Friday June 19, 2020 – First Jumuah Prayer in 105 Days

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Barry Diller discusses the loss of a woman in a family's life, emphasizing the importance of praise for the boss and prayed for people to embrace challenges and praise them. He also talks about the difficulties of working in a job where one is deserving of praise and the importance of keeping up with work. The speaker emphasizes the need to practice daily gratitude and stay up-to-date on one's eating habits, protecting privacy, and practicing daily gratitude to forgive others who have passed away.

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we'll see if it'll

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come up on the wall Superman. What's up? Barry Diller routine?

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It took over

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two minutes see

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what's gonna come in has just

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passed them in hoonah region and

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in no longer caring for people.

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Ham we love

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it love. It is a blessing from Austin

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to finally

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congregates and preys on us to draw around in Japan.

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After 105 days since the last Juma prayer, you're molested, we are finally able to congregate

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and to praise the loss of a woman

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in a way that he is entitled to be praised.

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My brothers and sisters, today's quote, well, of course is going to be short. We've been given a 10 minute time slot in order to clear up this space to allow for more brothers and sisters to come into play afterwards. And so the topic for today's drama is

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All praise is due to

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this topic. Yesterday I came in and there was a volunteer standing by the door. Volunteers. I'm sure every single one of you knows because you see him so regularly. And he's always so active. You may not know his name, but you see him by face. And I asked him yesterday, how is your business doing? Because I know that he has his own business.

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And at least 10 times he kept saying Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah. And I said yeah, but is everything okay? If the sales picked up and people started to come back in and to buy things and he just kept saying

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my brothers and sisters in life, there will always be tests. There will always be challenges. Not a single one of our spots that in our lifetime. We would go months without being able to pray

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not a single one of us thought that we would go months without ever stepping foot into the masjid

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The spots, that this would be something that is so common and has been a part of our lives since childhood. For some of us since we were born to go to pray the Friday prayer, not a single one of us thought that we would be restricted from doing so.

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But when we go through tests in life, we see that our boss

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allows us to pass those tests easily, and to continue to accept and embrace any challenge that comes to us. So long as we continue to praise the boss

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in our saga, every single prayer without fail, you will hear yourself saying send me around

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the process so the longer they listen them says

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that the environment has been appointed for us to follow. And when the email says that appear on you say that appeal. And when that email makes true for you go into the court. And when email says

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have you done, we respond by seeing

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This is an authentic hadith in Sahih.

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Muslim, the prophet some

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of the words that we say when we hear that mmm saying

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even Canada now the problem is many of us, especially for those of us who are in this country, who may not speak Arabic, or may not even be fluent in Portugal, because I know some of the words are similar. We don't even know what it means. I remember as a child growing up.

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I kind of

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knew what it meant.

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And even have you done is a loss of cannabinoids years. Those who praise

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now we've been going through hardship we've been going through difficulty we've been going through things in the last few months that we never thought we would experience from our team's perspective. Forget about everything else, just from a team perspective. None of us thought that we would not be here a single native roll along. We went through a whole month of Ramadan without congregating in prayer.

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handling the loss of hand movements. And here's the call of those who face. So my brothers and sisters continue to praise our boss

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any any

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Our profit

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is named

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because he is deserving of praise, and he is the commendable one. But at the same time, he is the one who prays that was going to add up more than anyone else. He saw a lot more I think he was some of them, what's your hardships, the difficulties that we can't even imagine? He went through challenges that you will

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know what we would never think

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that what we would never think that our lives would be taken away from us. Our you know, everything that we have, we never thought that we would be stripped of our lens and be thrown out into

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not aware of it. Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam continued to look at the challenges and the hardships of those who came before him. He looked at the story of use of set up, he looked at the story of him it just set out and they will reveal to him in the end. And so for those of us who know the name of our profits, which is every single one of us, it's a dumb question. We all know the name of our profits, we know the importance of freezing water. And we know that when we want more ease and more comfort and more goodness to come to us in our life we need to continue to preserve

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our reminder for today Sr.

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Everyday moving forwards is thinking of remembering

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what's out

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Continue to practice a lot when you go home today and your family asks you what was about today say Alhamdulillah when you begin eating your food, what can we say is still love, but when we taste it hamdulillah because we enjoy it when we finish eating Alhamdulillah when we enter our homes or our homes were entered into our car, or we stopped at a red light, and hamdulillah because the light was there, and we stopped and something bad could happen, but we stopped them a lot allowed us to stop. So in everything that we go through in our lives we praise

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and the incorrect

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things to consider is one that we should hear ourselves saying every single prayer send me an email

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Well, here's the one Why'd we respond by saying vote

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for Obama?

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We conclude by sending Peace and blessings upon the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as

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it mentions,

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in the Warhammer Metallica Tell

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one more time.

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a welcome

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sudo Can I help and we are supposed to accept from every single one of us they are supposed to make it easy for us to continue to praise Him and to glorify Him and elevate him.

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We also asked for was added to gratis he

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is pandemic and to get through this difficult time of life. We are supposed to shower his blessings and mercy upon us and to make us those who continuously turn to Him always and ever. And so also families added to cure all those that are sick, all those that are going through hardship illness, they also want to add it to remove that hardship from their lives and to grant every single one of us competing for forgiveness. We also want to add it to forgive them to accept all those that passed away from

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us for old wounds from amongst this woman who has passed away of COVID-19 ask

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them to forgive them and accept them to the highest ranks of

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all our brothers and sisters who passed away during this difficult time whose families were unable to attend their jaza or whose families were unable to eat. Instead, they're on their loved ones after the debate. We are almost to the hearts of every single one of the founding members of me. Lastly, my brothers and sisters please remember our brother awesome shows that one of the brothers was well known amongst many of our community members. he contracted COVID-19 in Pakistan and passed away as well. And I'm sure there are many others I've lived in as at the cemetery for many community

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festivals for most families at first mercy on every single one of us and

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in the long run will be likely Makita

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particular from

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La Mirada

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trying to

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fill in the gaps

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none of us

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Pretty much open

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so you can exit from stores, doors that are in front of you can also be from the store on the left side from

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these track maintain physical distances so don't just all get up and rush out. Take your time.

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you don't encourage anyone to stay here

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and we look forward to seeing

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you can register for

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