion, and of charity. It's the month of sadaqa hierarchs goodness, reach out to people. Nobody should be homeless amongst us. Nobody should go without food amongst us. And don't just give them leftovers. Give them a solid meal. Why not? May Allah subhanho wa Taala help us the one who makes another open the past with honor and dignity and a good food good meal. We'll get the reward of the fast that that person has

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kept. Why not lay out the soup for us? Why not lay out the platters of food and feed them Allah will reward you it doesn't cost much. It doesn't have to be plush. My brothers and sisters together with that. Look at how much we prayed this evening. Salatu tarawih Beautiful, beautiful. Remember search for the most correct recitation. The father who have read this evening they tried their best. They need your support. I take you back to a time in the 70s and the 80s. When there was no Tara we have the Quran. People used to only read the short sutras and it was done up to recently. We used to import of files from Cape Town Did you know that

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we used to import her father when I say import because of the lack of a file. Today when we have the whole farm we have no other. We have no value of these for farm, no value. What will happen Allah says if you don't have value of something we gave you, we will take it away. It's over. Did you hear that? Anything that you have, you have a message if you don't value it, Allah will take

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Way, how many masajid were built by people whose children never had Salah in that Masjid. But new communities of different ethnicities came, and they are the ones who filled the masajid. Why? Because our hearts became dirty. It became a competition regarding materialism, rather than a competition to be in the masjid. Today people are fighting to control the mosque, but they are not fighting to read Salah in the mosque. What an irony Subhanallah what an irony. So kind of LA.

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And I'm talking of the whole world, the Muslims have the same problems. If I were to tell you the issues I have seen across the globe, you might think I'm talking about your society, but I'm not.

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I'm talking of the Muslim ummah. Let us compete with each other when it comes to the first SFX loja Allah Manasa marfin NIDA was suffering from Alameda in La Jolla study mahila Sabha. Ala Moana Murphy, Gina Starbuck. Ooh, la, la la la la la Tamati was super de la Houma, la la, la. If you knew the value of Asia and further, you would attend in the masjid, even if you had to come on your knees. Even if you had to come crawling. That's what the Hadith says. We have vehicles we have methods of attendance and coming. But no, we're not there.

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The Hadith says if you knew the value of the first stuff, and the value of calling out the then you would have to draw lots. You'd have to draw lots in order to figure out who's going to be in the first stuff. We don't want to fight. Let's put our names in a hat, whoever's names come out. Let's check who's gonna be there. That's what the Hadith says would happen. But with us we're not really too keen. Nevermind, we want to stand under the air con, so that even if it's in the middle of the machine, it's fine. As long as it's blowing on me I'm done. You're fortunate This machine has the air cons in the first stop Mashallah.

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So my brothers and sisters I encourage you, I encourage you strongly to increase your connection with the people of knowledge because if you don't allow will take them away. The Hadith says it loud and clear.

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In Allah tala Yakubu

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nurse will Hakim Yakubu be Mottola.

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Casa Johanna, for sure. iluv after we really mean for boo, boo Subhana Allah, Allah will not snatch away the knowledge just like that he will cause the death of the whole Ummah one by one, then people will consider ignorant people, as the leaders of community, who will be the leaders of community, who will be the leaders of community, those who have absolutely no knowledge, no connection to the deen. They have a terrible reputation in society and community. The Hadith says close to kiama, they will be considered the leaders of society, Allah says you need to know it's a sign of the hour that Allah will be taken away one by one, then you will have ignorant people leading they will be asked

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they will issue instruction, and they will miss guide and they themselves are misguided.

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So please value the scholars of Islam. No matter where you are from.

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value the scholars respect to them, give them their due for indeed when we respect them, our children will respect them. And when that happens, we have hope for the future generations. If we set a trend of arguing and fighting and disputing as is happening in almost all communities of Muslims across the globe, you know what will happen? Our children will have that trend to follow. They will think an alum is a man who should spit on because they witness their father doing that. And they witness their parents speak in about Allah. So when they are passing a friend of Allah, they won't even greet Subhan Allah, your greeting would be actually an honor for you because you're

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greeting a person who is closer to Allah than you are. But when your heart is dirty, you don't recognize what is good for you. Just like I said, moments ago, when I started the talk, we look at materialism, and we think it's good for us. Allah says you know what's better for you to connect with your maker because you don't have long to live. You don't have long to live. My brothers and sisters. Tonight I asked you to do something.

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Go back to when you were 15 years old or 12.

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And write down how much money you spent or what was spent on you from that age to this day. You will be shocked how many millions was spent on you. That was your

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sustenance Allah rose for you wrote for you, but you don't know because today in your pocket you only have 200 grands. So what do you think Allah hasn't given me? But how much did you eat every day who provided for you? No matter what it was and what condition you were in. Are you not here today? Go back to 12 years old one lie. Write down what has been spent on you in money.

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And you will realize you are a multi millionaire, the money that's been spent on you and what you've spent on Castleman beer up bill Bates. I swear by the Lord of the Kaaba, you will be shocked how much money has been spent on you.

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Try it out to this day. If you don't want to go so far. Look at how much in the last year was spent on you alone, your food, your clothing, your whatever else your this your that your rentals, everything. You will be very surprised. How much gratitude are we offering Allah, this is the month of calmness. Let's come down month of living bad habits we all have bad habits, some are worse and some are slightly lesser. cut them out, chop them off completely gone. Why I want to please Allah, my bad habits should go whether it is gambling, whether it is pornography, whether it is adultery, whether it is alcohol, intoxicants drugs, even if it is something that people consider lesser, such

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as smoking, none of you will ever tell me that smoking is a good habit. No one so if it is a bad habit, you're a min cut it out. Can't you do that for Allah?

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Can't you do that for Allah, He gave you your health, your body, your eyes, your nose, your hands, your feet, your nails, your hair, your stomach, your organs, he gave you everything The list goes on and on. We're

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Santa Barbara.

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If you want to count the gifts of Allah upon you, you will never ever manage to count all of them. Allah says man is very very ungrateful, oppressive, ungrateful. Why? You can't even leave something for the same Allah Who gave you your life and guess what? Tomorrow you're going back to Allah tonight you're going back to Allah. Then what?

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I am very fortunate and so are you to be in the month of Ramadan, we are witnessing a month the Prophet sallallahu Sallam says why he Limon adara karma Ivana Phantom youfor LA, whoa be upon the one who witnesses Ramadan and still did not achieve forgiveness because forgiveness is on sale. It is going wholesale, how can you not achieve forgiveness and you witness the month of forgiveness, the Most Merciful. He says I'll forgive you and you come out of Ramadan. You didn't achieve forgiveness.

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We have 2829 more Tara ways to go.

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I myself imposed 20 minutes are almost up. But I want to end by telling you one thing my beloved brothers and sisters. Increase the love in your heart. Increase the love the love of Allah. Its true litmus test is how much you end up loving others and how much you love the knowledge that Allah has kept and sent down to us. How much you love the people of knowledge how much you love your Imams, your allama your mu Lin how you treat them as being who calls for Adana. The Hadith says he will be the most conspicuous on the day of kiama. Do you know why? When he calls the other one, every one who comes to that Masjid, for Salah, the full reward of all of their Salah goes to the men, people

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don't even look at him sometimes.

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It goes to show we don't realize what Allah has given value to.

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So that last point I want to say when you come out of Ramadan, if Allah allows you and I to witness the last day, make sure your life has changed. Make sure your life has changed. It is easy to go for hygiene and to fulfill physically what hadr requires. But to know whether your heart was truly wholly accepted is not so difficult. You just have to look at whether your life changed when you came back or you remain the same person. The same applies to Ramadan. If you are the same person who went in and came out with your bad habits with your ills, then you have definitely lost May Allah

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Hannah what Allah grant us success. May Allah bless every one of you. May Allah help you all in whatever problems you are going through your difficulties, your situations, may Allah soften your hearts and maybe soften the hearts of those whose hearts have hardened against you and I and against the deen of Allah soften your hearts become the best of people. A true sign of piety is when a person is loved by people. When a person reaches out to people with that love. You are kind to everyone. You don't hurt a fly your janazah will go with 30 40,000 people. But when you've harmed everyone, people will say that men die. Good riddance. We are not going to his janazah may that

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never happen to us? Wouldn't we like people after we pass away to at least pray for us? If that is the case, pray to Allah and treat people with respect. Your Community is one community build it don't destroy it. We today as an Obama We desperately require the building of communities. The building of community requires selflessness, not selfishness. It's not about me, myself and I it's about us. And when we say us there is a lot of sacrifice required. May Allah bless you all as you can see, I can go on and on. But now it's 21 minutes 15 seconds I could have only had a cell Allahu wa Sallim wa barik ala nabina Muhammad Subhana Allah He will be handy he Subhana Allah homo behind

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the Ganesha to Allah, Allah Allah and going into Hoylake