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This a short, concise introduction to the Sunni vs Shia discourse. Sheikh Hasan takes us very quickly through the historical beginnings of Sunni’sm and Shia’sm since therein lies the core difference between the two.

Thereafter he swiftly deals with the fundamental ideologies of Sunni’sm and Shia’sm that sets the two at poles end.

For those seeking an explanation of the difference between Shia’sm and Sunni’sm but don’t have time to sit through a lengthy discussion  this is the perfect talk to listen to.

Download and play it on your drive home and hey presto! you’ve increased your understanding between this divide amongst Muslims in under 20minutes.

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh This is a short video about the differences between Asan the differences between the Shias and Sunnis, I say short, what I mean is that I really want to spend some, you know, some time, inshallah, one day I'll do a lecture on this, and this, this will become one of those lectures on YouTube inshallah, but right now, I just want to give a short synopsis on the difference between the shears and the sun is. And when I say shears, I particularly mean the large group of fears, which is the internationally or the, or the twelvers, because you've got differences amongst yours, you've got the

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who we sometimes we call the fibers that they are their branch, that they actually,

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they, they were an offshoot of shears after about five, five different sort of generations later on. And then you've got these seven as who we call also the Smiley's, they sort of branched off after about seven different imams. And then we've got the twelvers, who form you know, they, they're known as the Ethernet ashlea.

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And some refer to them as the RAF it is they, they are like the majority of the shears today. And when I say as soon as I mean, generally, the general population of Muslims today, so we're looking at the large group of Muslims, on the one hand, and the other large groups of shears. On the other hand, so large, as soon as on one side and LifeProof shoes on one side now, the fact is that we've got

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about 15% of shears in the whole Muslim population at the moment. So that's 85% of Sudanese and 15% of shears. Now, why I'm doing this is because I often again, and again, I get a question about the differences between them. And particularly why because people sometimes now with the, with the way that we we are living, sometimes you get Sunni, and Shia marriages that take place. And people want to know, well, you know, is it okay to move on with these type of you know, marriages. And, you know, you might find today's one thing, but tomorrow could be a totally different thing, because you got to know what you're getting into. There's no point in looking at what's the now but you got to

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look at what's what's in the future. Often I get questions from college or university students about, you know, coming across literature that might sort of swing the views from them in Sudanese and wanting to sort of divert and go towards Shiism. Again, they're confused individuals, and they don't know how to deal with the matter. Because sometimes when you're approached, you get a kind of a hadith or something else, and they give you an interpretation of the Hadith. And you really don't know which way to take that Hadees because you don't even have any other information about the Hadith. Okay, so, with that in mind, and even adults sometimes, you know, ask, because there are

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channels out there, there are so many channels out there. And sometimes adults get confused about, you know, I'm talking about Sunni, you know, adults who will approach me and say, which way do we go, you know, because we've heard this, and we've had this on this channel and that channel, so it causes some kind of confusion sometimes, when they when they come across different views. Now, I'm a Sunni, okay, and I'm a practicing Sunni, and I've been a Sunni all my life.

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So, as I say this to you, I don't want you to feel that, you know, I'm, I'm just going to give you a biased view. No, I just want to I want to comment on one particular thing. And that's the whole point of this video, which is the narrative. Okay, this is the most important part, if you want to understand

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the big difference between the 12 verse of the finale, the majority of the shears are a large group of the shears today. And as soon as you really get to, you really got to go back to the narrative. And

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the narrative is a narrative of the birth of both the Sudanese and the shears. The narrative goes to the roots of Rasulullah, sallAllahu, asylums life and he goes to the birth of Islam, and then we talk about how each of the groups came about, okay? Because narrative will talk about the history of your roots and tell you how authentic you are. Now, when you listen to the narrative, it's a complete different story. And most people don't want to talk about I mean, you know, most people don't even know about this narrative. And when it comes to

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The shears they seriously don't want to get into the narrative and how it actually looks in comparison to the Sunni narrative. So if you actually look at the Sunni narrative, okay, this is how the Sunni narrative goes,

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in a nutshell. So when Rasulullah husband came with the way he got to realize and come to him, that was the religion and when Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam preach to his family members. So, Khadija de la ha, and then Alia Delano, and the next day, I will work on the lawn, and z the Lord and then later on the few Sahaba that got together for about, let's say,

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five years, okay, there are only a small group of Sahaba we're talking about between 27 to about 40 different Sahaba Okay, we believe as soon as all of them were genuine, all of them will real, you know, companions of the Prophet, Allah Islam. And then when Satan armato the alarm, Satan or Hamza came in in the fifth year of the Sierra, or 50 of prophethood.

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of Rasulullah solesmes preaching life, we believe it was a gentleman conversion. And we believe that all the other Muslims are starting to now come into the deen because of the strength I found with the backbone of you know, our motto, the alarm coming into the dean, it was a genuine conversion. Okay, so for another sort of eight years now, again, the numbers were only up to about

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7070 odd 100 odd Muslims. Okay. So we didn't have many Muslims, the mecca of them was the luevano and he joined in the third day that the Rasulullah sallallahu started his mission and we believe it was a genuine conversion. All of the you know, if you think about the narrative, the Sunni narrative, Professor Lawson comes out he preaches and these people they see the truth in the message and they convert knowing the truth of the message and they stay by his side okay, all these individuals day by side through the torches of Makkah, they don't wither okay. In that period the purpose of allowing him to have his daughters to Earth man of the law

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and that was what we believe was was very genuine okay to have his daughters to Islamic alarm when it comes to Medina now this is not 13 years gone okay. He comes to Medina blossom with him of course comes you know, come all of these Sahaba and now they joined with another few 100 Muslims in Medina and all of them according to us, okay. of the ones that you know through massage most of them are made of the Aloha know that that converted you know, they were genuine Muslims except for a few now here you had a problem Medina because some people amongst them were monastics that were hypocrites and the IRS and the and the verses that come now in Medina tell us that there are monaci so, there

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are hypocrites amongst them Muslims in Medina, we know that there is a problem here the Sunni is recognized that and the number of these manifests in the lifetime the process of the law has is about you know about 300 Okay, the number of Sahaba that actually convert and they are genuine in the eyes of the Sudanese they go into the 1000s Okay, so from the moment he started, you know, from Rasulullah Salah he started his mission in the beginning of Medina. Okay, every battle he had he had major battles going along. Okay, these were life threatening battles. These are things that people would have got killed at any moment you could die you could become a Shaheed so save an avocado The

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lamb was in every single battle save an armada the alarm was in every single one except for maybe one of them okay

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and and see that see that was one of them again in all the battles he was there with the props Lawson except again with one of them, which we wish he was occupied with the with the illness of the daughter of the province of Lawson married to him.

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And Susan it alone again was was was with him for all the battles. Okay. So what we find here is that this close Sahaba with him, all in all, you know, throughout and we're talking about the other hundreds, they gave them life for him, okay? They they were there to protect him to give their life to, you know, write down the IRS to propagate Islam to make others convert to Islam. And all along the Prophet Lawson gave so much praise to them. There are so many Hadith and quotations to talk about the oneness and good being of the Sahaba that is the program came down and talked about the Allahumma Diwan. Allah is pleased with them and they are pleased with Akbar.

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Now, later on as the narrative goes along, you find that the producer loves him. In some instances, he gave me a lot more privilege sometimes it gives it normally more privilege. Sometimes he gives his notice man sometimes isn't it and other Sahaba okay. There was no such thing as he only gave once a hobby or only gave his direction to one Sahabi or one particular companion only. Now, when it came to Medina, he married the daughter of Satan, Abu Bakar. Delano, who will say to say that and I shadowed Ilana, and they had a wonderful, wonderful 10 years until the demise of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. Okay. And it is recorded if you if you look at a hadith via delana and how

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wonderfully she speaks about Rasulullah sallallahu how wonderfully the Prophet Allah loved her so much. It's, it's fantastic, okay. And he marries also the daughter of Satan or Mattila, Han. Okay, whose name is hafsa. But the Aloha and again, they have a wonderful time for the 10 years that he was there with her to his demise approximately 10 years till his demise, okay. He says to her Amanda de la Han, who that if I had another daughter, after his two daughters passed away, one after the other, he said, If I had another daughter, I would have given it to you, okay, and I had it filled with the praise was bad. And you know, the sacrifices of some of you alone gave on many occasions

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when no other Muslim could make that sacrifice, okay? Especially when it comes to donating money to charities because he was the millionaire Sahabi amongst them and he gave he gave and gave and a lot of them praise and praise him so much. Again, the Muslims benefited from all of that. Now, this goes all the way till the end of the professor loves his life until he passes away and the Muslims together they appointed Satan Abubakar, the alarm to become the first halifa of all the Muslims the first, the first leader of all Muslims. Now that time, say that in a Fatima de la Hannah, she was huge. She was seriously grieving the demands of the law. Let's say that Ilan was seriously occupied

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with her and has an unforeseen or the love on him and said, I'm gonna be alone who did come late when it's very clear, authentic narrations and he gave his allegiance also to say the novel Vaclav Delano.

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And there was a beautiful relationship between, say Denali and say the Navajo Delano for about two years. Okay. beautiful relationship. Yes, there were a couple of issues regarding the inheritance that say don't say to them the automobile, ohana would get and say, the land was very clear that the profits don't leave anything material as inheritance. And that's from a very authentic generation. But there was a very good relationship between say the Navara Delano and the family of Satan Allah Delano, then the Muslim the Allahu after him, he actually appointed Rama

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Satan Ali, but He alone is happy with a good omen for 10 years. beautiful relationship. Most of the consultation that Satan Ramadan does is with Satan Alia the alarm is in his closest gathering. Most of the consultation they do they do together because say they're not being seen individual sees it

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as a wonderful individual who has got a lot of wisdom A lot of you know, thought and and and a beautiful understanding of the religion.

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And when it comes to see notice man's time and say Dona Omar appointed a Shura Council and from that Council, eventually, they appointed satana earthman as the new leader, those 12 years and in those 12 years, again, say the naleo the alarm was the close companion of signals man in many of the affairs that he went across and dealt with, he consulted Satan alila the alojado Satan was not was it was it was a great scene individual Satan and he was a young Sahabi again, you know, growing up younger than I found that the lohana but they they go hand in hand made a lot of agreements together. And the Sahaba generally together where we're, you know, we're in unity. And it was only

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at the end of the time, Horace Mann, a group of people started to come up, and they started to make confusion amongst the Muslims. These group of people with a very group behind eventually the assassination of say the North man of the Allahu, and then they were amongst the group that happened to be with Satan Oliver the Allahu

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Allahu in his life of six years of the Khalif. He banished a lot of them. He went to extreme measures to get them out of the way. And he when he caught on to the fact that these people were really giving him you know,

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Titi prays over the top praise. And they're almost looking at him as as a kind of a godly individual who was, you know, above the rest. He dealt with them, okay, he dealt with him and that's the Sunni narrative. And then after that, you know, the elevens on continues and history is a no long thing and it's also a bloody thing and inshallah, one day if I get a chance, I will talk about that part of history, which goes all the way down to the martyrdom of Satan or Hussein and there are many different, you know, narratives behind that. But one day I will discuss that and in and very clearly I want to say is that no person who loves the prophets of Allah, Allah Salaam truly

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believes in the deen properly will actually go ahead and assassinate a, that the grandson of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. Okay. But now, what happens after Satan under the alojado? Is that, you know, there are factions that break up, okay?

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If the lava goes to his son, Satan has been for a while, and then he hands it over to Satan, or we'll be alone again, we have utmost respect, as soon as for Satan allow you to be alone who, because he was from the early days of Makkah, right, and he was a person who used to write the Quran when he used to come down. And he was a Sahabi, who narrated from the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And any differences, the Sahaba had anything they had, we as soon as believed that they were both fighting for the truth. Because when things got murky, at the time of Satan, Oliver Delano, olive and after that, we believe that all the Sahaba they were basing it on their own facts, facts that

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they had in front of them. Some wanted to avenge the blood of Osama the Allahu anhu. And some want in that was their priority. And and then they said, then we'll then we'll put things straight, because there are murderers out there who got away and, you know, there's a lot of confusion in the Islamic world. And some said, No, let's let's give allegiance to the New Leaf say the knowledge of the Allahu anhu and then we can avenge the blood of Osama the Allahu anhu. And this was the biggest point that they had a difference in and we believe because they were all on the truth. Allah will deal with them on the Day of Judgment, but they are the law on home what are the Allies pleased with

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them and they are pleased with Allah subhana wa Tada. And, you know, if there if there are any people who've who've messed up in that time, the nest for Allah azza wa jal to deal with, we're not here to start to, you know, say this thing about this hobby and that thing about another hobby or a companion to the process that allows them now that in a nutshell, is the narrative of the suddenness. Now compare this to the narrative of the she is the internationally the twelvers who are the majority of the shears? What they say is that when the war he came down to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, okay. They say that the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam was,

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you know, he gave the real The, the real religion to Allah Delano. So, the next day when a gunman converted, they believe that it wasn't a true conversion. Okay. They believe that the very next day when Mondo Golan came, it wasn't a true conversion. This This is the 12 wishes, what they what they believe.

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So for the next five years, going through a lot of you know, toil and whatever. They believe that the Sahaba stayed for a different agenda. It was only Ali and Fatima Ilhan Omar who converted properly and a few others from the immediate relative of the province of alarmism, but it wasn't these other Sahaba I want to say that our deal unconverted five years later, they don't believe it was a true conversion. And the minister habla came after that for another eight years, until he migrated to Medina they believe a lot of them are hypocrites. Now, I say this May Allah protect us. Now what it looks like is it looks like the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is migrating from Mecca to

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Medina. And he's got hundreds of hypocrites with him.

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And he gives his two daughters to say the North man and the Shias say that that was for political reasons. That was just to keep say the North man. Happy. I mean, come on. What thread did he have from Satan or Thunder the alarm? Honestly, what thread did he have? Okay. he marries satana Abubakar Dylan's daughter, hija. de la Juana stays there for 10 years now, the Sunni narrative was that, you know, wonderful, great and wonderful relationship for 10 years, both of them the Shia narrative is the province of Lawson was just doing that for political reasons. They say she was a hypocrite. Now, again, they say she was a hypocrite and everything she did

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Just to keep the just to keep our worker at bay, and just to, you know, save himself from the political agenda that they have, you know, almost like they're going to kill him any moment. I mean, is the profit so weak? And any man is either not allowing his daughter half side again for political reasons What? So for another 10 years, he has to me, it's kind of crazy. Are you telling me that the Prophet slept with Satan Arusha for 10 years and have Southern generations to say they had intimate relationship, okay. And he was very affectionate with her. Most of the things that we know how to be intimate is from the narrations of say that I showed the love on her. Are you telling me all of that

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was because he just wanted to keep

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them happy and at bay? And keep them away from him? Are you seriously telling me that for 10 years, he stayed with his woman, He loved us so much. What does that make us look like? Seriously, what does it look like? And what does it make a law look like? That he sends his most dearest Prophet, the strongest one on the earth. And he's the strongest prophet is surrounded by hundreds and hundreds and lectron 1000s of hypocrites. And he has to do things politically, just to keep them at bay and the true religion. He just gives us a rally and Fatima and a few others, and they have to kind of conceal it and hide it from everyone else and wait till the day they can get the numbers

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together to propagate the true religion. That's that's what the narrative is. Now listen to nothing.

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The many many battles that Satan Abercrombie Alon was with the professionalism say the naramata say the norseman and say that they all they all fought with the professor loves them. They gave their life for him. Are you telling me that Abubakar Rama Rama Samba de la 190 D for hypocritical reasons what they they risked their lives again and again? What as as as hypocrites, seriously, I'm the Quran talks about hypocrites staying home when there was going on? as clear, as clear, how could you say that these Sahaba Sahaba for 10 years, just for their own gains, or whatever it was. They stuck with him thick and thin, you know, through the coldness of the Battle of Honda through the through

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Ohio, where people were wounded through you name it. I mean, when you get to today via Satan or smash the alarm, there was a rumor that he was assassinated. So the prophets of Allah gave an allegiance to take took an allegiance from 1500s a habit that they're going to avenge the blood of man was that a prophet trying to save a hypocrite and taking allegiance and a lot praises that allegiance knock on an insert of fat

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Are you serious? I mean, are you serious that even Allah praises the holy legions part of our professional Arsenal giving you know taking the legions to avenge the Bible Swami Viola Hannah and you telling me that, you know all of that was done out of one out of you know, just trying to save a menagerie

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Are you serious? And all the others hundreds of random dominatrix Yes, let's get up and let's you know defend your brother the hypocrite now the villa. And we you know, we go we're going to show you how much we love each other. Are you serious?

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Now you tell me when the profit losses demise happens for another two years. You tell me now that Cigna. Holly is now doing the same hypocritical thing would say that Abubakar, very close with him, never really revealing the true religion that he has. And everything that I've worked on the process of did so far was just on the surface level. And it's just to keep people sort of in a bay, right. Are you telling me for another 10 years? When Omar de la Han Oh, he ruled and said, you know, Ali was his closest, you know, companion, and he took a lot of judgments from him and a lot of times he said, if it wasn't for Holly, I would I would have perished. Lola Alejandra hella karma. This is

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Dylan saying that and they did all of that together hand in hand because a little Dylan for 10 years was trying to wait for the demise of Satan Ahmad I you serious? And then when say the Northland came out for 12 years while he played another hypocritical role for 12 years, are you serious?

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Until at the end of Satan, Amanda Jones time this is the sheer narrative now. Now the real Muslims have gained power and they give a decent idea of the AMA and now he's able to give the real religion to the people

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are you serious

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and then you know

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history goes on. But if you just look at that particular narrative, okay, what I just said

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it's crazy CST crazy to believe that so much hypocrisy would happen. What does it look like? What does it make the real religion look like when you when you look at it from that lens of the sheer 12 was lens What is it make most of the early history of is standard like it looks like 1000s of hypocrites who hijacked the profitable artisans original mission and and they distorted the deen

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and if you go back to the Sunni narrative, it's a wonderful narrative that a lot of people are genuine. Allah was strong, his prophets Allison was strong. Okay. jabril came to the right person gave the right Deen the right interpretation and approach the lesson he he makes around him, he causes a bunch of strong men who have the right religion throughout and he, you know, marries these people for the right reason because they are true Muslims. He these people stay with him on the process of with them as well stays with them. Why? Because of genuine reasons for Islam until it comes to the end of the process the last time and the very people who are the closest to him

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propagate the true religion say the Navajo say the normal Illinois man and say Denali, because we respect it under the law as well. Okay, throughout the genuine Muslims brothers, heart and heart. And when you think about the narrative, I don't know, how any 12 was, you know, would actually

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seriously say to Sudanese that they their narrative sounds like a weak narrative? I don't know. It just when I when I look at it, I think subpanel I think, I don't know from a logical point of view, I cannot make sense of the early shear narrative. Okay, if somebody out there wants to be shared as their choice, but as a Sunni Muslim, if you look at the two narratives, to me, the one that makes sense, the one that is logical, the one that you know, makes everyone look, you know, Allah and His Messenger look strong, and genuine is the Sunni narrative. Okay, I'll leave you with that in sha Allah subhanho wa, salaam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh.

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Just one thing before I finish, please,

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about the marriages I mentioned. If a If a Shia becomes loyal to his version of the deen, let's say for example, there is a Shia and Sunni that that that are about to get married, and they don't know the religion. When the Sunni becomes it becomes practicing and the Shia individual becomes practicing. That's where the problem is. Because when a shear trover learns their Deen, they have to say that I will backup Satan or not and save enormous amount of the alarm at night. They have to curse them as part of the religion. They have to consider the nature of the Alona say that and have sort of the law, they have to do this as part of their religion. It's a given fact. Right? They

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actually sent curses on the Sahaba. And the Sunni has to love Satan, Abu Bakar loves it, loves it. northmen loves it. And Ayesha and Hassan have a lot on my mind, all of them and you think about the real problem that's going to start. I dealt with one case where after eight years of marriage, they had to split because they both became practicing. And when they learned the religion, the wife was cursing these individuals and the husband was wanting to praise them. And you can imagine the conflict that arises. So at the early marriage when when they're not practicing, they really don't know what they're getting into. But if they carry on, they will they will find that it is something

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that's very difficult to carry on if you're going to share 12 and a Sunni, getting married and they both become practicing. It's a real concern. Okay, so I'll leave that with you. That was Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh