Hatem al-Haj – Hadith 38

Hatem al-Haj
AI: Summary © The conversation discusses the influence of hobbies on political views and the importance of showing love for Allah and hate his actions in order to show faith in his power. The speakers emphasize the need to renew intentions to avoid becoming barriers between people and Allah, practice with it, and be mindful of one's actions to avoid damaging their environment. The discussion also touches on the concept of hesitation as a way to avoid harm and confusion, and the potential consequences of the title of the book.
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to move in

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a big Vichy in LA

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to La

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da de de tiempo de la

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some lady yes moromi

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waiata Malati

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vergina Malachi mg Bina, what is Anna Nina?

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What is the need

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to proceed and so I'll start but you know, feel free to go back and pick up some coffee and doughnuts, if there is any left, which I don't.

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inshallah, today we'll go over how these numbers 38 of the series have a lot of buying in a way, but a moment now in the series of Irvine we are buying for the no way

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you know, pertinent to the moment now, when they were called our binary, he did not call them a binary, but they were called after him or binary pertaining to the moment because he is the one who put them together and this is not offering he basically put certain hobbies together and he said that this these hobbies are mostly important for you get a good understanding of the in the religion of Islam.

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So, remember now, we being of the caliber that he was and the devotion and sincerity that he had this this blessing collection of 40 hobbies or 42 or hobbies was well received by the scholars afterwards and they basically authored books on the explanation of the for the hobbies, they corroborated with his choices they found those hobbies to be truly very, very important for one's understanding of the deen. So that's the story of a lot of it no he or the for the hobbies which are actually for the two

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by the moment no he.

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So, this is how these number 38 we will have only four left and some some brother, that's more as here was the first thing that we finished the 50 of them are Alomar, pica

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amount of knowledge of 100 Valley

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hammered us just that last time to Vegas, but I didn't listen to you. So,

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anyway, like when I got like, like more than one request, I just figured we will finish the 50 the amount of knowledgeable somebody one of the you know, commentators on the for the hobbies, he added eight of them he found those eight to be particularly you know, beside the 42 hobbies that even now he collected

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somebody put together put in a habit eight of them and his book jam at home what heck am that compendium of knowledge and wisdom. So inshallah we will go over those data Hadith as well. So we will have 12 more left in the series.

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So maybe like three or four months more

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hobbies and you know, certainly there's nothing better than the word of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam except the Quran for sure, but next to the puram There is nothing better than the speech of the Prophet sallallahu sallam.

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This is number 38 it is incomplete here.

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Because in in in another generation by Bukhari also there is there's an addition here that that we will go over inshallah

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so hubbies number 38, Abu hurayrah Viola on who and the collector The one who related this to us is a Bukhari

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Rahim Allah tala from Abu hurayrah Ravi

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On who and we dropped that say and because between Bukhari and Mariah, you know that there is a chain of narrators. Bukhari was born in the year one for the 194 after his or her IRA was a Sahabi. So, they have they did not see each other, but there is a chain between them. And because it is reported by Boko Haram, you know, this chain is an authentic chain.

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So, Bihari reported from ebihara the alarm through actually that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam colorata sort of lie Salalah Salam in Allahu Allah upon that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam Allah Most High said which will mean to you what an indicator this Hadees

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is about how do you spot see it's a special type of hobbies. It is from Allah subhanaw taala it's a holy divine, you know, people translate the word puts in different ways. So it's a divine or holy heavy meaning it is from Allah subhanaw taala This speech is from Allah subhanaw taala what is the difference between this speech and the Quran in this case?

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Yeah, so, this is one of the differences the scholars have mentioned, the this the one that I feel most comfortable with as an explanation of the difference between and how these are put see under the Quran. The Quran is the literal word of Allah subhanaw taala that is why you will have to be your you cannot really basically relate the Quran to others in meaning, you know, no one ever said that no one ever approved the doctor that that

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but the hobbies including the harissa could say, you know like a change in one letter or something that will not be consequential to the meaning what would be permitted, because this is paraphrase the by the prophet sallallahu wasallam This is one of the explanations provided by the scholars as to the difference between the Quran and Hadith of put See, you could say that the you know, Allah subhanaw taala did not only speak in Arabic right,

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Allah spoke in different languages.

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They really you know, revealed books in different languages. So, the, the, this could have been set by Allah subhanaw taala because that what is the difference between or how do you see, kind of how do you fishery if Elisa Sharif is also from Allah, the prophetic Hadees the statements of the prophets of Salaam are also from Allah, their meanings are from Allah through inspiration, but Allah did not necessarily speak of them. But Allah spoke of this, spoke of this but Allah could have spoken of this in a different language altogether. And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam paraphrased it in Arabic. So yet Allah subhanaw taala did speak of this, this paragraph this statement was made by

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Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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So, that is the briefly because this is a very long discussion, but this is briefly the difference between and Qur'an on one side, how do you support see this is Sharif How do you feel put see is somewhere in the middle between Hobbes Quran and Hadith Shareef Allah spoke of it, but there could have been some paraphrasing by the prophet solo Sonnambula the last book of this statement of this

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sentence or statement. So Allah subhanaw taala said it says here that alasa pinata Allah said men whosoever Adda showed enmity or took for an enemy,

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Li when a

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friend of mine Lee

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in reference referring to Allah subhanaw taala, what Leon would mean what a man would mean friend, we will try to translate this as friend, because it is the closest translation and we look for a close translation. So, while he would be a friend, not necessarily, that is not always true, that when he is friend and friend is what a it is not always true, but here

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close translation to LA Although an exact one is missing, as far as I know,

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but a close translation would be a friend. So he who showed enmity or took for an enemy, one of my friends, a friend of mine

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faqad as to who been harmed, as and to who is like as an you know, as an as an as a declaration. means here I declare the war

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on him for about as unto but horrible horrible war so I declare war against him.

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So ever shows in enmity to one of my friends I shall declare war against them. Well Mata para la Abbe de bc in. Matta qarabag carrabba never drew closer to me the curb scammer comes from Korea Korea means linear Takara means Kim came nearer came closer

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so Walmart acaba la de la means to me of the My servant besides in with anything, I have a more beloved to me. Mim of Tara Lee than what then that which I made obligatory on him

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when I as the attacker grabouw in a lie has no meaning he continues op D my servant yeah Takara to draw closer

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he lie to me been no acid with no if enough you know some recommended acts supererogatory x

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my server continue to draw closer to me through or via or by no fly by doing now FM hot

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until I love him

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for his a hubbub to who and when I love him going to summer who levy yes now will be high because his his hearing with which he hears Some are who is hearing a lady with which yes my ob he he hears with it with which he hears well bazzara who love you observe he and I become a lot of speaking of himself I become his site with which he sees Why are the who and his hand and Lottie yeah but the issue we have with which is strikes were originally who and his leg and Letty EMC behalf with which he walks EMC walks, what are inside attorney loyalty and who and if he asks me, a jury's me asks me, I would give him what he asked for. What are any stars that he left? Why isn't the who and if he

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seeks refuge Jimmy hi Well, I shall give him refuge.

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What is missing here from the hobbies that is reported by and Buhari is

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last minute Allah event said what matter that one say in NFL is that our duty on nuptse at the moment, he aka Rahul Mota will act on who was an actor

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and I have not, I have not and then then I would come to to

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to the dilemma of translation here.

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Later when I come to this particular segment, when I explained this particular segment, but for the sake of simplicity, and then I will come to it and I will explain it

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for the sake of simplicity. Allah subhanaw taala said and I do not hesitate concerning any matter. As much as I hesitate concerning the season of the soul of my believing servant. He hates death, and I hate to hurt him. He hates death. And I hear I hate to hurt him. So I do not hesitate concerning any matter the way he has a faith concerning the seizing of the soul of my believing servant. He hates death, and I hate to hurt him.

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So going back to the beginning of the hardest man either an evil alien faqad as to who been harder.

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Last one I thought I said whosoever shows enmity to a friend of mine, then I have declared war against him or then I will declare war against them. Now

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this is extremely important because you know how brief allow our bodies to lock for the sake of a lion to hate for the sake of Allah. How's the Quran a man as the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that is the the strong, the firmest stronghold of Eman? That is the sincerest the truest stronghold of Eman is the love for Allah and hate for Allah meaning that you have removed your feelings.

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You have removed yourself, you have voided your heart, from feelings, you know, that are based on your biases, your individual biases, and all of your feelings now are for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala, this is there could be no greater amendments, then there is no greater amendment this because you know, this is a level that is extremely hard to get to. Basically, you will love those whom Allah loves, even if they don't particularly reciprocate with you or even if they may have, you know,

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hurt you one time or did something to you or this, you will still love those whom Allah loves the righteous servants of Allah subhanaw taala, and you hate those whom Allah hates.

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And that is the greatest form of dedication and devotion. Basically, you have completely, you removed your ego, you have completely, you know,

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voided your heart or emptied your heart, from your own feelings, and you instill in your heart,

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basically the love of Allah subhanaw taala, and the love of that which he loves, and the hate of that which he hates. And this is the highest level of faith. And if you show enmity or you take for an enemy, for an enemy, someone that is of the idea of Allah subhanaw taala someone that the are of the friends of Allah subhanaw taala, then certainly, that is,

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in a way a declaration of war against the laws of Karnataka, and then Allah subhanaw taala would declare war against you, because Allah subhanaw taala is very protective of his Odia very protective of his servants. And if you're there to show enmity or animosity to the idea of Allah subhanaw taala. Then you you are

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effectively declaring war against and Allah will reciprocate by declaring war against you.

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Then, after Allah subhana wa Taala said, This medallion pocket as unto hobbit harp, which is something that we all have to be very careful

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not to do.

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Allah subhanaw taala proceeded to explain to us who is really who is oily, because the word valet itself may be somewhat ambiguous to some of us, you know, who would be the valet and Allah subhanaw taala

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removed this ambiguity for us in the Quran in the sun, the ambiguity is has been effectively removed for us and I in our area

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known as Latina men who are Canada, very early the idea of Allah there shall be no grief for them or fear.

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Allah Vina and none of those who believe to account we have a cone and they have Taqwa. So that is the worry of Allah subhanaw taala.

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the worry of Allah subhanaw taala was also explained here. When Allah subhanaw taala proceeded to tell us about his way. And he told us of two rankings of Willie here, there are two rankings of wilaya or two rankings of our Li. The first ranking is the one who abstains from the prohibitions and he he performs the obligations, he commits the obligations, abstains from the prohibitions, and that's the first degree of what I have and to some extent that is a form of well so basically the the person who is just praying has five very prayers, you know, as the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said it was allotted to Hamza Osama Shahada

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para la put him in a word with jannetty Asafoetida para la put even a weapon jannetty City when the woman fasts the month of you know,

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which she is supposed to fast and praise the five dirty priors and protects her chastity listens to her husband, to be told enterprise dies from whichever gates you please enter Paradise from whichever gates you please Do you know who else enters paradise from whichever gateway? Or who else we were told that he will enter Paradise from whichever gate he pleases. I will walk you around the Hobbes's report very mathematical

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When the Prophet was on and said menos bahaman Komiyama, whoever woke up fasting and stuff, and then the prefaces and so, Rebecca is so deep. So, a woman reaches the level of VP or the level of sub VP, by by these simple things.

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So, this is a level of what I there is a level of what I have for the people who may not have much knowledge may not be doing too much, they may be just busy with work or she is like

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a mother of you know, four or five kids taking care of her kids all day getting tired, at night, she goes to sleep, she wakes up tired, she, you know, she's she's keeping her prayers on time, she is, you know, watchful of Allah subhanaw taala careful about what she does, but she may not be doing a lot, you know, in terms of additional work.

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And she may not doing something exceptional, something huge, but she will certainly have this glass hiding from the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that not only that, she will enter Paradise, but she will be told, enter from whichever gates you please.

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So that is the degree of what I am at the core of a layup, D which is a la,

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la, la, my servant here and my servants continues to draw, or my slave continued on here to me over here, I'm sorry and my servant does not draw near to me with anything more beloved to me than

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what I have made obligatory or to lose his duties, I have obligated upon him. So that is a degree of what I are that we should not underestimate. However, what you need to do here is make sure that you do not violate, you know, the Hadoop of Allah subhanaw taala you do not overstep the bounds of Allah subhana wa Tada, you do not violate the inviolable

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you know,

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commandment of Allah subhanho wa Taala or overstep the bounds of Allah subhanaw taala. Be careful about this, the little that you will do. If you're careful about this, if you are careful about clearing your heart from, you know, prejudice and pride and arrogance and clearing your heart from hatred and clearing your heart from envy. If you are careful about not falling into, you know, the prohibitions, particularly the enormity is the lifting that you will do will get you far ahead. You know, in terms of, you're praying five, daily prayers, and you're not doing much more, and you're, you're fasting Ramadan, you're not fasting, you know, a lot of no effort, this will get you far

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ahead. If you are watching what you do, otherwise, you're not backbiting you're not slandering, you're not gossiping, you're not oppressing people, you're being honest, you're being truthful, you're watching you know, your transactions, you're not corrupt in your transactions, you're not from the motto fluffy, in which meaning people who have double standards.

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When it comes when when they basically procure the rights, they take them and fall and when they, you know, give the people the rights they, they violate people's rights, and they shortchange them. So you just take care of this in the little that you do, were to get you to us to our level of wealth, that will let you into paradise from whichever gate you please but but it is hard. It is extremely hard. Don't think it is easy. You know, it does take a lot of diligence does take a lot of effort to clear your heart, your heart from those diseases that take so much. That is why we say that we tried to do a little bit more of a laugh when we tried to do a little bit more of fasting in

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an attempt basically, to purify our hearts to pure pure fire and neffs to get closer to Allah subhanho

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wa Taala.

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So, this is the first level we said the those are the people that are abiding by the obligations staying away from the prohibitions. Then the second level are the people who are not contented with that they they want to get closer and closer they want to get nearer and nearer to Allah subhanaw taala and they are proved by the love of Allah subhanaw taala to get closer to him, when I as I know how

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The takadanobaba have been no FM, hacked, or HIPAA. And my servant will continue to draw closer to draw closer to me by now after

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additional things additional deeds hacked. And until I love him for about two, and when I love him, going to somehow love yes maybe I would become his hearing with which he hears his sight with which he sees his hand with which he strikes his leg with which he walks. And if he asks me, I would guarantee him what he asked for, and if he seeks refuge in me, then I will give him refuge. So you draw closer to Allah subhanaw taala by a no effort by additional good deeds, additional good deeds very good these very

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and in terms of the best addition of good deeds, certainly allow the sell off said the there is nothing better than the recitation of the prayer and reflection on the Quran, not just the simple recitation of the prayer, but reciting the Quran and reflecting on the Quran, how do you draw closer to Allah by anything better than his own word that came out from him repeating his own word that came out from him. So if if you want to walk on this path, then you want to have some PR and memorized and to have some of this beforehand, and it is not about the amount. Because we have been given different capacities, we have been given different, you know,

00:26:46 --> 00:26:49

abilities, in terms of memorization and so on.

00:26:51 --> 00:27:04

But it's about the amount, but there should that you should have a share of the plan, choose certain sources and reflect on them understand their meanings. And, you know,

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puranam the beta

00:27:08 --> 00:27:15

they in and day out in the morning and evening, you know, check them you know,

00:27:16 --> 00:27:32

in your times of solitude, you know, on the bus, in the car, wherever you're going and when you change the those verses and sutras and so on with with 13

00:27:33 --> 00:27:46

and reflect on the meanings you're conversing with Allah using his own words, using the word of Allah subhanaw taala that came out from Allah subhanho wa Taala. So, that is like,

00:27:47 --> 00:27:52

absolutely one of the best ways that you could draw closer to Allah soprano Todd

00:27:59 --> 00:28:20

like he told you, it is never difficult to memorize one or two pieces of the program and to reflect on their meanings and to basically connect it was it was this is your share of the of the The more the better, but even if that is your share of the poor and you're able to reflect on those meanings,

00:28:21 --> 00:28:30

and the way you reflect on them will be different, you know, as you grow older, you mature you have greater experience as

00:28:32 --> 00:29:27

he goes through different circumstances and so on. And you will have different ways of reflecting on those verses, but this is you know, connecting to a Lost Planet Allah through his own word is one of the best ways that you could get closer to him in terms of the asset, in addition to this, in addition to this, the doing good, you know, goodness, righteousness extended kindness to people as is of extreme importance is of extreme importance. This hobbies. Hobbies the game in many Australia is reported by Bukhari and Muslim from a viharaya the Allahu manana California to Berkeley yet in total artists interact. humara Ottoman Briony is right, Vanessa hot mocha socket hufa era hobby. So

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00:29:30 --> 00:29:35

the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said why and a dog was roaming around the world

00:29:36 --> 00:29:47

was about you know, dying of thirst. A woman prostitute from an Israelite prostitute and a prostitute for money. Australian saw him

00:29:48 --> 00:29:54

and took off her shoe and water. So she given

00:29:56 --> 00:30:00

it is the extension of kindness to the people and keep in mind

00:30:00 --> 00:30:12

And extending kindness to the people and this is not this is not you know, post September 11 speech or trying to this is an integral part of our the

00:30:13 --> 00:30:20

some of us may not be aware of it Some of us may, you know, not be quiet

00:30:23 --> 00:30:31

you know, understanding of the aspects but, but but there is a huge difference here between exploiting people

00:30:33 --> 00:31:06

to proselytize them to convert to them, and extending kindness to the people just for the extension of kindness, with with the sincere wish that they accepted the greatest gift which is the gift of guidance. because keep in mind, a package of food pales in comparison to guidance which would earn you salvation from the Hellfire and admission into paradise. So if you're giving the people a package of food, and not wishing for them, to also get in addition to this,

00:31:08 --> 00:31:47

not in exchange for this and you're not using this only as a tool. Extending kindness to the people is an end in and of itself, because there is no dour involved in giving water to a dog is there. You know, this is not for our purposes, this is extension of kindness to adopt. And the prophets are seven This was also reported by Buhari and Muslim when this hub asked the prophet SAW Selim Alana for the image, shall we be given a reward for kindness that we do to the animal and the prophet SAW seldom said to them frequently vatika but in South Africa, there is

00:31:48 --> 00:32:14

the you get the reward of charity, for any kindness you do, to any living creature, any creature with a moist liver meaning to any living creature, extending kindness to any living creature. So this is an end in and of itself. Is it also a tool to win the hearts of the people to the religion of Islam? Yes, there is and there is no reason to be

00:32:16 --> 00:32:22

there is that there is no reason to shy away from saying this. Yes. Because

00:32:24 --> 00:32:55

even if they will not converge, I will still extend kindness to them. But this package of food, I know from my own experience, that I value more, a lot more my Deen the guidance, the last 100 Allah has granted to me that I borrow my food and drink and my clothes. So I would wish for this person, you know, to be given guidance, you know, a lot more than to,

00:32:56 --> 00:33:23

you know, to feed to enjoy the food or the drink which which will you will enjoy for a little while and that's it. So, extension of kindness to the people is of extreme importance. It will get you close to Allah subhanaw taala Bharani reported from the Latin armor that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was asked man haben sal Allahu Allah, Almighty Allah Allah, Allah, Allah Allah Allah.

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00:33:26 --> 00:33:29

Allah Muslim otaku, Don john, Dr. Medina

00:33:32 --> 00:33:36

Muslim taxi farmaco Tata Docomo, john otaku, Dr. Medina

00:33:37 --> 00:33:38

if if you have

00:33:40 --> 00:34:22

a Boolean if you have an STD Shara. So when the Prophet is asked what are the deeds that are most beloved by Allah and the people most beloved by allies and the people most beloved law are those who are of greatest benefit for the rest of the people, and the deeds that are most beloved to allies to bring joy to the heart of a believer or to a believer, to end his hunger to pay off his debt to relieve his distress. And it is more beloved to me to walk with a brother of mine to procure some of his needs, than to make out the caffeine this month of mine for a semester of mine for a month.

00:34:24 --> 00:34:41

Extended, you know, but at the same time at the same time. So it makes sure that those acts do not become barriers between you and Allah because the gratification that he gets from those very act could become a barrier between

00:34:42 --> 00:34:50

right or wrong. A while to see an hour. You know, basically, the station's become barriers

00:34:51 --> 00:34:53

in the sense that

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get this gratification from doing this

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Over time, over time, you will forget or you will be fully, fully conscious of the purpose behind this all or the motive behind the greatest motive behind this old is to please alive to get closer to Allah subhanaw taala and people tend to forget this, you know, you're fast every Monday and Thursday becomes a habit becomes routine, you know, you can see yourself not fasting

00:35:32 --> 00:35:42

because you're just so in sync with it and you see, you're like it, you're losing weight, or given some health benefits from it this or that.

00:35:43 --> 00:36:20

You have to really renew your commitment to Alaska, this was meant to be for the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala The same applies to all other acts of worship, you renew your intentions, so that, you know you're getting closer and that very Act does not become a barrier because when when you're watching the act, and when you're getting gratification from the Act, the act becomes a barrier between you have the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala even though it was intended first as a means to get in closer.

00:36:23 --> 00:36:32

So, one of the signs one of the signs that this act has not become a barrier between you and Allah subhanaw taala is what

00:36:35 --> 00:36:44

is that this you will also have energy with in doing other things, it is not that your energy is so is is

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00:36:48 --> 00:37:27

dedicated to this you know relief work like I run an orphanage for instance Do you do any night prayers Do you fast anything Do you do anything else? Are you doing anything else? No I you know, this is my but how do you guarantee that this is really not a barrier that this has not become an end in and of itself a means to closeness proximity nearness to Allah subhanaw taala I mean if you want near and installed last minute Allah then there are so many gates and there are so many ways to get to the wire you're not getting any share of anything else.

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So, so basically

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diversifying the means and the ways to his closeness when make you

00:37:44 --> 00:37:49

you know what will be a good indicator

00:37:50 --> 00:37:57

that your end is the pleasure of Allah is not this act or the other one.

00:38:00 --> 00:38:05

Okay, so what as an obvious Coronavirus I have a knife at hotmail Hippo until I love him.

00:38:06 --> 00:38:19

feyza about to open to someone who like I said, if I love him, I will become his he is hearing with what he hears his sight with which he sees his hand with which he strikes and his leg with which he walks.

00:38:20 --> 00:38:21

What does that mean?

00:38:23 --> 00:38:25

The law becomes your hearing sight.

00:38:27 --> 00:38:52

Certainly the Mullah above any thoughts of Hulu and to harden union and indwelling and all of this allies, a separate separate from his creatures, the creatures and the creator creator are different and separate lies you know about his throne and we are His creatures. So Allah

00:38:53 --> 00:39:06

you know is not part of you does not live in you. You are not you. You do not unite with a las panatela all of these beliefs are foreign to Islam and imported into Islam from other religions.

00:39:07 --> 00:39:08

But what does that mean?

00:39:09 --> 00:39:11

It will be his hearing inside.

00:39:20 --> 00:39:34

Okay, so when I lost power Tara loves you. When Allah subhanaw taala loves you. Do you expect that Allah will love someone whose heart is distracted from him?

00:39:36 --> 00:39:40

That's it Allah will love you. You know, Allah subhanaw taala I'm going to Soraka on

00:39:41 --> 00:39:47

the righteous brothers. They're our righteous self used to say don't ever

00:39:49 --> 00:39:59

have a loss of pinata. Let's see that you have any competition in your heart, for for his love. Because Allah is jealous of you

00:40:00 --> 00:40:24

And along with not want his servant, to have any competition in his heart, anything competing with the love of Allah subhanaw taala in his heart, when Allah loves you, your heart will be void, except from his love. And any anything that is basically

00:40:27 --> 00:40:48

that goes with his love. So the love of your parents will be in line with his love, everything will be in line with the love of Allah subhanaw taala. So you have emptied your heart, except from the love of Allah subhanaw taala This is the expected reciprocation. And when this is so then your will

00:40:50 --> 00:41:12

be so much infinite, you know, in line with the word of Allah subhanaw taala that everything you do everything you say, you know, you're you're looking, you're seeing you're hearing, you're you're striking, all of it will be a translation

00:41:14 --> 00:41:17

a manifestation of His Divine Will.

00:41:19 --> 00:41:21

So, you become a

00:41:22 --> 00:41:30

hero, the movement of your hand will be a manifestation of the Divine Will now we have of this

00:41:31 --> 00:42:05

different shares of this, we are different levels, different rankings, to some extent, you may have some of this, some of this, here, being watchful of a loss of data. So your why you know, you come to the master the this is in line in accordance with Divine Will, in conformity, conformity with Divine Will. But for some of the servants of Allah subhanaw taala, they reach a level where everything they do, they say, you know,

00:42:07 --> 00:42:12

even the glimpses of their eyes are in accordance with His Divine lip.

00:42:14 --> 00:42:43

And that, that is that is the meaning of love becoming the site with which you see, the hearing with which you hear that your hand with the cheers strike, and your leg with which you walk, that's your will, is incomplete conformity with the will of Allah subhanaw taala that you become, your actions become manifestations of his divine way.

00:42:48 --> 00:43:21

When I insert Daniella or Tiana, who were there any style that he doesn't know, and if he asks me or if he adores me, I shall grant him what he asked for. And if he seeks refuge in me, I shall give him refuge. Now, you know, this has been reported to us through through an enormous number of narrations and narratives, how this was true, you may not be seeing this a lot around you, because you

00:43:26 --> 00:43:35

you deserve to be the you know, the child of this time, and I deserve to be the you know, the, you know,

00:43:37 --> 00:43:37


00:43:40 --> 00:44:09

of this era, this phase, but in some other areas, people will witness this, you know, like the sun in the middle of a summer, the, the saw happening, where the Doha was Mr. Jab, the draw this application of the righteous was answered. But those righteous people whose supplication will be immediately answered,

00:44:10 --> 00:44:25

they would not be if Allah subhanaw taala You know, it tells you that you are God's monster, you will sit down and say, I want this like house and these cars and want to marry that woman and you know,

00:44:26 --> 00:44:29

so quickly you'll learn

00:44:31 --> 00:44:59

but when south of navio passed the asked him he had lost his sight. And when they asked, they asked him why don't you make the right so the last part Allah gives your site back and he said, You know, I love is the decree his choice for me more than I love my site. And some other Sahaba were asked similar questions. They said, how they ask him to relieve me from the source of my report.

00:45:03 --> 00:45:13

This is how we were thinking and that's why they're there I was answerable because they, their, their, their concerns are completely different.

00:45:14 --> 00:45:20

So the profit loss element, they happy actually mentioned this in the last interval.

00:45:21 --> 00:45:35

In his book, The science of prophethood science and profits would be happy mentioned that the prophets are also important about hacking. It's authentic, that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said

00:45:37 --> 00:45:56

coming up then even matava fnz Tim Ryan de la XML Allahu la barra Minh huemul Bara of nomadic how many servant at this week and accounted a week or considered week week by Ethan moto daffin.

00:45:57 --> 00:46:12

Week is by if modaf the people consider him weak the people you know, oppress him the people look down at him because they consider him weak. What about him the turn Briony into like

00:46:13 --> 00:46:36

you know cheap garments wearing too cheap garments Hello XML ally abara who if he adores Allah Subhana Allah Allah when I say grant him what he asks for minimal but I have an emetic of them Bara nomadic and then you know in

00:46:37 --> 00:47:07

time goes by and the Muslim men are involved in in war against the Persians and the ask of but I've pneumatic and the muslimeen were losing the war Muslims were losing the war and the asked of the problematic the sad well The Prophet said that you're the eyes and the jab make too hot for us, because we're losing the war and the the attack from the Persians was very intense.

00:47:10 --> 00:47:14

So certainly that is a worthy cause. Right and so on bribery medics are

00:47:16 --> 00:47:23

exempt or alayka. Illuminati an actor for whom I you know, exempt

00:47:24 --> 00:47:25

would mean

00:47:27 --> 00:47:28

how do you translate?

00:47:32 --> 00:47:33

Nice whenever you know what

00:47:36 --> 00:47:41

it means. I urge you, I adore you. I urge you I

00:47:48 --> 00:47:54

yeah, I asked you but with custom, like, oath. Oh, yeah. So

00:47:55 --> 00:48:04

anyway, I urge you I jewelry in American Actor from that, that will give us their shoulders may or evil,

00:48:05 --> 00:48:08

which means that it's you let us

00:48:09 --> 00:48:13

defeat them or give us power over them.

00:48:15 --> 00:48:16


00:48:18 --> 00:48:22

they did so that must mean we're able to make some advances.

00:48:23 --> 00:48:35

And then the Persians you know, counter attacked, they were about to defeat the Muslims to me one more time. So they came to America and they said to him

00:48:36 --> 00:48:42

in the makeup the art one more time. And he said the same thing. But this this is

00:48:43 --> 00:48:48

the second time he said exemplar like 11 Atlanta actor for him.

00:48:49 --> 00:48:50


00:48:52 --> 00:48:53

well, how can He better be

00:48:55 --> 00:49:07

Hi, I urge you, I assure you that you'll give us power over them. And you make me joy in your your profit. So the Muslims attacked and he was killed.

00:49:09 --> 00:49:47

And Muslims won, they defeated the Persians and Bara himself was killed, was killed or was granted martyrdom. So the one that's a horrible see this and the Sahaba had seen many, many such examples. You know, the, their belief is different from our belief. But keep in mind that this was not this is not unfair, because I lost Karnataka is most fair, they were able to see this because they deserve to see it a last elected them Allah invited them to have the certainty

00:49:49 --> 00:49:59

and they show the showed that they are deserving of that gift. That gift of certainty. You know it like when the Sahaba see

00:50:00 --> 00:50:07

Like an example like this, this is their Prophet told them that this man is his monster. If he if he

00:50:08 --> 00:50:18

hears a lot, pinata you will grant him what he wants. So they come to this man they tell him, he makes it quickly the R is is accepted.

00:50:19 --> 00:50:23

And then he makes another and it is accepted.

00:50:24 --> 00:50:38

It certainly is something different. And it it made them it made their their certainty at a much different level from ours. That's why but they weren't deserving of it.

00:50:39 --> 00:50:44

That's why I lost my thought I gave it to them. The examples of

00:50:45 --> 00:51:00

you know, there is so much they could read about the doors, the answer, answer the door of the Sahaba gonna lay him prior to his predecessor as a self Asahi, don't allow him and he will find

00:51:01 --> 00:51:22

countless examples that were reported authentically were things that were witnessed by you know, scores of people, if not hundreds of people, witness them. And these are certainly gifts from Allah subhanaw taala. But

00:51:24 --> 00:51:29

keep in mind that this came at the end, before this

00:51:31 --> 00:51:43

conversation summer holiday, yes, Maui before this, he becomes after a bad he becomes a Hyderabadi servant servant that is acting

00:51:45 --> 00:51:51

you know, or his actions are all manifestations of the Divine Will.

00:51:52 --> 00:51:54

Then at the end here,

00:51:57 --> 00:51:58

the prophets Allah Allah is Allah.

00:52:00 --> 00:52:27

Then Allah subhanaw taala said kamatera dat one se in NFL ILO? Tara do Dr. Neff sub The moment he achra Hola, Tanaka. homosassa do not hesitate concern. I think that I would I would certainly do. The way I hesitated concerning the seizing of the soul of my believing servant, because he hates this and I hate to hurt.

00:52:29 --> 00:52:29


00:52:31 --> 00:52:33

that I've got to hesitate.

00:52:35 --> 00:53:06

The problem here is why is it a problem to translate this pterodactyl into his fate? Not because the attributes of Allah subhanaw taala are not to be translated because the attributes of Allah we affirm the attributes of Allah that came in the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. So when Allah says to us, Hector Hippo until I love him, we know that Allah loves and the scholars who said that this does not mean love, that means this or that.

00:53:09 --> 00:53:52

We disagree with their interpretation, we believe that Allah subhanaw taala knows best about himself and about his attributes. And if Allah said that he loves, then Allah subhanaw taala is the most eloquent speakers and a lot could have used another word but Allah use this word. His Messenger is the best eloquent and the most eloquent of human beings and His Messenger use this word, then Allah loves put in contempt of Guna laughter bjarni Kamala, if you truly love, follow me that allow me to love you, then a lot of the issue here is that we have to be extremely careful with the names and attributes of Allah, Allah.

00:53:54 --> 00:54:25

Because Allah is unlike anything else nice iconicity he shy and nothing is like him. So to imagine the essence of these attributes would be sinful, and would lead us to destruction. He cannot imagine the essence the how of these attributes, you affirm the attribute, you know the law loves, but you don't imagine the how of the attributes the essence of the attribute and you don't have like an ally to any of his creatures, because basically his be shy and nothing is like him.

00:54:27 --> 00:54:50

The problem was translation is that when we say that the Prophet is the most eloquent of speakers and he conveyed the mirage of Allah, the, you know, what Allah wanted or with a lot of desire in the best and most accurate and precise way. And if the Prophet said that Allah said matter added to

00:54:51 --> 00:54:56

than then a loss of matter added to or he said it in a different language in the profit

00:55:02 --> 00:55:40

The price and length of translation by mouth, you know, the most precise person, you know, have to begin with, you know, selecting their translation, which does not mean we will not translate google translate, but to begin with, it is like a kind of war, because you know, I think an identical word in a different language is not exist, people know about translation know, that identical word in a different language does not exist, but you try to give us closest here, but, but

00:55:42 --> 00:55:44

they are saying that

00:55:45 --> 00:55:46

he has said that

00:55:50 --> 00:55:53

the lesson I do not hesitate know about it not say

00:55:55 --> 00:56:01

hi have to say that this is my translation of this word hesitation

00:56:02 --> 00:56:05

is expected the philosopher of Ireland is a thief.

00:56:08 --> 00:56:23

He is in your understanding of innovation that was unexpected, and that is why some of the scholars, when something like this comes to them, they will say no and what how come about is a bit, but it is the perfect percent.

00:56:24 --> 00:56:25

You know, that

00:56:27 --> 00:56:37

it is the prophet who said that was a matter of that, then we say, Amanda delay, we believe in Allah as last ones.

00:56:39 --> 00:56:45

And then we will understand that this word corrupted

00:56:46 --> 00:56:56

should be befitting of Allah subhanaw taala. Because when you have thought that when you have his vision as a human being is because of what, mainly because of fear from the consequences

00:56:59 --> 00:57:03

would not be conceivable with regards to loss

00:57:04 --> 00:57:09

because of ignorance. So you're in doubt, you're not sure which way is better.

00:57:13 --> 00:57:19

But one of the meanings of hesitation, that is the the concept of thought of what

00:57:20 --> 00:57:25

is the overlap, there is some overlap. So, you know, between

00:57:26 --> 00:57:37

the meaning of the word when it pertains to Allah, the meaning of the word learn for things for us. This is why this word that was used in describing a lot of

00:57:38 --> 00:57:44

this, well, why do you use this word in describing his action, where is that area of overlap

00:57:47 --> 00:57:49

is to have mixed feelings,

00:57:50 --> 00:57:58

mixed feelings. And this is actually extremely beautiful, extremely beautiful, because some people may think,

00:57:59 --> 00:58:01

is indifferent or suffering,

00:58:02 --> 00:58:03

you know, like,

00:58:05 --> 00:58:11

causing this little child to die, causing grief in the family in order

00:58:13 --> 00:58:27

to buy, you know, that he doesn't want to buy you want to see his kids go to college and, you know, get married, and things like that. So people may think of abundance in different colors suffering, but what I'm saying here is

00:58:29 --> 00:58:35

aligns most conduction. So a lot, you know, this is the perfect word

00:58:36 --> 00:59:01

to use in this regard. A lot of saying, I am not indifferent to suffering. I have never had mixed feelings about anything more than I have mixed feelings about this thing, you know, season the soul of my believing server, he hits the target. So the mixed feelings even though you know, it is part of a master plan that

00:59:02 --> 00:59:34

people work done. It's part of the master plan, and I'm also a member of the party that I would do. There is no hesitation in the sense that what I do, it's not about stealth. It's not about, you know, lack of knowledge I would do, but I did even though I'm sure I'm certain I will do it. But I still have mixed feelings about it. Because it is my belief in serving adenoids hurts and I hate to hurt.

00:59:35 --> 00:59:39

So that is a very beautiful description and

00:59:45 --> 00:59:46

you will find it.

00:59:54 --> 00:59:55

It is also important

00:59:57 --> 00:59:59

to speak concerning anything that I do

01:00:01 --> 01:00:13

During the season God the soul of my servant, he hits death. And I hate to hurt her. So this is, you know, very beautiful

01:00:15 --> 01:00:30

about, you know, the love of the last crocodile and His love and His servants and service learning how to get closer to unlock the power of time and the ultimate station after you get closer to us, it gets to be

01:00:32 --> 01:00:44

harder to be a station where all your actions are manifestations of this Divine Will your speech, your sight, your hearing, and everything and how you become a

01:00:46 --> 01:00:47

servant servant.

01:00:50 --> 01:00:51

That what

01:00:53 --> 01:00:53


01:00:55 --> 01:00:56


01:00:57 --> 01:00:57


01:01:01 --> 01:01:02

so as

01:01:03 --> 01:01:08

to grant us this close proximity near this

01:01:10 --> 01:01:11

stretch of service

01:01:13 --> 01:01:14

to those who are local

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