Ramadhan 2019 – Reminder 9 – Talk to Allah

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The speakers discuss the importance of having a good connection with Allah's law and engaging in a legal process to connect with it. They also talk about Jesus's promises to give money back and a man named Jesus who was helping them get their wealth back. The power of law can be difficult to protect one's wealth and a woman named Amy claims to have been killing people for 30 or 20 seconds to make a draw. The speakers encourage the listener to keep their soul in the highest place until they reach an ongoing agenda with profits from their company.

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Okay, now a another one I want to say about Ramadan is that as Ramadan is progressing we need to make sure that we have a good connection with Allah azza wa jal with our da right? See the thing about da is it's not supposed to become robotic robotic da is um saying it the same old stuff again and again and you know just the same thing I keep on saying so somebody will get get you to get into the habit of monotony

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and it's the same thing, same thing this again and again. That's it, their heart was not connected to it at all.

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Allah messenger sallallahu gentlemans told us, la Yakubu la

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de la and Alvin hace la serrana. Allah does not accept the dua from a heart that was not thinking of a law, not connected to a law that was absent minded from Allah when it made the law

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what Allah wants is for us to engage that is a massive way of connecting with the law. Why? Because dry you talk to a lot a lot of people think that dry is Oh, I'm just gonna say a few Ravana is you saying the Robin and saying the RV part? Yes, but do are more is that you use your mother tongue. I want you to use your mother tongue, your first language withdraw. And you talk to Allah as you talk to a person you talk to allows you to to person. So what do you say to a person you say to a person a man? You know, what's up? What's up, man? Yeah, you know, I got problem at work, you know, I, they might find me but it's not my fault. Someone did something else. And, you know, I hope I get through

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this, you know, you don't want to talk to a friend like that. Yes, it's not my fault. You know, try and see if you there's some solution you can come up with, right? That's exactly what Allah wants us to do with him in our law. You know, I've got a problem with my employment. I don't know what to do. But you're the You're everything. You can do it for me. And I'm a bit lost here. But you're the guide. You're the guide and you can guide me and I don't know what to do analysis if for example, you got nothing else to do. And

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you've done all your few Rabbana and whatever you don't see there. What do you talk about your life?

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I'm serious talk to Allah, they say to a lower law, you know, I've not been I've not been doing too well lately. You know, I've kind of gone off path a little bit.

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Sorry. Hope it doesn't happen again. I do love you Allah. You know, I want to be here. I want you to look after me. vanina will be messed up.

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I don't know what else to do. All I know is that I'm talking to you right now. And I know you listen to me. You have to be listened to me.

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toe toe is what? No Halesowen. I'm not making this up. You read sudo no 71 surah of the Quran.

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And you look at the conversation he had. I mean, look at this. He says he's doing the rk TAO to call me Laila. manohara My Lord I called my people by night by de Colombia zoom dry. Illa Ferrara they didn't listen to my call they just start running away when Nicola TAO to whom and every time I call them little fear Allah home so that you could forgive them Yahoo casabianca Danny they put their fingers into the IRS was structurals Yahoo they cover their faces was horrible and they were very you know adamant was terrible cigar and they were very, very nervous on Saturday though they're persistent with the sins and they're very arrogant. So many doubts on Jihad are like hold them in

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the open mania island to London I announced to them was a salt lung is rara then I call them in secrecy faculty. And then I said it's tough to come. seek forgiveness from your Lord you know who can offer is all forgiving. Usually some Allah committed or I told them that you would send the reins on to them maimed, it can be unwelcome then you would give them their their wealth back and the the children back which I love. And you would give them gardens where

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you would give them rivers Malak naka de la hora. I said to them what's wrong with you? Why don't you have any hope in La wahala Hakuna Matata when is created you like this and I'm thorough. I said to them Allah, do they do I say to them all I say to them, don't you see how Allah created the heavens and earth and all that suhar Allah is him talking to Allah Allah you mean you don't over

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And then he says, our law they they schemed against me and they said to one another, imagine this is de la de Nevada, don't leave the God of words, the only the God of suad only the God of your goose and Yo, NASA, he's talking to him about this.

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Can you imagine?

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So the thing is

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that it is a massive way, it is a massive way to connect to a lot through this. Now, I want to tell you this. Another thing about the law

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is that we often don't understand the power of

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the power of law is such that it might not occur today, but it might occur

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50 years later,

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it is in the plan,

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the two orphans whose wealth was buried in the ground and Hitler came and he mended the world so that they could get their wealth Do you know what that says? It says one person says it was the grandfather that make dua so this is two generations earlier his grandfather made law for them in another city says it was the seventh generation great grandfather

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and that hit them seven generations later.

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You could make and when you make law please when you make graphs for your for your children, don't say my children say my progeny.

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progeny means your children children's children's children's children's children's children or little Tiana zariya but all the profits that meant drama they never said they never said my children This is reality Audrey Yeti which means my progeny my sons sons and daughters daughters sons daughters daughters isn't all of them. Alright, whenever you make drive for your dad and your mother yes you know my mother father but don't just make this Abba

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my forefathers so you catch all of them from your father great grandfather grandfather whatever all the way till today and what you can go to the last Muslim you know father great great great grandfather you had he catches all of them okay make it the biggest the widest you can whenever you say you know when you want to ask something more or less Hey, I want to borrow the biggest dollars you can make

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it means relief. Now what is relief mean? relief is relieving everything make everything easy for me Make me relieved in everything give me a few in this world give me a half in the next world give me give me relief in this world and give me relief in the next world give me relief and everything give me relief in my wealth in my children Am I just asked for general generally just say Allah give me if you give me relief right when when you look at a resume was a loss was brass. He covered everything

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he covered and he covered in such a beautiful way and you need to pick up some of some of the books that have his drives in there but I'm gonna tell you, you know, a man came to the province of Lhasa and he was saying are miserable like you made such a beautiful device and I can't remember any of it. So the proxy lesson then told him to make this law he said well if you can't remember the law what is that one is and is a swan is a wonderful way whenever I don't have any time to make drama like this I've got like 30 seconds or 20 seconds to make a draw and make this one

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along my name is Luca masala camino Abu COVID Ibu Mohammed salam, O Allah I'm asking you for all the things that your Prophet Mohammed Salah Salah man you serve him I was gonna ask for everything he asked for I'm asking the same thing

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right it's almost like a little kid you know he's his you know his mother father's passing through so he just grabs on to them and passes through with them right people let the little child through because the grabbing on to the to the parents or let the little kids through with them. Yeah, it's almost like that you're getting everything that was asked for because you can't remember why he asked for you can't go to all those dry books everything has made it so easy for us to say I must very visionary as for the next thing you say this is what I will do.

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what I will do the commitment to becoming

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a minimum of Luca wannabe Yuka Mohammed Salah Larsson, and I'm asking you to protect me from all the things that the profit and loss amount sought protection in his life, all the things protect you for every single thing. So there are a number of things that are still so small ask for protection over and over again. You're getting all of that in suva han Allah, then you say, you know if you are if you want to add on to that in one generation, you can say well makabe toliman Kava in fragile Atiba huesca whatever goodness, whatever you have decreed for me

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Make sure that the end of it is always good for me. So it doesn't matter what you give me give me I've got goodness, I'm going to tell you what to add a new cover everything say Oh Allah

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give me the best of this world, the best of the next world. Allah give me the best death of a believer. So that covers the dunya and up to your death, then say keep my soul in the highest place, very lean, that will cover you from death till the Day of Judgment, then say on the Day of Judgment, keeping the company of the profits until I reach an ongoing agenda with them. That's everything covered from now all the way to them. Subhana Allah, okay, so that's that's a reminder about one