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Hasan Ali
AI: Summary © The upcoming conflict between Islamist movement and Islamist movement is crucial, as it could lead to war measures and conflict between their countries. The speakers emphasize the importance of understanding signs of the coming job and avoiding small talk. The conflict is expected to lead to war measures and conflict between their countries, with the potential for war and future conflict. The region has had a history of conflict, but future conflict is uncertain.
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Is my mother about to appear soon? Are we going to live to see the time of the job? We live in the end of time. These are frequent questions I'm being asked at this moment, especially with the current situation going on in the world. To understand all of this, you have to first understand that the prophets, Allah herzman, gave us minus signs, and he gave us major signs, okay. And major signs, there are 10 of them starting with the jaal and then easily Salam, and then you imagine so on, these are 10 major signs, none of the major signs can appear until all the minus signs have appeared. And where is the mimetic in all of this mad is the bridge between the minus signs and the

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major signs meaning that he will get lost of the minus signs and he will live to see the coming of the job, leave to see the coming on the first of the major signs, okay, so now of the mindset, if they don't all appear, then we won't see my medic, we won't see the job. I remember that. And from the from the minus signs, the scholars have said that most of them have appeared except for a few that a handful of them that haven't appeared of them is a Hadith in Bukhari Muslim with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam speaks about the river Euphrates, which runs from Turkey goes through Syria, all the way through Iraq, that river will recede and it will leave behind it like a mountain full of

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gold. Perhaps Allah has now has warned us not to go there. He said, for every 100 men that go there every month thinking that I'm going to be the one taking the goal is that 99 of them will die and only one of them will come back alive. Okay, that's a minus sign of the day, before the Day of Judgment, which we haven't seen yet. Until that doesn't come in I made it's not coming. And you know, the job's not coming, you know, thereafter. The other side of the minus sign which hasn't yet appeared, is at the front of Allah Hardy, somebody speaks about the zero to 100, some Muslim, that the Arabian Peninsula would return back to becoming green and have rivers flowing in it. We haven't

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seen that yet come and there are a few others that haven't come of the signs that haven't come is that a lot of battles of the Prophet Allah often speaks about before a lot of wars that happened before the coming of Imam Malik. Okay, so one of them is about an ensign long Hadith about the annual room for the room, perhaps Allah has and when he says that word, or that phrase, he is referring to the current day Europeans in his time they were the Roman Empire in today's time is the Europeans and the people who traveled from Europe going to America because that's how America was founded. And anywhere else from Europe that they went, these are the unknown, the unknown will

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divide into two there'll be some there'll be a part of them that will be the enemies of Muslims and part of them will be sympathetic towards the Muslims, those who are sympathetic to the Muslims will join the Muslims together in a war and fight the others who are the you know, who are the enemies of the of the Muslims and these battles carry on carry on some they will lose some they will and so on until one day, the the runes are sympathetic to the Muslims when the Muslims they win over the others, okay? They live in peace for a little while. And after that one day they put into dispute the Muslims say that we want this last major war because of the Quran. And the Quran, they know we

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want it because of the cross and they have a fight between them now and in this fight, the Muslims are defeated. And the Hadith mentions that the Jha that sorry that Maddie is coming after this, okay, so in my mind, they come to the end of sort of this war that's going on. There's another Hadith that I would I would assign to speaks about the succession of believers. Now Khalifa is a person who ruled the entire Muslim world. And we had this for centuries and centuries from the time I woke up, or the alarm until about 100 years ago, that whole succession it comes in again, and there are many successes, successes or rules. One last rule has passed away a new rule is supposed

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to be elected they are in Sham at the moment was hula hula herdsmen speaks about sham in various Hadith. When he says Sham. He doesn't mean today Syria only. It covers Syria, whole of Syria, it covers Lebanon, it covers the whole of us thing it covers part of Egypt covers part of Iraq, okay, it's a massive part of land. in Sham, these leaders are sitting together and they're about to elect the next leader. Each one is is ready, you know, could become a potential leader. And they have a dispute over who should be the leader, one of these men who could become the leader, he has enough of this. He runs away from there, he goes to Makkah, he doesn't want to become the leader. The

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others look around, they say where's that man gone? And they say, Well, he's going to Lanka. So they said, You know what, let's make him the leader. They come over to Makkah, they find this man that he's doing to offer on the Kaaba. And they force him to become the leader of the Muslim just like the Muslims force, our welcome to be alone in the past to become a leader of the Muslims. Now this man is the man in how do you know he's the man is not because of this occurrence. But because of another occurrence that happens at that very moment, which is they left behind them when they came down from Sham, they let you hand them an army, that army becomes rebellious. And they say, Well,

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why are they making this guy the the leader of the Muslims now? No, we're not taking any of this right. So they come up with a whole army trying to crush these people. When they get to Medina in a plain piece of land, then the whole land opens beneath the feet and that whole army is cracking it swallowed inside. When that occurrence happens. We know the man that they gave allegiance to in front

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acaba he is the MADI. Now when Imam Mehdi comes out, he's not going to unite the Muslims together. So his first job is to get the Muslims together. So he's not the believer of Muslims, he gets the Muslims together he comes to Europe for a major major war. This is a major war where the Muslims Subhanallah because what's the lesson speaks about a third of the Muslims they are shahada, the best shot of the day, the martyrs in Matic network, a third of them run away from that war never to be forgiven again. And a third of them are victorious with Imam Maddy, and now in America has the whole of Europe and the European Simon the security and the security of a good a good ruling. And he fills

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the earth with justice as much as injustice was done before him he is replaces it with justice. In Hadith he traveled all the way to India traveled all through the project to bring the Muslims together. Now he's got his rule there. Now, the key thing here is when in my mind he has brought okay and don't forget, there are a number of wars that have to happen before in America. So what's what's happening in the world is just, you know, just like a war, but it's not, you know, the war that brings in America about there are a number of other wars that have to come back and all the occurrences that I've just talked about now as well. In America, when it comes to power that had the

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Hadith mentioned that he's going to frequently go up and down from Jerusalem and back up north again, back to European side again. Now the scholars have said if that is the case, subhanAllah it means that Jerusalem would not be under anyone's occupation at that time, except for the Muslims except for nomadic. That's one set of scholars another set of scholars have said that the general will have his base around sort of Jerusalem area. Now there's a whole dispute between scholars which is that you know, what's going to be you know, who's whose occupation is Jerusalem going to come to be in at the time and Imam Mahdi appears and when when the job comes about now, we are going to

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incline more towards the fact that Subhan Allah Imam Mehdi has got you know, Jerusalem under his control, okay, that is from from the Hadith, it's quite quite clear because he's going in and out of it. And the Hadith mentioned in one Hadith you mentioned the JAL Congo to Makkah and Medina which is when you say Makkah and Medina the Prophet Lawson was talking about the Haram of Makkah and the Haram of Medina, which is the masjid and its vicinity, it's outside sort of, you know, vicinity. That's in Mecca, Medina, another Hadith in armored mentions for places the dog can't go into and is Makkah Medina and mercy the Aqsa and Massoud tool, okay, now when he says must have the access of

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Muhammad Rasul and say, he can go to muscle, does that mean that the whole of the answer surroundings are under the occupation of the people who are trying to take over it right now? And the job can't only got into martial arts? Or does it mean that the whole of the outside facility is under the Muslim rule? Again, it's it's a, you know, debate debate amongst the Muslim scholars, we furthermore have another Hadith that describes that the first great following the first following major following of the job is going to be from the east, it's going to be from a place of Assad in Iran, and there's going to be 70,000 Jewish people who will, who will follow him these, these are

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going to be the first major fellows of the job. Now, again, the question is, why from that part of the world, why are they the major? Is it because he, you know, he's got his major, you know, base somewhere in the East. And then he comes to fight the Muslims, over here in the Middle East and so on. Who knows? We can't know for sure. But certainly, we've got hope that whatever is happening right now in the world, it doesn't have to be that they take her over to take over this entire place. They might be there for some time. We don't know how long, okay, but we definitely know that there's going to be you know, something that that is going to come back now where we're going to

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find all of that I'm going to ask all of you to read the seed of the beginning of Surah Israel, okay? If you want to know the future of this place of Jerusalem and what's what's going to happen when you look in the Quran because that's what the Quran came to us for. He came to us to tell us about you know, about things and the most important things to us. Why did Allah azza wa jal dedicate the first you know, part of Surah izhar talking about you know, this place master Aqsa and what's going to happen and what happened in the past and what Allah said, each time there isn't, there is a great occupation that happens and what will be the outcome of that Allah azza wa jal mentioned that

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in Surah So in the beginning, go and read the Tafseer yourself and find that because there it mentioned, what are these mentioned there of the history is about to repeat itself in the future. Okay. And that eventually, there's going to be no occupation that because Allah will send his men in there, where is men in there? And they will they it says that the Hulu, they will enter the masjid, you know, as they entered beforehand, does that mean again that the whole thing is occupied by the people who are trying to take over right now? It could be yes, it could be very much so that they actually take over the entire place. It could also be that all this happens, and you know, when

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gone, you know, later on, he comes he takes you know, he's always in control over that and the John doesn't have his best day it could be either way. And then food for thought.

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