Speaking to Allah when youre happy, worried and in need of guidance

Abu Bakr Zoud


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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the concept of rushing to good news after experiencing stress or anxiety. They explain that the good news is when one experiences the is when they are stressed and they feel the is when they have good news. The good news is when one is in distress and they have good news. The good news is when one is in distress and they have good news.
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You know, when a person receives good news, he rushes to inform his family and his friends. Yeah. Any when you receive good news, let's say you you purchase the house, you purchase the car, you pass your exam, you earnt whatever it is a position in your job cannae good news you receive good news in your life.

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The first people you rush to inform them is your family and your friends you quickly call your wife you call your husband you call your children, your mother, your father, you want to inform them of the good news. But look, the sooner is when you receive good news that you perform such that a shocker.

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You go down in Suzhou

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The idea is that you express your happiness and excitement to Allah before your family and your friends. Only someone who truly loves Allah azza wa jal will lose such that the sugar when he receives good news, the one who performed such did to sugar upon receiving good news, before he informs his family and his relatives, that's a good sign that his heart is exploding with the love of Allah subhanho wa taala. And you know, when you are worried,

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and you're stressed, you complain to family and friends, that you're the one who loves Allah, and the love of Allah is is exploding and it's pumping through his body. He rushes to Allah, in his solid and complaints through Allah subhanho wa taala. That's why you know, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was described, it has about a million fuzzier ilosone it whenever he was distressed by any matter, he would rush to the prayer.

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And so whoever rushes to a Salette when he is stressed, before he goes to his family and relatives and other people. He is a person that knows the love of Allah subhanho wa Taala and what it means in his life. You know, whenever you need advice, let's see whenever you need advice, you seek it from, from your relatives, from your friends, from the only those that are experts in the field. Read normally that's when you need advice, but the sooner is not. To rush to perform solitude is the hall before seeking advice of people.

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Any you need advice in your life? So pre selected is to harbor and seek Allah's advice on whatever matter you're about to conduct. Only the one who loves Allah. And the love of Allah is exploding in his heart will know to priests on Earth and is the harder before asking the people Allahu Akbar. This is the love of Allah in the life of a believer such that the sugar when you receive good news before you inform your family says that the sugar whenever you're worried or distressed you go and pray to like to Allah subhanho wa Taala before you inform your family and your friends, when you're seeking advice. selectel is the horror before anyone else? Why always let him know this is the kind

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of love the believer is supposed to have for Allah so we can do these things out of love for Allah azza wa jal otherwise, when you receive good news, and you share it with your family, why because you love your family, and you know that they love you and care for you. When you're in distress, you go and complain to your family and your friends. Why? Because you know, they love you, you love them.

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And when you want to seek advice, you seek it from your family and your from your friends. Why? Because you know, they will advise you what's best for you. They won't cheat you, they won't deceive you. They'll give you advice that's good for you. They are the one who rushes to such that the sugar was solid when he finds a difficulty in his life. And when he prays solid is the horror is someone that is loving Allah and knows that Allah loves him and know that Allah is concerned for him and cares about him. Now for that was the sunlight and this is where it emits from the Sun that comes from the love that we're supposed to have for Allah subhanho wa Taala