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Dont tell your brothers!

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Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh are all the below him in a shade la Raji la buena Yella, taco sauce Roja cada aquatic alpha ki dolakha Qaeda in shaitan Allen is Ernie I do my ob ob Sorry Sorry uncle Emery. Dr. melissani of Coco leave Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam O Allah so Allah, Allah Allah He was happy about. I was totally flipping pages to get to suit yourself and I haven't got there yet. But Sam, you press the record button, so I had to pretend that I'm looking at the eye and reciting it I was reciting it for memories, I just flip the page over so I can get to the right page now so that I can look over at it at the right time. But anyway, I thought I should share that with

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you in the spirit of transparency. Anyway, Bismillah salatu salam O Allah, so Allah, Allah Allah, He will remain today inshallah we're going to study iron number five of sort of the use of he has told his father the dream we talked about that yesterday and now the dad is going to respond the last thing I told you was dad is going to tell him two things. One of the things he's going to tell him is going to be in this ayah and the next thing he's going to tell him is going to be an iron number six and that will be tomorrow inshallah. So let me first translate the I A little by little for you, and then we'll dig deeper color yada yada yada Aquatica for your kiddo aka Caden in a tunnel in San

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Diego movie in the first part, my son he says, My young son or my little son, yeah, buena. yagni.

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My son Yeah, buena. Yeah, this isn't asleep. Which means little son, or my young boy, things like that. And then he says lotro yaka. Don't narrate your dream. Or don't tell your dream. Don't outline your dream. Also, Allah Aquatica to your brothers, for your key do laka Qaeda, then they as a result of you telling them then they might make a scheme against you, for sure, they'll definitely make a scheme against you. It seems there's a certainty here because of the word Caden, which we'll dig into, then he says initially planned in sunny I do mean, without a doubt the devil when it comes to the human being a certainly an obvious and open enemy. So there are these little parts in the

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statement, the summary of it is obvious, I've even put it in the title, don't tell your brothers, we can just say that and move on. But I think there's a few things here that pay that we need to pay attention to that are worthy of taking guidance from, again, my philosophy and my approach to the study of any sort, and particularly this one is that Ally's highly selective and what he's telling us from the story. So every little bit that he tells us needs our attention. There's nothing that we can skip over and say, Yeah, I got it, I got it, we can move on to the next thing. We got to stop, take pause. And you know, a fella, yet the bottle Cola, why didn't they stop and look back? What is

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behind the word that's being said, the double in Arabic, which means with the translator is contemplation or reflection, comes from the word double and double, it actually means the back. And so, you know, you may see, for example, you may see a wall. But you wonder the way the wall is designed, what must be behind it, right? Or you see a sign and a sign is pointing to a garden or something. So further down what's behind the sign the actual garden? And what must that be like? So when Allah gives you something, an idea that he wants you to reflect deeply? What are the meanings and messages and benefits and wisdom behind what he's saying? Why did he choose to tell you this one

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word? What's behind it? And the act of pondering about that, and wondering how can I get guidance? How can I get advice from Allah, from that one word that he shared, or from that one phrase that he shared, or from that one little scene that he described, what is behind that that's going to make my life better? That's the act of the debate. And that's why we don't we don't skip over anything in the Quran and actually alive and complains about that elsewhere. When he says, You know what, levena is a look, he will be it will be him lamea Hebrew Allah, how some Anwar omiana, when they're reminded that the true believers, the ones that are the servants of Allah and slaves of Allah that

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He loves, about mine are the kinds of people that when they're reminded of the revelations, and the signs of their master, when that reminder is given to them, they don't trip over it, someone will omiana like deaf and blind, like they just kind of tripped over and keep going. You know, they don't just stumble on it and just keep moving on. So this is something that I don't want to be a culprit of myself. And I want you and myself to get in the habit of pausing and really contemplating with humility, the word of a line, you know, what I what I think about the IR what I discuss with my dear colleague shift sohaib and others about the ayah. And you know, what I what conclusions I come to

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about the ayah may not be correct, that's a human effort. It has to be a sincere effort and we have to keep in mind that nobody's thoughts or interpretations are going to override or be at the highest position above all, last word last word is always the highest and ours are only attempts to grasp at some some

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drops have its wisdom, right? So nobody will have mastery over the Quran. Nobody will have the definitive answer over everything the ayah has to offer. And even our attempts to seek its guidance are going to be human attempts at the end of the day, to the best of our ability. So we ask Allah as we engage in that process led to the Hulu bonobo data, that not to let our hearts deviate after he's guided them. Right. So there's a, there's a humility that's necessary in contemplating the word of Allah. But having said that, and having reminded myself of that, too, let's dig deeper into some of the some of the beautiful words Allah says in this ayah he says, Yeah, Buddha, my, my young son, my

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beloved son, my dear son.

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I mean, my or do translation of this would be a little awkward, or miniature does a good job. Like it's like a little, it's a loving phrase, when you, you don't just say to your son, my little son, except for out of love. Now the thing here is, he could have he's in conversation with his son jacoba is right, and his son just told him a dream. And before the son told him the dream, he said, my father, even though when you talk to someone, you don't have to say, my father, you can just start talking. Right? So when you talk to your son, and you're just next, there's one thing that your son is in the other room, or they're downstairs in your like Austin, or say, but if they're

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right here, then you just say, Hey, did you this, this or this? Did you eat your food Did you finish Did you pray, you don't have to say their name now, because they're right there in front of you. So calling someone by their name is and this ninja is adapted to be when you call someone, it's a means to get their attention and usually done when somebody is far away, or they're not paying attention. But clearly, this is an intimate one on one conversation where son is talking to father first, and nobody else is around. So for him to even in that context, say my son, or for him to say, My beloved father, and then say the dream. And then for the son, to hear from the dad, not just here's what you

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do, here's what you don't do. But before the dad says it, he says my son, my beloved son, my little son, before he moves forward further, that requires our attention. Because normally you don't call people like that. Except if they're far away, or they're not paying attention. So what's the benefit of them calling each other first, you see, the way you address someone with love and respect, it actually is a form of comfort. It's a form of comfort. So a lot of times in relationships. You know, you some sometimes fathers or mothers never tell their children, they love them. They just don't tell them that. Or they don't call them with loving names. But you say, Hey, what's this in the

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kitchen? Hey, you, what are you doing? Like, like that? But when you say, you know, you know, I'm not my beloved, because that sounds a little Shakespearean. But you know, hey, I love you come here.

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Hey, am I Am I beautiful? Boy, come here. Hey, my wonderful daughter come here. Like even these little, little phrases? What do they do before they come here? They come here is going to get set anyway. Right? But when you question what you're going to say whatever it may be, maybe an instruction, maybe a conversation, maybe even something harsh that you have to say. But when you question it like that, what does it do to the listener, whatever they're about to say they want before they say it, they want me to know that love and respect is there. And then they're telling me what they're telling me. A lot of times, we're not even somebody if sometimes when they give us good

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advice, but they don't talk to us in a way that makes us feel respected or loved, then even good advice isn't very attractive, and you don't want to hear it, because of the way somebody is talking. And they could have made it a lot easier to absorb, if they simply addressed you and you know, even not even directly saying I love you and I respect you, but calling you by your name. And the tone in which you call someone can actually make a huge difference. Or somebody called me and said No, mine is different. Somebody else was not

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Like if they do any of that. I already know this isn't gonna go well. Right tone changes everything. So the words are also kind of indicative of the tone, he's going to take this loving, comforting, protective tone to his son, instead of just giving him an instruction. The thing with parents sometimes can be and not just parents, anybody who feels like they have some level of influence in the relationship. Sometimes the wife can feel like she has influence over her husband. Husband can feel like they have influence over the wife, and older brother or sister can feel like they have influence over the younger brother or sister. They have a say. And when they feel like they have a

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say they can talk however they want. Because I get to Yeah, you get to there, your family. They're not going anywhere. You wouldn't talk to somebody outside like that, because they're not family. So if you're in a job interview, or you're talking to a police officer, or you're talking to a person at the grocery store, there's going to be some level of decorum and respect. When you're talking to your own family. It's kind of like Yeah, whatever. And then when guests come over, you become all dignified human beings again, like, do you know that you can't be like that? hydrocodone hydrocodone Li the best of you are the ones that are at their best behavior to their own families, the profits

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that plays out. And so why is it that we're a certain respectful, dignified, you know, non sarcastic, non aggressive, non passive aggressive, not loud, you know, not harsh words kind of way, when we deal with other people. And when we're not when it comes to our own family, we can't say kind words, it kind of hurts. And if you're a Pakistani, it really hurts. I'm telling you, I'm talking about myself, you know, because you can't give compliments. It's kind of there's a, there's a bone of luck created and Buxton is over here, it hurts extra hard if you give a compliment to family. Like if your wife cooks something, and it tastes good, you say, That tastes really good.

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And then you have to balance the equation and say, but I still hate your mother. Oh, I feel better. Ha, you have to, you have to balance the equation with some kind of harsh thing that has to be said. Then you're like, okay, it's okay, now. But you see, the father son is talking to the Father, with respect and with love. And the father isn't just saying, Yeah, you better show me respect. I'm your dad.

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And I get to talk to you this way. Because I'm your dad. No, he says Yamuna. Yeah. My beloved son, my son, my little son, who I love. It's like he's putting his arm around use of insulin. It's like he's holding him close and comforting him. And then he's in that act alone. He's before he says anything else. Just this? You see, the previous hire was use of was scared. Remember, he even added that I love and respect you and the word Java t because he's, he's not sure if this is gonna, how's that gonna respond to this? Is he gonna like what I said? Is he gonna think I'm saying something outrageous. And so he's scared to say what he's saying. But he he has no one else to talk to. He has

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this absolute trust in His dad. And he says it anyway, reluctantly, and with those hesitations, but when he says it, the first act of Yaba is already descending of all kinds of comfort onto the sun, my dad, I'm not in trouble with him. And there's a sort of ease that dawns on this boy, on this child big just because of that, yeah, Buddha. Now, again, in translation, we say, my son, don't tell this dream, to your dream to your brothers. And we skipped over what part my son, we skipped over that part, like it's insignificant, it's a pretty big deal. The way we talk to our children, the comfort, we give them, the acceptance, we give them the way we make them feel loved by those words

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that we address them with. And you know what, I would argue that this shouldn't change as children get older, they should remain, and they should remain into their adulthood that we should address them with love and respect parents, to children, children to parents, because the time comes when our kids had developed so much resentment towards their parents, and when you and then the father is like, why are you talking to me like this? Because you never treated me like a person. You never acknowledged me You never said something good about me. When was the last time you gave me a hug? And I was like, you, that's your that's your mother's job? What do you need a hug from me. You're a

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You're still a child. You're a human being. And you need that comforting from both father and from Mother. And here, here a father is providing that emotional support. He's playing that role. He's not the authoritarian, and that's a prophet. So no father who thinks a father who thinks that by being tough by being this rigid, you know, drill sergeant, that I'm somehow building character into my children, you may be creating walls in your children, you may be destroying their confidence. And then the parents have this, some fathers have this twisted idea. If I'm not tough with him, or if I'm not tough with her, they're not going to be able to face the real world. Seriously, bro, what

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Qur'an are you reading because the Koran says that this child was raised with so much love. And later on, he's in jail, and he can handle himself. He's in a crazy situation in the palace, he can handle himself. Later on, he's facing off against the king and he can handle himself. And all of that isn't just coming from the fact that he's a prophet. It's coming from the fact that he was nurtured and empowered, and made to feel confident in himself by the loving care that he received from his father. Which is why this is the opening the starting point, like everything else that's happening in the story, a lot. felted a lot less saw it in his wisdom, important for us to

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understand, all of what is going to transpire, like a tree that's going to grow comes from the seed, and this conversation is that seed, so it's not insignificant. And if it if this is so significant, that this upbringing leads to the saving of a generation, like an entire nation will stay saved from starvation, from the the valuation, the validation that father gave to son, if it just came from that, can you imagine how many future generations are you and I destroying? By not validating our children and what trees they might transform into? What What good they could bring to the world? What amazing things they can accomplish, if only we believe in them. We give them that nurturing,

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loving care. We do our job as parents, Yamuna, my beloved Son, and then he says lots of social yakka now it's

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Pretty interesting that before he tells him what to do

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he says don't tell your dream to your brothers. And the first thing I want to note here is don't tell apart not why that's significant from a psychological point of view. But

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the words are like duck sauce not not don't inform. Right?

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And he could have said Latin be don't inform don't don't give the news of don't talk to latoken don't say that Hadith don't talk. He said that duck sauce cosas national una casa la casa del Casa same word again was an interesting anchor la dropped here because he used the word this slide in the in the third eye on Naka su La Casa La Casa si. So the word is still ringing in my head, because unless I did two items ago, and now he says, Don't do this I have this dream to your brother is now a less contrasting a lot of tells the best of all stories, Allah tells the best of all casa. And then father is telling Sam don't tell this, this saw the Casa of this dream to your brothers. So we

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are being told we have the gift of having this narration told to us this this account the story being told to us and the father is telling the son don't tell this story. What are we learning from that? Allah knows a lion, his wisdom knows when to tell someone something a lot. No one has wisdom when to reveal the story to the Prophet Yusuf alayhi salam.

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And that was an act of wisdom from Allah. And the Father who is divinely guided knows that something some stories are not meant to be told to certain people.

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And we have to have the wisdom in our life, to know what things to share with some people and what things not to share with some people, and what time and what people we have to share things with, especially when it comes to family. You don't tell everything to everyone in the family, if you know some of them have a problem. If some of them cannot be trusted with certain things because of their behavior, if some of them have been abusive in the past, if somewhat some of them can handle such situations because they haven't been able to handle such situations before. If some of them have shown a pattern of behavior, where every time you entrust them with, you know something you tell

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them, then they go out and do wrong. They go out and do wrong with it. Then don't put yourself in that position when it comes to your brother's life toxicity aka Allah.

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So Allah will tell at the right time, and human beings should watch it when to tell and what not to tell.

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This is important now, by the way, in saying don't tell your brothers, how many brothers does he have 11 that I saw 11 stars, the sun and the moon? Don't tell your 11 Brothers, you saw this? Isn't it already clear that he knows? Is it already clear that he also knows that use of nose because that right after he mentioned the 11 stars, here we are talking about your brothers. So clearly, between the two of them, they're highly intelligent. Between the two of them, they already know what this dream means and who it's about and who's about to be humbled. Now, let's think about that dream. And why not tell? Why not tell your brothers. First and foremost, the thing to notice, the idea of such

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that is to be overpowered by something, we are overpowered in the art of Allah when we drop into sex now.

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So clearly, it seems that there is a kind of conflict and in which one has a position of superiority, and one is being suppressed. And it seems at this point, the use of is being suppressed. And eventually there's going to be a state in which they are going to feel like they're suppressed, they're overpowered. And they're going to get humbled because of what's been granted to Yusuf Ali Salaam, so the tables are going to turn. So even in the dream of such that there seems to be some suggestion that someone is basically beat down, and they're going to be in a position where you're afraid they're gonna beat you down. And you're surrendering before them, because of what

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Allah has given them. So it's kind of this conflict image that's being depicted. And so the dream also meant, in a sense that there's going to be some level of conflict between him and his brothers notice in his response he didn't include don't tell your your brothers nor your Mom, don't tell your mom either. Okay? Because that's the same as telling your brother she'll tell everybody anyway. He doesn't include the mom, because the mom and dad aren't part of the conflict. Who's in the conflict? The brothers are so jacobellis and his interpretation of the dream also understands that the 11 stars are a separate entity and the sun and the moon are a separate entity. And the problem entity

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is this 11 stars. So he only talks about the 11 stars, and he says, Don't tell your dream to your brothers. Also, I'm curious about the words your dream yakka as opposed to how you're having this dream, don't tell this dream to your brothers. He said your dream, the word your dream, suggesting this dream clearly puts you at the center of attention. This dream clearly puts you in some position of superiority. It puts you in some position of authority. And that is something they cannot stand they don't like that. They're not going to want to see that. That you are not

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Even by divine and they're familiar with divine wisdom and divine revelation your brothers are they're Muslim to their sons of a prophet to and their prophet Elisa has taught them how revelation works. And if the sun is getting and they know that they have generations of prophethood among them, yes, their father is a prophet, their grandpa is a prophet. They're great grandpa was a prophet. So they know, profit mode continues in this and there's a promise to that of that given to Abraham are they set up? So now if he tells this dream that they're going to know that this gift of prophethood was given to who, to us, we already don't like him? And on top of that, we can't even say nothing

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about him because he's a prophet. Oh, that's great. That's just great. They're not going to like this, which is a remarkable parallel with the life of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam and the Israelites who came into contact with our prophets, I saw them in Medina, they hated the fact that this revelation came to him. And you know, myth Lama otaku, Tito

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you should accept someone who was given something that you used to be given

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that what used to be yours, and now he's getting it. And they're gonna later on claim we're the ones that are worthy. And he's supposed to be blessed by God to not just blessed by our father.

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I don't like this equation. And dad sees that you being chosen in this way is not going to sit well with them. This is actually a pretty interesting

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you know, placement because when the prophet SAW Selim was told this one narration says the Jews came and asked him of Medina, they came and asked him, how did how did the Israelites end up in Egypt anyway? Hmm. And Alaska, and they were like, trying to get a gotcha question. And the Lord revealed his surah

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and when you reveal the surah he also included in it oh, you know, the sons of Israel didn't like when one of them was the one they didn't want to get revelation got revelation. They got pretty jealous. Oh, wait, does that sound like you guys right now?

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You see what I did there. They got the gotcha happened to them.

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That's how that works. It got turned right back around on them. So this is laptop suciu. yaka Allah what he has, in a sense, they are also the brothers of Prophet Mohammed Salah, because they're all children of Ibrahim, aren't they? So they're just in brothers too.

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And, hey, you know, and if one day know that Allah says into sepka, he said about the prophets, I send them into sabka Hashanah to home, if something good happens to you, they hate it.

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If something good comes to you, they can't stand it. And so now we're gonna look at this, we're gonna look at this from the son's point of view tomorrow, or the day after, because they're going to talk to right. So we'll see their point of view when they talk. Right now we're trying to see things from the father's point of view, because the father is the one talking. And so the father says, Don't tell your your dream your vision to your brothers. Clearly, the dads got them clocked up. This father is a very observant one. He knew that the Son needed comforting before he needed anything else. So the first thing he said was, yeah, buddy. Yeah, so jacobellis lamb is pretty observant and

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pretty aware of every word and every emotional expression that's taking place in front of him, which means I refuse to believe, like some people believe, with all due respect to them. I cannot believe that jacobellis lamb was somehow more loving to one son and less loving to the others, I do not believe this to be the case, I believe it to be the case that he was a loving father all around, and that he was concerned about the well being of all of his children, and those who do good, they don't get in trouble. When you have kids and some kids do well, then you're proud of them. And you want to reward them when you want to hug them or you want to acknowledge their good behavior, or their good

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grades or their good accomplishment, or when they clean up their room without being told or if they you know, if they fix something, or if they help with something and you didn't even have to ask them, then you will, you know, if you're just lying in bed, coughing and your son comes and gives you a glass of water impresses your head, you never even ask them, then you're gonna put your hand on their hand on their head and make dua for them and kiss them on the forehead and say, Gee drobeta in order Do you know me live long and prosper son in law protect you. I love you so much. That's so sweet of you. You'll acknowledge that act of love. You look at them in a loving way. This child I

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didn't even ask them. I didn't even tell them. And then you have a kid. You're saying hey, it's a ha

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ha ha

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ha ha. It's murdered the next day? Uh huh.

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And then you're gonna come in front of the PlayStation four into TV and then you're gonna be this you know, believable, you know, hungry soul and you're going to be the Waldorf between the two and you meet up. I told you about him.

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And then this kid's gonna be like, Oh, yeah, I saw you kissing his forehead. I saw you giving him a hug. Are you gonna talk to me like that? It's not okay. You love him more than you love me.

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No, you need a tough love. And he deserved soft love you he can't give me a glass of water and I slap it away and say next time bring it faster.

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What are you talking about? jacoba

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salami is going to give tough love sometimes when it's needed. And he's going to give gentle love when it's when it's deserved. But instead of looking at themselves, they're going to blame dad, right. But Father knows they have a tendency, Father knows they have a tendency not to, you know not to take responsibility for themselves, but find someone or something else to blame, if it wasn't for you, so he would actually see the good we have in us, that already knows how they think. And that knows if you tell them, this is not going to be good. Don't tell your brothers. In fact, avoid this conversation with your brothers at all cost law talk so slow, yakata hortica. Don't tell you

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brothers. Now he's a kid. And he's being told to be careful of one of his own siblings. Yes.

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And he his older siblings, and your older siblings or someone you look up to, you want to be strong like them, when you grow up. You want to learn to drive the car like them, when they grow up, when you grow up. You want to go to college like they do when they grow up. You want to get your job like you want to dress like them. That's why younger siblings, you know, want to pull a shirt out of their brother's closet. Can I wear this one? No, that's mine.

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You what you want to be friends with their friends, you when you when you have an older sibling, they become a kind of role model to you. When you start losing that connection with your, you know, the parental figure, then it's the the cooler teenage brother, the cooler brothers that are older, that you want to emulate and be like, and older siblings find that annoying. He's always looking at my stuff he's always trying to get you know. So they see that as annoying, but it's actually admiration of one kind, that they're constantly hovering around and trying to be like you, they they need someone to mentor after. But that's being taken away from yourself, isn't it, his dad's telling

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him at least you don't have that kind of relationship with your brothers. Don't tell them this good that happened to you. You don't need you don't need that kind of attention from them. There, you actually have what what seems you have a toxic relationship with them. Or actually, they have a toxic relationship with you.

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Our thing is, sometimes we don't want to talk about harsh realities in a family with children because we want to shield them. They're not old enough to handle it. But what is the Quran teaching us sometimes there are realities inside a family that were not under your control, you did not control how what your kids personalities are going to turn out to be who your uncle is going to be, who your cousins are going to be, you didn't control any of that. And if there are harsh realities, then you need to be able to warn your kids about them. And say that's not okay. This, you need to be careful of these, these these people. I know they're your cousins. But if you know and you know, I

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it's a hard, it's a difficult subject, but it should be said, because some of you have trouble saying this to your kids. So I'll save for you. And I know a lot of kids are watching to

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look, sometimes we have extended family and and there are studies on this across the world, the Muslim world, the non Muslim world, a lot of abuse of children of the worst kinds happens from family members, uncles, cousins, you know, visits Christmas break a break, people being pulled into kids being pulled into a room, all kinds of crazy things happen, the worst, most terrible, traumatizing things that can ruin a child's future happen with people that they felt safe with. And you as a parent, you as a guardian have to have an eye on your children. And you have to have an eye on even if they're family, you know, this entire stupid notion that the family's always right, we

00:28:17--> 00:28:49

don't talk about our family. In fact, what's even done now is something terrible like that happens. And then our children are told, be quiet about it, it's going to make the family look bad. We don't talk about your uncle like that we don't talk about your cousin like that, no must have been something wrong with you. It's flipped on the kid itself. Instead of doing everything to protect the children, we want to protect the family name. If anybody was interested in protecting the family name, it should be a prophet who's the great grandson of a prophet. But he's not interested in protecting the family name. He's interested in protecting the child. And he's saying listen, you

00:28:49--> 00:29:24

need to keep a safe distance from your brothers. What that means is it's okay to have a conversation with our own children sometimes about their own siblings, and what problems they may be their families whose there's a son who's got a drug problem. And he's the older brother, he's got an alcohol problem. There's a daughter who's left, left to faith and she's saying all kinds of vile words and has all kinds of vile relationships and she's in the house is cursing at the parents. And the 10 year old boy is looking at all this right? He has to be given an orientation on how to handle this situation. You know, that happens, rebellious children happen. That's why the Quran talks about

00:29:24--> 00:29:59

the way like I mean, parents are saying, Come on, why don't you just have faith? It happens. difficult situations in families happen and if they didn't happen a lot would give the problem. He loves the profits so much. He would get every profit a family that looks like a bed of roses, you know, butterflies and rainbows. But that's not prophetic families profits, families got some messed up issues, man. Why? Because he knew we're gonna have some messed up issues in our families. And we got to have the courage to be able to empower our kids to love them and nurture them. And then also tell them that's dangerous, kiddo.

00:30:00--> 00:30:18

That's not okay. You got to watch it, okay? I want you to be careful with your brothers. Don't tell them. This is a profound teaching. And I argue if this teaching is applied, so many children can be saved from so much trauma, but you can only do so much. Because as the story goes, that wasn't enough was it?

00:30:19--> 00:30:53

Because sometimes people are hell bent on doing harm. And no matter how much you prepare your children, if you know if that was that was written for them, and that had to happen, then it will happen, but you do everything you can just like Yahoo did everything he could. He did whatever precaution he could take. It's kind of like, if I go back to the comparison of Musa and and Yusuf Ali from his mom took whatever precaution she could take, and it worked out. And he's doing whatever per cat precaution he can take but it didn't work out the way he had hoped. You see. So we do our part and then the rest is up to Allah. But at least we do our part. Either way. We don't say well,

00:30:53--> 00:31:03

Allah is going to do what I was going to do. So I don't have to say anything. No, you do. You do not accessory aka Aquatica. Then what did he say about his brothers? He says for your key do laka Qaeda.

00:31:05--> 00:31:26

You know, he let them know that they are going they are going to scheme against you. They're going to have a scheme hashed especially for you lucky the lump sum Some argue, you know because in Quran you have the without the lamb, there's enough obey directly for key duni for in cartel occasion. and Canada can Caden fakie dooney sattva key do Li it's a key do need

00:31:27--> 00:32:00

to attach pronoun immediately. But the lamb here is an add on to emphasize that especially when it comes to you they are going to make a scheme they're at a point where they're going to start scheming. And then he adds what's called an offer and What luck and and an object of the verb whose only purpose is to stress the intensity of the act as if jacobellis I'm saying, don't tell them because they I'm telling you, then they are certainly going to make a schema, especially when it comes to you. They're going to start scheming. They're going to do it. And there's a pretty, like he's pretty convinced that they're going to do it. Now let me tell you something about

00:32:01--> 00:32:40

what I translated a scheme. So let's talk about that. The first thing you need to know about scheming is that it's done in secret, like the meaning actually includes secrecy in it. It also means it has many steps. Actually, cada and Arabic was used for when someone's holding in vomit. Or if a woman is about to have her menses, and she's holding it in how that that's what god that was used for. So or when you know, the fire is about to pour out, but it's building up before it's poured out of the bellow. That's actually also from the meaning of Cade. All of those thematic meanings have something brewing inside, something harmful brewing inside, something disgusting

00:32:40--> 00:33:14

brewing inside, something impure brewing inside, something treacherous brewing inside, and eventually it comes out. And you won't know that it's coming until the last moment and until it's too late, right. So basically, what the Father is telling him is, you're going to tell this room to your brothers, they're going to smile in your face. And then they're going to make an elaborate evil scheme. And you won't know that they're scheming until it's too late. That's what he's telling them. How does the dad know this? You could argue he knows this by revelation, I would argue alayhis salam, he knows this, because he knows his kids. He knows that they're two faced, he knows that they

00:33:14--> 00:33:29

don't talk to him, really, they only talk to each other. You see the fact that they secretly talk to each other? How would he know? He walks by he sees them having their conversations. He knows when they make lame excuses, yeah, that we're gonna be out in the back, we're gonna, you know, smoke some straws.

00:33:31--> 00:34:02

Or they're not doing anything outside, they're having a conversation with each other about the family, or, you know, talking trash about their dad, which they're used to, which is gonna come, they're gonna speak ill of their father. And the dad knows he's not naive, they didn't go out for a drive, or we're gonna drive the donkey around the farm. That's not what they're doing. They're how they're talking trash. They're having one of those meetings of theirs. And the father knows that he doesn't get included in those meetings. Contrast is what happens in the beginning, the son felt so comfortable with the dad, the son came to him Yes. And that's been the same dad. So he's raised them

00:34:02--> 00:34:38

the same way he's raising us. It's not like he raised them with spiders, he raised them with love, I refuse to attribute something like that kind of unfairness to a prophet of Allah, at a setup, especially a prophet who's the, you know, described in the Quran as a model father, this is the guidance till the end of humanity. And Allah is going to give the example of a father over and over again jacoba, who was unfair in his parenting, I refuse to accept that. So he is giving them the opportunity to have that kind of openness with dad as use of house, but they seem to prefer another road as they grow up. They seem to prefer they'd rather talk among each other, and plan things among

00:34:38--> 00:35:00

each other. And that is their open doors waiting. That is there. But you can only go so much until if somebody doesn't want to walk through a door. It doesn't matter how wide you hold it open. You can't make someone walk through a door. Right? So he seems to not be able to get through to these kids and they only do things among themselves. So he says when you tell them this, they're going to talk to each other and when

00:35:00--> 00:35:36

They talk to each other, this, this is going to become far worse. And it's going to be a pretty bad scheme because I can see the way they look at you. It's not said but it's understood here, I see the way they look at you. I see the tone they take when they talk to you, I see the way they pass the food to each other, and they don't pass the food to you at the dinner table. I see the way they push you and then say, Oh, I saw accident. I see the way they exclude you from things. I see the way though when they say your name, the tone and the intonation and there was the dad is so observant. He says they're at a point now, where I'm just worried that this could what straw is going to break

00:35:36--> 00:35:48

the camel's back? I don't know. Is it gonna be this dream of it could be this is it that this is the last thing it's not like, they were perfectly fine with you before they woke up and gave you a hug every morning. But now that you tell them this dream, they're like,

00:35:49--> 00:36:15

No, no, this has been brewing. This has been building up. And this seems to be the climax of it. But when he tells his son this, this observant father, and he knows this is more than just a suspicion. He also recognizes this is seems like a pretty serious family situation we got on our hands here. And it's almost like a turning almost about to turn into an emergency situation, which it does. But I need you to take a step back and understand something son.

00:36:16--> 00:36:18

This is not a new game.

00:36:19--> 00:37:01

The one that's playing a game with this family is not your brothers. They don't even know they are pawns in a game. And the one that's playing this game with them is the devil. And he's been playing this game for a very long time. And he will continue to play to play this game with every single one of them. And you and me if he gets a chance. He's going to come at us with jealousy with suspicion. He's going to come at us with assumptions and judgment. He's going to come at us with lust and greed. He's gonna come at us with hopelessness and despair and fear. He's going to use whatever he can to get to you. And right now even though I told you you have to be careful about your brothers,

00:37:01--> 00:37:04

I need you to know something. I'm not saying your brothers are evil.

00:37:06--> 00:37:38

I'm not saying yes, your brothers are to the point where they might even try to hurt you and scheme against you and do something that we're not going to find out until it's too late. But I am telling you that behind all of that is a much larger problem. And a much larger problem is where the eye ends. In the shape planner Lillian Sania Duomo, be no doubt the devil when it comes to the human being is an open enemy. It's like Yahoo valet Sam is reminding himself that the devil told Allah, when he was first cast out, I will come at them from all directions, I will fill your hell with them.

00:37:39--> 00:38:18

I will, I will make sure I'll take them off your straight path. Even if you're if they're a profits kid, apparently, even if they're raised by a profit, I will take them off the path, I will make their jealousy so toxic, I will make their feelings so crazy that they will develop a world in and of itself those feelings will create an alternative universe in their minds, and they will live in that universe. And in that universe, they will justify all kinds of things to themselves because of their feelings. And I will keep injecting steroids into those feelings. So those feelings keep growing out of proportion. And they can't see reality for what it is. And the father diagnosis has

00:38:18--> 00:38:40

kids as someone who have ill feelings. And instead of taking the right road to address those feelings, they allow those feelings to grow by talk keeping it among themselves and talking to only those who will reinforce those negative feelings each other. Yeah, I know. Right? That doesn't love us. Yeah, me neither. Yeah, you feel like that? Well, I didn't feel like that yesterday. But since the three of you brought it up, yeah, he hates us.

00:38:41--> 00:39:11

It's going to grow and grow and grow and fester. And that's what the devil wants because that's exactly what the devil felt himself when Adam alayhis salaam was created. And Allah said when I'm done creating him, you're gonna make such that he was festering that feeling angels asked, Are you really going to create someone who's gonna spill blood, but other family, but at least didn't say nothing. He just stayed quiet. And then a lot of that entire episode happened and he knew that such dies coming. But he said nothing. He let it brew and fester inside, and what was festering inside him? Why did he have to create him?

00:39:12--> 00:39:41

Well, I'm not here. Hello, I'm a police I exist. I'm right here. I got all the qualifications you need, I made a fire. I could do all kinds of stuff. I'm invisible. I've been worshipping Allah for like, so long, I can't even count and all of a sudden there's mud creatures gonna come along and he gets the promotion. I don't understand why you don't see in me. What do you what do you not see in me that you see in him. But he's not saying any of it. He's just quiet, quiet, quiet until it's too late.

00:39:42--> 00:39:59

And that was his epic mistake. He says, Well, if I made this mistake, I hate these human beings so much. I'm going to make sure they make this exact mistake. Every one of them in their life. I'm going to get them to have a bad feeling. And I'm going to have them keep that feeling to themselves. And I'm going to let it turn into an infection until it grows and grows and grows and grows.

00:40:00--> 00:40:08

goes inside them until it becomes you know, basically lethal, and then it's gonna fester out. It's gonna come out in the ugliest way.

00:40:09--> 00:40:43

And that's that's what I want for them. That's what he wants for these brothers. He's doing exactly what he felt he's making them feel. That's one thing I learned about Jonathan when studying shaitaan in the Quran, shaitaan wants you to feel what he felt. And jacobellis and his wisdom sees it he's obviously an enemy and he will come at them basically showing the law or you think I went off the straight path I'm so bad. I'll show you how good they stay on your straight path. The Odin Allahu Allah theological, Mr. King, bossy, Jose, but then the thing is, we don't we never see Chapin we don't see some, you know, guy holding a pitchfork. He's got a red costume on. He's got one of those,

00:40:43--> 00:41:03

you know, Italian pizza guy beards and like a long tail, and we don't we don't see this cartoon creature, and he's invisible to us. So how is the lesson that How is jacobellis? I'm saying that the devil is no doubt an open enemy and clear enemy, and he clarifies his animosity movie and is clear and clarifying. If you remember in the beginning, the Quran is clear and clarifying.

00:41:04--> 00:41:12

First I first I think I owe Tom kitabi movie, the book that is clear and clarifying. And now you find the devil is clear and clarifying what

00:41:15--> 00:41:51

the second time that we're moving in occurs is for the devil, the first time it occurred is for the Quran. Why? Because Allah has made his word clear. And he's clarified to us the path and the devil from day one has made his intentions clear. And Allah has made it clear in his word, what he intense, and he will clarify for you what he wants you to do. He's not making it a secret, you think it's a secret? If you have the word of Allah with you, you wouldn't know that the devil's plan is not a secret, that jealousy or animosity assumption, you know, these things are not from the devil, you wouldn't know that. You wouldn't know how to check yourself. He has made himself clear. He's

00:41:51--> 00:42:25

telling his son, Listen, my sons have failed to recognize the scheme of the devil. They think it's their own feelings. And they forgot a truth that the devil is obviously clearly an enemy to the human being. And son, I want you to remember, it's as if he's saying, so I want you to remember right now, the devil's game is jealousy. But tomorrow, the devil's game might be lust. And the day after that it might be greed. And the day after that, it might be arrogance. And the day after that, it might be forgetfulness, he will use different kinds of games, but all of them whether he comes at you from the right, left front, back, it doesn't matter, that devils the real enemy son,

00:42:26--> 00:43:05

it's the devil you have to develop hatred for, not them. Not that because it may be Allah has given it so long as a human being is breathing, there's hope that they can recognize the plot of the devil, shun the devil and turn back to Allah. They have that opportunity. So if you hate people, it's as if you've condemned them where you should have been condemning only and only the devil. There may be people in our family that have done all kinds of messed up stuff. But it may be that before their last breath, Allah shows them or they find it in their heart to turn back to a lunch on the way of the devil and they recognize what Shabbat had made them do all that time. It's possible.

00:43:06--> 00:43:14

That's absolutely possible, and actually does happen in this story. So in Atlanta, Lillian Sani, adewumi been, certainly the devil

00:43:15--> 00:43:33

is clearly an enemy to you. The last thing that I want to share with you one, one point I skipped, by the way this these, these thoughts that I had about this, if I had Valerie, write them out for me one to 11 today, and I was kind of reading through them, I had no CSE secret. It doesn't even look like it's like I'm reading the crime right now. But I had notes.

00:43:34--> 00:43:46

So cool. Anyway, so I escaped number six, and I had to write the word immunity. I'm going to tell you about what I meant from that. What I meant from that is, no family is immune from complications.

00:43:48--> 00:43:56

Allah will not give you and me a normal family. There's going to be some weirdo in our family, whether you like it or not.

00:43:57--> 00:43:58

There's going to be somebody who's trouble.

00:43:59--> 00:44:05

That's just how he made us. And you wonder sometimes you look at people in your family, like how are you my family?

00:44:07--> 00:44:09

How are you? And I even related, like, seriously,

00:44:10--> 00:44:41

I don't even get it. It could be like that. But it's because a lot of decided that you had to be around certain people in your life, and they had to be your trial and you had to be theirs. And you're tied to them for life. You're just tied to them. How is jacoba de Salam and Yusuf Alayhi Salam on the one hand, and these brothers on the other like, it's like a mismatch. But it's not a mismatch. It's a decree of a lot of baby family, that they be blood, that they're bonded to each other, for better or for worse.

00:44:42--> 00:44:53

And so, what we're learning from this is we have to let go of the idea of some kind of a life where the people in our lives, none of them are going to be a source of difficulty.

00:44:54--> 00:44:59

And we also have to let go of the idea that the people that are a source of difficulty are somehow the devil

00:45:00--> 00:45:00

They're not

00:45:01--> 00:45:07

all we can say is, they may have failed to recognize the animosity of the devil towards them.

00:45:08--> 00:45:28

They fail to recognize when the devil was able to use them successfully, when they were not able to let go of their pride when they were not able to let go of their, their ill conceived notions, we're also seeing the helplessness of a good father who knows that his children have a problem? Who better than a prophet to know that his children have a Shetland problem?

00:45:29--> 00:45:57

Right. And he's yet he's helpless. Because every human being has to take their own steps. You and me coming from a good family doesn't ensure that we're free from the trap of the devil you see, you have in the Israelite way of looking things looking at things you have righteous lineage, right so you come from righteous chosen blood. So it's almost as if righteousness is passed down from a blessing lineage. You can have the most blessed lineage but

00:45:58--> 00:46:03

in that blessing lineage is also going to be the Israelites are a blessing lineage and yet they have our own in them

00:46:04--> 00:46:06

our own came out of the Israelites didn't a

00:46:07--> 00:46:12

lot of a Salaam is clearly a blessing human being his son didn't come after blessing.

00:46:14--> 00:46:57

You know, what his blessing lineage even mean? So you have a smile on Islam blessing lineage mahamudra, sola. So Sam comes from that lineage, but so does a Buddha. So there's a Buddha, they're tied by blood. They're tied by blood. So if we start thinking that blood is somehow more righteous, ethnicity is somehow more righteous, we're clearly diluted, the Quran makes that very clear. On the one hand, he tells the Israelites, I chose you over all other people, I gave you preference over all other people. And yet you've got his lineage has got this issue. Now, there's one last issue that maybe I'll talk to you guys about tomorrow, there is an opinion by some orlimar. Respectfully, I'll

00:46:57--> 00:47:29

respectfully mentioned the opinion, I'll say two things about opinions today, they hold the view that these these brothers of use have eventually repented, and then Allah made them profits to, okay, that opinion does exist, I will respectfully and strongly disagree with that opinion, I will explain the rationale behind that opinion, tomorrow, and why I find myself disagreeing a lot alone has all knowledge. But I will share with you what I feel about the subject based on my study of the Quran, and also my discussions with him. And in the spirit of transparency. You know,

00:47:30--> 00:48:02

it's just so hibben, I talk virtually every day nowadays about the study of the surah and about other, you know, Koran studies issues. And he actually strongly disagrees with me about what I said about Saturday yesterday. So he doesn't believe that he does believe that such that was done out of respect to Adam alayhis, Salam and out of respect to use of La Salaam, and there's nothing wrong with that it used to exist in previous scripture and all of that, and that is the majority opinion, to be honest with you. So I have an obscure view on this subject. Even though the language he says the language is not as obvious it can be extrapolated that way, but it's not as explicitly clear,

00:48:02--> 00:48:33

it's a it's a more difficult reading of it, I can surrender, I can submit that much that that's not the typical reading of the Arabic grammatically, it's within the scope, which is why I take that liberty, but I still do find my position on it more comforting to myself and more, you know, validated by other contexts, even though it linguistically doesn't violate something, but it's not the go to which is why his which is what his counter argument is. So even the people that I love and respect and treat like my own and I think of like my own brother, we disagree among ourselves, but our level only increases. So that's how disagreements are talked about and I want it to be, you

00:48:33--> 00:48:56

know, transparent about that with you guys. So inshallah Tada. Tomorrow, we'll start with that opinion about whether or not they became profits. And then inshallah we're gonna go to the second thing that jacobellis lamb talked about, which is because this was just the first thing the first thing was don't tell your brothers. Right, and then there's going to be the second thing that he tells us is that um, so we'll conclude with that barakallahu li walakum wa salaamu Alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Turn it off, turn it