I’m in Love with Barbie-Ken

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The transcript describes a woman who talks to a man and gives him her money. She tells him that she wants to know who she is living with and that she has a man she trusts. The woman then goes on to tell the man that she wants to know who she is and that she wants to live with that person for the next 40-50 years.

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Some people get so much in love with a person they can't see anything beyond just that person yes or no? Yes right and you better not be blind because it was so awesome told us he said hope Luca che at your Meek I'll come out I'm gonna call Alex Rotterdam He said your love for something can blind you it can blind you sometimes okay? So don't be in a position you want to ask questions you want to get to the bottom of who you want to get to the person inside guys wake up. You want to know who am I living with? You tell me this guy's telling me this year and you tell me goes right if you had a man I'm asking any woman here you had a man the guy's mashallah He's perfect. He's got the muscles. He's

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got the six pack, he goes to the gym, he regularly works out. He's got the financial status he's got he's got all that all. He's got the money. He's got the looks. He's he looks Prince Charming. Okay, so all it is some of you are like, you know, smiling. You're like, yeah, yeah, yeah, that's my kinda guy right now you get married to him. After you get married to him. He treats you like trash. He doesn't give you his money. He's stingy with you. He talks to you rudely. Is he a nice guy anymore? Yes. And about Tommy. Thank you. Was he a nice guy before that? Yes or no? Yes, he was. And don't lie to me. You were looking and thinking That's my guy. Hey. Hey, don't move forward. Yeah, guys,

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tell me this. A woman right? Beautiful from top to borrow. You look around and you melt. You're like she's my Barbie. Not Barbie. But Bobby You know I'm saying. Right. And she's the woman. I'm gonna make your mind. I'm gonna do everything for her. She's got to figure she's got the locks. She's got the charm. She's got the wall. She's got the beautiful the soft voice and all that once you can mount to her. Her tongue becomes a machete.

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She chops your bro. Bro. You don't even need anyone to do you Islamic therapy anymore. No one needs to like no one needs to do like you don't need to go to shake and say shake you know do my Islam or rectify my bad deeds. You don't need to do that. This woman doing all of that every single day. Are you like you like yeah, when I go home I get such a telling off. I feel like I'm a school kid in class getting told off my teacher or I feel like I'm in prison. And I'm in front of a prison God is that woman beautiful anymore? Yesterday last time yesterday?

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A half of you said no. See how thick they're

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holding said no one can give me pronounce a man. Yes or no guys? No, thank you, right you're not gonna like that person anymore. Because that person has basically spoil all your dreams. It's not about the charms of outside, you're going to live you're going to live with the person inside. Inside and you better with this question. You got to find out who that person is Emmanuel Makai. Haman, Josie is it a wonderful thing. He said all people are equal until they speak. Once they speak. They start telling you who they are on the inside. So in all your questioning, your idea is to try and find out who the person is on the inside, because you're going to be living with that

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person for the next 40 5060 years. So you better start you asking the right questions and looking beyond the looks and the outside and getting to the Insight anyway