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Hello, today we'll go over the chapter on hearing.

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That's in this session. And then in fact, we will go over the chapter on verse. Mostly melodrama or the chapter on major ablution was

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for major sexual ritual impurity generally

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began with the scare and

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saddened by the smell. court of law was a general theme flavor. last

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chapter here in law mighty said, have a law known any good gun, he would have made them here, it would have caused them to hear, or he would have made them here.

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This is an

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Audi malchow V and clever, smart home, while I was now

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aligned on any good in them, he would have made the year he would have caused them to here last month, when I was home, and have he caused them to hear that I went home monotone, they would have

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walked away in defiance, they would have walked away in defiance. Now, this is, you know, this is pretty interesting, because a law says, have a low known burden, then a law would have caused them to hear a smile.

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and then a law says and a law if a law cause them to hear how a law cause them to hear or made them hear letter one loan for home or don't, they will have said walked away in defiance. So, what does alarm mean by a smile? Because you you listen to this and you say, what are Altima lo fi implant allows mom and Alon on any given them, you would have made them here. And that's it. Once a lot causes them to hear, they will be able to believe or they will accept face. But this is points out

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these three different types of somehow of hearing.

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And keep in mind that hearing hear does not only mean hearing voices, but reading is also hearing, it is basically a receiving the words of Allah subhanaw taala, or words in general, receiving knowledge in general. So some of us hear the voices. And that is the first type of hearing. And that hearing the hearing of calls and cries, the hearing of voices, the hearing of utterances is hearing, you know so, you know, it's one of the blessings of a lot enable you to hear.

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And then, but a lot of people hear that type of hearing. The second type of hearing is

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somehow if have somehow swapped the hearing the voices The first type of hearing, the second type of hearing is somehow or somehow How is mad if to make you to hear meaning to make you to comprehend, to make you understand and that is what Allah subhanaw taala

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refers to, when he says while a smart home had he made them here, letter one level home monotone, he would have said walked away in defiance had he made them comprehend.

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They would have said walked away in defiance which tells you that there is a third type of hearing

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that is even higher than somehow

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or the hearing of understanding during the hearing of comprehension. What is this other summer holiday to tofi that is the hearing of guidance and tofi when Allah subhanaw taala allows you to hear in the sense that he guides you and He gives you the feed that is the feed basically to acceptance. That is when the receptive heart

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receive the message of Allah subhanaw taala receptive hearts receive the Messenger of Allah. So the first type of hearing is hearing the voices. And Allah subhanaw taala talks about the hearing the voices on the Vienna capital in sort of Bukhara la says, method another method of the vena cava. kanessa kamisato Ludhiana. Jacobi melasma in LA when he saw Bookman commune for home life,

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and the likeness of those who disbelieve is like someone who shouts,

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one which means here at cattle, you know, who here not but calls and cries, who here not, but calls and cries a lot. And when either someone Deaf boeckmann done, or even blind from Iran, they will never understand they will never understand or they will never comprehend

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the hearing voices.

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The hearing of someone who does not even want to understand what's been said, to reflect on what is being said. But as everyone will understand, move on to acceptance. And there's any there's everyone who was caused to comprehend or made to comprehend,

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would be given guidance and tofi Not necessarily. You could understand you could comprehend. You could even realize the strengths in the message, the beauty of the message, and then

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walk away in defiance. Didn't

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do just that. When the when he's they asked him about the Quran, Allah, Allah Allah Allah, Allah Allah tala, when,

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are you in optimal Matata, when you have an encounter Coronavirus, all of this, you know long speech about the Quran. It has beauty in the language Hello, and how sweetness, it's covered with beauty. It surpasses anything, it surpasses any competition, it's never surpassed, it crushes the competition. And it is not of a speech of human beings. So he was made to comprehend, he was made to understand, but he did not accept the

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and he did not accept the message. So there are three different layers

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of sound. And the smell sometimes when you hear hearing smell is when a lot causes you to hear when a lot makes you hear or when you were made to hear. So the three types of semis, some are a swab the hearing their voices somehow alhfam

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what the drug, the hearing of understanding and comprehension. And the summer I had I autofeed the hearing that when Ernie, you guidance and the fee.

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so that's why I started with this particular verse.

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For audible opium player, that's when it's not

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doing its work.

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On any given time, you would have made them here. And when I was at home, have you made them here, they would have said walked away in defiance. And it's something important that we should you know, there is like another lesson to learn from this ayah which is what our optimal level feeding plan are let's now have a lion on any given them he wouldn't have made them here

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should we or should we reflect on this? Absolutely. Because it you know, to basically approach the puranam the sun seeking to understand them

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in is not dependent on your y intelligence.

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So, you may be given understanding, but will you be given guidance and tofield and will you be given understanding to begin with any understanding or comprehension to begin with? Now necessary not necessarily. Ally needs to know Allah should know goodness in you What are adding a low fee him higher? Goodness and you so you know before you do if you really want to be guarded and if you really want to be given a good understanding of the deal and the plan and the center. How many people claim to have to follow the prime and the sun

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How many people learn the parameters and how many scholars are out there and how many

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good researchers and students have knowledge and they disagree over all matters and some of their disagreements are acute and severe disagreements, so being hired, that is a blessing from Allah subhanaw taala. So giving charity, taking care of orphans, you know, walking with your brother to procure some of their brothers, to prepare some of their needs, doing this work,

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the you know, supporting that we can, you know, unprivileged and helping our people and doing all of this work hand certainly worship, you know, to have you know,

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collage of having share of your day and night.

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And you should have some time for zyklon some time for piano and some time for some time for reflection and some time for prayers and all of that is important for a while some profanity grants you understand and comprehend good understanding of the deen not just

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it's not just intellectual exercise.

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Then the chief says no, not at

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the heart of this matter, which is summer is the realization of full attention if you if you get yourself to becoming fully attentive, fully attentive attention to the word of Allah subhanaw taala. How can you put it in Tibet as the realization of the essence of attention, being fully attentive

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at the origin, I wanna see that Roger, it's probably a typo. It should be Selassie Roger.

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Roger, and it is of three levels somehow.

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Well, you know how she always divides everything into somehow faster and faster, the faster the hearing of the public the hearing. gov the select few will have some

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some people may translate this as elite some it is the select few costs.

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And the special ones and costs of the class are the special of the special, but the most special ones.

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So, he talks now about the hearing of the public and it has three parts responding to the threats with keenness or the deterring threats with keenness to respond to each other too similar to

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last year, it was added in

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Java to that general wide crowd by responding to the deterring threats with keenness. So, when you hear the threats of Allah subhanaw taala and you respond to them, why do we say respond to the deterring threats with keenness because the deterring threats will certainly deter you. But when you are deterred from zero wrongdoing, and while many are deterred, from lacks the by the threats, you should always, you should always have

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this keenness to please Allah subhanaw taala. So that you are not just afraid of the punishment, you are still, while being afraid of the punishment, while being deterred by the threats. You have this robber, you have this longing, you have this keenness on pleasing the loss of metadata. So, he's pointing out the importance of receiving the threats not only with fear, but also with

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keenness and and

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longing for, you know, Allah subhanaw taala, and for the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala. And then he says, What a jabot without it, what are the do then?

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He the way Jabba Tao, until what do you do with them, responding to the enticing invitation, now means invitation, what are the problem is the invitation of the promise or the the invitation of promise, job and job means effort means with resolve, that you respond to the invitation with resolve, we respond, you know, a lot of us respond to the invitation, the promise of Allah subhanaw taala the inviting promise of Allah subhanaw taala to agenda to this pleasure, but not who is not with it.

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resolve. And he say that in order for you to have the benefit from your somehow from your hearing from your learning from your reading, you really need to have that resolve when you respond to the promising invitations of a loss of time.

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And then he says, We're balloon shahadat admitted, administer saddam.

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Which means the insightful beholding of the favors. So every time you hear, you're allowed to hear, you're allowed to hear the voice, you're allowed to understand that the speech and most importantly, you are giving guidance and ofI every time you have the seminar, you have this minute of Allah, you need to be thankful for this minute you need to be insightful, have a last minute last favor on you, in making you here. So it is not, it's not that he is not your word. It is not your intelligence that you were able to understand or comprehend, or that he even responded and complied. Whereas some other people did not comply, they did not understand and some did not and did not comply after the

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understood if you were able to hear for respond income clients, that means a lot

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less to us and favorite view. So you should be thankful you should be insightful of his favors and thankful and grateful. And then he moves on to seminar class, which is the hearing of the select few. And he says was

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the hearing of the select few is three parts, shoulder muscle, the vehicle that arms, the beholding of the intended which is God in all symbols. So in in all of your seminar,

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you're looking for a god, it is.

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You're always looking for God, the central theme of your life. Someone created you, someone brought you here, you're always looking for your maker, you're always looking for your Creator, you're always looking for the one to whom you will return, you will return to your maker, the you know after this period, that whatever period you have on this earth on this planet, you are bound to return to your maker to your Creator. Should you not be always looking for God. And this is what he says here shoulder muscle if you could alarms the beholding Gov the intended intended as a Naxal Allah is a muscle rather isn't knoxfield

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equal arounds in all symbols, in all speech, in all hints in all inferences in all implications you're looking for. And he can't imagine how

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people who are looking for God, this is the central, you know, this is the highest objective central theme of their lives, and is objective of their lives. They can witness God, the Word of God, you know, in everything they hear, and everything they hear that it's just like, automatically being, you know,

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interpreted in a way that

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brings you closer to almost

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everything, even when you hear people boastful people talk about themselves. Like

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you know, it's amazing how sometimes we, we, some people,

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some people may look humble because they are just socially smart. I bet to tell you this before, but they're not really humble at all. They're just socially smart. They know how to talk. They know how to look humble. They know how to act humble, they know have to be perceived as humble. And some people don't even have that trophy to be socially smart. So they keep on talking about themselves like they talk about you know, he need them for the first time. And the first five minutes you've learned everything about them you're older, their accomplishments are live there you know, their

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whatever their accomplishments in their career, with their kids, every everything in the first five minutes.

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You know, you feel bad for them.

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But then you feel bad for yourself. Because if you are able to if these intelligent people are not able to realize their flaws are not able to realize that this is done

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This is not appropriate,

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then you should worry about yourself, whoever told you that you that, that you will, that you're not making flaws that you're not seeing, they're not seeing their flaws. Have they seen them? You know, have they looked in the mirror, have you reflected have they hurt themselves? Well, and you know, figured out that they are actually hurting their, their image. I mean, if I ever meet you for the first time, and I get to know about most of your accomplishments in the first 10 minutes, you're predicting your image, they are able to see this despite their smartness for this father intelligence.

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I think it's my cue, they may be more smarter than you. So you should say to yourself, I should not feel bad for the movie, I should be feeling bad for myself, because I may also be doing the same thing. Or I may have other flaws that are unaware of Hank or I may be just socially smile, you know, capable of holding, but I may be just as proud as them or just as boastful that it is them or just as arrogant this time.

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But I so

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whenever he like you're just if you're if if he if a lot is if your life is about pleasing.

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He has your goal, he has the intended unlock. So

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then you will be always looking for ways to improve your relationship with Allah subhanaw taala come closer to Allah. So everything you hear

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that he says What

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if he could hide when

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he couldn't hide the beholden Gulf, the purpose of all living existences.

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It is basically, he's talking to you now about somewhere beyond just the smell of the ears, it is summer in general, like I told you, it includes reading as well. And that includes just, you know,

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processing of data, any processing of data, any data that comes to you any input, any input of data is being processed in your mind in a certain way that will bring you closer to Allah subhanaw taala and lead you to Allah, and we'll move on, if you couldn't hide the beholding of the purpose of all living existences is just like, you know, don't take it take anything for granted. You know what you you will you look at insects and you look at

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reptiles and you look at you look at anything that you reflect on the purpose of all living existences and the purpose of life and the purpose of our existence. To begin with, that is a form of sin. Now you're hearing a lot of signs in the universe, because Allah has his signs of a lot has his signs in his book and signs in the universe.

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with low carb in the verses of the book and then has creations. So this is a different type of scenario, you're hearing the Word of Allah subhanaw taala. And you're seeing the actions of Allah in His creations. And then he says, The third

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part of smartphones are the hearing of the select few he says what philosophy

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federal law last minute, deals with the federal revenue from enjoying dispersion, rather than from enjoying dispersion. dispersion is the fabric The fabric is when you're not together to get together and this is basically you're together and this was the last panel tied together together. And so your goal, your objective, your destination, your journey. It is the oneness of all of this. It's one journey, it's one destination, it is one who is be sought

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at one whose pleasure is intended.

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The top rope in somehow is comes from many different directions. It could even come from

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this dispersion can come from

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here the fastness of your knowledge, it could

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Basically cause you this person

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could cause you this

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sort of, to have fractured thoughts. Because you're, you're, you're listening to the brand for instance, and

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you are looking for grammatical excellence you're looking for, you know,

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basically lessons to learn grammatical lessons to learn rhetorical lessons to learn your learning get out of car of this interfere of that car, but Ronnie tafsir bill Arthur tafsir ration of tafsir in textual tafsir, you're learning that fcrf chefs are so under the fear of so and so and the fear of mmm so and so. And all of this could sometimes take away take you away from

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the actual purpose of reading the prayer. So you are you become this straw, you become dispersed, you become the basically your thoughts have become fractured. You're looking for more knowledge, more insight, more knowledge, more insight, but you're not reaping the benefits have the basic message, which is clear.

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And very obvious and very simple. You have learned so much about the verse, but your learning, diluted, your

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realization of the, of the simple message and the verse or the simple lesson and the various compromised your your realization of the verse, her materialization of the verse, because you be you are now after the learning. Now after the benefit

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is not clear. It's clear, right? Okay. So I'm philosophy with the federal government during the dispersion, which is basically you're seeking by learning this verse.

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The bottom line, what is the last one to me? What is the last message to me, that does not mean learning is bad. Learning whether it will improve your understanding will heighten your awareness will increase your insight.

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But as long as learning is not obstructing you from seeking the bottom line, what does Allah want of me and acting upon it.

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Just like when a homeowner was concerned with the meaning of what actually happened, and he did not know what happened means. He said to himself that he can lose. He said, Stop being hyper technical, you know, we should we are, we were forbidden from hyper technicality. It doesn't matter I understand what Allah wants of me, I understand the meaning of the message in this verse, If I don't know that the exact meaning of Abba, it does not hurt my understanding of the verse or the message of a loss of grace.

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And then he says was a mouthful was

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the hearing of the topmost the most special.

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And then he started by saying was somehow on episode 11 and cast a hearing that eliminates all the faults or the flaws of this closer catchphrase is a very it is a common sofritas term that is often used pencil here writings, which is the disclosure, some of this has the you know, wrong connotations, but it is a when when a good safe when a righteous shave Sharia abiding Sharia compliance it speaks, then you should understand the speech in

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the best possible,

00:29:15--> 00:29:16

you know, most

00:29:17--> 00:29:26

compliant way and even if they can make a mistake that should be forgiven if overall, they have

00:29:27--> 00:29:36

they have a big commitment to the book of Atlantis enter the revelation how to align His Messenger so that nobody isn't.

00:29:37--> 00:29:55

So he says here hearing that eliminates all the flaws of disclosure, the flaws of disclosure could be with the disclosure or after the disclosure. Gosh, is basically your disclosure and when Allah subhanaw taala discloses to us some of the meanings, some of the subtleties of

00:29:57--> 00:29:58

the book,

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Similar and make it gives you a greater understanding a deeper understanding. These are a couple times that the extract from the province and these are the subtleties, the beautiful subtleties that the scholars will ground in the knowledge discovery in the Quran, and the sudden and they then they tell you this, this is considered the disclosure about discloses to them something that he did not disclose to other people. And you know, all of us read the

00:30:34--> 00:30:44

book of Allah subhanaw taala, all of this read the prayer, do we all have the same understanding in the book of Allah? No, not necessarily. So

00:30:49--> 00:31:01

just hearing scholar talking about the, the sort out there, repetition of the story of Musa alayhis salaam.

00:31:03--> 00:31:04

And he was talking about

00:31:05--> 00:31:11

the, basically the story of Musa alayhis salaam is the

00:31:12--> 00:31:39

best a demonstration of all of the cornerstones of tyranny. And, you know, so you have the, for our own as the ruler, a tyrannical ruler, who says, I don't know cuckoo, Malala and you have had a man as the Z or the eight, this is the putana these are the supporters, because he alone will not be able

00:31:40--> 00:31:50

to basically subdue the masses. So he doesn't need the support system. So, you have a man as his was he or his

00:31:51--> 00:31:55

prime minister chief a, that is basically

00:31:57--> 00:32:07

agreeing with him on as you know, terribly, and you have our own with who symbolizes what

00:32:09--> 00:32:15

wealth, you know, the business community or the businessman or

00:32:17--> 00:32:26

the people who control the resources in the country also supporting him and you have an hace Rhone

00:32:28--> 00:32:34

who are, you know, the, in our times the media,

00:32:35--> 00:32:38

people who say, you know,

00:32:39--> 00:32:45

spin the truth, sometimes never tell the media, but certainly, certain

00:32:47--> 00:32:52

media outlets or sometimes the media outlets and the truth or

00:32:53--> 00:33:06

spread false, whenever they don't spread falsehood, they could spend the truth and that is also a form of false. So I'm hashing and you have the Sahara, which represents the clergy.

00:33:08--> 00:33:21

So, you have the clergy you have the media, you have the business community, you have the supporters, you know, the cabinet, you know, the system, the establishment

00:33:23--> 00:33:34

and you have the tyrannical ruler on top. So, you know, it It could you say that, this is a disclosure, it is a disclosure, you know, it is like some point

00:33:35--> 00:34:12

it is when you are given a good understanding of that the or good understanding of the word of Allah subhanaw taala. So, he was reflecting on the reason why this surah has been repeated, could this be the only reason No, absolutely not. That is when you transgress if you say that this is why that is when you transgress because some other scholar could be given some insight into you know, some other reason why this was, but if you provide this explanation, if you provide this explanation, is it in conflict with

00:34:13--> 00:34:40

with the clear understanding of the story of conflict is in conflict with the Arabic language it's not conflict is in conflict with the facilitator of the earlier scholars, it is not in conflict, it is basically you know, a beautiful understanding that is not in conflict with anything. It's you know, it is in harmony with

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the earlier scholars not in conflict.

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now, eliminating that flooding, so that is, when we talk about Casper, we talk about disclosure. So how do you eliminate the flaws of disclosure, the flaws of disclosure calm

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from many different angles first

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when we talk about somehow, the best form of somehow is somehow men have a lot been their little m, the best of all our vanilla. So seminar minima to hear from a lot isn't the best. Is there any speech better than the word of Allah subhanaw taala the speech of Allah here, so that's the best. So somehow min Allah. So now, bill that you're hearing By Allah, that is why whenever you start the presentation you say smilla rahmanir rahim at the beginning of the surah Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim, by the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful.

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By or In the name of Allah, why are you saying this? You're saying that you're saying that hi rely on a lot to be able to, in Iraq or alarm a lot to guide me to help me recite, to help me understand and to help helped me reap the benefit from what I recite or what I understand. So you're dependent on your hearing by a law, not by your own intelligence, not by your own intellect, and not by your own? taste what feelings not Bara So, thinkers, philosophers, they hear by their intellect, you know, Sophie's,

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you know, or sometimes called mystics, although we don't like the word mystics, but they hear sometimes not all, but they hear by their cell phones and what their tastes and their feelings that have their station, it affects the all of that affects their hearing, you know,

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some people here by the public, you know, they're not philosophers, they are not mystics, they are just here by little puppet, their nature, their natural inclination. So you're hearing by your puppet, you tend to be soft, you tend to be a rough, you tend to be best, you tend to be hasty, you tend to be,

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you know, deliberative.

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So, you're hearing by your pupper, you're not really hearing by a lot.

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You're hearing by your intellect or by your tastes, by your feelings by your natural inclination. And all of this is formed. When you hear from a loss of power, tada, he wants to hear By Allah, do you want to rely on luck and pletely to be given the proper understanding, not through the filters of your pop, although you may not be able to completely overcome those interferences.

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But you do want to you are looking to enter to overcome them. You're looking to become as far as I go back and read the for instance. And as soft as Omar, in his, you know, looking after the weekend, the orphans and widows and, you know, who you know, are one of the the weepy armor, whose natural inclination is unlike this, but his hearing was complete, his hearing was impartial, he was hearing Biola not through his natural inclination, and Abu Bakr was not that the tough like extremely assertive person, he was always the one who is inclined to softness, one was inclined to forgiveness and and so on. But look what

00:39:09--> 00:39:29

that means, he was hearing from Allah By Allah, not through his natural inclination, but he was just trying to be as impartial as possible. So, the flaws of this closure is could could really could be about this.

00:39:31--> 00:39:44

So you should make that the why the book of alignments and love is profit, your chief guide, you know, they're the basically the parameter

00:39:45--> 00:39:59

through which you judge your own disclosures. So whenever you have an understanding of adverse that is that you feel that it is beautiful you feel that is almost unprecedented.

00:40:01--> 00:40:23

Then even if you have trouble standing, even if you're on the members standing, you should be very careful, and make sure that there is no conflict between this and the book of a lot. And this one of his profits of about seven and then head on and catch also the disclosures, if you if you are giving that disclosure

00:40:24--> 00:41:03

by a loss of data or data, then you should not you should always be thankful grateful to Allah subhanaw taala. And it should not cause you any arrogance, you know, so these are the flaws that come after the disclosure. So there are flaws before with hand after the disclosure, you're hearing the very impartial hearing, that is clear of all those flaws that come before with an after the disclosure. So we said you are hearing from Allah, you're hearing via law, you're hearing for a law, you know, little for Allah.

00:41:05--> 00:41:45

The intent of your hearing is the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala. So you're hearing from him, you're hearing by him, you are hearing for him intending the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala. And best of all, after all of this is that you're hearing about him about his needs and attributes, his actions and his decrees, as you know, commands and prohibitions all of this is about him. And that is the best type of seminar. But hearing from him by him for him about him, that is the best time of summer. And then there are many the other types of seminar that we may

00:41:46--> 00:41:48

not be able to go with

00:41:50--> 00:41:50

because of

00:41:52--> 00:41:57

the time, but we will certainly go over some of them

00:41:58--> 00:41:59

in Java and

00:42:01--> 00:42:20

then he says a shift cells we'll see we'll add a bill as well. So a hearing that eliminates all the forms of disclosure somehow haven't settled on a cast while evitable as it were only hired in an outward way I'll see a better bill as it joins Abbott eternity without end.

00:42:21--> 00:42:34

Eternity without him too as an eternity without beginning and returns the endings to the beginning. Basically territory connected between the app analyzer.

00:42:35--> 00:43:29

Elaborate is not traceable point because there is no point there is no beginning. But then added as a concept not as a traceable point. You're not given a traceable point to your right. Because a traceable point means like accident in our accident that that's an article Aristotelian logic, accident meaning something that is not essential to the essence, which is at the heart of in economics called the lotto. Or it's called hardest shake hardest, which is a newly emerged event. But where we were talking here about a lab, in the sense of the concept of elaborate, which is the eternity without and adolescence is eternity without beginning say connecting the two is by

00:43:29--> 00:43:32

beholding that the the

00:43:33--> 00:43:40

the, the attributes of Allah subhanaw taala he is I would never do that. And after

00:43:42--> 00:43:56

about three years the first and the last. The first one I'll be getting the last one out. And so we holding the attributes of a lion knowing that whatever happens in an Abbot is known by him from Alaska.

00:43:57--> 00:44:11

Whatever happens in 11, is known by him from an acid. It is decreed by him from Alaska. And whatever was decreed in Alaska would come to pass in love

00:44:12--> 00:44:13

with always

00:44:15--> 00:44:49

beyond our comprehension, yes, beyond our comprehension. Because we are temporal creations the concept of an asset for temporary creations is beyond their comprehension. Because it's it were temporary creations, we have a beginning. It's beyond our comprehension, but for our loss of Hannah mattarella find his own creation. Time is his own creation. He's not bound in time, he is beyond time, he has beyond time. So all those points

00:44:51--> 00:44:59

to him are completely equal. There is no difference in his knowledge between the future and the past because

00:45:00--> 00:45:02

He's timeless.

00:45:04--> 00:45:28

And certainly he engages his temporal creations also in a timed way. That is the the hazari belief in this regard that that he does engage his different creations in a timely manner. But he is, in essence, beyond time, not bound by time.

00:45:29--> 00:45:30


00:45:31--> 00:45:34

this brings us to the end of this. And

00:45:35--> 00:45:36


00:45:38--> 00:45:45

he talks a lot about the different types of scenarios, and he talks about the best of scenario and the worst of scenario.

00:45:47--> 00:46:00

And if he, if the best of scenarios hearing from Allah by Allah for Allah, about Allah, then the worst type of scenario is to hear from the Shaitan, about cofrin, he put the other end of the spectrum.

00:46:02--> 00:46:09

But somewhere on this spectrum, the issue of savoured this amount of variety and massive

00:46:11--> 00:46:34

talks in length about this, and I'm not going to talk about fruit eggs here, because this is not about fat. This is about this game I'm not talking about truly. But I would suggest for people who have had a soft spot in their heart for singing and for songs and for music and for things of that nature.

00:46:35--> 00:46:45

I would tell you that there is no scholar in the history of Islam that that that would approve of singing accompanied by music that has

00:46:46--> 00:46:48


00:46:50--> 00:47:13

sort of consequences that stimulates lust, that talks about the you know, the our art or the nakedness and talks about less than lustful desires and lustful acts, and things of that nature, and men sin and disobedience and there are even songs that

00:47:14--> 00:47:16

are talking about

00:47:18--> 00:47:19

defiance of God and

00:47:21--> 00:47:24

denial of God and all of these things. So

00:47:25--> 00:47:35

there is no room to listen to those songs, there is a you know, you just have to stop and the stopping here should be cold turkey stop.

00:47:38--> 00:47:41

And then for the other types of songs.

00:47:43--> 00:47:53

I'm not going to talk about the rulings of my house, if it is my belief that the molars effort within except for the percussion instruments, and it is also the position in the form of

00:47:55--> 00:47:59

the prevalent position in the form of I one of the dominant position in the form of I have.

00:48:00--> 00:48:15

But But I this is not my this is not my purpose of this discussion here. If you if you have this inside you then I would recommend for you that to try like

00:48:18--> 00:48:36

weaning yourself up gradually to the point where the program becomes a lot more enjoyable and if the program is more enjoyable, and it is more beneficial than it is more enjoyable, more beneficial, then who's going to reach out to like or who's going to reach for

00:48:37--> 00:48:43

something other than the perhaps in some in chat to rejuvenate some in chat which is you know,

00:48:45--> 00:49:42

sheer poetry, of good meanings, that is being recited with melodious voice that is a chat, it is poetry has good meanings, we have recited with a melodious voice accompanied or unaccompanied by percussion instruments, that is the child that is permissible, and it is permissible to rejuvenate the spirit for a recreation of Rosa rejuvenation and so on. But is that is it anywhere close to the benefit and enjoyment of a ticket get from listening to the program also be recited with a beautiful voice or by someone who has a beautiful voice? Absolutely not. Then gradually over time, get yourself to enjoy a you know listening to the poor and it may take a little bit of mogera in the

00:49:42--> 00:49:59

beginning to wean yourself off from your other forms of listening. It may take a little bit of Mujahidin, but at the end, it can be very enjoyable and very beneficial at the same time. You're going to be listening to the word of Allah subhanaw taala enjoying the recipe.

00:50:00--> 00:50:11

And benefiting from the speech. And every once in a while listening to some in chat would still be fine for rejuvenation and recreation.

00:50:13--> 00:51:00

The final point that I wanted to say about some and I thought that's an hour would not take respond. But the final point about wanting to say lots of nice this is the importance of impartiality when you listen, listen, you know, we're all in we get indoctrinated very quickly, because we just, we are very suggestible, very impressionable, you would like to say, if you listen to the safe, that said, you take everything from the sheriff. And I'm not saying that you should not make a safe and you should not miss. I'm just saying that you should also leave a serving, he should know that the Muslim is one, the trouble is one that messenger have a lot of sort of colonial accounting. Everyone

00:51:00--> 00:51:21

has an email, Malik said, would have some of his speech taken from him and some rejected except, you know, that weather was great, and he pointed to them, a couple of the Prophet sallallaahu Selim, so after the monsoon departed, that everyone is subject to discerning

00:51:23--> 00:51:43

basically critique and it is important, we as Muslims in general, as a Muslim community, we should also you know, we like Stephen Bronson's account of the crusades, don't we will write Stephen Huntsman's account of the crusades, because Steven Runciman

00:51:44--> 00:52:28

despite the fact that he was, you know, European Christian, he was impartial enough, and he was open minded enough to listen to our account of the crusades, he did not relate the Crusades only from the orientalist account, but from the Orientals account, he consulted sources in Arabic, in Persian, in Turkish, in Armenian, in Georgia, in Greek, and Latin, in certainly in English, he was an educated person, open minded person, that's why his account of the Crusades

00:52:29--> 00:52:33

was considered to be sort of the gold standard.

00:52:34--> 00:52:39

Because of his open mindedness, and because of his

00:52:40--> 00:52:49

impartiality, we should hold ourselves to the same standards, we should, should we not hold ourselves to the same standard. If we like

00:52:50--> 00:53:34

people that are impartial and fair, all our lenders hold ourselves to the same standards. And let's also listen with impartiality. Because that would enable you, you know, listening is extremely important. You could not refute an argument without giving justice to the argument. You know, if you're a futile argument with a knee jerk reflex, you may think that you're refuted, it is in your own mind that you're refuted. But you did not really actually refuted in other people's minds, because you have not given justice to the argument. You haven't listened enough to the argument sitemap means impartial

00:53:36--> 00:53:49

listening for the benefit for the wisdom basically to capture the wisdom, wherever it comes from, and whenever it comes to you, put according to the Shadowlands,