Obsession on social media

Hasan Ali


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Imagine, you know on your social media, you get the likes of a lot of people. Like Like, like like like like like like one thing I do mentioned is that do you know if it's a like from a like from you know a good person or like from the shaytaan who's liking it you don't even know who's liking you Brenner like, like, like, like, like, like, like you can gather all the likes of the whole of the world. But if you don't get one like all those likes are meaningless. If you don't get Allah's like

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then all those likes that you've got on your social media mean nothing. We nothing at all, you know, people think that they've got a certain status in this world because I've got this many likes on big yeah, I've got 12,000 followers, you've only got six

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that makes me a monster compared to you. What kind of rubbish and nonsense is that? Because if that person has only got six followers has got Allah's like

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and you haven't got Allah's like

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then they have got more than you because once his world finishes all these likes nothing and if you've got the likes of Allah and you got the like of Allah's Messenger so that's one second you got everything who needs other likes? So people you know they are on social media always looking Have I got a few more likes have got a few more numbers. I've got a few more views. They said put some thoughts on postal mail a few more views. Have I reached the first 1000 Have I reached the first 10,000 that always you know looking for this why? Because they're doing it for other reasons and Allah because if you do for Allah sake then Allah saw it. I don't need to look at how many views I

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got. Because Allah seen it. myostatin said he said they can invalidate clear the one who's supposed to have seen it has seen it finished. Allah is the one who's supposed to have seen it. It's even finished.