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Episode Notes

This is part 6 of a 12 part series on the demise of Rasulullah SAW.

In this series I have covered the following…

The last moments of Rasulullah SAW
His fatal illness
In whose house He was nursed
Who led the Companions in Salah during his illness
How He passed away and how the Janazah Salah was performed upon Him SAW

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Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu Lemmy Villa Marina

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de la Hill Livia hikma To whom?

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When you are who was really to Neela coleus of the remarkable when a shadow Allah Allah illallah wa de la sharika rufina theory whatever to me when I say to NSA either Nirvana Mohammed Abu hora pseudo Olivia Donna be kitabi Mooney Raja Illallah he built in Tbilisi, sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi madda material kawakubo to see, I'm about to call Allah huzzah Baraka wa Taala module for corneal Hamid Allah Villa he ministry Pani rajim, Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem in the coming year in May you do so in negombo malkia materion derbycon Takashi mucho de la la v. We concluded on a very emotional note, and that is where he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was based at the house of Chateau

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de la Mancha after the honorable consorts had consented mutually and happily to his request. And He then asked of them to pour water from seven containers they oblige the Vla Salam then came out and made a public address. The innovation that follows thereafter is that of Abdullah animus Rudra the Allahu anhu he says the hall to Allah Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Oh, who are you from access to who God I went to visit NaVi la Salatu was Salam. And he was in extreme pain and he was extremely unwell at that time. I felt him with my hand. And can you imagine the honor touching the Navy of Allah sallallahu wasallam sharabi Alanna says he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam came into the

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bed hatherleigh silica gel do who kill the hot Allah silica gel do who be Gil de until a my skin touch the blessed skin of the messenger sallallahu wasallam people die to get a glimpse of dignitaries and whatever else can you imagine? Let's say Pugin to who be God. And he says I touched the messenger sallallahu Sallam unnecessarily Alon who said Moses to hurry run. I've touched soak and I've touched many things. In my life I've never touched something more gentle and more soft and more tender and Liyan McAfee Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam then the blessing bomb of the messenger sallallahu wasallam. I said jasola in Nicola to hakuba kentia de de la you experiences severe Fever,

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fever, severe pain, severe difficulty. He said in the arco coma you are Curatola him income. I experienced myself the pain, the fever, the two of us experience. So what two of you has to contend with I myself have to contend with that. And although the olana look at the intelligent arms of the Sahabi, while empathizing with the pain of the messenger sallallahu sallam, he said well that he can join with Allah can Melaka join yes I want to be over long. We sympathize with your pain and difficulty but surely for you is to rewards and he's an ally. Some said agile, agile Absolutely. And then he said ma'am in Muslim in new Cebu as an admin of informasi wha hoo Illa. Allah he said, he

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cannot afford to shadow Baraka that whenever a Muslim finds himself in any difficulty, be it something simple pain or something beyond bad that his sins fall away from him. Just as a tree sheds its leaves away in the very same way. The pain difficulty of a believer XP eights and atones for his wrongdoings and now we move on to the next step as part of the illness of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his final advisors what was his was the year, so was the year we loosely translate as nnessee have been decayed and emphasized advice. So generally, you know, people say, these were the last words of my late father, the last words of my teacher, or my senior or my mentor, and

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sometimes a person might not adhere diligently to the advisors in the lifetime, but he holds on very passionately and rigidly to the party in advisors of his seniors. And honestly, if the owner has to hold on to the final sermon of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, they can be no two opinions. It's a synopsis of being in its entirety. In fact, as we move on the last two words, just two words, is a summarized version of Coco cola and hapuku ly bad. So one of the first advisors he sallallahu wasallam had impressed upon us was that of unsolved unsolved.

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lol La Jolla Lagoon, Tamara and Mina and saw Lola Hendra, the messenger Salalah migrated so

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if it wasn't for my mic,

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In the virtue of migration, I would have been from amongst the unsolved I'm after about a year the Habana superficie evil burrier una rasulillah Hillary Holly come in her name whenever he saw some distributed the spoils of the war and then he gave to some reverse new reverts, you know large amounts of wealth and chunks of wealth. And some people felt excluded, some people felt excluded in this distribution. And they said so you're gonna talk to them and where you're at now, that the blood is dripping from our souls and the wealth has been given elsewhere. And then we saw some gathered the Sahaba and then he you know, told them that don't make this a basis of my love. Are you

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not happy that some return with cattle and others return with camels and others return what spoils of war and you return what Allah Nabi sallallahu alayhi wasallam I will live with you I will die with your mind word. And then they cried, had tabela to do more home until the tears, you know had dripped onto their beards, and their entire face was drenched with tearing. So my mother had been sort of a lover and will become the middle of the a lot of passes by a group of the unsalted yakun they are crying, heinous, Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam Roger who, when the pain intensified and they started realizing and the fear started lurking and haunting them. It looks like it's getting closer

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by the minute. For Karla Houma, yubikey Kumar basadi Alanna, the uncle of the prophet SAW Some said what makes you cry? They said the Karna modulus and amin Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam we reminiscing over the days where we used to come and sit with Nabi sallallahu Sallam and have our discussions with him. And now this looks like it's just slipping away from us. So we just emotional about that because the way the moment is looking is looking very delicate and bleak. For those who are the Allahu anhu Ilana went to visit Nabeel a salon for acabado and he informed me salon salon that I passed by the answer and this is what transpired for also Barbie I saw but in the smart Navy

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sallallahu Sallam had a black cloth that was tied around his blood head.

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And he came out sorry, they remember he then ascended the pope at

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radical yom and that was the last He ascended the pulpit for Hamidullah, ethna Allah He prays and glorify the law from a call He then said UI can be answered, I advise you and remind you and impress upon you to be kind to the unsolved, they are very close to me. I have shared my secrets with them. That's a summary of the words I'm not going into all the details. They have been very loyal and faithful to me, just Allah Juana foreign he knows Nikita banana Luna lilavati in a facility about a meluna Willow and all manner to La Cocina de la comida llama la te Abu Bakar. The Alanna pays tribute to the answer. He says they supported us for so long, that even if our mother had to contend

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with us for so long, probably even she would get tired at some point. Even she would say that you know what I know. And and we know that a mother's love is relentless. It doesn't end it doesn't cease. And that is why the analogy is given of the mother. You know, your brother can say I'll help you. I'll carry you and assist you or support you. But listen, now it's time to stand on your own feet. Your dad will do your boss will do your colleague will do your spouse will do but each one comes to a burning point. And a mum is one who continues unabated relentlessly, but Satan Abubakar says the answer was such that they supported us to the extent that probably even our biological

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mothers would reach fatigue at some point. While an omen to learn to love the local human animal ladies minimality

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Subhan Allah that was the unsolved kulu and sobre la and then he said Allah,

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Allah de la him they have discharged obligation upon them Oba la de la home. Now what is owed to them remains faac bloomin masini him What a DA was one musi him, so except from those amongst them who do good and noble, and overlook, overlook those who might in some way or the other. Well, Phil had efficient Mahabharata and sadly Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the Hadith speaks clearly about the intense love that just imagining that he sallallahu wasallam is now going to leave and depart from us. They are crying, they are wailing, they are sobbing, and afraid about what's going to happen in the days weeks months ahead. The second was the of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi

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wa sallam was to expel the disbelievers from Arabia.

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locker is dead that should be allowed Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Now the illness was intended

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See fine to the extent. Hazel Khanna UVA ma De Filippo. Meanwhile head Mr. Ratan de de he sallallahu wasallam would suffer unconsciousness multiple occasions on one day. So he would be conscious then he would slip into a state of unconsciousness then he would regain consciousness back and forth up and down multiple times in one day.

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While not identical Li a hug by you forever and this is something very important and we need to focus every aspect is important. But often people level nasty allegations against Satan or the Allahu anhu with regards to this Hadith, so it's important that we understand it holistically and objectively. Mama daddy Coco Lee haba sallallahu alayhi wa sallam au Federica dunya who are motema in non Allah Almighty He and Davila main body, and even at that time, at that critical moment, he still remains very much concerned about the well being of the oma and that was the selfless nature of the messenger sallallahu wasallam. And I often say this oma has collapsed from the time it moved

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away from a selfless nature to a selfish nature. When we started thinking local personal myself, that's the time we lost the global vision, the vision of the oma in its entirety. One great scholar advising another set when you give it an address, don't just intend 10 people intend that Allah transmit My message to all and by virtue of your intention, Allah will transmitted and proportionately Allah will reward you. So he sallallahu wasallam is in his fatal illness. It's very close. This is now four days, four days. This is what the scholars of Hadith have written four days prior to the sad demise.

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Kitab masala, Leah J. Tommy Lee Juana yet Anna's Oh, so he intended writing a document which will be a source of guidance for them and to protect them from deviation. He asked of them give me a paper and a pen and hence the Hadith is known as the Pass Pass literally means paper.

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Allah Allah kita Banfield passing, passing karate, karate,

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una kathira karate is the plural of the word kill pause. clearpass literally means a paper. This Hadith is known as an effective pause the Hadith of the paper. So let's understand this he sallallahu wasallam asked his noble companions for days prior to his demise. Give me a paper and ink pot and a pen to write. And in that he intends writing certain guidelines to rescue protect the oma in the gathering around the messenger sallallahu wasallam are the legendary giant intellectual stalwarts veterans, the likes of armor, the Allahu anhu and others and armor of the olana. Looking at the terminally ill condition of Nabeel a Salam that he's unwell he's in excruciating pain. He's

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not keeping Well, he did not want to burden Nabi sallallahu wasallam or subject him to engage in anything which might be cumbersome or tedious for the messenger sallallahu wasallam. So we can never entertain in the most remote thought that say either na O'Meara De La Hoya and who would oppose or refute or challenge or disagree or go against the role of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. You cannot take any Hadith in isolation, study it in a holistic way. We know

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Ilana was the man mammy Nabila, who was the

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overseer on him in pharma was the

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Abu Bakr and Rama, Rama was he I mean?

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He, every prophet has heavenly ministers and earthly my earthly ministers are Abu Bakr and Omar in Allahabad happiness yashi Tada

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Yamaha saw on arafa Allah was boasting about my Sahaba but Omar Allah was boasting about you personally. If not Assad carelessness narration jabril came down laka this tub beshara Hello sama AB Islamia Omar. Allah today, the joy is not limited to the earth. There is double excitement in the heavens over the fact that saving armor reverted to Islam. I saw the Alanna said in a ativa and ecoman majilis. If you want to add flavor to your gathering, then be sure to talk to him. This is how you can add flavor to your gathering. So you're talking of such a person who is so close and attached to the messenger sallallahu wasallam. So save now I might have said no. Don't give it to an

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obese a lot. He was not in any form of denial, but respect in the pain. Often you go and visit a person who's sick and

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The sick person would say, you know what, give me some water. And you as a visitor want to diligently oblige, and probably the guardian or the sun from the rear would indicate to you No, no, that he shouldn't be having water now, that that is asking everyone just leave it we talking to the doctors, we understand this is a separate issue altogether. I'm not equating this year, I don't want to mince my words, I want to be clear on this. All I'm saying is a sick person is asking you for something you intend good, but it's not always in the interest of that particular patient in a separate scenario altogether. So say the now remember the Allahu anhu said don't give it to the

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Prophet sallallahu wasallam he's he's unwell, and we don't want to subject him and the Quran is there for us as a source of guidance. So nobody Salam is going to write down something to protect us from going astray. Surely that would be an added boost benefit, favor etc. But the Quran remains with us. Few Sahaba supported the view of armor or the alano that I think momentarily hold it back and don't give the paper so for the moment, just hold back, while other Sahaba held the view that no, let's give them a view of Allah sallallahu Sallam cincin he requested. And we cannot doubt the integrity of either of the two groups amongst the Sahaba. The motive was noble of both the motive

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was noble of both.

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So the group that were of the opinion that maybe a salatu salam should be given the terrapass as requested by him sallallahu sallam, they said a Hydra, Hydra now these are keywords.

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So his arms a stiff arm, and it's the Harmon inquiry. Hydra means to utter something that is incoherent, something that is strange, something that is foolish.

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So they said, then it'd be overline his entire life has never ever bled anything. He's never uttered anything that's incoherent. He's never uttered anything that is obscured. He only artists that which is correct and straight and balanced and correct. In other words, he sallallahu wasallam is free from uttering anything that is out of line, regardless of him been in a state where he might slip into unconsciousness or he's alert. There's no fear. There's no fear whatsoever that the Navy of Allah sallallahu Sallam and every human you and I when we groggy or perhaps they've sedated us you get up you you know what you hallucinating? You're talking things out of life. That's you and I. But

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the Sahaba said, and rightfully so, then they'll be of Allah sallallahu Sallam would never ever utter such a thing. So they said,

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this is key to understand. They asking a question and negating the dignity of Allah ever utter anything that's obscured. No, never. No, never, No, never. So go ahead and give him the paper. Now some narrations have it as a hedgerow without the Hamza in it, when the Hydra is in the context of the meaning of uttering things that are, you know, perhaps foolish, naive, you know, obscured, etc, etc. Some urine, June

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June. The first thing we need to understand that the word or her job was not the statement of Satan Alma de alano. The second thing said, Now Omar did not ever say, and it is blasphemous, it is blasphemous, it is preposterous. It is ludicrous. It is bizarre. It is insane to accuse Satan Amara, the Allahu anhu that he would ever say that Allah Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is blurting something that is not correct whether Yahoo Billa whether Yahoo Billa How can save now Omar ever say such a thing, but rather it was the group of Sahaba who held the view that nobody civilized him should be given the paper. They said. Did anybody ever ever utter anything? That's not correct? No,

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never so give it to him. He will write and advise us the innovations in which the Hamza is not found. The scholars of Hadith say it will be Mahmoud on a Hamza that's mocha dar that based on the narration and that's the general rule. When there's ambiguity into something you will go to that which is transparent and clear. Allah says the verses of the Quran says Mata Mata shall be hot and this mahkamah and if you want to unpack the ambiguity, you will go back to the mahkamah because they are all Makita. So you will then assume that they Hamza is also in the text. So no Sahabi from either of the two suggested or implied or insinuated that the Navy of Allah sallallahu wasallam

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added anything that was incoherent or rather the group that that wanted to support

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The fact that nobody says him should be given the paper, they were saying that he would never utter anything that's incorrect. So allowing him and give him the paper. This created a bit of a scuffle and a bit of a difference of opinion and somewhat of a verbal altercation. And he sallallahu Sallam said, it's not befitting of you to argue in the presence of an Abbe. So you know what, just leave it and you can stand up and go. So this is the long and short of the hadith of terrapass.

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Say the number of the Allahu anhu de was not motivated by anything but the well being of the messenger sallallahu wasallam and he sallallahu wasallam then Salah mcdonogh for endo sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Abdullah Ankita bettinelli Calcutta, what also whom Bo mood insalata Then he said, Okay, okay, just leave it Leave it, you know, it's not be 15 of you to argue in the presence of a newbie. And then he said, I'm giving you three advisors. Now again, in the three, the narrator mentions to bet he slips up on the third one, and I've checked few books of Sierra, it's not mentioned the scholars of Hadith have given potential possibilities, it could be this it could be

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this it could be this, but explicit mentioned are two out of the three G's will refer be nahi McCune to Jesus whom behave. One was that the delegations when they come in, then allow them to come and I used to give them then we saw some practice was when the delegations would leave, he sallallahu Sallam would allow the arrival and the departure very, you know, freely accommodated, entertaining. And then he would give them gifts, he would give them tokens. So he said, allow for this practice to continue. When delegations come visiting people come allow them to come and go and give them a gift. This was a practice of the messenger sallallahu sallam. So continue this practice of regional

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mushrikeen I mean Jazzy, Latina, Arab, expel the polytheists from the Arabian Peninsula. And the third message that the messenger sallallahu Sallam had given the Ravi the narrator of the Hadith had slipped up on so it's important for us to understand this hadith a purpose as I had described it, and we should not become victims of any propaganda against Satan or Homer or the Allahu anhu. We need to analyze it in a holistic way and we need to understand this year. If you say anything else, then that is, you know, questioning the very integrity of Satan or the Allahu anhu, a person whom Allah subhanho wa Taala had selected for the partnership and the companionship of the messenger

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam will conclude on the last advice and the last verse of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Ganymede, afrima, Taka Namibia Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, one of the final advisors in which an apostle alarmism spoke is he he heard the curse at those people who made the graves of prophets into places of worship. And he said don't let that happen to be. Don't, don't worship my grave. So it's very important that as much as we love, respect, revere and honor the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we do not worship Nabi la salatu salam, we worship Allah subhanho wa Taala and this was the first words uttered by Satan Abu Bakr radi Allahu

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when he confirmed the demise of NaVi la Salaam, Mancha Naboo Mohammedan folia alum, Anna Mohammedan Padma whoever worshipped Libyan a Salaam should realize that no VSA has passed on or mankind a Buddha law and whoever worship Allah, then he can realize and know for in the law, how you lay your mood, Allah is alive and Allah will never pass away. So he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam warned and cautioned his Sahaba is one Allahu taala him not to make his grave into a place of worship, where you worship the actual grave. And this had happened with the previous MBR hemos Salatu was Salam. Of course the virtue and the merit and the significance of visiting the grave of nebulae. Salatu was

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Salam is irrefutable, and we go there and we send salutations on the messenger sallallahu sallam, but we worship Allah manzara cabri rajabhat Lucha de The one who visits my grave, then for him my intercession will become incumbent. May Allah make us among those fortunate people. Oppa hero as Wabi Sabi Medina soon we shall see hi Malmo De La MaMa Sabina for Rasulullah de kaaboo wakatobi Mahmoud Mohamed family fee radiol hijas de la bu illa ohtani he couldn't do muslimin for put this amin Harmon zielona Jana boo yummy Isla de la hora de man as you know me weidel Hama waka Babu for just me for you Mr. Wu Hey Baba, the poet says Papa hero as Robbie I purify my clothes. wakatobi

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moodiness while sadly My heart is soiled. We'll actually see Hamilton

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Dr. hoffler and I'm afraid the arrow of death might strike suddenly. amasa rabina rasuluh Ricardo and I haven't yet made my way to the blesseds city of Medina munawwara wakatobi memoriam bahagi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the love of nebulae Salaam permeates in my entire heart, family feel free jazz, it will open my heart and you'll see I have no other aspiration, but to go and visit the grave of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam and send salutations upon him. For us to have a yummy the greatest day in my life would be when I opened my eyes and I'm told that I'm standing at the sacred Grave of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam May Allah make us among the fortunate

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people who can send salutations on the messenger sallallahu Sallam abundantly and that we could be privileged and honored to visit his grave or suddenly love them or sell them and Anna Bina Muhammad Ali, he was happy he married al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen