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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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In Al hamdu, Lillahi mitoku Anna Stein, who

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went on to be let me show Rudy fusina was say at the Medina, Mayor de la bufala Mattila. One minute little fella de la, Chateau la, la la la de la sharika. Why shadow Mohammed Abu rasuluh to brother and sister in Islam. I'm your brother in Islam, Hussein de Allah Kadhim from Malaysia Alhamdulillah of praise due to Allah subhanho wa Taala who have given us guidance, who have bestowed upon us all the risk in the bounties and insha Allah, may Allah make our family a happy family.

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Now today we are going to share with you about is

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about where is our is a maybe you are not familiar with this term is but when we talk about Iza I am going to share with you what Amar talk about is not what I say. But what Allah subhanho wa Taala say about Islam.

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If you open the Holy Quran Surah Al e Imran surah Ali in verses from 2006. Then Allah subhanho wa Taala in this ayah remind us about what is his

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Kala Houma medical multi. Monica, Manisha Tansy. homolka man Tasha What is man Tasha what was Zilla man Tasha

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be ethical hydro in nacala coalition.

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The meaning of this ayah Allah is telling us

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He is saying the Prophet Mohammed so Muslim.

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So that prophet will convey it to us.

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say, oh, Prophet Mohammed

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to all mankind. That mean he won the Prophet Muhammad to inform all of us, pulley lahoma medical model that Allah is the King of all kings. He is the owner, the creator, everything belongs to

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all the kingdom belong to Him. None of us own anything.

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We are just trustees of Allah subhanho wa

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Taala tell maloca man, Tasha, Allah He gave Kingdom authority to whom ever he please.

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What unzip Allah commandment,

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and he will take it back from whoever he like.

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Now is telling us that we don't have anything. We have no power, we have no kingdom, we have no authority, but is he who give it to us?

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Allah has shown us, the Muslim, the prophet, they have nothing when they're in Makkah.

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But because they are faithful to Allah, do what allows them to do or not give them victory after victory. From minority they become majority from nobody, they become somebody.

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Why because when Allah gives them, power, authority, they do not misuse the authority.

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They use whatever authority they have, to please Allah to serve Allah, to uphold the justice of Allah Subhana.

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Allah keep on blessing them with the kingdom that Allah has given them are one solid, one solid 1000 years old. Muslim was in power, because they uphold the teaching of a law that's in this book.

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But what happened today, a lot of Muslim who give you the authority who gave you the kingdom. You misuse the authority. When you misuse the alternate of Allah, Allah and trust you, they will come a time, a lower ticket. This is the thing that we are worried we do not want these things to happen to our Muslim.

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We want a lot of bless them. We want a lot to guide them. We weren't allowed to help them. But if they don't help themselves, the little authority that Allah has given us with misused authority.

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We tend to make things that Allah set haram into holiday

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in the time of the Prophet and a companion, or prophet was sent by Allah to do what?

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Not to take for a kingdom, but to spread the word of Allah. But Alhamdulillah at the end of the day, Allah give them the kingdom.

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Allah give it make them become leaders, because the unjust leaders, they are fair leaders. To the extent that people who do not believe in Islam, prefer to live under the

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guidance of the Muslim ruler, because they know that the Muslim ruler are very fair and just to everybody

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because they don't misuse their power. This Allah bless them more and more. But today, we have seen a lot of thing happening in a Muslim country. When Allah subhanho wa Taala give them the authority and power. They misuse it.

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Now the danger of misusing the authority and power that Allah has given you is that Allah subhanho wa Taala See, what is zoomin? Tasha, what was illumine Tasha? Number one, we are talking is dufus.

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If you misuse the power of law

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in the same time, you realize that is a mistake your pen and you try your level best to come back to the way that allow one to to do and meant to be jazz to uphold the Sharia of Allah. What is haram is haram. What is halal is holla you make it very clear. Allah will honor you examine on

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the zoom into sha Allah, Allah who will honor his religion.

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Allah on whoever that have a mana because authority is an Amana leadership is an Amana.

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Now if you make use of your leadership and the power that Allah gives you, to please Allah to serve Allah to be judged, to be kind to uphold the Sharia, Allah insha Allah, Allah is going to bless you all know you will love you, and the people also will honor you and respect you and love you. You have no fear

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that what is going to happen to me, after five years or 10 years, when Allah gives them the authority and power, they misuse it. But if they are wise, if they use the authority and power the Allah have given them to please Allah to obey Allah.

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Allah will give them exactly this wherever

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there is a come from Allah Subhana. What and not from people, not even from the nation is from LA. Zoo man, Tasha, what is illumine? Tasha Honestly, I will give on his amines on respect for those who uphold the Sharia of Allah, the religion of Allah,

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the truth, justice, this is very important.

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Now there's nothing for us to lose as a Muslim leader. If you follow what Allah wants you to do, and the way the Prophet want you to do insha Allah, Allah will make people love you. Because when you try to do something, to please Allah, when Allah left you, Allah will open the heart of everybody to love you. And there's nothing to fear that you will lose power one day, but as long as you survive, insha Allah, you will have the power, you will be the leader.

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Bad if you want to please human. You try to do what humans want you to do. What people like to do, even to go against Allah. Allah warn you what Allah say. What was the lumen Tasha? When you do not uphold the teaching of Islam, and you are trying to please human more than Allah now, I must say I will humiliate you.

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Allah. What does xinda Manta he humiliate whoever he please.

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Why because you have proved to Allah you fail, to be his Khalifa, to be his leader. Allah is the one who give us the power you forget. You're taught that the power was given somebody. Even in the election you see the people what you but is Allah who let this happen. You must remember what the prophet always say to us if something happened at the end

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The day you must take control Masha, Masha afaan are not the most powerful, the most powerful, do whatever he lives wherever he pleases. Now Allah is the one at the end of the day, who will decide who will be the leader who is the winner. But when you got the authority, try to use your authority and power to please Allah. And if you uphold the teaching of Islam, you will never regret. There's nothing for you to fear. Even after you die, people will still love and honor you. People love and honor and give you is why you're alive. And so you'll get the ISA after you die. Like what the prophets and the companion have received from Allah from none. Did he come somebody from nobody

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becomes somebody from having no authority they become the the caretaker of the Hydra mine until Rome and Persia fall to the Muslim hand into the Muslim hand because the Muslim uphold justice. Now remember, all brothers and sisters is on?

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Yeah, come from.

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If you honor, Amar Sharia, Allah Rasool Allah will honor you and honor you. Nobody can humiliate you. But if Allah humiliate you can honor you. Wherever you go, people will talk bad about you. People will humiliate you. People look down upon you.

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Look at our Prophet, he is the best example.

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Even when this was first revealed to Prophet Mohammed sama Salam in his time, there people were very envy, especially the Jew in Medina, is a look at this man. He's crazy. He doesn't even have anything he doesn't even own Medina yet. Now he's talking about Rome and Persia because Allah show to the Prophet, that all this kingdom will fall into the hands of the Muslim because Allah know that the coming Khalifa especially Omar, Rama, who and who he is going to expand in the kingdom of Allah on this earth,

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He is going to push you're going to Rome is true. History has proven that in a time of Omar, these two great kingdom, the superpower at the time, fall in the hands of the Muslim Khadija

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and all the people are so happy, they they under the Muslim ruler because they know the Muslim Khalifa is a very charged and fair Khalifa. So fellow brothers and sisters now always remember is belong to Allah. Now we talk about authority and talking about a country only. But it also go back to a household in the house who have the authority the husband. So if you want the children, your wife to honor the respect you not only when you ally, even after you die, you make sure that you respect and honor Allah subhanho wa Taala by obeying what Allah want you to do and follow the way of the prophet in Asia are you never regret your friend, your family will respect you highly and honor

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you, even when you are normal with them.

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This area is an area that a lot of Muslims are not aware of. When Allah give you some authority, suddenly you forget that this come from Allah. You thought that no, no, no is my own doing No, it's not your own doing. You try being a human, but is Allah who granted us. So when Allah give it to you, be thankful to him. How is your show you the thanks to Allah by making use of the authority to please Him, not to please human by pleasing Allah, you will have the Iza while you have the Iza Allah will bless you. Whatever authority he gave it to you, He will make sure that you will stay in authority until the time for you to go back to Allah subhanho wa Taala. You see, when you do

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something for Allah, there's nothing for you to fear, nothing for you to worry. Because you don't have any hidden agenda. You're here to please Allah. You just act as a Khalifa to level up as a servant of Allah here to serve the people to serve the nation.

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But if you do not please Allah

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and you want to find a zap from other way else, you can do that. But at the end of the day, you know what's going to happen to you. There are so many leaders

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have failed. And at the end of the day, nobody remember them. Nobody want to even talk about them, even their day. They are six feet

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Under now, still people talk about them, they are not talking a good thing about them. They're talking how bad?

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No, we don't want this kind of thing to happen to our leader, we live our leader, we are not here to encourage anybody

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to do anything against our leader, if you find our leader is not so good, please help them, advise them, or at least pray for them. Because we are not supposed to look into every weak point of a person, and you start to come and bang on them, and pass judgment on them. Does nobody perfect. And we are other people, nobody is perfect. So we try our best to help each other. But what I'm trying to say here, we hope that everybody who was given by Allah the little authority or power, please make use of the power to serve Allah subhanho wa Taala make use of the authority to uphold justice insha Allah, if you do it in the right way, just to please Allah, you will never regret and Allah

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will never fail us. What is important in our life at the end of the day, because sooner or later, whether you are rich or poor, you have authority or not, whether you're a leader, or you're just a normal citizen, we are going to die

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and who is dead, to reward whatever we do only Allah.

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So if you do it to please Allah, Allah one he gives you a visa and one he loves you, he honor you. He's not going to love you and honor you're only in this room. Like what the profit and the company even they have their date now. 4000 over a year. Everybody talk good about them. We talk so great about Abubakar Omar Osman Ali.

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Why? Because Allah give them is

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because they do for the sake of Allah, they please Allah. They fear nobody except Allah. Now I'm not happy with them. Every Muslim know about them, every Muslim study about your history.

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When you look into the other leaders,

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we talk about them after some time. We forget about them. We don't even want to recall them. So I personally call upon our fellow brothers system is now wherever you are, wherever you are, if you are given an authority, a transfer allow Make sure you use the authority to please Allah so that you receive the answer from Allah subhanho wa Taala just an example as a husband, if you are not fair with your wife, you think your wife will talk about you, when you are alive, they may bite you. After you die, they don't want to call you anymore. They want to recall about your life if them anymore. But if you're a kind husband, you are a loving husband, you are a kind and loving Father,

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your children, your wife will miss you.

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And the people around you also miss you a lot. And they always thought the goodness of what you are and they will always pray for you.

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May Allah subhanho wa Taala make us among the people who have the Iza from amongst Hannah, what Allah and MIT us have the Iza with Allah subhanho wa Taala blessing because sometimes when Allah want to destroy somebody, he can give you more and more. If that's right, that means the more he is giving you it's not because he loves you, because he wants to punish you.

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Because you are just too bad.

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And maybe people know how bad people do not know how bad you are. But Allah knows.

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Because among all know, He created us, you cannot hide from Allah you cannot lie to you cannot cheat, but you can lie to people.

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So insha Allah, if all of us try our level best

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to please allow to serve him to try our best to do what Allah wants us to do. I promise you brother is not a me mess, I promise. I promise you with the promise of Allah subhanho wa Taala that Allah is going to live us and I will try my best to promote peace and also to encourage fellow Muslim to honor and respect and help the Muslim leader wherever they are, because it is our duty as Muslims color as Muslim, Taliban lm, the student of knowledge, to promote peace and to teach people to help all the Muslim who are in authority, but not to destroy them, to help them and build up a strong nation. Because this is very important. Because if we are not doing that, we will fail. Our leader

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is not what happened in the past.

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Have le Raja Maha anko. Some of the people came to him and sit and complain. Yeah, Ali, why there's so much problem in your time under your leadership and why you don't have that kind of problem in the time of Abubakar Omar Osman.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala give me a lot of wisdom.

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One of the wisdom or they say, they Colima comma comma, comma comma call every place there is a word and every word there is a place to apply. Now this guy said to Allah, no, he is not a good leader than Ali answer.

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You know why, in the time of Abu Bakar of Omar and Osman, the leadership was so good because the people at the time is like,

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who is very obedient, very loyal, and very patient to the leader. I'm always there to help them.

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Not to judge them, not to criticize them, not to sabotage them.

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But in my Pam, there's so much problem, because the people in my team is just like you the one who question sabena Ali karamo mawatha. Now, what do you learn from this account, we do not deny that from time to time, we also have a lot of bad followers, people who are loyal to people who like to be trade, sabotage. But now who can protect us from all this kind of problem is only Allah.

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So if all of us go back to Allah, and try to gain the exact back from Allah, and there's nothing to worry, if people try to destroy us, Allah subhanho wa Taala. What will protect us, even if Allah will allow it to happen? Allah no mess. At the end of the day, people will remember the goodness of our leadership. People will appreciate it. People will miss us. And people will remember us in his prayer. And this is the thing that we really need from Allah subhanho wa Taala. We want people to remember in a good time, and also when we are having a bad time.

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And Allah have promised as he say, to Islam, and Tasha was illumine Tasha big Cal hydro in Nicola Felicia in Korea, and is in the hands of Allah, all the goodness.

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And lastly, everything belonged to him. And all the goodness also is in Hannover, so he is the only one who can give to whom he plays. So when we please Allah subhanho wa Taala at a time, I personally think that it's time for us to please Allah, we have been trying to please human from day to day, week to week, month to month, year to year at the end of the day, you know, still people are not happy with us. But if we please Allah insha Allah, one, Allah is happy with us. He left us here on earth, He will make sure other people also will love us and honor us.

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This is what we are asking from all the brother and sister to try their best to do what you must do as a Muslim ummah. If you're a leader, then you must try to help your leader. If you're a leader, we hope that you also don't forget to learn from the people below you. You must remember, you are not there with the people.

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Here with the people below you, who appoint you to be a leader is the people but when you're up there, don't forget the people who is down here who have a point that you have support you. So this is very important, is like the Sahaba and the Prophet You see, even the leader, Khalifa Khalifa. You see how they live, how humble they are. sometimes at night, they will travel by themselves with some helper to wash what is happening in the community to see whether there is a problem that trouble or not. They themselves take the initiative

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to move around at night to certainly aid and vitamin.

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But of course it's not easy for leaders today to do that. I don't think we are humble enough. Or we have the courage to do that. When Allah subhanho wa Taala Bless you.

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He is not just going to bless you alone. He is going to bless your family.

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Your parent, your children, all will be blessed well last hadn't done

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the evil you are not with them anymore. Allah subhanho wa Taala will

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Send good people to be close to them.

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And also Hannah who Adama is going to send people who will love them like how you love them and will also take care of them. Now there is the special nigma from Allah. Like what Allah Allah insha Allah zedan accom whenever you are thankful to what Allah has given you the authority, the leadership and you try to please Allah Subhana Allah,

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then Allah is going to act more and more blessing upon you.

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So there's nothing for you to lose. Please, and we will never forget to pray for our Muslim leader. May Allah strengthen the mind and May Allah open their heart and May Allah guide them so that they will guide us with the Quran and the Sunnah of Prophet Mohammed Salah masala, not following their desire and not following what people want them to do. But May Allah May our leader who fear Allah who loves Allah, and who always try their best to uphold the Islamic law that belong to Allah subhanho wa Taala I mean, your bill Allah mean, what billetto 51 acleda Juana and Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen Subhana Allah, Mohammed aka shadow Allah, even in the midst of the Furukawa to

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boulais Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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