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The transcript describes the concept of the night and the timing of events in Africa, including the importance of the health and safety of the population, the importance of the timing of events, and the importance of the health and safety of the population. The concept is discussed in various ways, including the importance of the health and safety of the population, the importance of the timing of events, and the importance of the health and safety of the population. The segment also touches on a "medicals ad on a television ad," potentially related to a new zoodle law.

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Which gel fill in what's the gel filet? What's the depth of the night and this hubby's, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam just said Joe Foley. And in many a hadith he just says Joe Foley, the depth of the knife in these hobbies, Jonathan later would mean

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the middle of the night. Exactly. So what is Delfin Lionel nowadays? nowadays? Who has a cell phone?

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Who has the prayer times? We're actually prayer times are here. So we're

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not a farmer time. But we the prayer time is like at six o'clock in the morning, right for fed

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membership. Membership is 436. So 436 and February is six o'clock. Where is the heart? Because there is controversy over this. What is the night

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from February two from negative to federal or from Magritte to Doha, which is sunrise. likely it is from Margaret to Baja, which is sunrise because that, you know, Federer is thinner than the night consider the part of the night. So Doha nowadays is at 716. So from Maghrib, which is 433.

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To 716, how many hours is that?

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11 to 12.

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Not exactly

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1115. Okay, 11 hours and 15 minutes, divide this by two, you have

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five and a half and

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five, let's say five hours and 40 minutes, five hours and 40 minutes for simplification, out five hours and 40 minutes to the majority of time, which is 433. Save, say 430. So add five that is 910 10 1010. Very early. That is the middle of the night. Exactly. So when the Prophet means when talks about Jeff will lay the depth of the night. He means 1010

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which is very close, you know this is just gonna be like half an hour.

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No, it's not 630

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No, we're talking for a mega mega visit 433

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it's not 630 it is Doha. It is until Doha, Doha, Doha, which is sunrise is at 716.

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No, the idea of midnight that midnight is at 12 o'clock doesn't have anything to do with religion. This is basically you know,

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this is just like a very modern phenomenon that we're talking about midnight can slam is between phazzer and Doha. The middle point between federal and Doha, Qatar is at 430 Doha is at 715.

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Maghreb from Maghreb to Doha, Maghreb is the beginning of the night. Go ha is the end of the night. Guys, listen,

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the sunsets, that is the beginning of the night, the sun rises, that is the end of the night, the beginning of the day. So the sun sets at 430 the sun rises at 715 between 430 and 715. You have some number of hours anyway, the idea here is not this is not a math class here.

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For No, but, but but but the concept calculate from Maghreb

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to Doha, to sunrise from negative to sunrise, divided into by two and a half of this duration to mercury. Then you will figure out what midnight means and as well, because the furring geisha after midnight is disliked according to the Hanafi Maliki's and Chef alleys and forbidden according to the Han berries. So it is this pertinent knowledge it's not it's not just for people who pray the night prayers.

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It but the night prayers could be anything after I show but the best night prayers is undoubtedly the depth of the night which means this year.

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the prophets Allah Solomon many a hadith and most of the Hadith when he was asked this question he was asked

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The question of, for instance, the prophets Allah Salaam in Hadith reported by Timothy from Abuja remember the Hillier of the alojado he was asked the question about

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mass mal Allah,

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which is most likely to be heard by Allah.

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So this hubbies has contributed some confusion, Authenticity, I believe it's authentic,

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which is most likely to be accepted by Allah. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said

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fijo, filet in acid, will dubara, Salawat and microbead. It is in the depth of the latter part of the night.

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And at the end, or after the end of the

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prescribed Hebrew prayers. Some of the scholars said it's at the end, meaning you make the door after you finished the childhood. And before you make this leap, and some of the scholars that it is after you make that asleep, so whatever you do, you could do both, you could do one. So it is at the end of the five daily prayers, some of the scholars said between the shadow dentist and some of the scholars said after tasleem but the mean by this after your

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of God as well, because the health card or the profits are seldom used to mention them right after that. So he once he finished these have a lower stock through loss calculator last October, and then he said the health card.

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So the scholars who said that this is after the Salah, they say it is he said after the salon of God, he makes the door the scholars who said at the end of the Salah, they say between Tushar hood finishing to the child and making the slim he makes the DA but then, you know the prophet SAW Salam said that this is the most like the most likely to be accepted fijo for ladle acid in the depths of the latter part of the night and at the end or after the prescribed Salawat mark to bat the prescribed obligatory prayers

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jiofi ladle acid what is junk food late?

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Late in Africa means the latter part of the night. So it is the latter half of the night jofi late in Africa is the middle of the latter half of the night. How do you figure this out

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the middle part of the latter half of the night. So, you will divide the latter half of the night into three pieces three parts, the middle part is the prime part for salah and the middle part is the prime part for salah and as the scholar is said this color is said

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fill fee family farm Miss.

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So, this farm is so this the fifth sixth

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the fifth sixth of the night. So, if the night is 14 hours,

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let us say for the hours and Margaret is 437 hours after 430 is what seven and 1130. So seven and four is at 1130. So, that is the beginning of the second half part of the night 1130 until

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716 Okay, so divide this by two, okay.

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So, two hours and 15 minutes is each third of this. So to four hours and half after

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after 1134 hours and a half after 1130 then it is 4am 4am is the fifth sixth of the night. It is the depth or the middle of elated after the latter part of the night. Does this coincide with something that we know

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coincides with?

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coincides with an ad a very important

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But it coincides with new zoodle law he had a summer adonia the Prophet sallallahu Sallam says young zero law who is a summer adonia

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in Melbourne, Adelaide when two thirds of the night are over Allah descends to the Lord

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happens and says Halloween sad and foul Thea is there this is reported by Bukhari and Muslim Halloween sad and faulty. Is there a sir? Like

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someone who's supplicating asking

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to give him Halloween was thankful? Is there someone who's seeking forgiveness that I would forgive him? Now, you may want to say, but the last that last third of the night happens all the time, because all the time there is this one last third of the night. So does that mean there's a lot of sense all the time? So does that mean that ally is not on his throne? He descends on

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you, if you're not on the roof,

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you if you're not, if you're here, you're not on the roof. Because you're a human being with the limitations of a human being. Once you start to think of Allah with the limited mind of a human being, limited experience of the human being, you're lost.

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So you don't go there. You don't think this way?

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A lot. You think of Allah in the way that is befitting of His Majesty, lazy commitment, he say nothing is like him. Don't apply your own rules to Allah. Your own rules are your rules. But how do you apply your rules as a limited human being to the one who created you, the one who created you and created the rules? Can the one who you know is it conceivable than the one that the one who created the rules be bound by the rules? Absolutely not. If he created the rules, he cannot be bound or limited by the rules that he created anyway. So those are the created rules for you don't judge the law by those rules. But that is the time where Allah subhanaw taala descends