Hasan Ali – Shaytan’s plan

Hasan Ali
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses how shaytan will try to stop events like the ones they are preparing for. They explain that shaytan will try to make everyone feel like they are sinners and that he is waiting for us to answer their calls. The speaker also discusses the use of shaytan's words to signal that they are not sinners and that they need to go back to Islam.
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Now, when we are asking Allah azza wa jal, then we should know that there are times when shaytan will come and he'll try and stop us from doing our event and we know Dora is a badass and there are many moments or shaytan will try and first make us not perform the Ibadah that's number one. And if it ever happens that that we are in the Ibadah he'll try and make us do less of that Ibadah of that worship. And if we're ever making plenty of that I brother he's got another trick up his sleeve. So let me explain that to you. The first thing that shaytan will do to say to you that you wanting to sit there making a dua to Allah asking him for something specific and you think God's gonna give it

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to you, you sinner. Now the thing is, I'm going to do is he's going to make you feel that you're the worst sinner he's gonna say to you Do you remember what you did? Don't you remember you Munna feel you? Hypocrite You sinner.

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How you gonna get that guy except to him? He plays he plays He makes us feel so low that's why you find a lot of people in the family you know, they'll when they need something they go up to the you know, the Amiga to the mummy and they say, Mom, can you make udvar from Please Mom, I want to get this job. Can you make golfing please now there's nothing wrong in you going to your mother beloved mother and asking to make blonde the only reason you're why you're going to her is because she's always doing her Salah you're not trying to say like she's always doing Hana for rakaats she's always doing her little Quran she's always on it. You know, I'm saying she's always on it. Guys get

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a hint here. She's always on it. That's why their mom can you make dua for me, whether it's your uncle, your auntie, your brother, sister, whoever it is, you can ask them to make dua for you, however, who's telling you as a sinner that you can't get your DUA answered, when you're a sinner who said that? It was only Allah azza wa jal that, that it's Allah, which Allah is waiting for us to answer our calls, even though we're sinners. And it's only shaytan that wants to play with our minds that keep us away from that. Let me explain that shaytan will do his absolute best to make you feel so low that you don't go back to Allah and he's one over you. If you listen to him at that time.

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He's one over you. He's got you. He has got you. Why? Because shaytan wants you to back off and he wants to make you weaker and weaker in your email, in the real fact is that Allah azza wa jal, he is waiting for you. How do we know that hadith in Bukhari? In Muslim, where Allah azza wa jal, he says, imagine we when we sin look, we're all sinners here guys, don't get me wrong. We're all sinners here. Every single person in this world we're all sinners. The only people that haven't sinned are the Prophet alayhi salatu salam. So if you feel that you're a sinner, well we're all sinners, we all need to go to Allah azza wa jal

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now if you send your sins could be the height of a house, it could be the height of I don't know a tower block or something like that. But in this hadith, Allah says what he says yep, no Adam, oh son of Adam. Lo Bella how to do no Buka Ananda Sana, if your sins were to reach the limits of the sky, imagine your sins were to be piled up from the earth one on top of the other your pile Allah piles and piles and piles them up. And then they reach the limits all the sky. Allah says to Madame attorney, and then you come to me law to she could be che, where you don't associate partners with me. You make dua to me, you come to me through muda Alterna, you make dua to me, refer to laka Walla

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Valley, I will forgive you and I won't even mind what you did. Subhan Allah I'll forgive you meaning that you've got sins to the limits of the scan Allah saying that look, make dua to me. Allah is telling us he's waiting for us.


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